White Scientist Says The Black Community Is Being Targeted By The Medical System

White Scientist Says The Black Community Is Being Targeted By The Medical System

When I read first saw the article, “White Scientist Says The Black Community Is Being Targeted By The Medical System, They Are Deliberately Being Poisoned [Video],” I immediately requested prayer for this man’s protection. This is not news for most that live in Black communities throughout the country, their voices are not heard. It takes a lot of courage for Mike Adams to blow the whistle, break rank with the code of silence and “look another way” mentality that’s been displayed for decades. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the full article in the link.

If your skin is black or brown, there is some powerful information in the video that could save your life. For many years we have spoken prophetically about “frequency weapons,” and “soft chemical weapons” being used in Brown and Black communities that affects the brain, causing rage, violence, anxiety and murder. It really sounded like extreme conspiracy over a decade ago when Eye first saw this and started to share it. Today, more truth is coming out and it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger sort of alludes to this when the mentions the affects of poisoning the water with lead in black communities.

“You think blacks are killing blacks because they just hate each other? No, they are being poisoned and mentally conditioned to kill be angry and hate each other. In certain demographics most often impoverished black neighborhoods, blacks are being misdiagnosed with all types of disease and are literally being treated with toxic treatments.” Scientist Mike Adams

Blacks are not angrier, dumber, more violent and prone to murder than Whites or Asians, etc. It has been decades of mind control through genetic & chemical warfare, false media portrayal, addictive drugs brought into the communities, and stereotyping by elements of our government specifically against Black citizens. This is not conspiracy theory, it is Conspiracy Fact.

I remember (2) other empires or governments that planned genocide against the original Hebrew people and look what happened to them. Pharaoh’s empire was destroyed, and Herod’s Temple was destroyed, along with the city. They will not be successful, they are fighting against God (s).

Those who have a love for truth and an intolerance for injustice, forward this to at least 10 people – People are waking up. Full article and video in the link below. Pray for the Health Ranger- Mike Adams safety.


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  1. Zechariah 5 gives a decription of a woman contracting lead poisoning through ingestion in the Young’s literal translation.


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