Alamoth – Song of the Virgins Pt.1

Alamoth – Song of the Virgins Pt.1

Treasures trapped in the old website are yet being rediscovered and released into this one. Alamoth-the Song of the Virgins is our present day experience that was revealed many years ago to me. It was when I lived in Washington State, that revelation flowed like an avalanche of sweet honey daily. I was often caught up in ecstatic ecstasy of drunken enlightenment, twirling in visions until twilight. My house had literally become the house of prayer of all nations; as people found their way to it from various parts of the world. Some traveled because they had heard that something supernatural was happening. Others were sent there as refugees by World Relief from war torn nations, needing a temporary refuge. Yet others came straight from jail, drug rehab centers, Churches or Mosque. Straights, gays, lesbians, hermaphrodite, old, young and even a psychiatric ward escapee.

True story, a beautiful young woman once escaped a nearby mental hospital and showed up on my porch barely clothed in the winter. Pavel, my Russian brother answered the door, as I was upstairs in my office/prayer room. Due to his shock and little English, he called me to come down quickly to see the sight. I asked the young woman how I could help, realizing she was in some type of distress. She stated, “The Voice led me here to asked for the one that lives in the top level of this house.” As I noticed her hospital wrist band and partial hospital garb, I invited her in and said, “that would be me.”

According to her, she had not slept in several days, the medication was no longer working and the haunting Voice was directing her to my house. Pavel made tea, as I got a blanket to wrap her in and assured her we would not call the police. However, I did ask her marital status…and told her I wanted call her husband so he wouldn’t be worried. Since Spirit had brought her there by a strange miracle, I knew that Father had something for her. The Holy Ghost became activated in me and Eye began to see that she had recently experienced some type of major loss of someone close to her and that was the root cause of her being in the Psychiatric Hospital. She began to weep and confirm the loss of a child through a recent miscarriage. I believe there had been more than one miscarriage, or a lost of another child also, if my memory serves me. She had experienced a mental breakdown. (Sometimes you have to lose your mind to hear from God)

After several minutes of sharing while waiting for her husband, I felt led to minister with laying on of hands for her healing and deliverance. She instantly went under the power and was slain in the Spirit on the sofa. She not only was under the power of the Holy Spirit, but had fallen into a deep much needed sleep as Peace filled her being. After several attempts to awake her to no avail, we left her. I lived in West Seattle, her husband arrived about 30 minutes after I called from north of Seattle. He entered the living room to his wife lying partially covered with very little on and (2) strange men there. I immediately interrupted his thoughts by trying to explain what had happened, as his eyes roamed between Pavel and I, and wondered why he could not awake his partially clothed wife.

Trying to explain the workings of the Spirit can be complicated for the natural mind to comprehend, it appears as foolishness. We quickly learned this was a “set up” by the Almighty. This man was a 2nd generation backslidden Russian Christian that had not been in a Church or conscious of God for many years. Memories began to come to his mind of seeing people under the influence of the Holy Ghost, as he watched his wife lie on the sofa. However, he yet could not wrap his head around how or why a Voice would lead her to my house. As I reiterated again and again to him, she was literally hearing the Voice of God, I am sure he must’ve thought we were all crazy. I soon realized that my work was finished and went back upstairs, as Pavel ministered to the man in Russian and broken English. For the next few hours, as he waited for his wife to wake up, he brushed up on his native Russian language and recommitted his life to Christ.

Pavel helped him carry his wife down the curvy stairway that led from the porch to the sidewalk, to put her into the car. She was yet under the influence of the Holy Spirit and deep healing peace. In those days, it was not unusual for people to be carried out of the house and have designated drivers. The silence of our quiet street was often shattered by shouts of “Hallelujah!” “Jesus!” and also the wails and screeches of demons being expelled.

(This testimony came forth by Spirit as I began to write. I had not thought of this experience in many years. Eye know someone reading this message needs to know that Father understands your loss and He is able to heal and comfort you. In your extreme emotional, mental or even psychotic state, He is there. God loves you. He holds you close and understands. As the Voice led the young woman whose name escapes me, It will lead you. He will show you a way of escape to your deliverance. Be Still and KNOW… Salvation, healing and deliverance comes to your house today. In Jesus name.)


Now back to my original thought before the Holy Spirit redirected it. Our gatherings were often called the Mystery School or School of Mystics in those days, when I lived in Washington state. Most of the gatherings took place in my home, and from time to time some other large homes that could accommodate the gathering. My mind goes back to the Mystery School in Bellevue, WA in the house of DayStar. For a period of time, I taught there each Friday night, when I was not traveling, or out of the country.

It was during that time I received insight and revelation on the 8 mystical or prophetic musical instruments of David. It was an explosive series of teachings that we can’t get into in these writings. I can never forget the huge basket of musical instruments DayStar had, which were indigenous to many countries, that matched the gathering, which was made up of many nations.

One Friday night I thought I would not make it there driving across the I-90 floating bridge. I had spent the day shut in, soaking in the Presence, studying and in meditation. By evening, I was completely wasted, drunk in the Spirit and being drawn into a trance state while driving. I remember fighting it and pleading, “No, not now God, we can’t do this now.” I know that might sound strange, but it was heavy. I made it there and I staggered to the door to be met by DayStar and other women already prophesying. No one knew what the subject was that night, but me…I thought. The Holy Spirit was speaking through each of those women in some way to confirm what I had been receiving all day. There was no need to start the meeting, it was already happening and each one that entered the door was just swept in.

Sometime during my “teaching on Alamoth,” which was one of the prophetic instruments of David the Psalmist; Spirit accelerated. Spontaneously and orderly people got up from sitting on the floor, chairs or wherever and got the instruments out of the huge basket. We began to go forth in unearthly sounds and prophesying with and upon the instruments and in dances. Afterwards, on Spirit’s cue, everyone went back to where they were sitting to finish hearing the Word.


We will not attempt to teach in depth on “Alamoth” or the other instruments in this blog, however, we will highlight a few thoughts. While reading through the Book of Psalms many years ago, I became intrigued by David suggesting a specific instrument to be used for specific songs and prayers. I knew enough to realize that the intent, lyrics and sound (frequencies) could open portals or realms of the Spirit beyond human imagination. Music is very powerful and it is a universal language that can allow us to communicate with other realms, dimensions and beings from other planets. It was Sound technology that created everything we see and do not see. “In the beginning was the WORD (sound)…” John 1:1 “And God said (sounded)…” Genesis 1

Alamoth (a feminine word in Hebrew) means, virgins, young girls that have reached puberty and old enough for marriage, but is yet under the protection of her family. It also means Sopranos. It was believed that this instrument, a string harp-type, made a sound like a young girl’s soprano voice. Alamoth was used to create and project the energetic frequencies of purity, peacefulness and innocence. So we see that the ancient mystics had knowledge how to create an instrument or tune a musical instrument for very specific purposes and results.

David played his harp tuned at a specific frequency/chord and it drove the demons out of Saul. He received relief from mental illness, schizophrenia; as David played. 1 Samuel 16:15-23 Elisha used music (sound technology) to tap into the Spirit, to see clear visions and hear clearly. 2 Kings 3:15


That Friday when I was preparing myself for the evening Mystery School gathering, I was drawn to Revelation 14:1-5. It speaks about 144,000 virgins, coded with Yahweh’s name in their forehead, standing on Mt. Zion. These metaphoric male virgins had not been defiled by women (religious harlot adulterated doctrines). They followed the Lamb, not man or a religious system. There was music playing and a song being sang that no one could learn or be taught by another human being. Only the 144,000 understood it.

I used to wonder what that song was and why no one could learn it or be taught. That Friday when I got blasted by Spirit, it was revealed to me and I began to sing the song. Keep in mind that the scripture says no one could learn (manthano= be taught, learn, understand, increase knowledge or practice) it. So if we can not learn it, be taught it or understand it, how can we sing it? It is given by Spirit, it is birth from deep within. The reason no man can learn it or teach you the Song of the Virgins is, because you already know it. It is only in that elevated state of consciousness called Zion, where those coded with and realizes the name/nature of Yahweh in their THINKING; that the song can be sang. The singing of this song is not just with your voice, it is your entire being vibrating and exuding purity, peace and innocence. “And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.” Revelation 14:5

What Does This Have To Do With Alamoth? I am glad you asked. Alamoth means virgins, sopranos. It is a feminine word describing the feminine aspect. However, the counterpart in Revelation 14 (men) describes the masculine aspect. Nevertheless, this prophetic scripture is not really referring to gender, male and female as we know it.

Adult males are not normally sopranos. Just when a male is coming into sexual maturity at puberty, the testosterone levels are increase and the larynx or voice box is transformed. The male voice begins to change from a child’s voice to a deeper man’s voice. Since women were not allowed to sing in church in the past, young boys were used to sing soprano. The fine high pitch voices of the young boys projected purity, peacefulness and innocence. Some were even castrated before puberty or early puberty, so they could continue to sing in soprano. They were called “Castrati,” this practice was finally banned in Italy in 1870.

One of the hidden messages of Revelation 14 seemingly male virgins is; these are people who are no longer interested in, or have the desire to reproduce their own image and likeness. They are no longer interested in perpetuating their name/nature or being known (famous). The only image they are concerned with is that of the Lamb. Do you dare allow yourself to become “spiritually castrated” in this sense?

Another interesting point is, this is the only place in the New Testament where the feminine word “parthenos” or virgin is used to describe what appears to be male. As we stated, this experience transcends gender. The main aspect of this virginity, is the virgin soul. The soul that has been cycled and purified and is now “like a virgin.” It is no longer vibrating at the frequency subject to adulteration or contamination.


There are only (2) places in the Bible where Alamoth is used as an instrument. In 1 Chronicles 15:20 David commanded that the Ark of the Covenant to be brought back to Jerusalem by the Levites playing the instrument Alamoth with singing and other instruments. Metaphysically speaking, we know the Ark of the Covenant represents the brain, which houses the Pineal and Pituitary Glands. (An aerial view of the Holy of Holies of the ancient Solomon’s Temple appears as a head, and even today the Dome of the Rock is there). We are given clues here that the Ark will return with a specific sound or frequency. In other words, sound technology will and can be used to activate the Pineal and Pituitary Glands to create the Shekinah and many other supernatural things.

The second place where Alamoth is used is Psalms 46. David specifically instructed that this song be sang and played upon Alamoth. (In most KJV Study Bibles just above the passage/Psalm 46 in italic, it states “To be played upon Alamoth) This in essence is the mysterious song that the 144,000 virgins learned (had inner knowledge of), experienced and realized. No one can teach you the very important lessons of this song. What is it? It is very simple, and yet profound. What is it? GOD (IS)!!! That’s it! God Is…He is Present, here NOW. He exist in the NOW. But isn’t the Creator yesterday, today and tomorrow; past, present and future? GOD (IS)!!! Yesterday was NOW, when the future gets here, it will be NOW. All we have is NOW and that’s where the Being and Power we call God lives. Psalms 46:1

We will share more about the secret song of the virgins tomorrow.

Experience ~~~ ALAMOTH – VACATE Pt. 2

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  1. This really blessed me thank you for sharing this prophet. You are out of this world. Literally!

    • Blessings SiStar, Glad it ministered to you. We are not of this world. 🙂

  2. What frequency should we musicians and worshippers play to?

    • Good question Erin. The chords used today are not in the exactly order of what were used in ancient times given by Spirit. Just as mostly everything spiritual or supernatural, there has been perversion and suppression of truth. Holy Spirit birthing sounds out of us with Spirit led INTENT is powerful using any chord or frequency Spirit is giving at that moment. Many years ago, we used to teach and use the Solfeggio Scale – rediscovered hidden note preserved and used by Gregorian monks. I used the Solfeggio along with 528 hz tuning fork (the Miracle frequency) often during energy healing work and saw great results. I have nothing on this website or material available at this time. In the future, I hope to resurrect some of those teachings and share here. Google search should bring up some info. Blessings


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