Drugs That Will Turn You Gay – Part 3

Drugs That Will Turn You Gay – Part 3

We appreciate the respectful email comments from those of you that’s having lights come on and those that’s not there yet. The Bible is truly fascinating. We will try to reply to your emails as time allows. We are totally aware that many of you never had a challenge in the area we are discussing and maybe you will never minister to people facing these challenges, that’s ok. As stated, there is a growing number of younger people being exposed to the message and have questions. I believe the Bible contains an answer for every question. As we learn how to rightly divide the words of Truth, the truth will set us and others free.

I learned a long time ago that I don’t have to try to protect GOD, if He needs my protection, then he should be worshiping me. What it boils down to many times is, we try to protect our theology or ego. Just let it go. None of us have it all correct-we are all learning and growing hopefully. I hope to not get to the point where I feel I have all the answers anytime soon. Even, prophesy shall fails. Jesus told us everything hidden would be revealed and love rejoices in truth.

In yesterday’s Blog, our main point was that Jesus did address the Gay issue, however, it was not a big deal as people have made it out to be today in our culture. “For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb.” Matthew 19:12  I really don’t think he meant some babies are born castrated or born with a vow of celibacy. Jesus loves all people and our Identity should be Christ; any other identity is death – Black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, rich, poor, etc. Moses law commanded people to be stoned for various things. Jesus said, he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

(Keep in mind while studying this series, we are not denying that the power of God can transform anyone if that is His plan; even if their DNA script is coded to be a eunuch)


Homosexual agenda (or gay agenda) is a term used by social conservatives to describe the advocacy of cultural acceptance and normalization of homosexual behavior…Plus a lot of other things. I totally agree with this aspect of the so called, Gay Agenda. They should be accepted as everyone else, no special treatment. I agree it is normal for them to have a same gender attraction; based on what Jesus taught, science confirms and common sense. What I consider normal may be weird to others.

Provocative Questions: Would there even be a need for a Gay Agenda, if the conservative Christians really understood Jesus’ message and didn’t expect everyone to be like them? Are conservative Christians allowing themselves to be used by the Zionist Agenda to further divide and conquer?

There are aspects of the Gay Agenda that have been in progress for many years and is now coming to a climax. They seem to have hi-jacked the Civil Rights Movement and taken the focus off of the struggles of Blacks and other minorities in this nation. This is a well thought out plan that goes beyond gay people fighting to have rights to marry, it’s become a political movement. The sinister people behind this agenda plays both sides, it’s about manipulation and control. The same Zionist that flaunts the decadence of the purported gay lifestyle, are basically the same ones the will stoke the fires of anti-gay movements. Why would they do this? It has always been about Divide and Conquer, sadly, Christians have a history of playing right into their hands.

As stated in Part 1 of this series, if they can keep us isolated; and keep us fighting each other, they win. They use the same tactics with the race, keeping them off balance, by creating hate between blacks and whites and a false sense of superiority. They financed both sides of the World Wars, it was all about control.

While Christians are busy protesting and fighting for what they have been falsely led to believe, as preserving the traditional family values – they are planning the demise of you and your family values. And to just make mockery of you, they might just turn you or your kids gay. Judge not that you be not judged. – But how? How can anyone be turned gay? Is it possible?  We’ll get to that.

The manipulators appeal to the Serpent Brain, that ancient fear of what appears different. This fear blocks off all logic and common sense thinking. As a matter of fact, some of the Christian leading Pastors that were most outspoken in the anti-gay movement happened to be extremely low, on the “down-low.” In other words, the ones that seems to protest the loudest, are many times trying to divert attention from themselves. What are you afraid of?!


The debate goes on. Are people born this way, or is it a lifestyle that people choose? From what Jesus said, some geneticists say and common sense; it is evident that most people are born with their specific sexual orientation. Technology is changing everything. Plus, we have the Zionist controlled Monsanto GMO feeding us junk to literally alter the human DNA and genetic codes. Too much soy and you might grow man boobs.

EVERYONE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME GAY.   To make this clearer, everyone has cancer cells in their body lying dormant.  If those cells become activated through hereditary information, the environment (radiation exposure, Sun etc), bad diet or thinking; the body will develop cancer.  Any disease or good health can be triggered by both internal or external experiences.  Lifestyles and sexual orientation (straight, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) is all based on your genetic information that’s been activated.

There are 30,000-40,000 genes in the human body. The genetic information in these genes define your past, present and future on every level of your existence and even your etheric existence. Some of your genetic make-up determines whether you will love the opposite sex or the same sex. All it takes is a set of genes being turned on in your body and the genetic message/code will literally change. Thus, a straight man could become effeminate, leaving his wife and lust for the body of another man. One might end up stripping naked and prancing gaily down Wilshire Blvd as Born Again Christian – Jason Russell Or, a woman might be overcome with the urge to be with another woman.

CAN THESE GENES BE MANIPULATED? You betcha! Genetic science is well far advance than the AMA or scientific community would have you know.  Over a decade ago, I was telling people, Eye saw something in a vision I could not understand, people being made to become gay. I couldn’t really understand it and it didn’t make sense; plus, people looked at me like I was weird for saying such. Some time after that, I discovered that the Zionist state called Israel had created a “GAY BOMB.”  Some of you might remember, we posted this over a decade ago. Yes, you heard it right, a Gay Bomb. They have denied it for years, just as they deny their nuclear arsenal.  (Since, I have warned of the powers that be creating genetically modified foods that will activate the genes for same sex attraction.)

No doubt that they have used variations of it many times. As stated in Part 1 of this series; there is a strong male bonding and female bonding among the indigenous people of that region. With a little help from pheromones and chemicals (in the air) designed to tweak certain genes – the Muslims and Christians of Palestine and the surrounding regions would not be interested in fighting for their rights. The men would be mating with each other like rabbits.

Israel has denied possessing it for decades and many of the original articles seem to have been scrubbed from the internet. However, recently it is rumored that an overt threat was made against Iran – to turn them into a Gay Nation.

“Israeli jets have the capability for a quick penetration under the enemy’s gaydar, to release a payload of FAG missiles.”  Those are not my words, article below. Their new main target is Iran; which is purported to have a very low percentage of homosexuals. Actually, Ahmadinejad even denies their are homosexuals in his country, he’s clueless or in denial. If it is left up to the wicked Zionist regime of Israel, they will turn the whole nation gay.

That’s one way to cause a nation to become extinct. We have stated that God’s Gay 10% may be a built in population control mechanism. Keep in mind, the enemy always has a counterfeit to what the Creator does. Is this just another counterfeit population control by the powers that be? Could the increase in gays in ethnic communities be somehow linked in keeping the birth rates down? Remember Pharaoh was afraid the people might become too strong.

Israel is not the only nation with the Gay Bomb. If I remember correctly, it was the Zionist ruled apartheid South Africa nearly two decades ago, that helped Israel develop it. They were very good at manipulating genes – helping to create AIDS, Ebola, etc.  ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!  Population control.

What about the USA? In 1994, the Zionist controlled Pentagon “said” they rejected the proposal for a Gay Bomb. PENTAGON REJECTS GAY BOMB PROPOSAL – 1994  Do you believe that? I don’t. No doubt they got it and have tested variations of it on our population.


Now you understand what I mean by, “Judge not that you be not judged,” and how straight people can be turned gay with what is being call, “Queer Technology.” While you are protesting for what you consider to be family values, just for fun, all they have to do is spray chemicals in the air. Then you might find your married same-sex next door neighbor totally irresistible and go creeping.


As funny as that might sound, it is sad but true. Side effects from some drugs used to treat Parkinson disease and other neurological or mental disorders can cause one to become hyper-sexual by activating dopamine receptors. Before this recent case in the news, some years ago, I read studies where men were becoming cross-dressers and developing gay sexual desires; while taking dopamine agonists prescription drugs.


Just look at the pain, hurt and sadness in this poor man’s face. There is nothing about him that looks gay (happy). It was the prescription drug Requip that caused it. This married family man was turned gay by prescription drugs. He left his wife and children to chased men night and day. He started cross-dressing, exposing himself and was raped. He spent much of his life-savings on gambling and men, and simply could not stop himself. Prescription drugs turned him into a gay sex addict.

Thank God that his wife and family stood by him and knew that behavior was not him. Also, thank God he won his lawsuit against the Pharmaceutical Company that produce the drug that turned him into a gambling gay sex-addict. It is a big challenge, but there are others that have won their lawsuits also,  proving they were turned gay or to extreme compulsive behavior, like gambling.   There was no homosexual demon that attacked these people. It was prescription drugs that activated chemicals in the brain, re-wrote their genetic code for desiring same sex relations.

Just Questioning: If they can create and drop a gay bomb that could cause an all male orgy on the battle field .. Which gives a whole new meaning to “make love and not war”… If the Pharmaceuticals can create drugs that activate chemical and genes that cause same sex attraction…Will they one day create a drug to make gay people straight? What would the side effects be? Would gays be lining up to get it? Probably not.

Research the side effects on all prescription drug. If there’s anything about “colorful behavior” “flamboyant” “hyper-sexuality” “bending the wrist” and “libido booster” side effects- you might want to really pray over it. Or, just say, No. Otherwise, you might be prancing down the streets singing, “It’s Raining Men – Hallelujah, Amen” and dancing like the 7 ft tall drag queen Ru Paul and Martha Wash.




GAY NATION…? Pesticides On Your Food To turn You Gay

Study this link below and you will be ahead of the class in knowing what’s really going on and whose behind it. This info has been called anti-Semitic, a forgery, fraud – but it’s yet TRUTH. Just read it and look around you and you will see how the Zionist put forth their Agenda and they are right on target in accomplishing what they set out to do…so far.   They control the media and are behind the over-exposure of sexual confusion, the gay agenda and corrupting the minds and genetics of people on the planet. 



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