What’s Really on the Moon? Aliens??

What’s Really on the Moon?  Aliens??

There have been so many sighting over the past few months with good video footage of UFO’s, witnessed by police officers and regular citizens.  We haven’t posted anything on UFO’s, Aliens and other worldly beings in a while.  The video below was sent to me and I found it very fascinating.  Many of the things we have posted in the past are mentioned in this video.   I can’t say that I agree with everything in the video, but for the most part I believe there’s a lot of accurate hidden history.  Plus, it is so good to see this type of research getting out to the public.

Here’s a few things you might want to consider while watching:

Alien or Extraterrestrial basically means something or someone that was not born on this planet; does not come from this planet.

Angel means messenger; they do not come from here, but somewhere else.  By this we understand that what the ancients called angels, today people call them aliens or extraterrestrials.  This would be the same for “good” angels or “fallen” angels.  Based on Genesis 6 and Enoch 6 the “sons of God” – angels descended on earth.  They were assigned as Watchers over mankind’s development.  These sons of God or angels only became fallen or evil when they rebelled; otherwise, they were called sons of God.  This is a point that many who are finally sharing and exposing these things seem to be afraid to mention or admit.  I think this is due to not understanding the Sovereignty of   Prime Creator God.

Demons are not aliens.  Demons are spirit – entities, spiritual beings or inter-dimensional beings.  Demons are real, not just unconscious thoughts from the carnal mind.  They are the spirits that came from the hybrid union with humans (daughters of men) and sons of God (aliens-angels).  This union created the Nephilim (giants, various hybrid beings).  They not only united themselves sexually with human, but also with animals and plants and produced hybrid humanoid offspring (centaurs, and other mythological creatures).  Some of this was done through genetic engineering.  However, when those angry, evil, violent  Nephilim hybrids died before, during and after the Flood, the spirit within them left the body and became what the Bible calls “Demons.”  They are mostly trapped in the 4th dimension with limited influence on the 3-dimensional world, until someone opens a portal.  (Portals in human consciousness can be opened rather easily and innocently.  Here are just a few things that can open portals for the demons to legally enter into this or your reality; drugs, alcohol, negative occult, un-forgiveness, fear, hate, etc)

There are (3) external entities based on the Bible, and extra-biblical material, that we sometime unknowingly encounter.  Many seems to lump them all together as one. 

(1)  ANGELS – not from here, thus called Aliens (good or bad). 

(2) NEPHILIM – descendants of the human – angel  (alien) sexual contact.   Some of them can be found in high places of government, technology and corporations today. 

(3)  DEMONS – the spirit that looks for a human host or looks to interact in the 3-dimensonal human world after it- they are controlling many of the psychopaths creating these never ending wars and other havoc on the earth.

These beings come from within our Solar System and far beyond it, using technology most of us  can hardly even fathom.  Our Moon seems to have been used as a station for observing humanity for a long time. In this wonderful video, you will also note the mistake that many have made, they seem to equate the  term “daughters of men” used in Genesis 6 to the descendants of Cain only.  The ‘daughters of men’  were of both Cain and Seth bloodline and were not all necessarily evil as is mentioned around 1 hour 25 minutes into the video.


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  1. I’m not sure I’ve read about ”the 11 Races of Giants – demigods hybrids that existed on Earth and how they are being genetically resurrected today to fulfill Jesus’ prophesy ”- As it was in the days of Noah.. ) you mentioned in 2011 article you referred to here. Could you please write about it. Or maybe I forgot that I did– could you pls remind me which of the bloggs you did that. You are doing a wonderful job Prophet. Peace unto you and family


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