Israel In Prophecy – Chosen People Syndrome – Part 4

Israel In Prophecy – Chosen People Syndrome – Part 4

In our investigation into Israel’s Identity Theft yesterday, we found out  about Japheth (Ashkenazi European Jews) have been greatly deceived into thinking that they are of Semitic origins and the literal genetic seed of Abraham.  We found out that Japheth was the only one of Noah’s sons called Gentile, according to King James Version 1611 Bible translation.  Therefore, the people occupying Palestine, which are East European, are Gentiles (Japhethic nations). They are demanding that the world serve them; especially the darker-skinned world.  Their Talmud clearly says, Gentiles were created to serve them.  They don’t have a legal, moral or Biblical right to be in the land.

This deception is the fulfillment of a 5000 year old prophecy given by Noah. Genesis 9:27 If you have not read Part 1   Part 2  and Part 3    of this series you might like to do that before proceeding further.

I reiterate this point.  We  shared that the Scripture in Genesis 10 of the King James version of the Bible clearly identifies the Japhethic European nations as Gentile.   This important point disqualifies Europeans legal possession of the land based on the Bible. Japheth (biblical father of European race/nations) is the only one of Noah’s sons identified as Gentile; Shem and Ham’s descendants intermingling makes them Semitic for the most part.  We have evidence of this today through genetic testing, the Palestinians are Semitic people, but they are descendants of Ham through his son Canaan.  Genetic testing has offered the same proof with other descendants of Ham throughout Africa.

We find the same Hebrew word “gowy” (animal-like, swarm of destructive locust) translated for Gentile used throughout the Bible, is also translated to means nations.  In the same Genesis 10 Table of Nations, the word is interchangeably used repeatedly to describe the descendants of Noah’s sons Shem and Ham, but only translated into Gentile to identify the sons of Japheth.  We are sure that throughout the Bible when other Semitic nations, descendants of Ham and Shem were in disobedience, the Hebrew word “gowy” which means, nations, Gentiles or animal-like, destructive insects, was used to describe them; due to their behavior.  With this expanded understanding, we realize that a Gentile is not necessarily limited to a race, ethnicity, skin color or religion; but it is also figuratively a destructive, selfish, animal-like behavior or lifestyle.   Therefore, one may be of Shemite/Hamite descent, but if your consciousness has not been raised to a resurrected Christ consciousness and your lifestyle does not match  your genetic frequency, you are yet a Gentile in the biblical sense of the word.

Are we saying that none of Japheth’s descendants have Semitic genetic markers identifying their ancestry as originating in the Middle East? NO! We know that during the exile of the so called 10 Lost Tribes of Israel that some traveled through Khazaria, which was the trade route into ancient Europe and lived throughout Europe. Some lived in Khazaria and formed communities and a small number married Khazarians. We also know that after the Khazars converted to Judaism as a nation and hundreds of year later according to history; many married Semitic Israelis for the purpose of further deception, to look more Semitic.

Keep in mind what the majority  Semitic/Hamitic people looked like and yet look like; dark skinned and black skinned, dark eyes, mostly curly hair.   Where did the majority of Semitic people  live?   Africa, Middle East, and parts of Asia.   Can Semitics over a period of time of mixing their seed with the Caucasian race become White skinned? Yes! DNA would bear witness if that was the case.  Can a Semitic eventually become Yellow-skinned? Yes!  There are genetically proven Semities in western China.   We don’t need to pose the question regarding Black skinned, since mostly Semitic are Brown and Black skinned people. Keep in mind God has no favorites, neither do I.  We are just following the evidence of this global identity theft perpetrated by Zionist  and others.


In Part 1 of this investigative series, we shared that out of the supposedly 10 Lost Tribes of Israel only Ephraim and Manasseh had the right to use the name Israel.  Keep in mind this centuries old scam is using biblical text to legitimize the occupation and oppression of Palestine and all the atrocities they have committed for nearly 70 years.  The Ashkenazi Jews from Europe say that they have a right to return to their homeland in Palestine.   We uncovered in our investigation  of this identity theft many years ago that Palestine was not the Zionist Ashkenazi Jews first choice to occupy under the false pretense of being descendants of Abraham.   Their first choice was what is part of modern day Kenya East Africa, the UN had granted them   over 5000 square miles under the British Uganda Program.   Had the deal worked out, Kenya East Africa and eastward would be called the “holy land”.    I am sure they would have deceived the world by fabricating more history to pull this off.

Why would they choose Uganda and Kenya East Africa?  Many of the tribes there are direct descendants of Abraham (Shem) and his (2) African (Hamitic) wives, Hagar and Keturah, some yet practice an ancient form of Judaism and are very proud of their genealogy.  I have had the privilege of meeting and ministering to them when I was in Kenya years ago.  The plan the Jews who say they are but are not had, was to take over East Africa and all her resources, then Palestine, yet eastward all the way into Iraq.  They viewed East Africa as an “ante-chamber” to reach their goal.  What stopped them?  They were afraid of the almost 7 feet tall Black as a raven skinned warrior Masai tribes and felt they could not conquer them, plus there was the problems with lions in the area.  This is historical fact, read it here: Kenya Almost Became Israel. 

Since the Khazars – Ashkenazi Jews are not descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, the Nazi state should not be even named Israel. This is what the Iranian leader Admadinajad and other Muslims and Arabs refer to when they speak about the destruction of Israel. They are well versed in the promises made to the Biblical people because they share Abraham as the father of their Faith. They know that the imposters in the land are not Semites,  and not their distant relatives.

This is why Gamal Abdel Nasser, the 2nd President of Egypt said on LIVE TV in 1952:   “You will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black and came back white.”

The  color of the Ashkenazi  Jews skin or lack thereof was not the real problem.  Egyptian President Nasser was mocking them.  He knew these were not the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He knew that these were Europeans committing identity theft and had even change the original race of the people they were stealing the identity of, to make it appear white.

When the news clips of angry Muslim leaders are played in the West on Zionist controlled media, they purposely mistranslates or takes out of context what Admadinajad and other Muslim leaders are saying. They know how to manipulate clueless American Christians and Holocaust sympathizer that spend little to no time studying their Holy Book, thus, they are clueless to what is really happening. If one is basing the Middle East scenario on Biblical Prophecy, The Current State of Israel Has No Rights To Exist at this time. There will be No World Peace until it is destroyed. We are speaking about the existing Zionist regime. It is totally Anti-Christ and the seat of Satan according to what Jesus says in Revelation. If you don’t believe that, just look at the global unrest and look at the root of it.  Stop and take a look at the magnitude of this identity theft that impacts the whole world in a very negative way because it is all based on lies.  If they have been able to successfully bring about this much deception, does it make you question things like.   How much of the Holocaust could have  been embellished or fabricated?  Who was actually in charged of the human ovens?  Could this have been a massive human Burnt Offering, and to what deity?    Why did Jesus call them 2000 years prior, the synagogue of satan?

Don’t get confused, we love Khazars, Kenyans, Kansans, Arkansans and everybody. However, you are wasting your time and breath praying for the Peace of “that Israel or Jerusalem”,  it will NEVER happen. God has already said, it must be destroyed. You should be praying for the DESTRUCTION of it, meaning that Zionist Regime.  Ok, I will say it a more softer way. Release the Light and Love of God to dismantles the darkness, so that Peace can come and fill the world. Think about it this way, nearing the end of the Communist era, I was  part of an international intercessory pray team- our focus was to pray for the dismantling of Communism as many people prayed – we were not praying against the innocent people of the Soviet Union. We were praying for regime change.

Isn’t it amazing how most Christians have been totally brain washed?  They justify the genocide of Jesus’ blood relatives, the Palestinians, by supporting the synagogue of satan, modern day Israel.  I have seen Christians go into psychotic episodes and become fighting mad by suggesting that Israel be held accountable for anything.  Preachers and Bible Prophecy teachers have made millions of dollars off this grand identity theft by selling books, videos, seminars, Cd’s and built great churches filled with people; all based on Lies and Deception.   They have weekly TV programs designed to feed the deception and people send money, paying to be lied to.   It becomes so difficult to Repent, when the $$$ sign is your main concern.  You worry about your reputation and all those believing your words.  The ego don’t like to admit that it made a mistake.  That’s why Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man/woman to enter the kingdom; because he trust in his riches.”     Based on the evidence we have uncovered so far, you have no more excuse to remain in your sin of ignorance or deception.  Write another book based on truth, it might become a best seller.  Confess to your congregation or audience, we were deceived.    Forget about those ministers that will turn their backs on you.  Jesus (Yahushua) stands with those who stands for truth.

Last year while I was in intercession for the Body of Christ, grieved over the overall condition of it, Eye heard clearly the Spirit speak to me,  “they are afraid of truth, this fear of truth is a form of mental illness.”   I had never heard or thought of it that way before, so I opened my computer  and decided to google different types of mental illnesses, immediately the words ALETOPHOBIA and VERIPHOBIA popped up.  Alethophobia is considered a mental illness, it means the Fear of Truth, a crippling fear of hearing or accepting the truth.   Veritaphobia, is the Fear of knowing or telling the truth.  This type of mental illness seems to have a greater  affect on religious people.    My mind immediately went to the account of Stephen in Acts chapter 7.   While he preached truth to the religious people, they covered their ears, screamed, bit him and eventually stoned him to death.  That’s mentally ill, possession.   Since then I have prayed for God to heal us of our mental illnesses, so that we can know the truth and be set free.   Take a look at some Christians today, mention the truth about Israel; they will start to manifest, their face distorts, and they become enraged.   Just look at the demons projecting and manifesting daily in your home through the Zionist controlled media; especially the Fox network.  It is designed to keep you angry, hateful, in fear and off balance.


The words “Israel” or “Jew” have become associated with greatness. In our Blogs onReplacement Theologywe discussed that humans have the need to be accepted, made to feel special and powerful. We also shared how it is easy to become out of balance, especially, if one feels they are having encounters with the Creator. This is why the Old Covenant with the “real Israelites” had to be removed; they got arrogant and felt superior because of their revelations and experiences with the Creator.

Jesus came and said, “Ok guys, here is what we are gonna do. First of all, I am going to fill up to the full or fulfill the Old Contract, meeting all the obligations, then it will be nailed to the tree/cross; Finished. And as Jeremiah prophesied, I will draw up a new contract signed with my own blood, cause I know how you guys seem to want blood around everything. This New Covenant Contract will be written and sealed within your bloody hearts, not just yours, but ALL humanity as it was initially meant to be. You are gonna have to get cured of the “Chosen People Syndrome” and realize God Loves Everyone and does not play favorites. I know it will be hard, but I will send you the Holy Ghost to help and teach you.” Order of Melchizedek Version (OMV)

Let’s see how far the evidence takes us in this investigation.  I think we might uncover some of the root causes of hate groups that’s embedded in religious deception and error.  I was around 10 or 11 years old when I started to read Herbert W. Armstrong Worldwide Church of God free magazines. I really enjoyed them and learned alot. It was then when I was first introduced to the terminology, “British Israel”.  It was fascinating learning the history of the so called 10 Lost Tribes. As I resumed my studies later in my late teens-early 20’s after my personal Christ Encounter, I came to realize that British Israelism was just a nice religious phrase for “White Supremacy”. What is the definition of British Israelism?

“the belief and teaching of a number of religious groups, that the 10 “lost” tribes of Israel are actually the Anglo-Saxon race and are specifically the people of Great Britain. By definition, then, the Anglo-Saxon (or white) people are the true Israelites, being the descendants of Abraham and are the ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE of God and heirs to the covenant of God. The people who are living in Israel today, calling themselves Jews, are actually impostors who mistakenly identify themselves with the Israelites, but are, in fact, descendants of Judah and are not the chosen people of God and are not part of the covenant of God.”

Take a deep breath, it’s gonna be alright.  We are only showing you how Japheth is yet fulfilling Noah’s drunken prophecy.  They got it partially correct, the people in Israel today are imposters, but they are far from being descendants of Judah.  Does this kind of seem like the proverbial, “pot calling the kettle black.”    Here we have imposters accusing the other imposters of the same identity theft.

Did all the “dark skinned, black-skinned real Semitic Jews/Israelites” just happen to transform into ONLY White Anglo-Saxon Caucasians as it is widely erroneously taught by British Israelism, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazis, KKK, and Identity People today? Did you realize that this is the deception behind these groups of people for years that made them feel justified in terror attacks against Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians and Ashkenazi Jews in this country and globally? In case you weren’t aware, there are many groups of people that have developed the “Chosen People Syndrome”, also called “Special People or Chosen Race Syndrome”. It is a curable mental illness that causes people to have an insane and superior view about their race and can be deadly if one of another race disagrees.  This disease is not limited to the white race-(Japheth), although, it is most prevalent among them.

Keep in mind Noah’s hung-over 5000 year old prophecy, Genesis 9:27  God shall (pathan) DECEIVE Japheth“. Or, as King James 1611 British translators that could not believe that they being sons of Japheth could be so gullible purposely mistranslated it as, “God shall (rachab)Enlarge Japheth.” (Study Strong’s Hebrew #6601 – pathah = Deceive and #7337 rachab = Enlarge) Unknowingly, they caused the prophecy to be further fulfilled and actually put Japheth’s Deception on Steroids. They chose to translate the word “pathah” (paw-thaw) to mean ENLARGE,  since traceable history even in year 1611 showed how the sons of Japheth had spread all over Europe. God had truly Enlarged Japheth, but that is not what the prophecy said, nor what was the proper translation. God shall Deceive Japheth does not mean that God would play a head game with our European brothers.  Noah was prophesying into something he saw in Japheth even as his name means, to be open, gullible. The negativity or pride, and deceptiveness in him would cause him to be easily deceived or influenced. We can only attract to us what is already within us. The same goes for Shem and Ham’s prophecy.

There are millions of people that have a defect and need to feel special and superior. Just as the ancient biblical people (Shem/Ham) of the Old Covenant; they fell into the same EGO trap, not realizing the New Covenant. Since the word “Jew” was created, it’s whole purpose was to exaggerate, deceive and extol a race of people. However, as we pointed out in “Replacement Theology” blog, one was determined what we called a Jew/Israel by Religion, not by race. (By the way, Jew is not a Biblical word. It should be Judean, a person that lives or is from Judea). Muslim is not a Race, Jew is not a Race and Christian is not a Race. The definition of British Israelism is also off regarding the imposter in the land of Israel, they are not from the tribe of Judah. They are Khazars from the tribes of Japheth, just as all the European or Caucasians are.   Being the “chosen people” was not determined by being a Shemite or Hamites (black or blacker) – it was determined by obedience in fulfilling the commission of heaven to bring God’s kingdom to earth through love, peace and prosperity for all.


We’ll get back to some points of why a growing number of our white skinned brethren are being deceived and drawn into Old Covenant mentality tomorrow. Before some of you think we are being unfair or harsh, which is not our intent; we realize that this type of deception is not limited to the Japhetic race.

HAM has been infected and I am not talking about swine flesh or swine flu. Ham (father of Black and some Brown Semitic and Asian races) the younger son of Noah  Was Not cursed to be the slave of Japheth as it is popularly taught and believed.  Since many of the Hamitic race are Semitic people- there is a  belief that ALL BLACK people are the “Chosen Race”, they are the Jews, God’s special people, and some see them as a superior race. Being Black or White does not make anyone special, being HUMAN is what makes us all special and chosen to expand God’s kingdom. 

Many African American Blacks identify their spirituality, suffering and struggle with the ancient people of Israel and there are compelling parallels and prophecies.   The West African nations where most Black were kidnapped from, the Slave Coast; on some ancient maps was previously called the Land of Juda.   (Was Black history purposely destroyed to keep these people from knowing who they really are?) The Blacks which were called Moors of this country have a rich history that few; even Blacks actually know about.  The history that has been presented to the American people and world is greatly fabricated and purposely altered-very few know that many Moorish-Hebrew people were already in the Americas practicing a religion similar to Judaism and Islam when Columbus arrived. Many of the growing number of our Black/Moorish brethren (HAMITES/SHEMITES) that are learning their true history and traceable ties to the Middle East as Semitic people have become arrogant. They have contracted the same “Mental Illness” that many Japhetic people have. They feel superior and that the world owes them something for abusing them, destroying their true history and heritage.   Maybe it does?   Of course, universal law will bring balance and restoration to all…by my Spirit says the Lord.

There’s a growing number of people calling themselves Black Jews, Black Hebrews or Black Israelites in this country. Is DNA testing proving Semitic genetic markers on their chromosomes?  As we stated, we have been programmed to associate the words Israel and Jew with greatness, acceptance and superiority. We live in a society where everyone wants to be accepted and thought upon as special, even by their God. There is nothing wrong with discovering your true heritage as long as one does not try to use it as something superior to others. Even if a great number of Black/Moorish people can genetically prove their ancestry originated in the Middle East as traceable history previously hidden confirms this – what does it mean? Well, it means that people have been lied to for centuries – which we already know.   It proves that the Book was inspired and written by a specific people that have a special destiny to yet fulfill.  It provides some closure for people that have been disenfranchised and victims of Identity Theft. It gives them a sense of worth after being told they were worthless for so long and we could go on and on. The deceivers in this identity theft are masters at turning black white and white black literally, remember the smoke and mirrors. This is how the Agents of the Matrix have stayed in power for thousands of years. But there is yet one little issue. The New Covenant covers all races, colors and religions.

Jesus came and said, “Ok guys, here is what we are gonna do. First of all, I am going to fill up to the full or fulfill the Old Contract, meeting all the obligations, then it will be nailed to the tree/cross; Finished. And as Jeremiah prophesied, I will draw up a new contract signed with my own blood, cause I know how you guys seem to want blood around everything. This New Covenant Contract will be written and sealed within your bloody hearts, not just yours, but ALL humanity as it was initially meant to be. You are gonna have to get cured of the “Chosen People Syndrome” and realize God Loves Everyone and does not play favorites. I know it will be hard but I will send you the Holy Ghost to help and teach you.” Order of Melchizedek Version (OMV)

Keep in mind, in Adam (all the human races), ALL die, but in CHRIST (all human races) are quickened-made alive. If one is operating out of Adamic consciousness-carnal mindedness it does not matter how brilliant you are- to be carnally minded is Death. Therefore, you are in duality (separation, separatist, superiority). Operating out of Christ consciousness is LIFE (oneness, wholeness, equal).


Before President Obama’s election I was researching and had come to the conclusion he was destined to win the election based on several things and what I felt Spirit was saying within. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with all the Christians negativity and bashing him; thinking they should have enough discernment to see what was happening. Aside from him being left-handed and related to most of the Presidents that have ruled this nation and related to monarchs, I discovered something else. As interesting as I thought the election contest was and really felt his heart, I must confess; I did not vote for him. Actually, I did not vote for anyone and have never participated and never will-I don’t think.

What qualifies a person for being Jewish in the Bible among the “real Judeans/Israelites” or even among the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jewish converts? Is it not the mitochondria DNA that comes from the mother side? So if one has a Jewish mother, the child or children were considered Jews/Israelite genetically. Since the Ashkenazi Jews practice this it means the same for them and all Jews, although the Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic people.  Did you know that President Barack Hussein Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunnham was of European Jewish descent? That makes our President an Ashkenazi Jew.  Yes, his Kenyan father who was considered brilliant according to some of my research married a Jewish woman not once but twice.  Remember we discussed the genetic seed of Abraham and Keturah yet living in Kenya today?   Remember the Zionist wanted to create a nation there to further strengthen their deception and pillage East Africa?    Are the lights coming on for you in your head yet?   Do you think this is some kind of random coincidence??  ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!!     President Obama’s half brother was also conceived by another Ashkenazi Jewish woman. (Don’t be surprised, it happens more often than you realize).   Just keep in mind, those who are chosen to lead nations, especially super power nations are chosen not just because they might fairly win the contest, but they are also chosen by genetic frequency.  That would lead us into another another subject we can’t get into today.

Read this little known news article from 2008: “America’s First Jewish President Nominee”. – –—the-first_b_105135.html

Just to make this a bit more interesting, something that one would think the superior British Israel people might like. They wont, but lets have fun anyway. In May 2011 President Obama was in Ireland, this region is like a Mecca to the British Israel and Identity believers. President Obama joked about his Irish roots and talked about adding the hyphen to his name. (President O’bama) His grandfather is Irish –  that would mean he is of the tribe of Ephraim in British Israel theology; so O’bama would be a true Israelite, only if he didn’t have that tan.

Just think, all the born-again Christian Zionists and Christians which are anti-O’bama and hate him are actually going against what they erroneously interpret the Bible to say about God’s Chosen people. They have been slandering, condemning, criticizing and literally praying for the death of a Jew. Don’t you just love the smoke and mirrors? O’bama, the perfect candidate. He is an Irish Ashkenazi Jew, Muslim background, born again Spirit-filled Christian-baptized and spent 20 years under Rev. Wright’s non-denominational Spirit-filled ministry. So he is Muslim, Jew and Christian and a Black Irish I might add. Why do you think Christians in America are not more accepting of this Ashkenazi Jew? They have been brain washed by controlled media, false religion and society to think that all Semitic people or what they call Jews have somehow transformed to have Caucasians (Japhetic) features. I know it doesn’t make sense, but that is the way most see it.  It’s the mental illness issue.

See how the Media, Politics and even Religion manipulates the emotions of humans that refuse to be informed or want to be controlled. They control your mind, emotions, tell you how to feel and think to keep you off balance, hating, divided and scared. “Divide and conquer” is the strategy that has worked for eons and is yet effective today. So much emphasis has been put on O’bama being a Muslim to create FEAR. Fear is the key to controlling humans, they literally stop THINKING when they become afraid.


Have you ever heard of Rabbi Capers Funnye? He is one of the most prominent Jewish Rabbis in Chicago, Illinois. He is Chief Rabbi at the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in southwest Chicago. This is one of the largest predominantly Black Synagogues in America. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is Black (Hamite/Shemite) and he is Michelle Obama’s cousin.  (I suppose in on sense we do have Semitic people in the White House.)

Rabbi Funnye has worked hard at bringing unity in the Jewish community and trying to get the European Ashkenazi  converted Jews to acknowledge real Jews with none Caucasian features and the growing number of Black Israelites, Black Hebrews or Black Jews Synagogues as thy are called that are springing up. I don’t expect him to have great success at getting the majority of them to shift in their concept of what a Jew/Israelite should look like, remember Japheth deception.

We started this investigative series on Identity Theft,   to address some questions and statement that had come to us- especially since the Obama and Netanyahu tiff over the Palestinian land. There are all kinds of emails circulating and petitions in support of the Zionist to further occupy, slaughter and steal the land of the Palestinians. Hopefully at this point many are more clearer on why and how most of Christianity is in ERROR regarding this subject. Also, we try to keep this as light and respectful as possible realizing Race, Religion and Skin Color are extremely important to lots of people. Here is a thought: DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY. There is way more to you than what we see or your limited belief system. This does not mean that you allow others to disrespect you, control you or define you. Know who you are in HIM first. We are not finished with this investigation yet.   Hopefully by tomorrow.


In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie in the Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East.



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