We Have Arrived…by Curtis Munoz

We Have Arrived…by Curtis Munoz

Shalom People of the Most High God.  God is doing an awesome work among the First Nations, Indian People.  As many of you know, I spent many of my earlier years living on the Rez and ministering in Native communities in the USA, Canada & Mexico. (Will be in Saskatchewan doing Camp Meeting/Conference in July).  I want to share a powerful message by my brother, he hails from the Kiowa Indian Tribe in Oklahoma.  He is the man you see in the photo above with the spaceships.   He is one of my favorite scientist, mystics, ministers and he yet knows how to rock.  I met Curtis Munoz many years ago.  He is also a writer and usually post his blogs on Face Book under Spiritual Warriors Drink Living Waters.

Just a little bit about Curtis: He is Science Instructor at the Comanche Nation College, Environmental Director and Scientist at Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Environmental Program.  He studied Molecular Genetic and Microbiology at Harvard Medical School.  Most of all, he is a man of God and very down to earth.  Be bless by this powerful revelatory message of Curtis Munoz below.


More on numbers and how they show us Jesus Christ and what He did for us ALL….I have had the honor of learning from some of the best. We take what we learn, add to it and pass it on to others….just like when I teach Native Science, College Biology, Chemistry, and Climate Change, or later when I get to show my molecular genetics knowledge in the lab….I had to learn from professors and teachers (I didn’t just sit there and it dropped into my head….I had to study and commit it to memory, and now with the Word we also hide it in our hearts)
I shared this teaching and Word at Pine Ridge back in the summer of 2012 and just last week at the Coushatta Reservation in Louisiana at the Eagles Conference with the Harjo’s Chris and Leah….
Enjoy and be encouraged….

Before we enter into the Promised Land and into spiritual warfare, we must go thru processing, training, grow out of immaturity in order to become warriors. The Father processes us in the wilderness.
Deut. 1:27-32
27 and you grumbled in your tents, and said, “Because the Lord hates us, He has brought us out of the land of Egypt to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites to destroy us. 28 Where can we go up? Our brethren have made our hearts melt, saying, ‘The people are bigger and taller than we; the cities are large and fortified to heaven.’ And besides, we saw the sons of the Anakim there.”
Their spiritual immaturity is clearly seen here, they had little faith in their trials and training, thinking that the Lord hated them…..how many of you have been there?
29 Then I said to you, “Do not be shocked, nor fear them. 30 The Lord your God who goes before you will Himself fight on your behalf, just as He did for you in Egypt before your eyes, 31 and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, just as a man carries his son, in all the way which you have walked, until you came to this place.”
They were too immature to comprehend God’s love, because as children they were yet incapable of a serious understanding of unselfish love.
Even so, God carried them “as a man carries his son.” Parents understand the immaturity of their children and are able to care for them in spite of their childish disobedience.
32 But for all this, you did not trust the Lord your God, 33 who goes before you on your way, to seek out a place for you to encamp, in fire by night and cloud by day, to show you the way in which you should go.
God led them by the pillar of fire and the cloud to lead them to specific encampments. Fenton translates this, “to choose your encampments.” The Father has already planned each place you camp, it is His divine will, and each camp will provide you an opportunity to rest in a new revelation.
Israel had 41 encampments prior to crossing the Jordan River. The first 32 are listed in Numbers 33:5-36, leading to the death of Aaron. The final camps are listed in verses 41-49.
Their 42nd encampment was in the plains of Jericho after crossing the Jordan River. This too is powerfully prophetic for us. The number 41 is the biblical number that means “separation,” and 42 means “arrival.” While Israel was in its 41st camp, they were still separated by the Jordan River from their inheritance. After crossing the Jordan, they had arrived in the Promised Land.
There were 41 movements in the wilderness. The 42nd movement was when they crossed over into the Promised Land!!!!
Now let us look at the Jordan River and where they crossed over….Bethabara fords of Bethabara – The House of Crossing.

Here we see in 2 Kings 2 Elijah and Elisha crossing over the Jordan (to the
East) where Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind, leaving Elisha on shore. As Elijah was being taken up, his cloak fell onto Elisha, who then rolled it up and smote the waters of Jordan.
The waters parted, and Elisha walked back (going west) across the dry riverbed of the Jordan. When he reached the west side of the river, there were men there from Jericho who told Elisha about the contaminated waters of the spring, and asked for him to do something about it. Elisha took salt and sprinkled it into the spring, and the waters became pure again – and still are to this day.

This is the same place on the Jordan where many centuries later
Jesus was baptized – it was at Bethabara, the House of Crossing. When Jesus came up out of the water he said “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

And, just like Elisha, Jesus entered the Jordan from its east side and came up out of the Jordan on its west side.
It represented the payment of atonement for the sin of Adam.

In Israel, look up, and you will see the beautiful snow-covered Mount Hermon dominating the northern horizon.
One of the few teachers I have learned from is Bonnie Gaunt, who is now with the Lord, she wrote a wealth of material in her studies and research on numbers and how they show themselves in scripture and everyday life….
Here is an excerpt from one of her writings….
As the warmth of the sun caresses the tender snow, it melts and gently seeps into the rocky mountain top, slowly finding its way deep into the foundations of the mountain, eventually bubbling up in three beautiful and refreshing fountains: the Hasbani, the Banias, and the Leddan.

These are the springs flow and become the Jordan River.

From the northernmost fountain, the Hasbani, the river descends 111 miles before it silently disappears into the salt-laden waters of the Dead Sea – the lowest place on the surface of our planet.

Mt. Hermon, from whence this short but magnificent river flows, sometimes in the prophecy of the Bible, is connected in concept with Mt. Zion, which is at Jerusalem. A straight line drawn between the peaks of these two mountains will be 111 miles in length. In fact, Mt. Hermon is sometimes called Mt. Sion.

These two distances are each 111 miles in length, but if we converted miles to furlongs (a measure used in the Bible), it would be 888 furlongs. We all know that the Gematria value of the name “Jesus” is 888. So, what does this little muddy river have to do with Jesus?

The three fountains, which are the source of the Jordan, come together and flow into Lake Huleh, which is at sea level with the Mediterranean. However, the water that flows south from Lake Huleh plunges down over the escarpment and down into its “below sea-level” condition, until it reaches the Dead Sea which is about 1,300 feet below sea level. As it leaves the three beautiful fountains, it pictures Adam in the beauty of perfection, and lovely Lake Huleh is a wonderful illustration of Adam’s life in the Garden of Eden – pure and perfect.
However, as the waters leave this sparkling lake, it plunges below sea level and forms a muddy, rocky stream that rushes southward. It illustrates the fall of Adam from his perfection and sonship with God.

But the Bible tells us of a second Adam, who takes the place of the first one, and dies a sacrificial death as payment for original sin. This one was, of course, Jesus, whose number is 888. Jesus not only gave life to man in the beginning, which is represented by the pure water of life that is the dazzling white snow of Mt. Hermon (Sion), He also restores life to man by means of His great sacrifice – the shedding of His blood. By this offering of himself, he brought to man the opportunity of restoration to all that had been lost by the sin of Adam.
Thus, stated briefly, the Jordan River pictures Adamic death and the means by which mankind is brought back up out of that death sentence, and given life anew.- Bonnie Gaunt

Joshua was instructed to have the priests carry the Ark of the Covenant into the middle of the river.
The place where the priests stood later became known as Bethabara – meaning “The House of Crossing Over.”

When the priests stood in the middle of the Jordan river that the water receded all the way back to the city of Adam.
This is a straight-line distance of 18 miles. 18 is the number of bondage. The Father blew back the dirty waters of sin in our lives all the way back to Adam!!!!!!!!
Convert those 18 miles into yards, and we have 31,680 yards.
For those of you who have been reading the Spiritual Warriors Drink Living Waters page I write, this number should ring a bell.

The name Lord Jesus Christ, as it appears in the Greek text of the New Testament has a number equivalent of 3168.
The muddy river represents Adamic death, but the Ark of the Covenant represented the place of atonement for the sin of Adam. It was held in the middle of the river at Bethabara, and the waters of death rolled all the way back to the city of Adam – meaning that the price of atonement will roll back death all the way back to and including Adam.
And the means by which this will happen is this beautiful number, 3168, which is the number of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Is this just an elaborate coincidence, or it was fore-ordained in the Plan of God.

When Jesus became 30 years old, he entered the Jordan from its east bank and came to John in the middle of the river – the place called Bethabara.  He was baptized there, in the same spot where the priests had held the Ark of the Covenant. He was fulfilling the picture. The Ark of the Covenant had pictured the place of atonement, and Jesus was now to become that actual atonement for the sin of Adam. After his baptism, he came up out of the river on its west bank. He had crossed over the Jordan.

This distance, between Bethabara and the city of Adam, which bears the number 31,680 yards is telling us something of colossal importance. It is telling us that the Lord Jesus Christ, whose number is 3168, has paid the price of atonement, and therefore all those who had been under the penalty of death could be released.

This is what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he said, “As in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.”
This is why Jesus came to earth. He was born in Bethlehem, which is at 31.68 degrees north latitude. He died on the cross just six miles from the place of his birth. Six miles is a distance of 31,680 feet.

The Jordan, pouring its muddy waters into the Dead Sea, pictures Adamic death – and the Dead Sea pictures the great reservoir of death into which all mankind has been cast.
There is no life in the Dead Sea, the mineral and salt content is so high. It is the lowest point on planet earth. Here is where waters that once flowed with life in the springs from the pure snows of the mountain top experience, your dreams were so alive when you first came to the Lord, you had passion you were alive…than after time something happened and you find yourself and your dreams in the dead sea….how many of you have been there or are there now?

Now we see in the Word the prophet Ezekiel saw in a vision a pure river of life flowing from the throne of God, and going down to the Dead Sea and healing its waters, making it a “live” sea.
Although this was a vision, there actually is a wadi that runs from the Temple Mount to the Dead Sea.
It empties into the Dead Sea at the latitude of 31.68 degrees north.  Ezekiel described it as a river of life, whose banks were lined by trees.
In fact, if we were to draw a straight line between the Temple Mount and the place where this wadi empties into the Dead Sea, we would find it to be 15 miles. Convert it to feet, and we have a distance of 79,200 feet. It is no coincidence that the name Lord Jesus Christ, when spelled in Hebrew, has a number equivalent of 792. The Hebrew word for “salvation” has a Gematria value of 792.

“… I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the
east … As the man went eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he
measured off a thousand cubits and then led me through water that was ankle deep.
He measured off another thousand cubits and led me through water
that was knee-deep. He measured off another thousand and led me through
water that was up to the waist. He measured off another thousand, but now it
was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep
enough to swim in … Then he led me back to the bank of the river. When I
arrived there, I saw a great number of trees on each side of the river. He said
to me, ‘This water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the
Arabah, where it enters the Sea. When it empties into the Sea, the water there
becomes fresh. Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows
… because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the
river flows everything will live … fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both
banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every
month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them.
Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.” (Ezekiel 47:1-

“So where the river flows everything has a Gematria value of 1008
In the English translation it says “So where the river flows everything will live.” However, in the original Hebrew text it is turned around to read, “Everything where the river flows will live.” And since it is the Hebrew text that we must follow, we have in it a beautiful promise — a promise of life to “Everything where the river flows” – and it has a Gematria value of 1008 – the numbers of Beginning and New Beginning.

The Father will take your dead dreams and goals and bring life to them again. Ezekiel saw swarms of living creatures, life….God will restore life to that dead sea in your life, the lowest place in your life where all the bad things and situations that happened to flowed and stayed, a place so contaminated with the minerals of this world that nothing could live in it….now it is made alive with those waters of life…because out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters!!!!

Rev 22:2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Healing of the Nations!!!! Not only has Jesus redeemed us from sin, He is healing us, healing the Nations…..including our Indian Nations
It’s already started my fellow warrior, the waters are not stirring anymore, they are rushing and gushing from within you and I….let it flow!!!!!!!!


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