Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the Virgin


The Sun has moved into the Zodiac house of Virgo, the Virgin to announce that the 6th month  is at hand.  The 6th month on the Biblical Calendar is the month of Preparation,  August 25, 2014 @ sunset will officially be the 6th month.    The Virgin is cleaning her house, setting everything in order; carefully discerning and analyzing every little thing. Everything must be perfect. Virgo is a feminine sign, it’s element is Earth. It is ruled by Mercury. The Sun remains in Virgo from August 23-September 22.




What is the Preparation for, what is the Virgin preparing for? The heavens tell the story that has been retold in many ways. The Virgin is preparing herself to become a Bride and Wife. However, there is a series of things that must take place to qualify her or to make herself ready. These things or challenges are laid out in the ancient customs of the original Hebrew tribes and the holidays (5th & 6th feasts, Trumpets & Atonement) leading up to the 7th feast – Tabernacles (Marriage Supper of the Lamb). These things were rehearsals, powerful types and shadows hinting at the reality of a meta-physical experience reserved for NOW.

Have you considered, a virgin is a Bride only for a day, but a Wife for Life? During the intimacy between the Bride and Groom, while consummating the marriage, she receives his seed and  they become  one.  That which is released and the ecstasy of that climatic experience in the physical is only a slight clue of what takes place on a much deeper level, as she is infused with his life. The DNA which is exchanged during consummation at that time is heavily coded and transmits information that transcends the physical body, affecting the mental, emotional and etheric bodies as well. When the ritual is performed the way the Creator designed it, vows exchanged first (publicly or privately); it can be described as a “spiritual” or “born-again” experience. This is an allegory for the experience humanity is rapidly progressing toward with the Cosmic Bridegroom, to experience complete Oneness.

Virgo is depicted as carrying sheaves of wheat in her left hand pointing toward the ground. The brightest star in Virgo is located in the sheaves of wheat, it’s name is Spica. Spica means, the SEED. Jesus, born of a virgin, referred to this constellation. He said, “Except a grain (seed) of wheat falls into the ground and die it abide alone; but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” John 12:24 Jesus spoke this of himself, knowing that he was the Seed (Spica) of God that had to be sown into the earth (crucifixion-death-burial) in order to limitless multiply Himself through resurrection life.

Another one of the many esoteric messages in Virgo is, you must become the seed and the seed is looking for a place to die. This is the death to the ego, the false self that has become adulterated, violated and influenced by the seducing secular system.

While we don’t have time to explain or mention all the details of Virgo and the symbology, we will point out this. Virgo is often depicted as a human with wings. The hidden message is, ascension. Once the mind and heart has been purified, ascension can take place. The Voice from the higher consciousness of your heavens calls out, “Come up higher.”


In ancient times a virtuous woman sat a particular way while in the presence of men and this is yet practiced in some eastern cultures today. If she was a virgin, she sat with her legs crossed at the ankles. This body language stated that her shop had never been opened and would remain locked; only to be opened by the one man with the magic key. However, a harlot or non virtuous woman often sat with legs spread apart or uncrossed. Her body language indicated that her shop has been opened and will remain open to anyone and as many who are willing to pay. The ancient glyph assigned to Virgo the Virgin is the symbol below.




The “M” represents Maiden or Virgin, to the right of it is the figure of a partial female body and crossed legs. The 6th month Elul, while the Sun is in Virgo; Eye hear Spirit  saying, “Go Within. Examine yourself, close all doors of your consciousness where other things have been allowed to plant seed. Return to a state of innocence, humility and purity of heart. As you realize the finished work of Christ, your spiritual virginity is restored. Cross out those things that would seek to enter in and violate your life. Cross out those things that would seek to contaminate the work to the Spirit within you. Cross out the appetite and lust for the material world and allow Me to be your One Desire.

Prepare yourself for the journey to meet the Bridegroom. It is a journey into darkness, this darkness is inward and outward. You must have enough light to see the path laid out for you. Stay on the path that Eye have called you to, do not stray to follow someone else path. The darkness that’s falling upon the planet will be great, but Light will be greater for those who are preparing and watching.”


The circle is an ancient symbol that represents the Creator, God. If one wants to find God outside of them, just find a circle and you will see God. This is why in every ancient culture, there is the “sacred circle.” Christians even makes a circle to offer prayers while holding hands.

“The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.” -Empedocles

The question has been asked many times, where does a circle begin and end? The Zodiac provides us with the perfect answer. The astrological and encrypted Biblical calendar begins with the sign of Aries, which is Nisan/Abib, the first month of the Biblical calendar. However, this is not the beginning of the celestial circle showing many aspects of the Elohim depicted in the constellations of the heavens.

In ancient Egypt we were given a clue. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and head of a human (female). This is showing us the constellations of Leo and Virgo. Virgo is the beginning of this mysterious circle depicting the Elohim and Leo is the end. The beginning and the end is joined together in the Sphinx. You can not know your end until you understand your beginning. The beginning and end are the same; yet there is neither.

Everything begins with the heavenly message that the ultimate Messiah, Jesus (Yahushua), would be born of a virgin – Virgo. It ends with the Messianic or Christ company triumphing as the kingly Lion out of the tribe of Judah. The 48 constellations represent the 48 stages or levels of consciousness we must experience to complete the circle that lead to life unto life.

Virgo is the birthing of the Alpha Christ Consciousness and Leo is the full maturity of the Omega Christ Consciousness, that’s declared from the beginning.





The 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is YUD. 10 is associated with Divine Law. 10 is the 1 and 0 (circle). The gemetria (numeric value) for Yud is 10. 10 reduces to 1. The Divine Law that’s written within our hearts is what brings us to ONENESS. It is the realization that there is only ONE. The zero or circle further emphasizes the mystery of God in All, through All and All.

Yud or Yod is where the name Yahweh comes from, it is said that the Yod can be found in each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew AlephBet when written in the ancient glyphs. The nature of God is a circle, whose center is everywhere.

Yud or Yod means hand; it speaks of the hand of God. The 6th month, Elul under the sign of Virgo represents seeking for the favor or hand of God to be on our lives to bring us through the 7th month experiences. Keep in mind, the Feast of Atonement or Day of Atonement is the Holiest day of the year. It is the 10th day of the 7th month, it was also called Judgment Day.

Yod is also an astrological term meaning the Finger of God. When Father gives you the finger, it’s the finger of favor. You have been pointed out for favor.  Yod is a triangle configuration of stars that points to a persons destiny. Often very important people that impact the world have a very strong Yod on their astrological chart.


Many years ago, while touring and teaching Divine Astrology and TribeOscope, I encountered a large number of people born under the sign of Virgo. Most of the request for TribeOscope CD that we used to produce was for Virgo/Zebulon. For some time I wondered why. Then one day Spirit turned the light on and it was clear. It goes back to “Tis the season to be jolly” the Roman Saturnalia. From early December to December 24 was and is a time of party and sex. Plus, you add the cold weather and bodies coming together for warmth – What do you get? About 40 weeks later, a lot of babies born late August to late September, while the Sun is in Virgo.

Zebulon was the 6th son of Jacob, assigned to the 6th month of the Biblical calendar and the 6th Zodiac sign of Virgo. Zebulon means dwelling place, home or habitation.

“Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for an haven of ships; and his border shall be unto.” Genesis 49:13

Again, Virgo points toward home, a dwelling place. Virgos are sometimes obsessed with the idea of “home” and family life. They will endure extreme hardships to keep the family together. They usually understand very well how to make a house a home. Once they overcome being nervous, plagued by “fears of what may or may not happen”, overly analytical of themselves and others – stability becomes a strong asset to their character.

Elul, the 6th month is saying, You are the dwelling place, called to live by the Crystal Sea mingled with fire. Out of this virgin (pure) consciousness; a haven and shelter for the many ship drifts aimlessly, headed for shipwreck is provided. You become the light and the lighthouse providing direction and comfort to many.

We will share Part 2 of this powerful revelation soon.

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  1. I stumbled or was led to this site this morning. I relate to alot of what is being said. I am a virgo and i share the Birthday with Mother Thressa who her love i could never match. Do you have the Triboscope in a book format? Also do you know or are you familar with Star seeds/ Twin flames and do you have information on that subject. If so i would love to have some. Thanks David


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