Zoned Out For Jesus – Nick Baker

Zoned Out For Jesus – Nick Baker

Earlier this year, or late last year; I was contacted by a young man who had been following our website blogs.  He told me that he lived in the Valley and wanted to meet.   After a while we eventually met and had a wonderful time of fellowship.  Nick was well on his way in his transition from religion to true spirituality.  We met several more times this year and he shared with me that he had been inspired to write a blog and shared some of his articles.

Nick attends Arizona State University, he’s an avid student of the Word and an excellent writer.  After reading some of his work, I was thoroughly impressed how he also was able to connected the metaphysical to the theological aspects of the Word.  Nick calls it Meta-Theology – The Jesus Groove.   

Be blessed and inspired by Nick’s message as he describes the excruciating kindness of God manifested through Jesus.

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