What’s Up With CryptoCurrency???

What’s Up With CryptoCurrency???

For the past 5 months we have been bombarded with ads encouraging us to buy BITCOIN or other Digital/Crypto-Currencies. The experts have been telling us that we should be investing in Cryptocurrencies. Early Fall 2017, Spirit started to move me into looking into Cryptos again and I encouraged others to also. Suddenly, for the past month the Crypto-Currency Market has been reeling. Bitcoin and all the digital Currencies seems to be crashing. (Great time to buy) The government seems to be overstepping into the Cryptosphere that’s decentralized, conducting bold cyber attacks (DDOS) against Lending Platforms and purposely crashing valid Cryptocurrencies, which are already trading on the market. Letters of Cease and Desist are being issued specifically against platforms where investors/lenders are accumulating wealth in a very short time. FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is being spread throughout the crypto world and massive campaigns are being launched through Youtube and other means by agents of the system…even some of those one would think is all for decentralization of the currencies. Words like “SCAM” “Ponzi Scheme” “Fraud” in bold are shaking the community and creating division.

Unfortunately, most can not see it is the same enemy that labeled “BITCOIN” a Scam, Fraud and Ponzi Scheme from it’s beginning 2009. Many uninformed or jealous people yet label the Bitcoin as the largest Ponzi Scheme in history. When I hear this I usually correct them by telling them that the un-Federal Reserve Bank creating money out of thin air is the biggest Fraud, Scam and Ponzi Scheme perpetrated against humanity. Then I would say, if you don’t wish to participate in the “real fraud” any longer, I will gladly relieve you of all your fiat Cash and what’s in your accounts immediately. (eyebrows raised, eyes rolling)


The OPINIONS of an attorney that views harm, alleged wrongdoing or perceived illegal activity. A Threat of being Sued. Lawyers write cease and desist letters to tell a person or business to stop doing something THEY CLAIM is illegal, typically threatening a lawsuit. If they follow through with legal action, a judge decides whether the conduct must stop. These are not FACTS, just Opinions. This can be used to create FEAR, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

There have been Cease and Desist letters issued against (3) Crypto-Currency Platforms in the past month. One of the platforms was called, Bitconnect, it generated a lot of wealth in a short time and investors/lenders were able to get paid daily. The government had or has no intention to sue, because nothing illegal or harmful had happened. They know that all they have to do is issue a letter, plant a few videos, motivate a few haters and enough FUD would be created that the majority of the people would EXIT something that was designed to be a blessing. Thus, causing more volatility in the market, with the end result of a crash. Then, those who felt they lost something will vent, complain, make threats and create more FUD for the whole Crypto Market. This is their method to keep people dependent on the “paper money” which has little to no value.

People are waking up and becoming aware of the Crypto-World, a world that’s decentralized, not controlled by governments, a world where you can literally become Your Own Bank in a very short time, conducting all your transaction in Cryptocurrencies. Do you think they are going to allow that to happen easily? They want you to depend on the paper, monopoly money produced by your sweat on a JOB (Just Over Broke). They need slaves on the global plantation, whether you are a house slave (high paid) or a field slave (low -medium income) – You are yet a SLAVE working for da Man…until you realize you are the CURRENCY. You Can Become the BANK. This is the purpose behind Cryptocurrency, to free you.


In our “YEAR OF THE DOG 2018” New Year prophetic word January 2018 – Eye shared some insight into what we can expect in the financial world in 2018 and for the next 7 years. Eye spoke about the Upheaval in the traditional Financial world that will be manifesting and a shaking coming to the Old Paradigms (Banking, Stock Market, Real Estate).

“We are on the verge of a Banking Revolution. The heavens are prophesying a repeat of what was, it will be a reversal for those who know how to “follow the money.” This Financial Revolution will lead to Debt Freedom & Abundance. If your definition of money or currency is limited to worthless paper money that’s created out of thin air – or printed without support, you will end up Po (poor). If you can change your belief and understanding of money/currency you will not lack. Uranus is telling us that the Banking system of today, will soon be dissolved and replaced by something more fair and less controlled by the powers that be. I believe that to be CRYPTO-CURRENCY and possibly other new currencies that will become available.”

In that article, based on the prophetic science of the heavens, Eye gave you a sign of when you will see a Major change in the Crypto-World and subtle changes in fiat paper money world that will expand. What you are seeing now (February 4, 2018) in the Cryptocurrency market is not what soon shall be. By the time the Sun lights up the House of Taurus around April 20, 2018, the buzz will be on about Crypto-Currencies AGAIN, loud and clear. The heavens are moving and Uranus is headed to transit in the House of Taurus. Between April 15 and May 15, 2018 and after people will be racing to catch up with the Crypto-Market as all the Coins will SOAR, led by Bitcoin going to unbelievable heights. The FUD that’s being spread around now to deter people from investing, crashing the markets; while the global elite gobble up as much as they can, will be almost forgotten.

Uranus entry into the House of Taurus will cause a Financial Upheaval in the traditional Markets for the next 7-8 years. During the time the Sun moves into Libra (FALL SEASON), it should become clear that this nation and the world is in a global economical downward spiral.

Extreme instability and volatility will be manifesting in the Stock Market and other Markets, leading to an increasing loud call to replace the fiat currency. Coming into 2019. will be very reminiscence of 1929 for many.

***Prophetic Sign Manifest 1 Day After Posting This Word – WALL STREET – DOW DROPS 1175 POINTS, THE WORSE IN AMERICAN HISTORY -February 5, 2018 ***

***SENATE CRYPTOCURRENCY HEARING 2/6/18 – “The testimony drew a useful distinction among three pillars of the virtual currency ecosystem (for lack of a better unifying term): cryptocurrencies, “a replacement for dollars;” ICOs, “like a stock offering;…”

During this same period, around October 20 – November 22, there will be another spike in Crypto-Currencies. BITCOIN will be to the Moon.
Crypto-Currency will be around for a while, the governments of this world will not be able to stop it. Some analyst believe it could get to over $100k per coin.


Nothing on Earth can happen until the heavens first declare it. Does the heavens speak of Bitcoin and other Cryptos? Yes! As Eye have been sharing for many months now, “The Kingdom of URANUS is at hand.” Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun, it moves into a different Zodiac sign house every 7 years. It is due to arrive in the House of TAURUS around May 15, 2018. Taurus the Bull is the house of FINANCE, BANKING, MONEY, MATERIAL THING, Land, etc. Near WALL STREET, they have the Raging Bull, symbol of Taurus. An aggressive Market is called a Bull Market…the people that control Wall Street understand the prophetic science of the heavens and govern their lives thereby to enrich themselves. (Side thoughts: Why did the ancient Hebrew people created a golden bull calf when they came out of Africa? Why did Moses smash it? Why do the people calling themselves Jews use that symbol today? It’s all related to the Zodiac Age of Taurus that had ended)

Who Created the BITCOIN? Someone or a group of people with the psuedo-name Satoshi Nakamoto. No one really knows. Here are a few interesting prophetic points about Bitcoin, the father of all Cryptocurrencies.

1) The White Paper was creating on October 31, 2008 – outlining the expectations and purpose of Bitcoin. The Sun was in Scorpio, directly opposite of Taurus in the heavens. Eye see this prophetically meaning Cryptocurrency would be a currency in opposition to or alternative to traditional fiat money, and banking, which is ruled by Taurus.

2) There are only 21 million Bitcoins to be mined – Satoshi dreamed that they would eventually value $10 million per coin. Could he be right?

3) On January 3rd 2009, and under the codename of ‘Genesis’, the first Bitcoins were mined. (It marked a new beginning in currency)

4) By close of trading day in New York on Jan 3rd, 2009, there was a grouping of planets in Aquarius leading with Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, then Mercury and Neptune. Aquarius is ruled by URANUS.

5) In February 2010 (with the Sun in Aquarius and passing over the earlier Aquarian grouping of planets), the first Bitcoin market was established.

6) Lastly, Crypto comes from the word “Crypt” which is an underground room or vault beneath a Church or chapel; a burial place. Can you see prophecy all over that? A few short provocative questions: Is Cryptocurrency prophesying that it will deal the final Death Blow to what we know of a money (USD), fiat currency? Will this seemingly dead, non-existent Cryptocurrency resurrect and bury the current financial system that has killed many? With the Vatican’s nearly 2000 years of accumulated wealth, could Cryptocurrency somehow plunder the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church in the near future?

The Planet URANUS rules technology, inventions, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. Cryptocurrency is a digital technology made up of advance computer language, algorithms, and cryptography, used as an asset for exchange.

I would suggest those reading this message to learn at least the basics about this phenomenon. Just Google. Learn how to start and complete transactions. There are over a 1000 Crypto-currencies on the market, plus, there are many in pre or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage. This is currency you can not see, touch, taste or smell, it is “etheric.” It’s real.

If anyone feels led to donate to ATAM or me for the purpose of acquiring Cryptocurrency, feel free to do so. Or, if anyone feels led to donate in Cryptos – it will be gladly accepted -contact me. 🙂

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