You’ve Got Alien DNA

You’ve Got Alien DNA

It was the late 1990’s when the letters “D-N-A” started to get my attention. Many investigative films and TV shows were being made showing how crimes could be easily solved through DNA evidence. I must admit, I actually did not even know what DNA really was, besides something inside my body.

One day while researching, Spirit started to download information beyond my conscious awareness and what I had previous studied. That download of revelation knowledge lasted several years. During that time I remember sitting in the airport in Manila, Philippines waiting to fly home after a very successful month of ministry throughout the Island. Spirit downloaded instructions for our first DNA Conference – year 2003 and told me to call it “Divine Nature Activated.” It was to happen during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Many of the people that had come to my conferences or where I was speaking was used to me speaking messages that challenged the box mentality, but they were not sure about what human DNA had to do with spirituality, Jesus, or the Bible.

In that conference I shared that scientists were only able to decipher 3% of the human genome, leaving 97% undecipherable. What scientist relegated as “junk DNA,” I told the audience in year 2003 and have been telling everyone since, “the junk DNA is God waiting to be activated within mankind.” I also shared some comparison of the amazing amount of info in the 3%.

The Book of Genesis is the Book of Genetics in the Torah (Bible), giving us the DNA blueprint for humans, animals and all life form on planet Earth. We read what seems like boring stories of the “begats,” that tell a story of the genealogy of this particular creation of what is called human.

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid, it is the blueprint for life. Many years ago while teaching on the subject of DNA I had an “aha” moment. As I wrote the word, Deoxyribonucleric, Eye saw something for the first time. Right in the middle is the word “Rib.” Do you believe that the Creator knew that English would be the dominate language of the 21st century? We read in Genesis that God took a “rib” out of Adam. The Hebrew word for rib is tsela, which means, that which curves, a chamber or cell. So when the Bible says God took a rib out of Adam to create woman, it means, God took Deoxy-RIB-onucleric Acid (DNA) from Adam to create Eve. The Bible is a book of codes and very scientific once we learn how to read it. From Genesis to Revelation we are told the importance of the blood and bloodlines – DNA.

DNA is structured like 2 long chains wound around each other in what is called a double helix (east/west). It looks like a staircase or Jacob’s Ladder, consisting of 22 Amino Acids. It is no coincidence that the sacred Hebrew language has 22 letters, 22 denotes Light. There are 4 molecules called Bases {Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine or ACGT} that make up the language/alphabet of DNA. Again, it is no coincidence that the 4 letters YHWH or YHVH make up the most sacred name of the Creator. The 4 Base letters ACGT with each combination of 3 make Codons, the 64 Codons which in turn delivers specific instruction to cellular chemistry. Codons manufacture protein. Codons literally means Codes On. (Let’s get completely turned on).

Humans have 64 codons (codes-switches), however, most of us only have 20 turned on, we are operating way below our potential. 64 or 6+4=10 – 10 is God’s divine law at the molecular level to produce His life. This is the internal Torah. In the physical body, the 20 codes which are turned on (actively working) are manufacturing amino acids (light).


Define alien – Alien is something or someone foreign, not from the present/current location. Is the Being we call God an alien?
Yes, and so was Jesus (Yahushua). He told his disciples that he was not from this world. God is the highest/best word we have for the Being that created us. Since we were created in his image and likeness, He must have a head, arms, legs, torso, etc. Since we know that we share the same DNA with all animals, insects and even plants…we must also share the literal DNA of our Creator/Father. The 97% of DNA that science can not decipher is God/Alien DNA waiting to be activated within humans.

I believe that once we are fully turned on (codes-on) – the 64 Codons, it will give us access to the 97% of us that’s untapped. Science is now even calling this junk DNA – “Alien DNA,” they realize it is from somewhere else and something else beyond what modern technology comprehends. It is only a matter of time they will call it “God DNA.” You are here, we are here on planet Earth, but in reality, we all came from somewhere else in the universe, many places. We carry the knowledge and information of the multi-verses, the very Template of Almighty God. It is only a matter of time that we learn how to hack in to the 64 Codes of this bio-computer – body human.

Throughout various cultures and even the stars the number 64 shouts to us that All the Codes are destined to be turned on. In Christianity, we call this “the manifestation of the sons of God” or “the fullness of God.” In Chinese culture, the mystery of the 64 Codons to access the 97% Alien DNA is concealed in the “Classic of Changes,” better known as the “I Ching. I call it the “I (Eye) Change.” The I Ching is ancient text of 64 mystical symbols used for divining the mind of God (divination). This form of prophetic science is also used in casting I Ching sticks – the 64 reveals the unknown. In the Bible, it is called casting lots (based on understand the prophetic science of the heavens or other prophetic modalities).

Th ancient Chinese text of 64 codes/symbols is one of the ancient methods that’s was used to interface on a subtle level to hack into the 64 Codons and create CHANGE. “We shall be Changed, in a moment (aptomos-DNA, cellular level)…” God is waiting to burst forth through your being, to swallow up corruption and mortality. Your DNA is one of the main keys, it is the multi-dimensional part of you that gives you access to and connects you to Universal Internet. We are limitless.

Study some of our vintage revelation knowledge on the subject of DNA:


JACOB’S LADDER – 1998 version/message



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  1. I praise God that the truth is being revealed…. God is so good. The word shows us that we will be clothed with a heavenly body which is called original habitation but better than the 1st in 2 Corinthians 5:2 and other scriptures

    2Co 5:2 NKJV
    For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed with our habitation which is from heaven,

    1 Corinthians 15 it states within the atomic structure shall we be changed…. atoms…. DNA is made of molecules and within atoms… within the DNA stucture we shall be changed… Change started the Day we acknowledged Christ Jesus in our heart and minds.

    Praise the Living Eternal King of kings. I thank Him for the man of God Prophet John Lewis.

    Sir F

    • Yes! We shall be changed.


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