Welcome To The United States of Paranoia – Prophetic Rant

Welcome To The United States of Paranoia – Prophetic Rant

Welcome to the United States of Paranoia, where sane people are considered weird by the mentally disturbed. Warning, this article  is rated (R), for those who are Spiritual Mature, or yet have Common Sense.  It will be highly prophetic and straight forward, for those with ears to hear.  It is for those who are tired of playing childish religious games, making excuses for their nonsense theology  and their pathetic twisted version of patriotism that replaces their professed spirituality.  I love America…but I also love Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, etc.  I consider myself a Global citizen and will probably get a World Citizen Passport when my US Passport expires next year.

Every several years or so, I become inspired to write and  go on what I call a “Prophetic Rant.”  I am sure some may not think of it as inspiration; for you, it is things that piss me off.  Here is part of the verse Eye heard in my spirit when I woke up this morning.  In the KJ version and others, it was…”the prophet is considered a fool, the spiritual man is considered mad (crazy).”   Read the complete verse below.

“The time for them to be punished will come. The time for them to pay for their sins will come. [When this happens,] Israel will know it. [They think that] prophets are fools and that spiritual people are crazy. They have sinned a lot, and they are very hostile.  Prophets are God’s watchmen over Ephraim. Yet, traps are set on every prophet’s path, and People Are Hostile in the Temple of their God.”  Hosea 9:7-8 GWT

Paranoia is:  a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality; suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.

Many years ago, after being out of the country for a several years,  I discovered something very disturbing while driving across America.   While listening to mostly Christian based radio shows and all the Fear that was being generated, I concluded that many of my fellow Americans and Christian brethren were mentally ill.   Years later, when I was doing research for my book, Serpent Brain-Transforming the Carnal Mind, I was reading some of the Archives of General Psychiatry.  It was discovered that 46% of Americans are Mentally Ill and about 1/2 of Americans were on pharmaceutical drugs, confirming my suspicion.

The Prophet Isaiah says it this way, “The head is sick,”  speaking of the Believers of his day and prophesying into our day.  Isaiah 1:5  Much of America and the American Church suffers from strong delusions and paranoia.  We have an exaggerated sense of self importance in the world.  We have been so privileged and  blessed until it has literally gone to our heads.  Much of the Church and so called ‘spiritual people’  have lost touch with reality.  Their messages are not relevant to our time.  One thing I know about the Prophets of every religion is, their message was RELEVANT.  One can not be relevant when they are so self absorbed that they can not see outside their puny paradigm controlled by fear.   That’s Paranoia, a mental illness!!!   Half of the people in America are on drugs and much of the others need to be on some type of drug possibly.   It’s not all your fault that you are so messed up America that you don’t even know it.  The strange thing about crazy people is, they don’t know they are crazy.  It’s not totally your fault.

It was over 15 years ago when Eye saw the mass manipulation and mind control being done by the Media. Eye saw the motives specifically of the FOX Network, which I used to watch as most Christian do.  Spirit began to instruct me to warn others.   Let’s look at the word, ‘media.’

There is nothing new under the Sun.  In the Bible, there was a people called the Medes, or the people of Media. Their empire was called the Median Empire.  Their 6 tribes stretched from modern day western Iran to Turkey.  The 6th tribe of Media was called the Magi tribe. These were the enchanters, the prophets, the trend setters, the astrological-priest, sorcerers, wizards and literally king makers.  They travelled throughout the known world providing communication and anointing men and women to rule.  These are the Magis that came to declare and broadcast Jesus, King of Kings.  I suppose it is safe to say that Jesus had media coverage.

The Media of today have resorted to the dark side for the most part.  They are the magicians, illusionist, deceivers and false prophets that tell you how to think, what to believe, who to hate and most of all; to be afraid, be very afraid.  They have contributed heavily to the mental illness plaguing most Christians, especially, of the White right-wing sector…some Black and other minorities are also affected by the media mind eating virus.  People actually enjoy seeing that arrogant manipulative  Bill O’Reiley  talking down to people and humiliating  those who speak truth.   Eye have started conducting spiritual warfare, for the removable of him and others like him.


[There is a sinister reason behind the mind programming of modern day media, purposely designed to create racial tension and fear.  FOX News audience during Prime time is 92% White & 1% Black, 7% other.  FOX Targets White Anglo Saxon Protestants –  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/only-1-of-fox-news-viewers-are-black/ .]


In Islam,  oppressed Muslim freedom fighter set themselves on fire or blow themselves up for a ‘real cause.’  That seems to be the only way they can retaliate against western terrorism, oppression and imperialism.  Here in America mentally ill Pastors threaten to burn themselves up just because same sex people want a piece of paper acknowledging their marriage.  (WTF!)  About 6 days ago, a Texas Pastor threaten to set himself on fire if the Supreme Court passed the law for same sex marriage.  Check out this insanity…


Oh it gets even better.  Leading Christian man, journalist… whatever, that cries frequently when talking about America says there are 10,000 Pastors willing to die opposing marriage equality.   Say What??!!!  Can you see the chronic mental illness here??  They are somehow afraid that same-sex relations are going to affect their individual marriages; definition of paranoia.

Will a Regiment of right-wing clerics put on Black Robes and arm themselves against the government?  Will they incite an insurrection because they are so concerned about same sex adults marrying each other and having sex?  Isn’t this looking sort of like radical Islam with the black robes and jihadist mentality that these Christian hypocrites condemn everyday?   Where is Homeland Security??  Where is the Terror Alert??  Glenn Beck and other hypocrites are seeking to Radicalize thousands of the already borderline psychotic Christian Republicans to sacrifice their lives, just because same-sex people want to get married? Do these guys have hidden same-sex feelings…or having experiences secretly?  Usually when people become this extreme on an sexual issue, it’s because they are secretly battling similar issues.

Oh, but they are destroying the family values and going against nature.  Oh, but they are going against God’s laws that say Marriage is Between one man and one woman.  HYPOCRITE!!!   Glenn Beck is a Mormon, some Mormons yet practice Polygamy…maybe Glenn doesn’t.  Where does this doctrine of polygamy come from?  The Bible!!   How many wives did Abraham have?  How about Jacob or David?  What about King Solomon, the wise man?  He had 700 wives and 300 stand-by women (concubines).  If you could afford them, you could have them.

Tomorrow morning the hypocrites will get in their pulpits and talk of the soon coming judgments.  They will instill fear and ignorance to the already deceived masses sitting in their pews.   

In the near future, there will natural disasters in the country.   The mentally ill preachers and their followers will proclaim that this is God’s judgment on America, because President Obama allowed Gay Marriage; even though it was a Supreme Court’s decision.  Yes, they will say it was God’s wrath.

Each time these people and their prophets that prophesy lies inspired by the Fox media outlet say silly stuff, here is what I say:

Strangely, I don’t hear about God’s Wrath for the blood thirsty Christians terrorist that came and ravished, rape and slaughtered millions of Native American-Indian People.  Where is God’s wrath for the germ/biological warfare against them???  When will His wrath come for all the yet broken Treaties and exiling them to barren lands and how til this day, they are yet mostly ignored?


Yo, Glenn Beck.  Are there any Black Robe Clerics willing to set themselves on fire or rise up against the government because of decades of Police brutality and murder of Blacks or other minorities?  Oh, I didn’t think so.   What about the wrath of God for the Black Holocaust – Slavery, ongoing Institutional racism – state approved discrimination, homelessness, etc?    Theses are the issues that really matter to God.  The problem is that American evangelicals have been swept up in fighting for the wrong cause for a long time.

I have been called anti-America, non patriotic and told I should leave the country many time when I speak or write on these subjects.  Why? Because mental ill people can’t deal with logic and common sense.  They will verbally or physically attack…Pride is the root of insanity.  Ask Nebuchadnezzar.

It might be a good thing what Glenn Beck and the Pastor from Texas are saying they will do.  I would probably cheer them on shouting, “burn baby burn.”   It would be 10,000 or so less deceivers and mentally ill people infecting others.  Unfortunately, they wont, very few have the balls to do anything but hide behind the pulpit or microphone and try to incite others.  These are nothing more than fading hypocritical cowards, seeking more attention for their already overinflated egos.

Regarding what the Supreme Court ruled on yesterday… Marriage Equality.  The first week of June while in meditation, Eye saw the subject coming up again and that favor would be given for same-sex marriage.  Spirit said, “Bring the articles of the Gay series from the old website into the new website…Pastors and leader will need to know how to deal with the issues because many will soon start to confess and come out to their leaders.”  June 10, 2015  Eye posted ~~ GAY NATION…?  There are 5 articles linked, that will help people understand what is happening and what’s going to happen.


A racist terrorist targets a historic Black Church – Emanuel AME Church to kill as many Blacks as he can after sitting through a Bible study where he was warmly accepted.  That’s not the mental illness, that’s evil, demonic and hate in action.  Here’s the mental illness:

The next day after the terrorist has been caught and treated to Burger King by the arresting police officer, he is  brought before the racist judge, the dishonorable James Gosnell.    The judge  instructed the family members of the victims to forgive the terrorist. (Thank God the judge was removed.) Here’s the mental illness.  Black folks in shock stood there one after another somehow demonstrating symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome saying they forgive the murderer and ask God for mercy on his behalf.  That’s mentally ill…that soon.

Should they not have had time to process what many of them had just witnessed and experienced?  Should they not have been allowed to grieve, experience the range of emotions, anger, hate, vengeance, fear, more anger…and then after some time; allow the Holy Spirit to bring love and forgiveness?  They were force to bond with the killer, feel sorry for him and his family…and they went along with it.  Don’t confuse spirituality with mental illness.

How often have we seen this in our community, Blacks forced to be forgiving and not express human emotions after the burning of churches, racially motivated murders, and brutality?  Yet the media portrays  Blacks as thugs, animals, the most violent of people.  This form of mental illness is used to keep a people subdued and one can repeatedly victimize them because it is ingrained in them to immediately forgive.  They will actually help their oppressors to further enslave them.  Crazzy!  Black people, Wake UP!!!

Of course we are not suggesting anyone harbor unforgiveness…allow love to abound ,after you have dealt with raw human emotions. 

Did our government pressure and instruct the victimized families of 911 to immediately forgive?  Although, we know the 911 Trade Center Demolition was an inside job blamed on Muslims…but  President Bush said we are going to hunt them down.  So we bombed all the wrong countries where they were supposedly not from, killing millions…and the mostly White right-wing Christians wanted blood.   Most of the TBN preachers, the Christian Profits…even until this day want to bomb anything that looks Muslim.

Ok, here’s deep prophetic stuff you have been waiting for.  The Charleston Church killer was not a MK-Ultra mind control subject, nor was he an actor.  He was radicalized, he researched and studied and planned the attack. 

“Eye see, he attacked alone, but the planning was with the help of others that may not be named yet.  However, they have missions also.  Their plan is to appear as a lone wolf  in each mission for the preservation of the network/group.”


Over 15 years ago, Spirit started to download information and revelation about frequencies and I started to teach it.  I later met someone who heard me share at one of my conferences, he shared top secret info confirming weaponized British frequency technology that Eye spoke of nearly 15 years ago.

I have been watching a lot of films lately.  A few months back I went to see Kingsman – The Secret Service, I suggest you see it if you can and enjoy finding prophetic clues.  This film deals with Frequency technology used in a SIM card in a cellular phone.  The evil genius Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson uses ELF (extremely low frequencies) to control the minds of everyone with a SIM card in their Smart Phone.  Arthur the British Intelligence agent played by Michael Caine becomes involved in a Church Massacre.

The scene in the video below takes place in a White Supremacist Church, everyone is affect by the mind control frequency and kills each other.  Arthur is the only one left barely alive.  A friend of mine and I discussed the movie and saw the prophetic implications months before the Charleston, South Carolina Church Massacre, although that was not done through mind control.  The attack on Christianity and increase racial violence are some of the prophetic clues given in the film.  (You might need to click a box in the video to agree that you are old enough to watch this gory clip)


Are we about to see  major attacks on the heavily armed Christian White Supremacist communities & Patriots who are  seen as a threat to the government and the public?  Will the boys in the hoodies be flushed out and executed?  Watch!  What’s the difference between Muslim women in burkas and KKK in Christian burkas?

kkk burka

kkk burka

In all fairness, most of the KKK changed their white hooded robes for black judge’s robes and blue police uniforms long ago.

Hollywood, the film industry has always been used to disclose future events.  Here is an article Eye wrote in 2011 called, HOLLYWOOD DISCLOSURE.

We have been prophesying for many years the coming ‘church massacres,’ bombings and shootings, as we see  happens to Mosques in Muslim countries.

How does Hollywood know ahead of time?  There are 2 ways.

1) Without going into a lot of details, the time we are now in the imaginary or artistic world is merging with what we know of as reality or what shall become reality.  Art is imitating and revealing future life experiences.  Howbeit, most time the artist is totally unaware that he or she is prophesying.

2) Again without going into details, the people that consider themselves to be the gods of this world live by an unspoken rule.  They must announce major events they orchestrate before they do them.  They are subtly disclosed in film and embedded into mass consciousness.  The unconscious acceptance of this information assist them in bringing the events forth into our world.

Here is some info we used to share in conferences.  What if I told you there is external technology based on the understanding of the Pineal Gland that can see into the future and can allow one to go forward or back into time to correct or create events? Or, to allow them to happen and be used to promote certain agendas?  One of the names for this Black Project is called, “Looking Glass” technology.  This technology is disclosed in the Denzel Washington film, Deja Vu.

Look at this:  The article had not been updated at time of posting to reflect 4 instead of (3) – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida.  Link ~~  4 BLACK CHURCHES BURNED IN 5 DAYS



The Zionist  Plan to bring unrest to the USA is working- they must destabilize and overthrow all present governments just as they have done in the Middle East, disguised as Arab Spring.   At the same time they want to get rid of God.  This is being done by promoting radicalization of Christian White Supremacist ideology through FOX and other outlets, pushing for Race Wars, hatred toward Muslims, attack on what Christians consider sacred.  This is all laid out in their manifesto called, PROTOCOL OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.    This is conspiracy FACT.


This is an issue that will cause people to get their guns and more guns.  Due to mass paranoia, when Obama was elected President the first term, people emptied the gun stores and Walmart of it weapons.  When he was re-elected the same mentally ill people and more did it again.  What were they anticipating?  Where does this deep fear of Black men come from?

How do you know when you are seriously mentally ill?  When you have an insane exaggerated view about yourself, thinking you are so important that you have to carry weapons all the time to protect yourself.  Are you in the Mafia or something?  Did you do something really bad that people are always after you?  Could this just be paranoia or the effects from watching too many violent movies?

Paranoia is:  a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution,  or exaggerated self-importance.  It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, lost touch with reality; suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.

We are not saying that Americans should not have guns, just questioning some of the logic of why we feel we need to.  Are Americans special beyond other progressive nations…besides  46% of us being mentally ill according to the Archives of Psychiatry?  Is it because we are super religious and trust in God? Oh, it’s our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and protect ourselves, isn’t it?

Hmmm, let’s think about this.  Did the founding fathers have “assault rifles” in mind?  Doesn’t  automatic “assault” weapons imply someone being the aggressor instead of protector?   Weren’t the guns muskets that they used when the Bill of Rights was written?  Was it not to protect from a tyrannical government that also used muskets?  The people were allowed to have basically the same type of weapons as  the government.  Do you think that your automatic weapons are a match to what the government has today…F16’s, laser guided missiles, tanks, and death drones?  Would the logic of the need for guns apply today for citizens as it did back then, unless, every could have access to death drones and missiles?    I am sure some of you reading this really wish you could.  That just show how screwed up your mind is.

Sort of hate to burst your bubble…nah, not really.  America will be disarmed, this does not mean every gun confiscated.  I can not tell you when or how yet.  Unfortunately, many Christians will go out in a blaze of what they consider glory.  They have put their trust in guns for their protector, instead of God.  Welcome to the United States of Paranoia…the only western progressive nation on the planet with this type of thinking deeply rooted in them.


Ok, this is a big one for me.  I understand that we are all different and have different callings.  God’s love is hot and passionate, so should ours be.   But we have come to a time when many do not have a back-bone or would rather be popular than tell the truth.  Others have had their brains so scrambled, they don’t even know the truth.  I’m Okay, you’re Okay…we all be okay…heheehe (fake smile)

I really get it when Jesus spoke about the Laodicea Church period, filled with lukewarm people.  Too afraid to take a stand for anything righteous, they just want to “love” everybody.   It makes me want to puke.  Their pseudo-spirituality, well rehearsed words and phrases to make them sound super-spiritual, talking in circles and saying nothing.  Their powerless words are like clouds with no rain.  Deceived fools, thinking they have arrive to some level of enlightenment because they read a book, had a dream or saw a vision, but stumbled over the foundational principles of spirituality…To defend the poor, relieve the oppressed – Go do Matthew 25

God, the Universe, the Force, Jesus or whatever name you give it is not impressed by your newest revelation of how wonderful you are or will be.   Here’s a list of things that will help you to become a “genuine”  spiritual person, instead of the flaky, little to no substance person you think that people don’t recognize you are.  Meditate, pray, send energy into these things, maybe you’ll get a revelation that can help change our world.  Be the Light that destroys darkness.  Genuine love is not passive.

Over 49 million Americans and 870 million people overall in the world are going hungry.

Americans throw away  31.1% of our food while allowing millions to go hungry.

How can we prevent terrible things like human trafficking, rape, forced prostitution.

Why are over 500,000 Americans  homeless.

The U.S. prison system incarcerates over 2.3 million people, including a disproportionate number of Blacks.

Epidemic of Police Brutality & Murder

Are you sure you want to be spiritual or you just want to sound and look spiritual?  Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution?  A friend of mine once told me, it’s hard to wake people up without disturbing them.

Please read this news article written July 1, 2015 – It echoes the sentiment of my message above:  http://www.bedlammag.com/what-if-christians-reacted-to-real-problems-the-way-they-react-to-gay-marriage/

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  1. Holy Spirit told me that the word for this year is BIZARRE.

    INTERESTING words that the pastor in the 1st video used.
    He said, “Stop telling stories and illustrations ABOUT Deitrich Bonhoeffer, and be willing TO BE Deitrich Bonhoeffer!”

    MY BIBLE doesn’t have Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s name in it!

    MY BIBLE says, “STOP telling stories and illustrations ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, AND BE WILLING TO BE JESUS CHRIST!” “Even if it means GIVING UP ALL POWER AND CONTROL your Serpent Brain MAY THINK IT HAS”

    • excellent point. Amen.

  2. We can ALWAYS count on Prophet John to tell it like it is. This is as straight forward as it gets! We are all so blessed by this ministry.

    • thank you

  3. Thank you VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is the most seasoned word of our time ….Thank you prophet.

  5. Love this!!!! A clarion call to those that have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying……


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