Scorpio – Hercules (Samson) Part 4

Scorpio – Hercules (Samson) Part 4

If you have been following the series of SCORPIO writings, you will understand we are sharing Biblical prophetic insight into Divine Astrology and we have now come to Hercules, the 3rd decan or sub-constellation of Scorpio.  Yes, there is a constellation of stars names Hercules and his constellation will be rising  November 13-22.  Let’s keep in mind, these star constellations are not only declaring the works of Christ, but they tell your story, as you experience various phases of life.  Each of the 48 Celestial Characters and Images that form the ancient Zodiac also have a Biblical counterpart and can be found in Greek and Roman mythology.  (Our point is that the overall message – not word for word – in the myths are the same as the stories in the Bible.)

Greek mythology was a part of the Greek religion, the stories were used just as we use the Bible stories today. As we continue to progress in our spirituality, we will come to understand more and more that the many stories we once thought were myths; were indeed actual accounts with some distortions of our history from the distant past.   The so called myths set forth in Greek and Roman mythology of a large family of Gods (Elohim) and demigods that ruled and oversaw the planet are also mentioned in our Bible and all Holy Books by different names. Not only do we have the same records in mythology and holy Books, but the heavens also bear witness and tell the same stories. The stories had to originate somewhere; since the heavens are the oldest record given, we know this is where they came from.

Because these stories are so intermingled, many have mistakenly come to the conclusion that the Biblical stories and records from other holy books are all myths and should not be taken as literal accounts.  Many Christians have mistakenly come to conclude that the myths and astrology are a counterfeit for the Truth.  Before there was anything written on papyrus, or carved in stone; the hand of God had already written the complete story of human history from beginning to end in the stars.   The starry characters are often seen in interchangeable roles, telling and retelling His-story and your story.  Though the names, locations and details may somewhat vary, the overall message is the same. 

“The heavens declare (prophesies, set in numbers, tell, foretell) the glory of God; and  the firmament shows forth his handiworks (operations).   Day unto day utters (gushes forth) speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.”  Psalms 19:1-2


The map of the heavens shows the 3rd sub-constellation of Scorpio, Hercules with a club held high and appearing upside down, depending on how you view the star map.  Lyra the Harp constellation is before him, the Crown constellation is behind him.   This is a celestial reminder that, consistent victory  and power comes as we keep the praise of Yahweh – positive attitude foremost in  our life.  But look, the Serpens (1st sub-constellation of Scorpio) has the Crown in his sight.

Apostle Paul admonished, “Let no man take your crown.”

Who  is Hercules facing?  It is Ophiuchus, the Healer  (2nd sub-constellation of Scorpio) wrestling and has overcome Serpens.   The strong man Hercules/Samson, who has had many victories in warfare and wounded many, must now be transformed from killer to healer.  This is your face off experience played out in the heavens.  The strength of the ego must surrender to the celestial Medicine Man aka Yahushua (Jesus). 

 Hercules is situated just above Ophinuchus in the house of Scorpio on the map of the heavens. In so-called mythology, Hercules was a demi-god, half human and half god.  His father was Zeus, the king of Gods.   I use the phrase “so-called” with mythology, because we have Biblical references of history that  report the same types of accounts.   In Genesis 6, we have the account of the sons of God (Elohim) fathering children with human women that became the Nephilim and giant gods and heroes of antiquity.    Angels in Hebrew are also called “Elohim” or Gods.   So the idea that beings called Gods fathering children with humans is Biblical.  The foundation of Christianity and the Gospel is built on this, the human Virgin Mary was impregnated by God.   Hercules in his interchangeable characters represent the Celestial Christ that defeats the power of darkness and His works of atonement to bring salvation to all.


The Biblical story of Samson was recorded about 1100 BC, the Greek Mythology version of Samson called Hercules, was recorded around 600 BC. The heavens had recorded this since the 4th day of creation.  

“And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars (constellations) also… And this was the fourth day.”   Genesis 1:16,19

I think the Creator gave pieces of the humongous jigsaw puzzle of history and life to all nations. The names were changed and the stories varied to reflect each specific culture, but the message is the same.  Once we realize that no one group, nation or religion has all the pieces; we will be able to better understand the mysteries of life.

Hercules had 12 labors or tasks to fulfill in order to be Purified and obtain Immortality.   The 12 labors of Hercules can be found in the 12 Zodiac signs.   Samson the literal  biblical strongman with the 7 dreadlocks became the earthly counterpart to what the heavens prophesied in Hercules.   The 12 phases on this Path of Initiation is also clearly seen (if you have some knowledge of the stars) in the life of Samson. It is a fascinating study showing the Greek “so called” myth  confirming the literal history of Samson and the constellations.   (We’ll try to find time to resurrect that message and share it here).

What was Hercules 1st task on the Path?  It was to kill the Nemean Lion with his bare hands.  This lion could not be killed by weapons in the myth.  Hercules killed it.

What was Samson’s 1st task or feat on the Path?  He killed a lion with his bare hands.

“Then Samson went down to Timnah a lion roar against him. The Spirit of the LORD came upon him mightily and he slew the lion with his bare hands.” Judges 14:5-6

Keep in mind, the Sun is yet in Scorpio and we are  showing you the 3rd sub-constellation of  Scorpio called Hercules. It is important when understanding biblical astrology to know which Zodiac signs that was assigned the 12 tribes.  Samson was a Danite of the tribe of Dan.  (Study TribeOscope here) The tribe of Dan was assigned to Scorpio, this does not mean that Samson’s birth star is Scorpio, however, this is another clue to confirm the correlation between the Bible, Astrology and Mythology.  Samson is the 13th Judge that happens to come forth in the 13th Chapter of Judges and faces off with the 13th Zodiac of the heavens (Ophiuchus) – no coincident.   ARE YOU AWAKE YET!

The story of Hercules and Samson  is the same story. Hercules 2nd task was to defeat the Serpent – Hydra. Ophiuchus is seen in the heavens wrestling with Serpens a giant serpent, so we see the interchange between Hercules and Ophinuchus. This is just another example in Scripture of all the characters being traceable in ancient mythology.

What are the hidden messages in the lion being the 1st to be killed by both Samson and Hercules? 

#1 – On the Path of Purification that leads to Immortality, the first beast to overcome is the king of the beastly nature, the carnal mind or ego.  That lower nature must be subdued, but it can not be done with weapons of warfare, it must be done with our bare hands.  The hands represents our actions, what we do, the works that we produce.  This beast can only be overcome by works of righteousness.  In modern western Christianity, “works” is a bad word, and many celebrate “doing nothing.”   The Nemean Lion will not be defeated by sitting quietly, fake smiles and religio-spiritual rhetoric or clichés.  He’s only pretending to be sleeping and in his mind he has already devoured you, simply because you do not pose a threat.

Spiritual effort and energy must be put into practice on a daily basis to defeat the adversary that roars within.  Without enthusiastically  practicing your spirituality or belief, you become an irrelevant joke to the kingdom of darkness. 

#2 – Based on the order of the heavens,  the ancients records of Africa and science, The Age of Leo  (the Lion) is the 1st Age.  We see this in the stone Sphinx of Egypt and in other cultures.  The order of the heavens move in a counterclockwise  precession.   Biblical Astrology, everything starts with Virgo (Christ being born of a virgin) and ends with Leo (Christ the conquering lion).   God declares the end from the beginning.

As we have stated, the heavenly constellations or characters are interchangeable declaring the glory of God.  In Scripture, we find Yahushua (Jesus) is called the Lion, but we also see the adversary goes about as a roaring lion.  Samson and Hercules destroying the lion, represents the Age of Leo or Ego coming to an end. 


Samson’s name means, brilliants rays of Sunlight.  He was a type of Christ coming to destroy the works of the devil.  Hercules means the glory or light of Hera (Zeus’ wife), he brought deliverance to his people.

Lets look at some similarities in the Bible version with the Greek version. In Greek Mythology the most favored hero is Hercules. He was a demigod, his father was Zeus, the God of gods and his mother Alcmene was human. He was the only demigod to become a full fledged god at his death. This is mythology, but we have Scripture in the Bible that tell basically the same story of the “sons of God” coming to Earth and producing children (demigods, hybrids, half human- half god) with human women. Genesis 6 (Keep in mind we are ONLY observing similarities).

Hercules was the strongest man to ever live in mythology. Out of Hera’s (Zeus’ wife) jealousy she made Hercules go insane for a short time. During that time  his wife and children killed and burned in a fire. [Samson wife was burned in fire – Judges 15:6]   He sought forgiveness from the Gods, the Oracle told him he had to perform 12 almost impossible tasks. These were called the 12 Labors of Hercules. We will look at more of the labors of Hercules and experiences to see if there is a Biblical hero story which is similar.

Hercules had a supernatural conception, his mother was visited by Zeus.  Samson’s father was visited by an angel and told of his conception and birth.

Hercules had a connection with people called Danioi.  Samson was of the tribe of Dan.

Hercules was the strongest man to ever live. Samson was the strongest man to ever live.

Hercules first Labor on the road to redemption was to slay the Nemean Lion with his bare hands.  Samson’s first feat, he killed a Lion with his bare hands.

Hercules escapes from the symbolic woman called Pleasure.  Samson escapes at midnight from the harlot’s house in Gaza.

Hercules had to capture wild animals. Samson capture 300 foxes.

Hercules was betrayed by his wife Deianara and given a poisonous tunic at death.  Samson was betrayed by his lover Delilah and handed over to the Philistines.

So it seems as though the foundation for the Greek version is somehow tied to the ancient Scripture of the Bible – Judges 13-16.

Allow the joy of the Lord to become your supernatural strength, enabling you to defeat every foe.


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