White Police Officer Tells Why They Keep Killing Black People

White Police Officer Tells Why They Keep Killing Black People

The problem in our nation is not limited our nation. Statistics around the world shows that there has been an increase in the murder of Black Males in particular, Globally. Is that coincidence? Is that just a bunch of black people whining and complaining about unfair treatment and unjustified murders? Three quarters of the people killed by Police in Rio de Jainero, Brazil are Black. No one is held accountable for nearly 700 people killed in 2015.

Police in America kill more people in one day than most countries in one year. In 2015, over 100 unarmed Blacks were murdered. Blacks make up around 12% of the population. Police in the US kill citizens at a rate of over 70 times of other First-World nations.

Thank God more people are waking up. Watch this very powerful prophetic video and pray for his safety: Ear Hustle White Police Officer Tells Why They Keep Killing Black People & Uses The Bible Specifically The Book Of Exodus To Explain It

Then of course there is the outside force. After the 911 events of the government demolishing the Twin Towers, Building 7 & the Pentagon – much of our Police Force was handed over to Israelis for training. Their training encouraged the use of black men images as target practice and to target black and brown people. This is one of the reasons why our police force look more like the military.

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  1. i thought hebrew slaves were the white israelites, not black slaves?

    • That’s a big misconception based in fabricated history. History invented to benefit white supremacy that exist today. Over 90% of the people in the world who claim to be ‘Jews’ are proven genetically of European descent, whose ancestors probably never set a foot in Palestine. These are not genetically ancestors of the original Hebrew people or people in the Bible; they are descendants of their Europeans ancestors (Khazarians) that started converting to the religion of Judaism in mass around 700 AD. They hi-jacked the religion, stole the identity of the original dark-skinned Shemitic/Hamitic Hebrew people. Unfortunately, the Christians today refuse to do any research and change the lie for truth they have embraced. They totally ignore Jesus’ prophecy about our day, “I know those who say they are Jews (Judahites) but ARE NOT; They are of the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9,3:9 Study my series on IDENTITY THEFT for more accurate info/history of who these ancient people are/were and what they yet look like today. http://atam.org/israel-in-prophecy-part-2-identity-theft/



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