Israel In Prophecy – Japheth the Gentile – Part 3

Israel In Prophecy – Japheth the Gentile – Part 3


“Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at its beauty, it genius? Billions of people living out their lives oblivious.” Agent Smith from the Matrix-He was observing people in the Matrix.

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You may find Part 2 of this series here ~

When there is an investigation of a crime, it is important that the investigators follow the evidence.  A true investigator must be able to set aside his/her beliefs,  convictions, and any emotional ties to the case that might pollute the investigation or recuse him or herself from the case.   Are you prepared to move forward with discovery and disclosure of truth, or would you prefer to go back to fairytale land? 

We have been investigating the global identity theft and outright hacking of another race of people.     So far the historical evidence that’s been there in plain sight is overwhelmingly convincing that a global scam and hacking of a race has occurred and that there has been a systematic extermination of a people group…genocide of this race globally.  In yesterday’s blog, Israel in Prophecy – Identity Theft, as we followed the evidence, we found out that the people occupying Palestine and claiming to be descendants of biblical patriarchs are thieves and imposters.  Furthermore, they are the wrong skin color and race.  Genetic proof says they lack Semitic genetic markers and that they are of East European and Central Asian descent. Their own encyclopedia states:

“96% of all Jews known to the world today are descendants of the Khazar tribes of Russia, Eastern Europe and Western Mongolia; these are the Ashkenazi Jews..”   (Standard Jewish Encyclopedia)

The first image below is Palestine in 1946 and yes it was called Palestine.  All the green is where the peaceful predominant Palestinian Muslims and Christians live.  There was a small percent of “real Judahites” Jews there also with Semitic genetics, they are Sephardic Jews.  They all lived together peacefully together working their farms, olive groves, grape vineyards…Then imposters came from the north to establish a “racist state” called a Jewish state (only for white European Jews.)  They assumed the identity of people of that region, although, they looked nothing like them.  The UN, England & the Christian nation of USA knew these were not the descendants of Abraham, it was a Zionist political move to have a strategic position to eventually confiscate the natural resources of the entire region.  This would be performed by decades of creating wars to kill off the inhabitants of the land.  What happened to all those people and their farms that flourished, there is very little life (green below) left since the so called “chosen people” came?   The people have been systematically terrorized, exterminated, surrounded, demonized and push to the edge of extinction.   This map is not current.  Of course the Christians were told they had to support this, because these were God’s chosen people returning home.  Oh goody, let’s just hurry up and nuke them already, so Jesus can come. Bless his name.  This is the disturbing mentality of most of modern day Christianity.



We are realizing that this system is run on smoke and mirrors, nothing seems to be what it really is and there are those that are counting on humanity not waking up and figuring things out. This is how they have continued with the charade for so long and enslaved humanity. The Agents of the Matrix are everywhere and constantly thinking of ways to deceive us. As long as they can keep the majority of Americans religiously dumb down with sickening unReality Shows, Sitcoms, Zionist controlled media, Monday Night Football and a plethora of distracting mind numbing entertainment, they win.

[Keep in mind we are ONLY sharing the facts and evidence about this controversial subject to help everyone understand the “real history”, what the Scriptures actually say on the subject and to Ultimately realize that as screwed up as things may seem, the Creator is yet in control. We are mentioning tribes, races, skin color, and features not for the purpose of focusing on flesh to exalt or put down – we realize in the bigger picture “flesh profits nothing”.   The prophet Isaiah said, “All flesh is like grass”.  Paul said, “In ADAM All die, but in CHRIST All is made alive.” Everything we see outside of ourselves is nothing but a reflection of something in us, negative or positive. The outside can only be changed when enough of us change the inside, Love and Light will swallow hatred and darkness.  However, in the meantime, we must uncover the evidence that much of this global conspiracy has to do with race and skin color.]

We have discovered what a Semite is  and what they look like.  Based on where Semitic people lived and yet live, they are mostly black-skinned and dark brown-skinned people.  8th century Hebrew Rabbinical writings also confirm this.  I live in a house where a language in the Semitic family is fluently spoken by my wife, if I decided to learn it- that still would not make me Semitic.  I would be Semitic because I am from Shem or Ham family group. 

With such a deception being perpetrated on a global level, there should be something in the Bible about it. I am firmly of the belief that the Bible, even with some flaws in translations, yet holds the key to everything happening on the planet and off the planet, once we learn how to read it.


Noah had (3) sons, Shem is where the Semitic (Shemites) descended from. He is the father of the Arabs, Hebrews, North & East Africans and most of the people of the Middle East. Read the Table of Nations ancient names here – Genesis 10:21-31

Ham, the younger son of Noah is where Hamitic (Hamites) descended from. He is the father of the African Nations, Canaan, Yemen, parts of Arabia, Asia and Middle East. As we yet see today many of the people in Eastern Africa are Semitic people. Canaan today is called Palestine (Israel)- Canaan was the son of Ham. So we see Shem and Ham’s descendants were/are Semitic People. Read the Table of Hamitic Nations ancient names here – Genesis 10:7-20

JAPHETH, the  son of Noah is where the Non-Semitics descended from. He is the father of the European Nations, Western & parts of Central Asia. Read the Table of Japhetic Nations ancient names here – Genesis 10:1-5

In Christianity and Judaism the terms Jew and Gentile are familiar.  For many years I have been in error, repeating what I was taught, what I studied in Bible commentaries and what I thought I had  learned.  In Judaism and Christianity it is widely taught the Jews or Judahites are those who descending from the 12 tribes or specifically the tribe of Judah.  There is truth in that.  We have also been taught that Gentiles are All the other none Jewish people.  Christians have been made to feel like second class citizens and they seem to view the world as subjects of the “Jews”.

This is exciting evidence I recently uncovered while reading the Bible.  I can’t believe all these years I missed it.  In the Table of Nations of Genesis 10, we find the sons of Noah and their descendants.  There is only (1) son of Noah which is considered Gentile and his descendants.  The Shemites and Hamites  (black and brown people) were never considered Gentiles,  over time they adopted the ways of the Gentiles (nations) and were corrected for this practice.  Their prophets constantly warned them about this.  They were actually all considered Semitic people due to the their settlements in the earth and intermingling.  This can be seen in many of the African languages of today, which are from the Semitic family of languages.


Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.  And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.  And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim.  By these were the isles of the GENTILES divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. Genesis 10:1-5  KJV

This is the first time in Scripture where the word Gentile is used.  The evidence lead us to Japheth and his sons being the father of the Gentile nations.  Where can we find these nation today?   Due north, they are the modern day European nations.   According to the Bible, the Gentiles were and are the Caucasians people, descendants of the white-skinned son of Noah.  All is takes is just a group of genes in the human body being turned on or off, and the body will increase or decrease melanin. 

A tradition according to which both the Semites and the descendants of Ham were Black, Japhet being the only White son of Noah, is found in Rabbinic Hebrew tradition as well, e.f. the 8th century Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer (Chapter 23):

“Noah brought his sons and his grandsons, and he blessed them with their (several) settlements, and he gave them as an inheritance all the earth.  He especially blessed Shem and his sons, black but comely, and he gave them the inhabitable earth.  He blessed Ham and his sons, black like a raven, and he gave them as an inheritance the coast of the sea.  He blessed Japheth and his sons, they entirely white, and he gave them for an inheritance the desert and its fields; these (are the inheritances with) which he endowed the. (1)”

Keep in mind we are not hear to exalt any flesh.  We exalt the Creator, Yahushua aka Jesus and the power of His Torah (word).  We are yet digging and following the evidence and unravelling the conspiracies.  Based on geography and historical Rabbinical records, it should be very clear what the patriarchs of the Hebrew faith, sons of Shem looked like.  They were not Europeans as the Zionist owned and controlled Hollywood would have the world believe, they were Black and comely (beautiful).   It is important for the corrupt system to keep the deception going, this is Identity Theft and hacking of a race.

You will notice the fake Jews from the synagogue of satan are referred to as AshkeNAZI Jews, even by the Jewish encyclopedia.  Where does the word Ashkenazi come from?  Read the names of the sons of Japheth again in the above verse.  Japheth grandson was ASHKENAZ.  Where was it located?  In rabbinic literature, the kingdom of Ashkenaz was first associated with the Scythian region.  Wikipedia   Scythhians  means rough, rude; uncivilized.  They were the bully,  blood-thirsty war-monger East European tribes of ancient times and yet are today.   This was later called southern Khazaria, near the Black Sea, which at one time was called the Sea of Ashkenaz.  Other maps place it as part of ancient Germany (Gomer) that extended to Khazaria.  So now we know where there word NAZI comes from.

We ended Part 2 of this series  by asking if there was something in Bible Prophecy that speaks of this mass deception and fraud.  We will now try to get to this.


In the book of Job it is stated that, “both the deceived and the deceiver belongs to God”. Job 12:16

In Genesis chapter 9, we are given the edited version of some sordid events.  What we give you here will not be the Sunday school G rated version.  Noah woke up out of a drunken state where something seemingly sexual had transpired between he and his younger son, while he was under the influence. He pronounced an interesting and disturbing prophecy that wasn’t really a blessing as is traditionally taught upon his sons Shem and Japheth that appears to have been trying to only be respectful. This little verse of an incident happening 5000 years ago explains why the Ashkenazi-East European Khazars are deceived today in thinking they are the rightful heirs of Palestine. This does not excuse their deliberate deception, wars, and innocent bloodshed that they have caused since converting to Judaism in 740 AD.  These people history seems to be drenched in blood for over a thousand years.   The verse also explains how the recent generations are deceived into actually thinking they are Semitic Hebrew descendants.

“God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant”.  Genesis 9:27  (Just reading this verse it sounds like a nice blessing-studying of the original Hebrew words tells another story).

Keep in mind that Japheth is the father of the European non-Semetic nations/races (Gentiles). The Scripture says, “God shall enlarge Japheth” according to the English translation based on what the translator of the King James Version of the passage thought it had to be saying. What if that is not an accurate translation and we understand more about the Hebrew language now than they did in 1611?

The word “ENLARGE” was translated from the Hebrew word “Pathah” (paw-thaw). It is used 28 times in the Bible and in every place beside this verse it is translated to mean something else. Pathah means to Deceive, Entice, Seduce, Trick; to be Gullible. Strong’s Concordance adds the definition, to enlarge, become open or wide because that’s the way KJV translated it. The British King James translators simply could not see how God would allow Japheth, the father of the European races to be so greatly deceived. After all, when you look at what was happening; was he not doing an honorable thing covering his father’s nakedness?

Notice the rest of the verse, “he shall dwell (live) in the tents (home-homeland) of Shem…” Who is Shem? Shem is the father of the Hebrews the “real Israelites/Jews” as it were; the father of the Semites. Here is how the prophecy should read in our time:

“Japheth (Non-Semitic Gentile European Khazarian converts to Judaism) shall live in the Promised Land (tents of Shem – true Semitics) greatly deceived in thinking they are the genetic seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; but they have no genetic ties…”

[Arthur Koestler, an Ashkenazi Jew who wrote, the Thirteenth Tribe, points out- “the prophecy says they will live in the tents of Shem, but it does not say they will own it”]. The land yet belongs to the “real Semites”.  

If the Evangelical and Fundamental Christian leaders could understand this simple short verse there would be no need to create all the hostilities that being created in support of Japhethic superiority (Zionism). They would not be in support to the senseless killing of Palestinian Muslims and Christians for over 60 years. This deception of Japheth is far reaching, sadly it is mostly the Christians of European (Japhethics) descent in this country and in western nations that are in support of the illegitimate terrorist Zionist State of Israel and willingly submits to the imposters wishes that encourages more global unrest. “Blessed are the Peacemakers…”

Now to the latter part of this Genesis 9:27 prophecy. “…And Canaan shall be his servant.” Who is Canaan? Canaan is the 4th son of Ham.  Ham is the father of the African nations,  some Semitic and Asian nations.  Modern Canaan is in the same place as it has been, Palestine- It is the Palestinians People. The 5000 year old hung-over prophecy of Noah clearly states that the Ashkenazi Jews – (Japheth) Europeans would live in Palestine and make the Palestinians their servants.

Ok, take a selah moment. This prophecy is over 5000 years old in the Bible-a Book that so many discredit and say it is not relevant for this modern hi-tech age or that it is a book of myths. Yet we are told specifically what the root cause of Global Conflict in the Middle East  in 2014 AD, as we approach full-blown WW3. Even without genetic testing, we are told “the true origins” of the people occupying the Promised Land and the deception perpetrated upon the whole world.  It’s ALL in the Book.

The Torah gives clear instructions on how to treat servants, but the Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews honor the Talmud (Book of Traditions that encourages racism, incest, pedophilia, theft, deception and every evil work) above the Torah. (Have you read the Jewish Talmud)? Jesus had a problem with the people doing the same thing in his day. He said, “You teach doctrines and traditions (Talmudic Law) from men and it makes the Word of God of none effect.”

So Canaan is the servant. What does the Bible say about how to treat servants?

“Masters, treat your servants with respect. Don’t threaten a servant. You know that there is one master in heaven who has authority over both of you, and he doesn’t play favorites.” Ephesians 6:9

Is this how the Zionist (Japheth) have treated their dark-skinned servants (Canaan) over 60 years? No! Israel is an Apartheid Regime.  It is enough when you steal someone’s land by deceit and destroy their heritage, but when you humiliate them repeatedly, murder their children and treat them worse than animals; they will retaliate. Thus, we have suicide bombers, stone throwing, failed rocket launching Palestinians demanding respect and to be treated like humans. While Israel (the Zionist- Japheth) with the 4th strongest military in the world claiming to be the victim; and silly, willfully blind, comatose Christians sympathize with the deceitful oppressors. Is that being Anti- Semitic by speaking the truth. Of course not, they are not Semites. (We speak the truth in Love. We do not condone any violence, but shouldn’t victims have the right to protect themselves from their   oppressors?)


Just to review a bit. Noah was drinking too much wine after the flood waters subsided and got drunk. I guess he just needed to unwind after being in the Ark with all those animals over a year, experiencing 40 days and night of rain, tsunami and earthquake. His younger son Ham (possibly drinking with his father) saw Noah naked (possibly they both got naked) and something transpired between them. Noah fell asleep afterwards.  Ham went to tells his older brothers (possibly remorseful) of what he and his father had done. Shem and Japheth got a blanket, walking backward to not see Noah’s nakedness and covered him. Noah wakes up, knowing that something happened between he and Ham and that the other sons also know about it, there’s probably some DNA evidence. It seems like Noah is yet a bit hung over or pissed that the other sons know. He curses the youngest 4th son of Ham, which is Canaan to be a servant. Then he basically prophesied Japheth to be controlled by a deceiving spirit, open to deception, and gullibility. He doesn’t stop there, poor Shem’s homeland is going to be invaded by deceitful Japheth descendants, the Khazarians.

Does something seem wrong with this picture aside from the dysfunction? In Genesis 9:1,  God blesses HAM, although he did the deed with his father. The traditional teaching on this subject blames Ham for whatever happened, but I think Noah was at fault and knew it. Could it have been that Noah, while drunk initiated something inappropriate with Ham and Ham being the obedient younger son went alone with it to satisfy his drunk stressed out father and felt bad afterwards? Why would we think such?

Ham does not get reprimanded directly and gets no punishment. If Ham had been at fault at lease his firstborn would have been punished, but not even his 1st son Cush = Ethiopia, 2nd son Mitsrayim = Egypt, 3rd son Phut= Libya, but his 4th son Canaan = Palestinians does. Shem and Japheth seems to get punishment for the “cover up”.  I think there was so much more going on there. (We’ll have to wait for another time). Contrary to what is popularly taught, Ham which represents the Black Race or African/Semitic Races Was Not cursed to be slaves to Japheth (White man), nor was any of his sons of the African nations cursed. That false doctrine has been used for centuries til this very day to justify racism, violence and bigotry again Black People.  Ham was the only son that did not get a punishment.  What’s the message in this? Don’t drink and get drunk or high with your kids; especially if you are a prophet, your words are very powerful; you might screw things up for thousands of years.

Ponder on this for a minute:  What are the “times of the Gentile?”  Gentiles are the Caucasian/White races.  They were allotted a time of dominance on the planet.  All of the wonderful things and technology that have come forth are quickly overshadowed by the unending blood shed, world wars, deception,  greed and sense of superiority.

“Jerusalem shall be trodded under the foot of Gentiles (Caucasian Ashkenazi Jews), until the times of the Gentile (Caucasian) dominance of the planet is over.” Luke 21:24   It’s almost over!  Hopefully, Ham and Shem will learn from the mistakes of their brother Japheth and not repeat them.

[Do not take my words in vain to make them mean something I am not saying.  I am speaking into the prophetic big picture of events, showing the accuracy of the Word and where we are headed.  These are not the characteristics of every Gentile or Caucasian person.] 


We are finding out that these characters we read about in the Bible struggled with the same issues humans struggle with today. Noah actually walked with God and prophesied of the destruction to come. He was a prophet with problems. Another lesson I am learning through this study is the power a parent, fathers in particular have the power to shape the destiny of their sons (children). Noah’s one act of indiscretion and anger affected the lives of his 3 sons and all of humanity for many generations.

As parents, fathers, mothers or caregivers; we have to remind ourselves to speak Life to our children. Shape their destiny with the Word of God in Love. Correction must be out of love and not just anger or frustration. I can imagine Noah was embarrassed, ashamed and angry; instead of taking full responsibility for his actions, he seemed to blame his kids. How often parents blame their kids for being in the way of their careers, missing out on another relationship, or not reaching goal they had.

Noah produced Shem which means to be famous, named. Shem developed an insane view about himself; PRIDE, ego, the need to be right and superior.  Japheth means open. Japheth became gullible, easily deceived and DECEITFUL; too open minded allowing everything in. Ham mean hot, burnt. Ham developed a hot temper, passionate; prone to ANGER, violence – rooted in the feelings of being abused or burnt by someone. We know who that someone was.

These true stories were given to us so we could deal with life on all levels. Remember to never put yourself in a position for your kids to lose respect for you, be they children or adults. It is popular today for parents to try to be a friend to their kids. They will have many friends, they need parents with a well defined relationship of who the parent is and who the child is.

 To get a free book written by an Ashkenazi Jew exposing this deception Click here:   Mr. Koestler and his wife are believed to have been assassinated in 1981 by members of the synagogue of satan,  for exposing this global deception.  The cover story was, he and his wife committed suicide.  Thank you Mr. Koestler for having the courage and speaking the unpopular truth.

Part 4 –

Order of Melchizedek

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