Vatican Officially Recognized Palestine While Israel Fumes..

Vatican Officially Recognized Palestine While Israel Fumes..

 What a slap in the face of the Zionist, just one day before their 67th years of celebration, mutilation, devastation and occupation of Palestine, the Vatican officially recognized Palestine. May the evildoers be rooted out of the earth.  You know that had to be planned, while the Sun is in Taurus, the house of finance and judgment.

Each nation has a zodiac sign, even if it is an illegitimate nation as modern day Israel is.  The creators of modern day Israel, Zionist-non genetically Hebrews/Jews are aware of the powers of the heavens and how they govern the affairs of men and humans on the earth.   The modern day Israel was birth while the Sun was in Taurus purposely.

“God made two great lights – the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. He  made the stars (constellations) also…”  Genesis 1:16

Even if you don’t like it or believe it, the Sun, Moon and constellations do exert influence over every person the planet.  The Hebrew word for “rule” in Genesis 1: 16 is “memshalah,”  which means to Govern, exert dominion, power over;  control. 

Who has dominated the Financial world for the last 100 years?  What small group of people yet control the world resource, 96% of the media and this nation?  Is it not those Zionist, who say they are Abrahams’ biological descendant (Jews/Judahites) but Are NOT, but are the synagogue of satan?  Revelation 2:9, 3:9  You must realize that although modern illegitimate Israel came into being in 1948, the Zionist were planning for a nation decades prior and before setting it up in Palestine, they had chosen the fertile  East Africa. 

Their first choice was what is part of modern day Kenya East Africa, the UN had granted them   over 5000 square miles under the British Uganda Program.   Had the deal worked out, Kenya East Africa and eastward would be called the “holy land”.    I am sure they would have deceived the world by fabricating more history to pull this off.  Unfortunately, as many Christians today, they would have believed it.

Why would they choose Uganda and Kenya East Africa?  Many of the tribes there are direct descendants of Abraham (Shem) and his (2) African (Hamitic) wives, Hagar and Keturah, some yet practice an ancient form of Judaism and are very proud of their genealogy.  Plus, there are many from the “ancient real” tribes of Israel yet there.   I have had the privilege of meeting and ministering to them when I was in Kenya years ago. 

The plan the Jews who say they are but are not had, was to take over East Africa and all her resources, then Palestine, yet eastward all the way into Iraq.  They viewed East Africa as an “ante-chamber” to reach their goal.  What stopped them?  They were afraid of the almost 7 feet tall Black as a raven skinned warrior Masai tribes and felt they could not conquer them, plus there was the problems with lions in the area.  This is historical fact, read it here: Kenya Almost Became Israel.

Nevertheless, they did establish a nation state based on LIES, claiming their descendants were from the Middle East, therefore, they were to fulfill the promises/prophecies given to Abraham.  They sealed the deal while the Sun was in Taurus, the house of Finance, Money, and Power.  They have done well, very well at using the energies of Taurus the Bull to subjugate the world to make them Debt Slaves. 

“Eye can hear a prophetic Moses company descending from the mountains, they have been in the Presence feeding off of Him…hidden from man.  The Golden Bull Calf is about to get smashed.  The negative occultic Babylonian financial system that has enslaved the world must be destroyed.  The evildoers must be made to drink of the bitterness they have deceived the world with.  Just as Moses demonstrated this 3500 years ago, so must it be done again.   Exodus 32  (We are not saying there will be no money, currency- we are prophesying against a corrupt demonic system – controlled by literal demons.)

The house of Taurus is also the house of judgment –  one of the sub-constellations is called ERIDANUS, the River of the Judge, River of Judgment.  The event of the Vatican recognizing Palestine one day before illegitimate Israel’s birthday  is highly prophetic and a backhand slap in the face.  We have been speaking of this time over the next 3 years when modern day Israel – the Zionist regime will be no more.  It must become irrelevant and eventually banished forever.  Hallelujah!  

All Christians that have soul-ties based on deception attached to that system must go down with  it.  Eridanus, the  River of Judgment MUST begin at the house of God to cleanse it from deception and defilement.  Separate yourself from the murderous whore and all the misplaced sympathy and affection you have for her-based on LIES and Fabricated History.  You have been Bewitched by her Media magicians, mentally Paralyzed by her high paid Politicians, and Deceived by her religious leaders teaching Doctrines of Devils and tormenting you with Fear.  Leave the whore and her deceptive ways.”


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    Something interesting about the Kenya article. Once again the spies went to inspect the land (Numbers 13); saw GIANTS (tall black Masai); did not believe God, so were afraid to enter into the Land where the giants and lions were.
    Therefore the people did not have their own land, but continued wandering and 3 million died in the wilderness (internment/death camps) in the 1940’s.
    So the next generation who survived the wilderness experience (death camps) failed to accept that they were destined to wander and believed Zionist lies so that they would not die in the wilderness as their forefathers did.
    HISTORY always repeats itself.
    But you see….Father had a SUPERIOR PLAN that the children of Abraham could have followed, which appears to have never included bloodshed.
    [Exo 23:28-30 KJV] 28 And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee.
    29 I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. 30 By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land.

    • Good point…it was the god of Greed that sent the Zionist spies.


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