What Princess Diana Knew…

What Princess Diana Knew…

From time to time we have written about Princess Diana and the royal family over the years, prophetically exposing what’s not reported in the news…until sometimes much later.  Some of the things we share sounds fantastic, totally out of this world and out right unbelievable.  However, prophetic information and spiritual insight is normally futuristic; forcing others to Think outside the box.  Everything hidden must be revealed.

Do you remember Nurse Jacintha Saldanha?  She allegedly committed suicide in December 2012, she was the nurse of Duchess Kate.  Eye shared that it was not a suicide,  that she was killed because she discovered the baby forming in the womb of the Duchess was NOT Human, rather, it was a Reptile hybrid.  Yes you read it correctly.  A Reptilian-hybrid.  Here is an excerpt of what Eye wrote:

“Most people have forgotten or did not connect the dots, back in early December 2012 the nurse for Duchess Kate committed suicide, or so we were told. Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse was found unconscious just days after she discovered something. The cover story that most people believed was that this nurse did not recognize a “prank call” and patched it through. The Duchess medical condition of “morning sickness” was revealed. As a result of the embarrassment and somehow jeopardizing the extremely vulnerable nearly 3 months pregnant Kate…the nurse was so distraught that she did what any normal person would do. She killed herself. Of course, leaving behind (2) wonderful teen-age kids and a loving husband. Yes, that’s right, more concerned about a prank call that led the world to knowing the Duchess had “morning sickness,” than for her family; she killed herself.

That story was so far out, but people actually believed it. I am sure the royals laughed their royal toushies off at how gullible the public is. They have come to realize that the more bizarre the cover story is, the more believable it will be…Did she accidentally or snooped and saw a non-human entity or hybrid entity forming in the womb of Duchess Kate? Did she read some medical test results that were abnormal? Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was suicided (murdered to make it look like a suicide) in such a way to send a message to anyone else she might have told about what she had learned. Think! She had access to pills, injections and sharp objects at a hospital. According to them she hung herself. The beginnings of this child (hybrid) is already connected to murder, death. Can you read the signs? ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!!

 Yes, the royal families that everybody is awe-struck with are nothing more than a brood of reptiles-lizards, covered in human like flesh. What was born a few days ago is nothing more than another hybrid reptile, you must see beyond what some consider as the beautiful outside. The powerful leader of this brood has been around much longer than most realize. She is none other than the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II

The complete message and other links can be found @ http://atam.org/RoyalBaby.html

To really get an understanding of what you just read in the excerpt or link and the  link confirming this below, you will have to take another serious, deeper look at Genesis 3.  You would have to moved from the nice Sunday School version that serves as a good foundation.  That Genesis chapter 3 event did take place, but hidden in those verses is prophetic past & future insight of what has happened, is happening on the planet and what will happen. There are also clues  revealing powerful beings that came from planets in the constellation of Draco.  The Reptile/Serpent in Genesis chapter 3 is also a metaphor for an extraterrestrial highly intelligent race of beings called Reptilians that have manipulated the genetics of humans and subjugated us for a very long time.  These beings are also referred to in Christian/Judaic/Muslim  terminology as satan, devils.

(Where do you think the term Draconian Law comes from? We are seeing this especially in western nations.)  

Understanding this will unlock the mysteries of many hidden things in the Scriptures.  Revelation chapter 12 speaks of what will soon happen to this evil race of beings that will have a profound positive affect on humanity. 

Now let’s look at what more are beginning to realize.   The Royals are being exposed for the slimy hybrid snakes they really are.  This is one of the things that caused the murder of Princess Diana.  Be enlightened by this information in the link below. Thanks James Triplett for sending me this confirmative article.:


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