Year Of The Dog -2018

Year Of The Dog -2018

Happy New Year, again! We celebrated the biblical New Year (Rosh Hashana), that begun September 21, 2017 = Tishrei 1 – 5778 already. To review those prophecies, things to pray about and esoteric teachings, go to Year 5778

In Chinese Astrology -based on the Lunar Calendar, February 16, 2018, we are ending the YEAR Of The COCK (Rooster) and we thank God for that. The Element was Fire and there was a lot of testosterone that led to many men being caught with their “pants down” exposing their “rooster” – unending allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misbehavior, predatory and rape events that stemmed back 40 years. Although, the element was fire (masculine), it was mostly the Yin (female) energy pushing men to take full responsibility for their actions. Here is an excerpt of a prophetic reading of the heavens Eye gave January 6, 2017 regarding this, with a prophetic play on words foreshadowing male sexual issues would be major in 2017:

“This year’s Element is FIRE. So it is the year of the fiery or hot Cock. The energy is YIN, which is female energy….The energy of this year is calling for men to STEP UP. Be a Man, be responsible…don’t be a D*ck.”
Year of the Cock

Eye further warned in the prophecy that January – June 2017 was a time to get things in order, space to repentance of behaviors, or they would would be uncovered. In January 26, 2017 Saturn moved into SAGITTARIUS, then retrograded June 21-October 26 into SCORPIO (Scorpio is the 8th sign that controls sexual behavior, procreation, etc). When did the sexual allegations reach a climax in headline news??? As the Sun moved into SCORPIO (October-November), Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey scandals and allegations dominated the news, as many other females (Yin energy) named other alleged perpetrators. Saturnian energy purpose is to bring everything to the surface. He is the great teacher. Saturn stayed in SAGITTARIUS until December 20, 2017. From October – December 21, covering Scorpio-Sagittarius – 50 POWERFUL MEN WERE FORCED TO RESIGN OR FIRED DUE TO SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS – during the Year of the fiery Cock -2017. The heavens don’t lie, they forecast events that have been, are, and shall be. The hyped sexual misconduct reporting is phasing out, as Saturn moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, his home sign.


The heavens are filled with wonders, mysteries, warnings and excitement. The word Zodiac means, the circle of animals, the Way or Path. It is the Path that the Sun moves through the heavens. It shows a clear Path for every aspect of our life, to those who have ears to HEAR what the heavens declare. Psalms 19. The constellations are laid out to take the form of animals, humans, monsters and objects for many reason. Each form or constellation is filled with energetic and prophetic knowledge with meanings; depicting characteristic traits, behaviors and many other expressions.

“And of the sons of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…” 1 Chronicles 12:32

Let us now look into the heavens and interpret some of the esoteric teaching and prophetic meanings in this Year of the Dog. The Element is EARTH and the Energy is YANG (Masculine).

Spirit is saying to us in this coming Year of the Dog, “You must be authentic and clear in relating to others and in relationships. First of all, are you loyal, trustworthy, reliable in your spiritual relationship. Are you honest with yourself? Does your relationship or spirituality hinge on legalism, fear or concern what others might say or do? Does it stem from obligation or a place of love? If it is not from a place of love and passion, it is not loyalty and will not survive in this year. The distractions, pressures and opportunities will draw many away and cause other things to replace what they once called their religion or spirituality. Commitment to your spirituality and to self transformation must be top priority.

This loyalty to your Higher Self, the Christ-self will overflow into relationships. Loyalty must work from both and all sides. The heavens will be exposing those who are not loyal, committed, or trustworthy in family, business and friendships. Endure the test of relationships if at all possible. Learn to be a friend, learn to listen. Learn to be a friend of God.

This is a year for consistency, and steadfastness. Do not allow yourself to be blown here and there in winds of confusion and deception. Be planted as the tree by the rivers of waters and you will flourish. Your relationship will flourish, your emotional well-being, health and finances will flourish.

Honor your commitments and things you have promised others and the blessings will locate you. Promises made months, and years ago, do not pretend that you have forgotten them. Do not procrastinate! If you make an effort and fulfill them, in this year you will see things manifest that you have been waiting for. You are in a season that Eye can not fully release what Eye have promised, until you release what you have promised, says the LORD.

Your words and actions (contracts, commitments, arrangements, promises) must match and must be seasoned with salt and truth this year, or they will come back to torment you in the year of the Pig – 2019.”

EARTH element 2018. This is a year for prosperity, abundance and generational wealth being developed. The heavens are shouting, INVEST and you will see a harvest. (Of course invest in things Spirit shows, your research, opportunity or intuition reveals). Millionaires and Billionaires will be made in various markets/industries (technology, crypto-currencies, pharmaceutical investments, pet products industry, communication, stock, meatless foods, etc.)

Eye see this is the time for a transfer of wealth, through inheritance, investing, maturity of investments and that which has been accumulated. People born 1958-1959 are a direct target for wealth flow coming full circle; possession, monies, property, found/discovered documents and treasures. Those born years 1946-47, 1970-71, 1982-83, 1994-95 can also lay claim to this 12 year cycle of Dog energy blessings. Money will be on the move in 2018…yet giving those who be wise a chance to position themselves for the near future of great change.


The heavens will be very busy with rare celestial events, alignments, eclipses and movements. We will only share some prophetic insight from a few events in this writing.

January, due to the Full Moon on the 2nd and 31st, it is the month of the Blue Moon – A Blue Moon is when we have a rare 2 Full Moons within the same month. On top of that, the upcoming eclipse on Jan. 31 will be the first total eclipse of a Blue Moon in nearly 152 year. This Total Lunar Eclipse will last 77 minutes, plus, it will be a Super Moon. The Moon will not appear with a bluish tint, it will be Blood Red, due to the Total Eclipse. (So many messages there) It is safe to say, we will have a very rare Blood Red – Blue Moon. If you are awake around 3:51 am PST – January 31, you can view this rare phenomenon.

The full Moon will be moving into Cancer in opposition to Venus. Cancer is the 4th house of the Zodiac that governs Family, Home, Parents, Children, Privacy, Security – things and people that we can become very E-motional about. The Blood-Red Super Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse for 77 minutes is telling us to make sure we are loyal, committed and genuine in our relationships, family members, household. Do Not Expect This, but using Christian terminology, “be prepared to defeat anything the devil wants to bring to overshadow and darken the light of love and unity in your household.”

This event happening in Cancer is in opposition to Venus, meaning sometimes we might find it challenging to love those closest to us. Strong emotions and mixed emotions surfacing and flaring. Control your temper, try not to see red (blood), as the Moon will be. Venus, love and beauty is there in the midst of what appears ugly. Allow everything to be completed, it’s only metaphorically 77 minutes. Allow Grace to abound.

An expanded realization extends to your work place, worship place and our nation. Speak truth in love.


It has been several years since Eye shared prophetic insight from Rahu and Ketu. These names come from the Hindu Vedic tradition. They are considered “shadow planets,” but they are very powerful and significant. Actually, they are points of light that form a celestial serpent, Rahu, being the head and Ketu, the tail. They have made their transit into the CANCER-CAPRICORN axis (relating to Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn), until March 7, 2019.

Rahu the head is in Cancer, governed by the Moon. Ketu the tail is in Capricorn governed by Saturn. These are the celestial hit men, villains, agents that create great Change. The two are actually one, separated to achieve the same goal by sometimes extreme means. This entire journey is about change, transformation. We are to be changed from glory to glory. However, when we refuse grow and change, the Universe has a way to use energetic influences to assist us with Change.

Rahu represents your future and Ketu represents your past. Our nation celebrates its birth – Independence Day July 4, 1776. The Zodiac sign for this nation is Cancer, governed by the Moon. Remember Cancer is the 4th House – (foundation, family, relationships) – the head (thinking, imagination, consciousness) of the serpent will be influencing many people specifically in this nation’s future. The serpent is a symbol of Wisdom, “be wise as serpents.” But there are 2 types of wisdom, the wisdom from above is pure, peaceable, submissive, without discrimination or prejudice; embraces all. This is the Divine Feminine Wisdom that builds her house. The wisdom from below is earthly, unspiritual, materialistic, demonic and self-serving, egoic -out of balanced masculine.

The tail Ketu represents the Past, it is stuck in Capricorn until March 7, 2019. Capricorn is the 10th house, it controls status, power, politics, government, etc. Capricorn is governed by Saturn, the teacher and exposer of great secrets. America will not be allowed to move forward until she properly and honestly deals with her Past. The Church, Ameri-Christianity will not be allowed to move forward until it deals with it’s past.

Eye see by late Spring-Summer, while the Sun is in Cancer and beyond; Ketu, the tail of the serpent will pull down political stars and powerful people. Many secrets, embarrassing secrets will be uncovered. These are personal secrets of those in power, but also hidden historic secrets. Suppressed knowledge of our past and even ancient knowledge will surface.

(British Prime Minister Theresa May – Eye see some issues arising that could cut her term short in 2018)

There shall be some type of move or petition that will gain momentum by late Spring to bring revelations during the Summer months. What will be happening here in the USA, will also be happening with governments, politicians, religious and historical issues around the world. Indigenous people of many lands will be energized to rise up and rage at the systems of tyranny, subjugation, and oppression. The developing revolution will be Live and televised.

You will begin to see the next phase that will cause the break-down of governments here and abroad. The Year of the Dog will allow for many old buried bones to be dug up. Pluto (the god of the underworld) will also join Saturn in Capricorn to stir things up. Mars will enter Capricorn May 12, 2018 – (retrograde in Aquarius a few months-June 26-August 27) and go Direct August 27, 2018.

We are looking at a lot of energy that could be considered negative heading our way this Summer. Start Praying Now. Eye see the plans of the enemy. July 24, 2017 Eye shared a prophetic word giving a time frame.

“The final ingredients for a Civil War or Race War are being mixed between August 2017 – April 2018.” America’s Greatest Solar Eclipse message.

(We pray this does not manifest and are not saying it will, however, the heavens are shouting. Eye see and hear that plans are being put into place. They are practicing and having drills, strategically choosing sites and targets for maximum impact. Eye can feel the rage and intensity. It is the same training and methods used by radical Islamist and those on “Suicide Missions.”)

Late Spring-Summer, the movements and energy of the heavens will be causing people to feel the need to Unite & Act on issues that concern them. “Beware of dogs (gentiles),” Jesus said. Certain groups of people are becoming very emotionally and mentally unstable. The head of the serpent Rahu in Cancer is giving evil, demonic ideas and strategies to these people controlled by fear, and hatred. They are afraid that something is being taken from them that’s not theirs to begin with. Cancer is the Zodiac sign for America and there’s a growing number of people with misplaced patriotism and willing to defend their belief of what “America” or “American” is.

will be the most vulnerable time for America. Out Of Control anger and violence. This is the negative side of the Year of the Dog, people will act like the wild dogs they are. The dogs will bark, the dogs will chase, the dogs will bite – Violence & Bloodshed will be in streets as they seek to create an all out war in hot spot cities.

New Moon – Partial Solar Eclipse July 12/13 in Cancer & another Total Lunar Eclipse July 27 Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, within 10 degrees of the 4 fixed planets (Leo-face of Lion, Aquarius-face of a Man, Taurus-face of Bull/Ox, Scorpio – Eagle/Phoenix). Again, the heavens are warning of Major Upheaval and people driven by Fear and Angry Hateful Passion, instead of logic.

If someone wonders who let the dogs out, it should be easy to answer, “the Mad Dog in Chief.”

Not only will evil hateful people be uniting and plotting chaos and bloodshed during this period. The head of the Rahu the serpent will be speaking to religious people. A stronger delusion than what already permeates many religious groups will create cult-like doctrines to justify violence and hatred among those who don’t really know Him.


While so many dynamics are played out in this Year of the Dog – Rahu, the serpent Wisdom from above will be accessed and the Cancerian feminine energy will create a greater bond of Unity among those filled with love, than those filled with hate. Venus (love), the Bright and Morning star will rise in Libra the Scales to bring BALANCE – September 2, 2018 and will go Direct November 16. Ketu the tail in Capricorn will inspire the government/kingdom of God Believers to draw nearer to Him and be filled with power. Love will save the day and the plans of the evil ones will not fully prevail. Venus is the symbol of the Divine Feminine – Sophia/Wisdom that this year will be brought more to the forefront, as Females are catapulted into more powerful leading roles.

The dogs will bark, the dogs will chase, the dogs will bite – but those dogs will be put down, or eventually loyally serve the righteous before it is all over.


MAY 15, 2018 – Uranus moves into Taurus, the house of Finance, Wealth, Banking. It will remain mostly in Taurus until April 26, 2026 Uranus will cause a change in the traditional markets and an upheaval in old paradigms of Financial thinking. We are on the verge of a Banking Revolution. The heavens are prophesying a repeat of what was, it will be a reversal for those who know how to “follow the money.” This Financial Revolution will led to Debt Freedom & Abundance.

If your definition of money or currency is limited to worthless paper money that’s created out of thin air – or printed without support, you will end up Po (poor). If you can change your belief and understanding of money/currency you will not lack. Uranus is telling us that the Banking system of today, will soon be dissolved and replaced by something more fair and less controlled by the powers that be. I believe that to be CRYPTO-CURRENCY and possibly other new currencies that will become available.

(Help me get into Crypto Currency -check of CRYPTOCURRENCY EXPLOSION)

Behold Eye show you a mystery: Uranus is moving into Taurus. Directly opposite the heavens, Jupiter has moved into Scorpio. This same configuration happened just over 80 years ago. According to history, during World War 2, rationing replaced normal currency after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 – The Banking Act and the Social Security Act came into effect 1935, while Uranus was in Taurus and Jupiter was in Scorpio. You are about to see a new currency replace the old one again. The Market built on control, deception, greed and oppression of others is about to crash…again. It’s been 80 years, time for something NEW.

Taurus is an Earth sign and 2018 element is Earth – Eye give you a Prophetic Sign that a Major Earthquake will manifest, while the Sun is in Taurus — most likely between May 13-17, 2018

Most Vulnerable Period in America for Major Earthquakes or Volcano Eruptions is between Cusp of Sun moving into Taurus – Sun ending in Cancer.

(In our next publication, we hope to share insight into other Natural Disasters manifesting here and abroad during 2018. As always, we share prophetic events to pray about so the impact can be lessened or changed.)

In 2017, the Cock crowed to Wake Us Up, but many refused to be disturbed and are yet sleeping. 2018, the watchful Dog is barking to warn us of danger and violence that’s about to explode out of control in our cities. If we don’t listen, the Pigs will overrun the parlor in 2019, the filth and stench will saturate the land for decades.

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