Jacob’s Ladder – Part 1

Jacob’s Ladder – Part 1

It was in the late 1990’s, when Eye led a home-meeting that developed into what was called the Mystery School in Seattle, Washington. For more than a decade, we had many amazing encounters with the Most High, as people literally found us from all over the world. There was something very special about that era, it was during that time the Holy Spirit began to unlock my mind to the realm of spiritual-science, or as I sometimes refer to it as, Divine Science. It was often after many hours of intense worship, prayer, or just “soaking” under the power on the floor, with a CD in loop mode that amazing encounters and revelations took place. All that attended and were a part of those meetings testified of the supernatural, as we engaged the Spirit corporately every Friday night or sometimes Saturday night for many years.

It was out of that era and those experiences (3) books were birth, TribeOscope – Prophetic Empowerment – Christian Alternative to Secular Astrology, Serpent Brain – Transforming the Carnal Mind, and Secrets of the Cherubim – A Journey Into the Heavens (currently out of print). There was a flood of revelation knowledge released, as the long forgotten mystical aspects of the Bible was revealed. Of course, it challenged the current paradigm that most of religion (man search for God outside himself) taught and many were so entrenched in and many yet are. The label “New Ager” was whispered or spoken loudly in a derogatory sense toward me and those who followed everywhere we went. I must admit, it was sometime fun watching religious spirits manifest without saying a word, just the Presence.

It was around 1998-1999, when I first posted this message, “Jacob’s Ladder,” to the old website. There is so much in the passages of Scripture dealing with this subject, we can only share a small amount here. This message actually served as partial outline for a book I never got around to writing…yet. During that season, we were seeking, studying and introducing lots of new spiritual thoughts about DNA, Frequencies, Metaphysics & Divine Astrology to the Body of Christ and it wasn’t popular. As a matter of fact, one hardly had heard the term “DNA” used in a sermon/message back then. Science was the enemy and yet is perceived as the enemy in many religious places. I suppose we’ll have to be able to discern false science from true science. True science confirms the Living Word.


“And Jacob went out from Beersheba, and went toward Haran. And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep. And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.” Genesis 28: 10-12

In my opinion, Genesis 28 is one of the most esoteric chapters in the book of Genesis. The few verses above are pregnant with science, knowledge, technology and mysteries that deals with our past, present and future. They hold the keys to unlocking and understanding DNA, our descent into matter (flesh body – material 3-dimensional world), and our ascent back to the etheric (5th dimension – spirit world).

In Jacob’s journey, he left from Beersheba, which means 7 wells or the oath. The 7 wells represent the 7 energy centers in your body, they are life’s spiral energetic wells of living water. In the physical body, they are called the 7 main glands of the endocrine system. Their energetic counterparts are the 7 wells or 7 spiraling wheels of energy that the ancients yet call, “chakras”. The Biblical or Christian terminology for these exact energy centers are called, the 7 spirit of God. Study Isaiah 11:2 Revelation 1:4.

” And the spirit of Yahweh shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel and spirit of might, the spirit of knowledge and of the spirit of fear (reverence) of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne…” Revelation 1:4


Jacob’s Beersheba experience on the metaphysical level represented his 7 energy centers coming into alignment and vibrating at the same frequency. This gave him the ability to transcend himself and access higher states of consciousness. How do we know that? The very next phase in the verse says it. “..and he went toward Haran.” Haran means elevated place, high places, mountainous. Jacob reached a higher level of consciousness that was to prepare him for one of the most mystical encounters of the patriarchs. [Keep in mind, we are not denying the literal story, but we are reading just one of the multi-layers hidden esoteric stories buried beneath the letter of the word].

(You must understand that Spirit was and is always speaking to all people on the Earth. No group, race or religion could ever have a monopoly on the Being we call God. As Spirit spoke and yet speaks, the terminology may vary from culture to culture, language to language, or even religion to religion. The modern Western version of Christianity mostly stumble over this simple truth, failing to under semantics.)

What are the 7 Energy centers of Eastern beliefs that predates Judaism, Christianity and even modern medicine called? Chakras. What are the 7 physical counterparts in your body known as medically? Endocrine Glands. The 7 Spirits (energies) of God, using Judeo-Christian terminology is the exact same as the 7 Chakras (energy/spirit centers), known by the ancients of Hinduism and Buddhism. The 7 physical glands (Endocrine system of glands of modern science) in the body are the physical manifestations of what exist on the energetic or spiritual level in your etheric or spiritual body. This etheric body is not in the sky, heaven, it exist within and extends outwardly in your auric or electro-magnetic field around you. In short, we have 7- major power points, which are portal in the body human to access more of the Divine Life. Once these centers are activated, spinning or open, they affect the unseen realms.

Did not Master Jesus say? “If you believe on me as the Scripture has said, Out of your belly (solar plexus & sacral chakras = pancreas gland/belly = inner spirit power & knowledge), show FLOW Rivers of Living Waters…” John 7:38

Just a thought: Have you ever wondered why there is such an increase of diseases in the Pancreas and Stomach (belly) area? The leading is diabetes. Diabetes develops because the Pancreas is not producing insulin properly. Then there’s the deadly pancreatic cancers, tumors. Disease develop when the energy (spirit) frequency is too low in the body, caused by many types of toxins.

Get the essence of what is being spoken, but in different words. Open your mind.

7 – Chakras (Spinning Wheels within wheels of energy/spirit) – Crown chakra, 3rd Eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sacral chakra, Root chakra.

7 – Endocrine System Glands – Pituitary gland, Pineal gland, Throid gland, Thymus gland, Adrenalin gland, Pancreas gland, Ovaries/Testes gland.

7- Spirits of God – Spirit of Yahweh, the spirit of wisdom, spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel, spirit of might, the spirit of knowledge, spirit of fear (reverence) of the Lord.


Have you ever had a move of Spirit in your life or some type of blessing, to only be followed by major challenges? This is what Jacob experiences. The text says he came upon a “certain place,” the sun was setting, it was getting dark. Dark is good. It is in and through those dark seasons we grow and learn to see Father God in a totally different way. He is the God of Light and Darkness.

As Jacob shut his eyes to the material world, his eyes became opened to the spiritual world. He did not realize that “certain place” was literally a portal to other worlds. This was not just a vision of a space ladder (space elevator), a way to transport between Earth and other planets. It was an experience with the space ladder (space elevator). Space elevator technology is a science that is being considered today, although, the Bible records the technology existed at least 4000 years ago. We will not deal with that aspect of the experience now.

Jacob’s Beersheba experience had led him to a portal that became opened. (Astronomical Beersheba is another layer of revelation that we will only mention in this message.) On the astronomical level, Beersheba, the 7 wells that Abraham dug, also represented the Pleiades (7 stars) on the neck of Taurus the Bull. The wells were a star map of where we came from. Most likely the wells would have the same formation as the Pleiades.

What was the vision that Jacob saw? Jacob saw the Book of Life, with the codes that unlock the mysteries of how we came to be, it was revealed to him. Nearly 4000 years ago, the complex DNA structure, the foundation for everything in the universe and parallel multi-verses were revealed to him. I am sure he did not fully grasped everything that we saw, nevertheless, he saw it.

He saw the angels descending and ascending on the mystical ladder. Metaphysically, he saw the descent of souls into matter, he saw the incarnations and various versions that we descend and ascend to until all the codes are activated and soul is one with Spirit.

On the physiological level, the angels are the literal codons that actually ascend up and descend down the DNA structure. Codons are genetically encrypted codes which are turned on or off on the DNA structure. Codons are called messengers, just as angels are called messengers. The Codons are a sequence of three nucleotides, which together form a unit of genetic code in a DNA or RNA molecule. They literal give the command to produce amino acids, proteins and growth in the body. They move in a sequences of (3), triplets that agree up and down the DNA ladder.

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I will (manifest) be with them .”
Matthew 18:20

“For there are three that bear record in heaven; the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost,and these three are one. There are three that bear testimony in Earth (body); the Spirit, water and blood, these three agree in one.” 1 John 5:7-8

The energetic life force-is the human spirit in all. Then, we have two-thirds of the body is water. Finally, body has 7% of your weight (8-10 pints) made up of blood. These are three (spirit, water, blood) are one, testifying in your body of the Giver of all life. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

Jacob saw the angels in groups of (3’s) ascending and descending, they are the codons giving command on behalf of your physical and energetic body. Can Eye prophesy to you? You have at least (3) Guardian Angels with you at all times, ready to assist you. These are commanding angels of authority, waiting to do your bidding in the heights of the heavens, the earth plane, or in the depths of hell. They work together as a three-fold cord which can not be broken. They are an outward expression of what’s taking place deep within at the molecular level. These are not the only angels (messengers) you have available, there are many more.

Humans have 64 codons (physiological encrypted codes that can be turned off or on), however, we only have 20 turned on, we are operating way below our potential. 6+4=10 – 10 is number God’s divine law at the molecular level to produce His life. In the physical body, the 20 which are turned on (actively working) are manufacturing amino acids. How many amino acids does the body need to function? It needs 22 amino acids to function properly. There are 22 letter in the Hebrew alphabet, 22 is the number that denotes LIGHT. So, we see that the codons are powerful molecules working in groups of 3’s to produce Light within the human DNA. This Light is the Light of life. When more, or the rest of the codons are turned on, the physical body will not be able to die, age, or get sick. It will have the ability to shape-shift at will from invisible to any form perceived and the ability to adapt to stellar environments. The body human will become a transportation device or vehicle with the ability to freely move about, even through the many star systems.

Codon comes from the word “code”, it literally means, “codes on”. Jacob saw all the codes turned on, ascending and descending. He saw that when this happens your 6 feet of double helix DNA will fully open the portal to Yahweh within. He saw the LORD (Yahweh) at the top of the ladder, the Original Template strand. However, there was a time frame given before this could be fully realized in mass. The Original Template Strand of DNA would first have to become a hybrid human. We’ll get to that later.


In researching similarities of ancient spiritual cultures and by revelation, we know that Jacob’s Ladder must have 72 steps. The ancient Mayans had a 72 step hieroglyphic stairway leading to the top of their temple. The set of glyphs were part of their alphabet system that could be broken down into sets of 6 . (The ancient Hebrews alphabet is 22 letters. 22×6=72). The use of 72 steps for a stair way is also found in other cultures. Why 72? 72 is a Master Number. There are 72 names of the Elohim. The 72 names of God are the phases, levels or expressions that brings us into what we call, the Fullness of God within. Each step, level or name brings us higher and closer to who we really are.

The DNA structure is made up of 4 base letters YHWH, modern science called them AGCT. When the curved spiral staircase spirals around 18 times it equals 72. 4×18=72 Once all codons are turned on, it will be the release from limitations or earthly bondage. All 60 trillion cells in the body human with the double helix DNA will be loosed.

In the Bible, there was a woman bowed over for 18 years with a spirit of infirmity, only being able to see the earth plane, material world, natural realm. Jesus saw her and healed her on the sabbath day. He shouted, “Woman you are loosed from your infirmity”, and immediately she stood up straight. Luke 13 She could then see ahead and look into the heavenlies. The woman represents our planet, humanity, and the church (called out ones) that’s been afflicted with the spirit of infirmity; the realm of limitations. 18 (666) is symbolic of bondage in spirit, soul, and body. (6+6+6 =18). The Cosmic Sabbath is near.


In Jacob’s dream, Yahweh stood at the top of the DNA spiral ladder. The right side of double helix DNA is the Template Strand (helix) and the Complimentary Strand (helix) is on the left. Jacob saw the Template in heaven.

Nearly 2000 years later, the Original Template Helix was introduced into a virgin name Mary. The power of the Highest frequency of God – El Elyon came upon her and overshadowed her. He released His literal seed into her, the Original fully 64 “Codes On” and that “holy thing”, being not from this world mixed with human DNA, became Jesus (Yahushua) the Christ.

“And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow (superimpose, envelope) you: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God.” Luke 1:35

This same Jesus became Jacob’s Ladder, the space elevator and Double Helix DNA strand. How do we know that? Because He called Himself that. Where? John 1:51

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.”

Jesus was the Original Template DNA Strand, all that the Father is, Jesus carried in His DNA. Why is that so important? When you understand how DNA works it become clearer. You have 2 visible strands of DNA, each side of the ladder. One side is the Master, the Original Template information, the opposite side is the complimentary strand or side. Every thing that is on the Original or Master strand is copied on the Complimentary strand we know from studying genetic science.

When one understands and receives the Christ (not necessarily in the religious sense), EVERYTHING…All the information that’s in Christ Jesus is copied on to them. This is why Jesus said, “the works that I do, you can do also and even greater works than these you can do”.

We have received the download of heavenly data, knowledge of all things; past, present and future. All power in heaven and Earth is given to us. Death has been defeated. We have the spiritual technology within to generate currency, feed the world, heal the sick, raise the dead, defy the laws of physics, space, dimensionality and time. All that Yahweh is, I AM. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!! So what’s the hold up? Why are we not fully functioning yet?

“And Jacob awaken out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not.”
Genesis 28:16

We must fully AWAKEN as Jacob did. We must fully awaken out of the deep sleep placed upon Adam by the LORD God in Genesis 2. Adam (humanity) for the most part is yet asleep; sleep walking, sleep talking, trying to live the American dream, which is a nightmare for most. That’s why only 20 codons are turned on. We are yet Expecting something to happen. Jacob had to Awaken to the full realization that – Surely, without a doubt, Yahweh, the LORD is in this place NOW. Yahweh must be fully realize in you (us)!!!

“And he was astonished, and said, How awesome is this place! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” Genesis 28:17

He realized this experience is where Yahweh lives, in the DNA; it’s the house of God. He also realize it was a portal, gateway to other worlds (heaven). What was the portal? The DNA Ladder! The 97% of the unknown or alien DNA must become activated, along with the 10 Phantom DNA Strands. The remaining 44 codons must be turned on.


DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA is a double band molecular helix (a spiraling ladder) comprised of a hydrogen-bonded, phosphodiester (light-bearing) lattice (circuitry) that literally translates cosmic intelligence into human expression. The DNA is the holder of the soul, the vessel through which soul expresses. The coding of the incarnating soul overlays upon the genome (human coding) held in the molecular matrix of the DNA, giving soul a specific form of expression for each descent.

The DNA molecule is intended to super-conduct consciousness in a way that illuminates the genetic holder of the soul, similar to the light bulb that illuminates when electricity passes through its filament. When the bulb is on, we see light radiating from the bulb, when it is off, we see only the un-illumined filament (circuitry) within the bulb–and are left in darkness. The codons are being turned on and it will overcome all darkness, ignorance or what is called sin. There shall be no need for light, when you fully realize that you are the Light of the world. How awesome is this place, this realization; It Is Where God Lives.

In Jacob’s Ladder – Part 2 of this series, we will tread a bit deeper into the mystical meanings of some of the numbers mentioned in this message. For more inspiring messages on the mystical aspects of DNA, use the search icon on this page – top right icon. Click and type in DNA, enter.

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  1. This is confirming what the Holy Ghost showed me in 1997… when He showed me these words “DNA IS A LADDER’. Then, He showed me Jacob’s Ladder. Then told me ‘shhhh, its a secret’ LOL! Thank you for posting this article!

    • Thanks for sharing. Thank god we don’t have to be quiet anymore.

  2. I love when you teach on DNA !
    I learn so much and mediate on the 44 codons alot
    Thank God for you

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