Year 5778

Year 5778

Happy New Year!!! It’s Rosh Hashanah the Feast of Trumpets, also called Yom Teruah (Day of Returning – Gathering) It is year 5778 on the Hebrew Calendar. We have taught many times on this highly prophetic encrypted Calendar that the Creator has given us. Decoding this Calendar goes way beyond just knowing the high feast days that Yahweh commanded us to observe. This highly prophetic season is upon us.

Using Biblical numerology called Gematria, we can decipher more mysteries to gather understanding of what shall be. I will be using this ancient method of prophetic science to assist in reading this year, along with other methods. By using the last 2 digits of a year, we can determine the most prevalent spirit(s)/energies that will me manifesting.

For the past 8 years, we have been in AYIN, which is the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (16 or 1+6=7). It’s numeric value is 70 (ie 5770, 5771…,5776, 5777, etc.) AYIN speaks of the EYE, the Eye See, tears or water in the Eye. Esoterically, it speaks of the third EYE, the gift of prophetic sight, insight and foresight, the Seer.

The 16th letter or glyph in Hebrew is AYIN. This is what the ancient Hebrew hieroglyph it looks like.


CHET is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, with the numeric value of 8. Chet means life, living; wisdom, grace (ascent of grace) It speaks of community. The physiological aspect of Chet correlates with the chest or breast area. The Astrological aspect of Chet is assigned to the Zodiac house of Cancer.



Eye prophesy to you that the year 5778 – 78 Ayin (Eye) Cheth (life) will be a year where your eyes will be filled with tears of joy due to the Grace and favor of God extended toward you. The weeping that has endured for many nights will be transformed into tears of joys for many mornings-new days. The uncommon favor of God and man will chase after you and locate you. A’YIN! You will See the goodness of God in the land of the living. A’YIN! You will see your way more clearly, the fog, mist will be removed and you will see God’s plan for your life. A’YIN! The Eye of your Spirit, the third Eye will become open and you will behold the glories of the Almighty. A greater level of the prophetic will be released upon you with the Seer anointing.

CHET! (pronounced heth) – let the past be the past, do not seek to resurrect it again. Bury that which needs to be buried on every level. Eye am seeing a vision as I write, some of you need to perform an extreme “prophetic act” to once and for all separate yourself from the negative enabling toxic soul ties that draw you back and tear you down emotionally. If a relationship of any sort is killing you spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially…and inside you know it’s not of God… Have a “prophetic funeral” (not that you want the loved one to physically die-it’s the toxic emotional attachments and triggers). Create a clean ‘sacred space,’ if you have one use it. During prayer/meditation, call the person spirit in. Speak out loud and eulogize him/her. Think of all the good things this person has done or said, nothing negative. Speak this over a piece of paper to represent them or small item of theirs. When you have finished, pray, forgive, release all emotions connected, until there is only love. Take the paper (you may write whatever you wish on it, as long as it is positive) or object, bury it. Speak over the grave of emotions that connects you at that level to that person (lover, child, parent, spouse, friend). Give yourself permission to bury that part of the relationship. Read Psalms 133 (3) times with passion over the grave site of every demonic stronghold, manipulation, deception, sexual ties, spiritual ties or negative occultic (witchcraft) ties, emotional ties, co-dependency, etc that were used against you in an unhealthy way. If this prophetic act is done in faith, IT IS DONE. You may yet have to live with that relative or whatever, or see that person – but you are no longer an emotional slave. You are Free!!

CHET! Life is yours to live. Be busy living in year 5778, despite of the outer world crumbling. Chet! Deals with matters of the heart, relationships. Keep you emotions balances and many issues arises dealing with relationships. Eye prophecy you will have great relationships and attract only those that have the heart of God as their priority. Eye prophesy healing of strained relationships that the Father has ordained.

A’YIN CHET! Eye see new starts in business, careers; things that weren’t moving and stagnant, will begin to move. The season is changing, it’s a new day. Eye See great prosperity coming, despite the outer world. Eye see many whose lives were uprooted and nearly destroyed by the hurricanes, will eventually see this was the best thing that could happen to them. Life will force many into a destiny and careers they did not study or even desire. Out of the debris and ashes will arise lives filled with purpose and passion. CHET! He makes all things new.

A’YIN CHET! Eye see for the “true church” called out ones – this will be a year of power and the supernatural. Many that have never fasted or spent quality time seeking God, will find themselves captivated by the Presence. You will find yourself craving Him and other desires and plans vanish.

5778 Many will realize and answer to call to the nations. Eye see people walking off of dream jobs, due to the burden of Yahweh resting on them. Eye see many younger adults and couples leaving the country for a short missionary trip only to find out Father has called them to another nation full time.

Spirit is moving and Yahweh is raising up a prophetic generation of Seers. There will be a major exodus from mainstream Christian religion over the next 3 years as the shift moves from building Mega-Churches. The shift will mostly happen because they wont be sustainable in places where they refuse to Move With the Cloud. Religious Freedom & true Spirituality will continue to rise in 5778 as many come out of Babylon and find others. The rains will fall on the thirsty.

Events of 5778 – Miraculous things that will arouse people to seek God. Natural disasters, violence, etc and also supernatural – shall stir people to seek God.

78th verse of the Bible: Gen 3:22 “Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.”

5778 – A greater awareness of our Divinity will be uncovered. Stretch forth your hand and grasp it. Be Like your Daddy God.

Trans-humanism leap – ungodly men reaching for godhood, divinity. There will be another breakthrough in technology regarding human immortality, consciousness and meshing humans with computers or making computers like humans.


Everything that we see or think we see, experience or think we experience, know or think we know; is confined in many ways to the 3 dimensional of of illusions. Do we really see, experience or know; while in a construct that’s temporal and constantly changing? The prophetic can be a double-edged sword. The prophet or prophetic voice is commanded to declare what shall be for warning, edification, instruction, comfort, and many other reasons. However, we have the ability to choose whether or not that ‘perceived prophetic reality’ becomes our individual experience.

Many have become like the back-slidden people of old, “Speak to us smooth things prophet,” while we are living in rough and challenging times. Please, can I have lots of sugar to coat the truth, so I wont have to taste it or become relevant? “The lion has roared, who will not fear. Yahweh has spoken, who can not prophesy.” Amos3:8


A’YIN CHET! – Eye see the wisdom of God being poured out as never before, upon and though those who desire Wisdom. She is returning to Earth to counter the ignorance, arrogance, violence and hate. She is also bringing knowledge and understanding.

A’YIN CHET! Eye see the Republican Party will continue to be dismantled from within and without until it is gone, as we know it…According to my word, Eye prophesied since around 2012.

Eye see a politician (not Trump) having a mental breakdown, signs will appear in public…seemingly like on camera…something will be off and it will later be reported.

Eye see a gun exposed and possibly fired Inside the White House.

Eye see a plot will be exposed “end” Trump…seems like people of his own party.
(Addendum late8/21: Before years end on the Gregorian Calendar could we see a Major Shake-up, Overthrow?)

Eye see many Americans are arming themselves to fight within (Civil/Race Wars) as Spirit revealed in July, before the Charlottesville’s KKK Riot. The recipe for this stew of hate is thickening, the stove nob is being turned it “high.”

Eye see them planning something big, many plans causing Mass Death…


Eye see flashes of a School Bus filled with children-but can’t see where-(possibly 2 separate incidences involving School Bus/transportation). They seek to make an “over the top statement” because they feel they are not being taken seriously. They want to strike fear in the hearts of the black community and the nation. They want to be taken seriously.

(Prayer can uncover and foil this plot – at least 1 of these incidence if allowed to happen will be a white homegrown “terrorist” attack, if not both. If the government/media refuses to acknowledge it straight away -a group/person will proudly take credit for it. Prayer can change this.)

But look, listen…Eye hear there will be signs that we will need to arm for war with a foreign power outside…threatening to come within. The rhetoric and signs will manifest in 5778.

A’YIN CHET!! Eye see big problems for America…those in power shall steer it away from Democracy and Freedom. More alarming news and revelations of bills and laws that were signed, will come to light; this was done while you were distracted by hurricanes and floods.

Eye see Greed, Arrogance and Ignorance shall push this nation to attempt to invade yet another country to plunder it. This does not feel like a Muslim country… Big mistake!!!

A’YIN CHET! Eye see the Grace of God ascending as sin and evil abound. Light will shine in the midst of gross darkness that shall move like a storm cloud across this nation and the word over the next several years.

5778 – It shall be a times of extreme opposites and division for those who choose to live by what they see with their natural eyes and feel with human emotions.

Eye see we have moved into a cycle of an increasing random acts of violence, EXTREME. It’s like certain people are being taken over by demons and wont care…Others will want to be seen as martyrs.


5778 – You will see more family violence…it will become like an epidemic – whole families gone, day after the day reports.

Eye See as a cloud of darkness seem to cover this land and the minds of many…LIGHT. CHET!! Grace must abound.

5778 will be a year of awe…holding our breath to see what will happen next for many.


A’YIN! Eye see judgement (decisions/choices) must begin at the house of God. 5778 will become the beginning of the EXTREME as you have never seen before manifesting from the pulpit. That evil which has not been dealt with, acknowledge or overcome, which has been latent in the hearts of men and women who profess to represent and know Him…shall be brought to the surface spewing as a volcanic eruption. Eye see news headlines one after the others, even famous brand name ministers…Eye see charges of Murder, Sex Ring… and a Major Theft/Fraud Ring that’s being investigated now. Evidence is being gathered even from outside the country.

Over the next 3 years Christian TV & Radio in America will openly flaunt their depravity and debauchery to the point it will become “common place” even in many houses of worship that once stood for holiness. You will see and hear people seemingly overnight “switch.”


Eye See President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has fought a good fight of faith, despite being falsely demonized by Western media and Western politicians…Eye am sensing some health issues, if not directly with him, someone very close (which may or may not be disclosed until much later.) It would take a miracle for him to remain in office through 5778. Eye see him being REPLACED…not necessarily dead, but Replaced.

Eye stated in July that we have entered into a new cycle of Earthquakes over 7.0 – and Increased Natural Disasters. As I write this, there are at 3 Hurricanes headed toward out Coast. a few days before Hurricane Irma hit…Eye said and saw, “the
focus is now on Florida but Eye see it on New York and the north coast soon.” (Watch and pray to change that or soften the impact).

5778 -Eye see a Major Earthquake in Russia possibly affecting western Asia.

5778 – Massive Storms, Tsuamis, Islands vanished off the map – Underwater Earthquakes/Volcanoes causing new land to appear.

Someone recently asked me about the prophecy of July 24 – Solar Eclipse where Eye spoke of Hurricane Harvey that would hit the Gulf States one month in advance and that there would be “back to back storms…and a very active season” – and the prophetic announcement I put on Face Book of a Major Earthquake within 72 hours over 7.0. (About 48 hrs later 8.1 Mexico) “Why would the Holy Spirit show you disaster and death all the time. Where is it in the Bible?” said the upset person.

I replied, “Well it is throughout the Bible, but I don’t have time to give you a Bible Study on prophecy right now.” “But here is one instance, I am reminded of Prophet Abraham, the angels (guides) appeared to him and revealed a Natural Disaster that was about to take place (Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption) that was going to destroy the population of 2 major cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) and the surrounding cities. Genesis 18 “And the Yahweh said, Shall I hide from Abraham the thing that is about to happen?” It was through Abraham’s ‘constant’ intercession that Lot and some of his family member’s were spared during a Natural Disaster (Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption), while everyone else perished.”

“That the Old Testament, it does not mention things like that in the New Testament,” the person railed. “Uhh, what about Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and the Book of Revelation? Oh, and what about Prophet Agabus from the Church in Jerusalem that prophesied the ‘great famine’ that would cover the roman world? Acts 11” Then there was silence. I further stated, “Abraham was a friend of God, God shares secrets with His friends. He knew that Abraham would pray and his prayers would save lives.”

Have an awesome New Year. As a prophetic sign, eat something sweet-let it prophesy that you will experience the good and sweet things from Father throughout the year. Great things in store for those who love yourself, others and Him.



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  1. Shanna Tovah- people of God. What an awesome year we have entered in. Just as God turnned Sarah’s weeping into laughter, I pray for you to have your Isaak in this new year. may every tear be turned into JOY and LAUGHTER.
    Some of you reading this must literary go into your room (closet) and begin to do the laughing exercse right now.
    You will be filled by Holy Ghost and every “black cluod” will be lifted away as you allow the JOY of the LORD to fill your Soul.
    Yes , prophet of God, You are right , NO RAPTURE PaRTY….Because the Righteous(MEEK) SHALL inherit the EARTH.
    Have a Great New Year as you use your authority in Christ To declare peace in this changing world.
    For heaven is the Lord’s(Elohim), but the earth He has given to the son of men. So we need to fix it with all the tools He has given us.

    • Shanna Tovah man of God. Thanks.

  2. This was greatly needed. Blessing flow to you Brother. Clyde


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