40 Days Later Prophetic Word

40 Days Later Prophetic Word

The Sun is moving through the sky and in several hours it will be setting. 3500 hours years ago, Yahweh instituted the most sacred day of the year on His Calendar as a holiday; it the Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur. We observe these holy days because Yahweh told us to, they are prophetic rehearsals of events not yet fulfilled, but shall be.

In our July 24, 2017 prophetic message, AMERICA’S GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE, Spirit told us to count 40 days after the coming Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. This would be a very special time for the near future of America and our actions as the “Church” would determine what shall be thereafter.

Here are a few quotes from the July 24th prophetic message mentioned above:

“It is a warning that within 40 days from August 21, 2017 – The ShiFt will began to hit the fan hard. This brings us to Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement-Judgment Day) – September 30, 2017. These are very important “Watch & Prayer” dates. What is called “judgment” can be something very powerful and positive, turning hearts to the Almighty and helping us learn to love.”

” Will America take advantage of yet another “space” to repent…? “I gave her a chance to change her mind and attitude, but she refused.” Revelation 2:21 –

** America must look into the mirror and REDEFINE Herself or be Redefined.”

“Christian America” for the most part has chosen to not look into the mirror. Dressed mismatched, filled with contrast and contradictions – the scarlet stained outer garment too loose and does not fit well with the spiritual one. The buttons are not lined up and are out of sequence, the zipper is down and the backside is exposed. The glory that once was is now a messy wind blown hairdo. The heavy layers of make-up and mascara have run, creating a haunting image of desperation and horror. Trudging along in a broken heel stiletto, out of balanced and out of step with Spirit. Unrecognizable and without a clear direction; drunken with delusion, she yet arrogantly boast herself.

Her highly paid prophets are dumb dogs that can not bark. Her seers visions are limited by greed, lust for powers and political aspirations. They prophesy in vain, stroking the brow of their heavily sedated audiences, repeating each other, creating false confirmations to further deceive the deceived. Evil and darkness are afar off, you will escape the days of testing, they tell their people.

Turn your head, don’t say a word about the blatant wickedness, injustices and hate reaching a boiling point. The tea kettle is whistling, just sing the choruses louder and turn the music up and you will not hear it. It is not your place to stand or speak against rulers, just fake smile and pretend to show love. The whistle is becoming more sustained and louder, as the steam rises from the tea kettle. Rebuke it and ignore it, go to sleep, the prophets of Babylon say in concert.

But soon, real soon the tea kettle will not be drowned out with religious worship from the lips that does not resonate with or move the heart. The sound of chaos, confusion and alarm will fill the land, as frustration and fear become the norm for many. At that time, that which was thought irrelevant will become relevant and that which was relevant shall be irrelevant. That which was thought to be the church shall not be, and that which was consider not, shall rise up to become.”

** You are about to see the Systematic Removal of considered “great men/women” of God, “Generals” in the faith. Some will transition through death, while others through shame. (This will be a sign of changing of the guards and the paradigm shift that must take place in what is called, “christianity.” However, other will depart further from the faith.)

** Soon, a major voice known for the supernatural will crossover; shock and the sound of mourning will be heard from West Coast to East Coast and around the world.

** The next phase of the Shaking in our Government is about to take place. Everything is accelerating and it will be epic; as Yahweh Overturn, Overturn, Overturn. Shock! Awe! Anger! You will go to bed with knowledge of whose occupying certain offices, only to awake and see them no more (in that/those positions). Eye see the word “Tuesday” presenting itself before me. Something very significant will manifest regarding this prophetic word on a “TUESDAY” in the near future.

** Eye see an Unusual Earthquake on the East Coast. (If does not feel extreme, but the location will be filled with prophetic implications.

** Eye see a boldness rising up in the true “ekklesia” to contend for and reclaim the faith once delivered to the saints that’s been hi-jacked by ravenous wolves in expensive silk blend sheep clothing. It will appear as if christianity is divided, as the true “ekklesia” emerge and call this nation to Yahweh in the days to come. It is necessary.

(Choose your reality and experience. Pray about the events coming. The 40 day Transition period is up. America has been weighed in the Scales of Libra and found deficient. The Scales must be balanced).

INjoy the message below on the “Day of Atonement.

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