Syria’s Refugee Crisis In Prophecy

Syria’s Refugee Crisis In Prophecy

Over the past weekend I was reading headline news about the Mass Migration of Refugees into Europe from mostly Syria and other neighboring war torn countries.  I commend Angela Merkel of Germany and the EU for committing to take in  200,000 refugees, especially, since much of Western Europe is very anti-Islamic, with a strong sense of nationalism.  However,  Syria population is 10% Christian.  By accepting all these refugees is one way to darken the complexion of Europe over time.

But there is more to this story than meets the eye or ear.  As I thought on this story while reading it over the weekend, Eye heard something.  We’ll get to that in a moment.  I recently learned that there are currently 19 million refugees worldwide, people that need to find a safe place to live.  That is totally unnecessary in the 21st century, and should be unacceptable.

Just a month ago, EYE released a prophetic word on August 8, 2015 in “Entering the Lion’s Gate – 888”  – Father told us about the soon major displacement and relocation of people written toward the end of the message.  Here is an excerpt from that prophetic word  posted August 8, 2015:

“Eye see mass evacuation and relocation. Eye am seeing a return of Tent Cities to accommodate the displaced people. This is not just here, Eye see a major shuffling of people, relocation due to displacement from Natural Disasters and War…”   8/8/15

Here are some of the images shown to us today. 9/9/15:



Syrian Refugee Tent City



What are the sinister motives behind seemingly willing/smiling Europeans (British & German) leaders taking in the Syrian refugees?  The Zionists (European/Israeli) are planning on attacking Syria – they want to  finally kill President Assad.    He is standing in the way for a Greater Israel Plan.   They want take over the country as they have Libya and other nations.

You will soon see a plan presented that they have had for some time to invade Syria.  All these countries, Germany, England, etc, the ones accepting the Syrian refugees out of the ‘goodness of their hearts’ plan to join together to bomb Syria, as they did Libya.  They will use ISIS as a pretext for further crimes against humanity in Syria.  Israel is pulling the strings for this puppet show.

Who is ISIS?   The media tell you they are Muslim terrorists.   The unthinking Americans, especially most Christians just believe that and repeat it.  Did you ever wonder why ISIS only attacks Muslim nations, yeah that’s right, Muslim nations. So you mean to tell me a growing army of well financed Muslims from many nations are carrying out these highly organized attacks?  Did you ever wonder why the beheadings are mostly Christians and a few Muslims?  Did you ever wonder why they are destroying temples, libraries, museums, ancient artifacts in  Muslim countries only?    Why does ISIS never attack Israel, it’s supposed arch-enemy????

It’s because ISIS is mostly made up of Israeli assets, British and American Zionist Rogue Special Opts and Secret Service, assets/spies that’s been declared dead or vanished from many nations.   ISIS is so well funded, partially because the USA gives Israel $30 billion a year.  Christian Americans are paying for the beheading of Christians in the Middle East.

They will ramp up the demonization of President Assad, create even more lies.  The world’s heart is touched by all the refugees fleeing war torn Syria…The evil ones are seeking an emotional response, because this is part of the psychological warfare.  Many of the Germany people, British people and other European nations are really not that happy about all these brown people flooding into their country with their religion.  Furthermore, unlike Western Europeans, these people bred like rabbits and have lots of  babies.

When the time comes, and it will come soon.  The European leaders will pitch their war plans and their people will support it.  Why?  Despite  all good people that want to help the refugees, underneath it all, many are angry, feel resentful; they already have enough Muslims and brown people…so hell yeah, bomb  ISIS and President Assad in Syria for creating this problem and inconvenience in Europe, they will say.

The destruction of Syria and President Assad is not the ultimate goal.  ISIS aka Zionist Israel is after Iran.  Iran is the biggest threat to the Zionist regime of Israel achieving it’s New World Order goal of Greater Israel.  Oh, you don’t know what Greater Israel is?  Of course not, the Zionist controlled media in the West are not allow to talk about it, you might be able to put 2 and 2 together – Here is the long time plan of Israel to continue murdering the innocent and taking their land and resources.  This is all part of the rogue nation of Israel New World Order plan. Look at the shaded area, wow, it includes Syria and all the other nations where they are creating turmoil.


There’s another problem ISIS aka Israel have.  RUSSIA.  The heavens are announcing September – December are critical months.  Russia will be eventually drawn into this war that it does not want.  The professional provocateurs Israel will push the right buttons that will set things in motion over the next few years.  This will ultimate lead to the totally destruction of the Zionist state of Israel.



It was no accidence that the refugees were allowed to escape or leave their camps, sail, swim and walk into Europe at this time.  There are many other dynamics being played out behind the scenes.  Our intent for sharing this Prophetic Insight as always is to create awareness and intercession…We know that the impacts of evil plans can be softened.  It is my opinion that many of Europe’s leaders are being bullied by Israel into this demonic plan they have hatched.

About a month ago I went to see a movie called, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (Tom Cruise).  When I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see it, not just because I am a fan of the Mission Impossible series- but Eye immediate saw ISIS and how ISIS came to be disclosed in the film.  In the film, it is called the Syndicate.  It is very clear to those who can connect the dots, they show how they are funded in part and how they work.  The Syndicate is a phantom organization of highly trained assassins from many countries.  Read the story line of the film and see Israel aka ISIS as well as other prophetic clues.

“With the IMF (Impossible Mission Force)  now disbanded and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) out in the cold, a new threat — called the Syndicate — soon emerges. The Syndicate is a network of highly skilled operatives who are dedicated to establishing a new world order via an escalating series of terrorist attacks. Faced with what may be the most impossible mission yet, Ethan gathers his team and joins forces with Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), a disavowed British agent who may or may not be a member of this deadly rogue nation.”

You will start to see more governments destabilized in Europe and Muslim refugees will be blamed.  They will claim that ISIS entered in disguised as refugees.  All of this is a plan to create a full-blown WW3 scenario,

November 13, 2015 – 128 People killed in France Terrorist Massacre –

For more info about ISIS see ~~~

Link below added 9/17/15 – 

Terrorism is “Made in the USA”. The “Global War on Terrorism” is a Fabrication, A Big Lie


There are other prophetic words that have been validated, we wont post them here, you can check them out if you like.   Eye want to further examine this word:

Eye see Super Cells bringing Super Storms to our nations, Hurricanes, Flooding. Eye see mass evacuation and relocation. Eye am seeing a return of Tent Cities to accommodate the displaced people. This is not just here, Eye see a major shuffling of people, relocation due to displacement from Natural Disasters and War…”   8/8/15

(10/4/15 -Once In a Thousand of Years Flooding – South Carolina  –              

(9/17/15 – More Than 1 Million Evacuated – 8.3 Earthquake Hits Chile – )

(9/15/15 – Thousands Displaced As Results of Fires in Northern California )

We are approaching the time where the first line of this prophetic word above about serious storms, can manifest, causing great destruction and displacement of many people.  Eye believe Spirit reveals things to make us aware and to sometime give us a chance to Change It.  We have seen this happen so many times.  Florida and Gulf States are most vulnerable for direct hits – great damage doing this coming season.  Command the storms to dissipate and go back out to sea when they form.


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