The “X” Stands for “Xeno” Every organism on Earth relies on the same genetic building blocks:  the information carried in DNA. But there is another class of genetic building block called “XNA” a synthetic polymer that can carry the same information as DNA, but with a different assemblage of molecules. The “X” in XNA stands for “xeno.” Scientists use the xeno prefix to indicate that one of the ingredients typically found in the building blocks that make up RNA and DNA has been replaced by something different from what we find in nature  something “alien,” if you will.


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We know that there is nothing new under the Sun, and what has been, will be again. Jesus gave us a big warning about the time we have come to. He said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.”

First of all the days of Noah lasted a long time, before the Flood and 350 years after the flood. Before the Flood, technology had become a big problem. Angelic technology (Aliens – ET’s technology in the literal sense) had been misused and shared with humans in a very dark way. I should clarify, we realize not all races of ET’s are considered angels in the Biblical sense.

One of the main problems of the days of Noah was Genetic Engineering or Genetic Manipulation. Angels (Extraterrestrials) were breeding with humans and producing monstrous giants. According to the Book of Enoch, they did not stop with humans, but also with animals. I am sure this highly advanced civilization of non humans called sons of God (angels) also experimented; mixing their DNA and humans with animals. Cultures around the world prove this by their engraving in stone and sculptured images of half beast and half man. The Bible even proves this; the satyrs (half goat-half man), sons of ariel (half lion-half man), the scorpion-men, etc.

The Book Of Genesis (Genetics) says the whole earth was corrupt, thus, the flood waters were released to cleanse it. Not only the humans and animals were victims of genetic manipulation; but the plants and insects. Science fiction movies like “The Island of Dr. Monreau” and “Little Shop of Horror” was a reality in ages past. Every organism on Earth has the same basic genetic building blocks and there is only a small difference genetically between humans, animals, insects and plants. Humanity seems to be destined to repeat the mistakes of the past and we are well on the way.


A lesson to be learned from Greek Mythology, we will visit this more in depth in the future. Here is thought for now. Prometheus, the titan God was credited to creating humans and civilization. The Great God was a bit upset with Prometheus love for mere mortals and the technology he had shared with them. Prometheus stole “sacred fire” from the Gods to share with humans, which ended up disastrous for humans.

The Prometheus syndrome is in full effect today. Mankind is trying desperately to become Gods apart from observing universal and divine laws of spirituality. With XNA technology, it is believe they will be able to extract the Sacred Fire or spark of Divine in the human genome, to advance the evolution of humans into Gods.

There are silent genes and chromosomes in the DNA that contain the genetic language to produce YHWH in its fulness. If this DNA language can be copied on the XNA, it can easily be manipulated. Choices can be made, who gets to be God and who doesn’t. Can you imagine a race of soul-less transhumans? Gods motivated by greed, lust and pride. What about Cyborgs, Android and Beast-men used to fight wars?

Prometheus seemingly selfless act to befit humanity led to the opening of Pandora’s Box by his sister-in-law (Pandora), which unleash all the evils, plagues and diseases to destroy humans. Human genetics is a Pandora’s Box, it holds all the evils and diseases and all the cures. One slight variation in the human genome programmed language can produce “real time” science fiction events.

A prophetic movie, “Prometheus” will be released June 8, 2012 in the USA. It’s a sci-fi and bit of horror, but clearly states where we are headed.

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