What is MMS??

What is MMS??

What is MMS? Could there be a cure for Cancer, Hepatitis, Autism, AIDS, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Malaria, Flesh Eating Staph Infections and every other disease we are plagued with on the planet? Especially, if you live in Africa or Asia, this article could possibly save more lives than you could imagine. Could there be something so simple and powerful that it’s been looked over but works. This Is Not a sales pitch. Here is some information that could save your life and the lives of those you care about.

MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution This amazingly powerful compound, commonly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS, has been very prominent in the alternative medicinal arena for close to a decade. The reason it has stood the test of time is because it works – & works well!

The man behind the miracle mineral supplement is Jim Humble, he was a missionary. He is the man who discovered this potent pathogen killer & brought it into the world. Whilst prospecting for minerals deep in the jungles of South America with his prospecting team, one of his colleagues was infected with the one of the MOST deadly forms of Malaria – the variety that kills within hours if no medical intervention is possible.

Even though help had been called in, it was going to be too late by the time of arrival – so in a last ditched attempt to bring about some relief was for Jim to treat the individual with some of his own water purification drops (a weak solution of sodium chlorite solution) that Jim had been using for years whilst on expedition to make questionable water potable. To everyone’s amazement, the stricken man was sitting about laughing about the deadly experience just hours before!

Upon returning to the States, Jim was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery – resulting in the fine tuning of the MMS solution over the next several years. When Jim was confident that he had finally cracked the best possible formulation, he went abroad to Africa in order to test his findings against the Malaria parasite – with there being no better place to do this than in Africa!

While listening to the videos sent to me by Linda Pankretz in Oregon – my mind immediately went to a revelation given to me many years ago on the SALT COVENANT

Watch these video testimonial intently. Some of you might become inspired to make this and become a savior in your country. Forward this message to everyone you know, especially, those who may be suffering. God heals in many ways, sometimes supernaturally and sometimes by using things already in nature.



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