7 (Masculine) Pillars of Wisdom

7 (Masculine) Pillars of Wisdom

[This message/article was first spoken, written and posted on our website in 2001, April 3.  This message is a follow-up to 7 Pillars of Divine Feminine Wisdom – you might want to review it along with this message below.  We have taught Wisdom’s  Pillars of Proverbs 9 on several levels in the past; astrological, metaphysical, esoteric Spirits of God and other hidden truth…lets experience this level of it here.]


In our previous writing we dealt with the 7 (Feminine) Pillars of Wisdom, and how they were hewed out depicting development of the soul realm.  However, in this writing we would like to share the 7-(Masculine) Pillars that are used to develop the spirit realm of Wisdom’s House.  Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore, get it and with all that you get, get understanding.

Wisdom is the Divine Feminine expression of the Creator, the likeness is male and female on a much higher level than genitalia. Humanity is created in the image and likeness of the Creator, male and female.   Genesis 1:26-27


Proverbs 9:1-5 “Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars; She has slaughtered her meat, she has mixed her wine, she has also furnished her table. She has sent out her maidens, she cries out from the highest places of the city, Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!” As for him who lacks understanding, she says to him, Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have mixed.” (NKJ)

In order to grasp this message on a deeper level, we must understand the customs and culture of 3000 years ago.  Hidden with in the customs and cultures are prophetic indicator speaking into our time of the Father’s plan. 

It was customary in Eastern communities to send out the maiden (virgins) to proclaim “the feast” and invite all to come and dine.  In the literal sense, this speaks prophetically of the strong feminine energies being released to empower women to minister as Priests, Rabbis, and in 5-Fold Ministry Offices with great success. (It also foreshadows more women moving forth in and  leading secular and political roles in our time.)

 In this ancient custom. the  women were followed by eunuchs going from house to house inviting all to come and dine. What is a eunuch? One incapable of marriage, or reproducing life: whether by castration, celibacy, or birth (sexual orientation).  This speaks prophetically of a community of people that’s been condemned by much of Christianity. [Gay men were and still are called eunuchs to this day in South Asia & Middle East.]  Just from understand the ancient customs of Proverbs 9 …We can prophesy that we are about to see a sovereign move of God and conversions in the Gay and Lesbian community, and many will proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom with great signs following.  “He that is able to receive it let him receive it.”  Matthew 19:10-12

Since the Garden of Eden the spirit of man has been subjected to a lower vibration and expression of the God life. The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, it is the part of our being that allows access to the Great Spirit.  A right or righteous spirit is given to us when Jesus (Yahushua) the true Light that lights every man is recognized and received. God’s purpose is to restore mankind’s spirit, so that he may access all of God.  Adam is symbolic of the spirit of man that’s hiding behind the fig leaves of human consciousness.

Human consciousness brings negative duality and condemnation. As Wisdom builds her house, the spirit of man is Reconstructed allowing direct access to the highest and purest level of Spirit, thus, causing him to realize his oneness with God. You Are The House that Wisdom builds.


Progressive theology is perceived as “new age” teachings by those stuck in narrow religious mindsets. Sonship and Kingdom teachers consider it a “MIXTURE.”  when one yet demonstrates the power of God and think that the basic are yet relevant.  I guest that is somewhat true, Divine Wisdom has mixed what we have been used to with something stronger. The spices that were often used to make the wine most potent were from various cultures. Furthermore, this spiced, or mixed wine is from pomegranates fruit.  It is much more potent than the wine from the grapes of Pentecost.   Songs of Solomon 8:2


In all of the ancients Schools of Mystery, the Pillars represents levels of initiation into the secrets of God.  7 – Masculine Pillars that builds Wisdom’s House are typified through 7 Prophets. Each man represents an area of the spirit that is being brought into balance. 7 is a number that denotes maturity, perfection and balance.


Adam means red, ruddy; to show blood in the face. This is the first stage of spirit evolution where we are introduced to the earth realm and given a chance to subdue the animalistic impulses of the earthly nature.

Adam represents the generic man, the Ego, Thought, and Will. Mankind is spirit in reality, a combination of thoughts, words,  energy spoken forth and embodied in physical form. However, when he is eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or appropriating two powers, the Adamic consciousness is developed. Once the Adamic consciousness is developed he sees himself apart from God, the law of duality or separation produces death. He now began to operate on a lower vibration called feelings, and emotions. His image of God and himself, as himself is distorted and Pride leads to a fall.

The “I” ego must now be sanctified and this can only happen through re-pentance, turning back to the top. The last Adam (Jesus-Yahushua) makes this necessary through the blood. This is your experience called Redemption that brings you to a point where you will eventually radiate with your body of light. This is the Pillar of Wisdom that allows you to get in touch with your spirit, and thoughts on a much higher level.

As Wisdom Re-Constructs her house you will begin to realize you are not what you appear to be outside, black, white, old, young, rich, poor, etc. I AM SPIRIT.


Enoch means founder, teacher, and Initiator. This is the second stage of spirit evolution. Enoch was the seventh from Adam, which implies wholeness, maturity and perfection. Enoch walked with God.

This is the renewed state of God Consciousness that brings about responsibility and action. Ego and Pride is replaced with Humility as the teacher, Holy Spirit is given to the Initiate. The foundation of Truth is laid as the you learn to walk in step with the Spirit.

Enoch had the testimony that he pleased God; it is Faith that impresses God. This is the faith that causes the Initiate to not see physical death. This is the Pillar of Wisdom that plants the seed of immortality. It is the power of the Holy Ghost within that causes one to transcend the entire death realm. This is the swallowing up of the physical expression by the Christ within.

Divine Wisdom operating on this level teaches how to draw from the Christ mind instead of the carnal mind, wherein is the genesis of death. Thus, raising the vibration of the physical self out of sight, no longer affected or limited to the material plane.

The Enochian consciousness now allows the Initiate to minister and commune with both worlds. I AM IMMORTAL.


Noah means to be at rest, peace; balanced. This is the third stage of spirit evolution within. Noah was the tenth from Adam signifying Divine Order.

Noah finds grace in extreme circumstances as he walks in step with the Spirit. In this experience the prophetic voice within is very clear and direct. As Wisdom builds, an extension of her building is manifested on the physical plane. You become the Ark with the 3 levels, this is the realization of spirit, soul, and body and the ability to preserve the whole of man from the forces projected outside.

It is recognized as Wisdom hews out this Pillar to bring balance by teaching the “law of opposites.”  Both the positive and negative must be experience within the ark of mankind. As truth is declared divine deliverance raises man above the earth plane. The foundation of his deep is broken and the water of cleansing is released to wash his consciousness. Once his consciousness is cleansed, he enters into rest and expresses the 7-Fold Rainbow Covenant of Colors, the circle of glory. I AM GOD’S RAINBOW. I EXPRESS THE 7-SPIRITS OF GOD.


Abraham means father of multitudes. This is the fourth stage of spirit evolution. Abraham signifies the power of the renewed mind to express unlimited ideas and manifestations. However, before this power can be achieved Abram; which means father of heights (lofty, proud ideas) must be transformed to Abraham. This means that the name/nature of God must be realized in oneself through covenant relationship.

As Wisdom hews out this Pillar, she teaches her disciples how to call the invisible things to be into the material plane. Whatever the mind can conceive can be achieved at this stage of development. Those who know Jehovah Jireh easily access the realm of the invisible, from which all of matter comes. The law of prosperity and abundance is revealed to the one that forsakes all.

The strong masculine expressions of fatherhood and discipleship are manifested when the art of patience is learned. The cutting away of the fleshly appetites births a new consciousness of exceedingly great joy and laughter as is seen in Isaac. “A desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

The advancement of spirit at this level brings the relationship with the Creator to a very personal level. Abraham was called a friend of God. I AM FULFILLED. I AM BLESSED.


Moses means drawn from the water. This is the fifth stage of spirit development. This Pillar of Wisdom symbolizes the progression of being drawn out from within.

True evolution of spirit starts with involution. There must be a separation from the busy-ness of being busy. As Wisdom Re-Constructs her house you are led to the west side of the desert to bring closure to the past. The flock of thoughts bleating in your mind is separated in the stillness, and God is realized. “Be still and know that I Am God” becomes a posture and experience.

This is the level of spirit development where the Deliveror-Saviour is manifested out of your being. Your destiny is realized as the Voice thunders out of the burning bush within. Fear and timidity is swallowed up in the love and compassion that constrains you to leave the comfort zone.

Grace, Grace is revealed to fulfill the Divine Law of the Spirit written on your heart.  Meekness becomes the secret of great strength and power.   I AM DISCIPLINED. I AM A DELIVEROR.


David means beloved. This is the sixth stage of spirit development as Wisdom hews out her Pillars. David represents love individualized in the human consciousness.  Love is the fruit of the Spirit; gifts are given, but fruit is grown.

Agape love can only be realized when one is placed in circumstances where everything within the lower consciousness wants to hate. Wisdom has been sent out on a mission to chisel the ruff edges produced by fear and past disappoints. Perfected love on this level will drive out all types of fear and torments.

Out of love comes service, this is the highest position in the kingdom. Service is authority at the highest level when motivated by love. The gifts and callings of the lower realms are all dissolved in love; it breaks the barriers and limitations. Authority produces kingship, this is the anointing to subdue all the abomi-nations that would seek to rise up and challenge authority from the lower realms. The warfare mentality has shifted, you are no longer fighting for something, rather you are fight the good fight of faith to maintain what you already have (who you already are).

God is Love. The love of self is appreciated and important at this stage, thus, creating the proper love for others.  I AM LOVE. I LOVE GOD {MYSELF} AND OTHERS.


Jesus (Yahushua) means savior, salvation. This is the 7th Pillar and the completion of your spirit evolution. Wisdom has built her house.

Jesus (Yahishua) is the last Adam, the first Adam caused death to come to all humanity by partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. However, Jesus (Yahushua) has caused life to come to all humanity by dying on a tree.  The tree of death becomes a tree of life.

The spirit of man has now reached its highest level of renewal to be likened to that of the Son of God. Wisdom has brought forth a son, it is the birthing of salvation consciousness for the whole of man. It is the man-child. The “I” Ego of the Initiate is now swallowed up in the Christ, it is no more “I.”   As the Word (Logos-Thought, Idea, Utterance) became flesh, now your flesh becomes the Word. This is the I AM that I AM within that has overcome the sin consciousness.        I AM THAT, I AM.

“Wisdom has built her house, she has hewed out her seven pillars; She has killed her beast; she has mixed her wine; she has furnished her table.” Proverbs 9

The 7 Feminine Pillars and their counterpart, the 7 Masculine Pillars make up the house that Wisdom builds. There are only 7 Pillars not 14, however, each Pillar has at least two sides. The House is mankind, humanity. The purpose for developing of soul and spirit is to make man whole. The physical dimension can only express that which has been made real in the spirit and soul realm.

Since the Garden of Eden man has had a vain image or imagination. The world that we live in is a projection from the negative duality in the consciousness of man.  Sin, sickness, death, war, famine, false sense of peace, joy, and contentment; all that effects the soul and spirit realm is distorted. Therefore, the lies that we have believed to be real control the physical world.

Wisdom working deep within the consciousness of man is building a new world, it is the real world, no more distortions. She kills her beast, the beast is the lower self-created life that must be sacrificed and surrendered to the all-consuming fire. This is the feast of Tabernacles within where Wisdom summons ALL to come.

“COME! All things are prepared and waiting for you, they have been ready before the foundation of the world. Your eyes are now seeing, your ears are now hearing, your heart is now understanding all that your Creator has prepared for you. It is being revealed by My Spirit. Wisdom is shouting from the highest place of your being, “Come up here”, she says.

How long will you walk in duality, halted between two opinions? Allow the tools of my Word and revelation knowledge to sculpture you into the Image you really are. Pass through the 7-fold expression designed to make you strong and unmovable.”



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