UFO’s Dropping Pods? 3 Presidents Secret Meeting In Africa

UFO’s Dropping Pods? 3 Presidents Secret Meeting In Africa

Are UFO’S Dropping Pods?

JULY 9, 2013

Brother Ezekiel from Nigeria alerted us today of this news story. He was asking questions about the UFO’s being seen worldwide dropping what appears as pods. That got my attention. I must admit it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, or out of my mind, but evidently it is true.

April 3, 2011 – Eye prophesied, “EYE see there will be spherical objects – metallic looking (not a craft, smaller)- They will be seen, filmed and recorded. Not just in the sky but very low-daytime, you will see it in the news-they will be called “alien probes”. (You have permission to laughed- I even laughed at this one when EYE saw it)” This was posted in the Publication called, WHY WARS I believe this is more fulfillment of that prophetic word released in April 2011.

So what could be in these pods? What could these pods or probes be doing? I don’t believe they have anything to do with WW3, as some would suggest.



What could be so important that 3 US Presidents would go all the way to Africa to have a “Secret Meeting”?

I could think of many things.

Could they have found something of great value that they want to keep hidden from the world? Could there be truth forthcoming about alien visitors, a ship or something that will soon be revealed? Is there something ancient or prehistoric that a whistle-blower will soon be blowing on?

Even more sinister, are they meeting with African leaders that will agree to the rape and pillage of Africa’s vast riches and untapped resources. The evil ones seems to be evolving to the point of not being satisfied with taking over nations. They want the continent of Africa and eventually the entire planet under their rule.

What do you think?


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