America’s Great Solar Eclipse – Aug. 21, 2017

America’s Great Solar Eclipse – Aug. 21, 2017

Can you handle the truth?

Instead of waiting until the week of the event, I felt led to share this now. There are many things to pray about. Less than 1 month from now America will experience a celestial or astronomical event that has not happened in 99 years. There will be a Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017, about 27 days from now. There will be darkness for nearly 3 minutes – to be exact about the space of 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The Solar Eclipse will start at 8:46 am PST. By 9:05 am PST the Path will cross over Salem, Oregon; as darkness approaches mid-morning. Around 10:18 am PST the New Moon @ 28 degrees in LEO will pass directly in front and completely cover the Sun in the constellation of LEO. This will be the unusual 2nd New Moon of LEO. A month with 2 New Moons, the 2nd one is called the Black Moon. “The Sun will be turned to darkness, black as sackcloth.” Darkness will cover the land from the West Coast to the East Coast of America for the first time in 99 years -6/8/1918. The last time this happened was after America entered World War 1. It is being called the America’s Great Solar Eclipse because it will ONLY be seen across America. Is this just an event that happens every 100 years or more? Or, does this have prophetic meanings?

What most people are not aware of is, this is ONLY Phase 1 of America’s Great Solar Eclipse. Phase 2 will happen April 8, 2024, in just 7 years, instead of 38 years later, as the last time an event similar occurred. (Everything is being Accelerated) The Sun and New Moon will be in ARIES. At that time – April 8, 2024 the path of the Total Solar Eclipse will begin in the Southwest. The path will bring darkness across the Border of Mexico in through East Texas. It will “cut a path” up across the nation to the Northeast through the East Coast (New York, New Hampshire, Maine) and to Canada. This 2-Stage prophetic phenomenon will highlight a specific area of America, making an “X” over it. The highlighted intersection, focal point, or cross-hairs is ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. (Also, there will be a Lunar Eclipse – August 7, 2017 with the Full Moon in Aquarius.)

Jesus and the prophets told us to watch for the signs in the heavens. Unfortunately, the modern version of Christianity encourages the followers to ignore them and ignorantly says, it is Satanic.

Astronomical signs in the heavens are happening frequently, however, when one interprets or read the sign languages; it is called astrology. Don’t worry, it is just one of the prophetic sciences the modern Church has abandoned. Strangely, religious people are afraid of the word, “astrology.” Signs are meant to be read, they are marking or pointing toward something or an event. (This particular reading is based on the Solar Eclipse and many other astronomical events that will be happening around that time. We don’t have time to list each and will only give relevant highlights of what the heavens declare (prophesy).

“And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years.” Genesis 1:14

“And I will show signs in the heavens.” Joel 2:30

“In those days the sun shall be darkened (solar eclipses), and the moon (lunar eclipses) shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven (meteor showers-comets-asteroids), and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” Matt 24:29

“The heavens declare (records, tell, foretell, set forth in numbers) the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiworks (operations). Day unto day utters (gushes, pours forth abundantly) speech, and night unto night shows knowledge. In every nation and language their voice is heard.” Psalms 19:1-3

Are Eclipses unusual? No. There is an average of 2 Solar Eclipses every year, and four types of eclipse, all occurring during the New Moon phase of the Moon’s cycle, when it passes between the Earth and the Sun. You can only have a Lunar Eclipse on a Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse on a New Moon. So we see that eclipses are not unusual, however, they ALL have prophetic meanings for those who understand “sign language” and can read it. Nevertheless, there are some signs in the heavens more profound or relevant than others…it is these signs that interest me the most. I will only graze over a few points the heavens are shouting in this message.

It is July 24 on our Gregorian Calendar- on the Bible Calendar it is Av the 1st (Av is the name of the 5th month) – Rosh Chodesh (New Moon). In ancient Israel the Hebrews blew the Shofar to announce and celebrate the New Moon each month. The beginning of the month was defined by a New Moon and yet is today. The Calendar of the Bible and other Semitic people is based on the cycles of the Moon. The Calendar of the gentiles was/is based on the Sun, because they were Sun or Sun-day worshipers. When America’s Great Solar Eclipse takes place it will be the end of the month 5th month Av, here on this side of the planet, but toward the beginning of Elul (6th month) on the other side of the planet in Palestine- based on time zones. Why is that important?

Each year Eye write, post or speak about the month of Elul, which is the 6th month on the Hebrew biblical Calendar. It is the month of Preparation & REPENTANCE!! There is a 40 day period given for Repentance or what is called Judgment must come. The Bible gives us specific prophetic clues to determine how God works to determine the “times and seasons” we are in, so we can know what to do. Judgement should not always be seen as something ‘negative.’ It only means “correction,” things or events that help us make better choices and change our minds. “The sons of Issachar knew the times and seasons and what Israel should do.”

Here are a few clues/examples:

1) Elul 1 – Moses ascended up Mt Sinai to get the 2nd set of 10 Commandments, after breaking the 1st set. He interceded for the people. 40 days later, he descended on Yom Kippur the 10th day of Tishri (7th month) with the tablets. Grace and mercy released through his repentance and intercession on behalf of the people prevented judgment in the form of destruction.

2) Jonah started prophesying against Ninevah on Elul 1, that in 40 days you will be wiped out if you don’t Repent. They wholly repented. The King called an Emergency Fast (no food or water) for everyone – even the animals fasted, for 3 days and night. What were the results?? 120,000 people were spared/saved. (That’s Revival!) Was it Jonah’s preaching/prophesying alone that caused them to repent? No. Was it because he was bleached white-skinned from the whale’s stomach acid that scared them. I am sure that was part of it, since the people of that region were mostly black and brown skinned. The Assyrians were descendants of Ham, Cush, Nimrod, Asshur (Assyria) Genesis 10:6-11. But it was something more than the bleached white-skinned man being ejected from a great fish (one of their deity’s) that had Ninevah already trembling. It was a Total Solar Eclipse that had taken place over Assyria in 763 BC before Jonah arrived. It is yet called the most famous Total Solar Eclipse in history- the Path of it went right through Ninevah, modern day Mosul, Iraq. It lasted for 5 long minutes. Many plagues did followed, but the people were as a whole spared. They understood the language of the heavens and repented when Jonah preached. Assyria’s Historic Famous Solar Eclipse also Wikipedia Records the Assyrian Total Eclipse

3) John the Baptist started preaching Elul 1 – “Prepare the way, repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Elul the 6th month is the month of Preparation/Repentance-the Hebrews understood that message) Many repented and were baptized – Jesus fasted 40 days and night, afterwards, he entered the synagogue declaring, “The Spirit of Yahweh Elohim is upon me to heal, deliver, etc.” However, 40 years later the city was destroyed by the Romans and the Hebrew fled, mostly back to Africa – 70 AD.

To further help you to understand “prophetic times,” you must be able to understand the biblical Calendar of the ancient Hebrew people – Leviticus 23. Whenever you have major or any celestial/astronomical events falling on or within a day or so of high feast days, New Moons, connecting days between a series of biblical holidays or historic days of major events – God is speaking loudly on many levels.


Prayer can change things or delay event…however, at some point, we must look into the mirror. We are only interpreting the sign language of the heavens – this does have to become your personal reality.

1) America’s Great Total Solar Eclipse is a sign for America to REPENT. It is a warning that within 40 days from August 21, 2017 – The ShiFt will began to hit the fan hard. This brings us to Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement-Judgment Day) – September 30, 2017. These are very important “Watch & Prayer” dates. What is called “judgment” can be something very powerful and positive, turning hearts to the Almighty and helping us learn to love.

[Can you handle the prophetic truth? Most Christian Americans will go through the motions and speech of repentance, but their conservative hearts are far from it. They will continue to make excuses for and cover up evil, corruption, deceit, greed and close their eyes to injustices; while singing, “Nearer My god To Thee.” Most will continue trying to prop up evil with their earth-bound prayers based in self-righteousness, greed and pride. The repentance from the few will not be enough to tip the scales of Libra (7th month) from the false balance of corruption and abomination in high places.]

2) On or about August 23, 2017 (during that week) – Trump’s action or speech/tweet will set off a reaction for a possible international event. There will be shock around the world (I mean more than what he’s already done for 6 months almost daily). Whatever this is, it will be considered Aggressive. This might be another effort to divert attention from the crimes of he and his administration (family). —Pray to change this.

(Trump/threatened North Korea with a fiery Nuclear Attack like the world has not ever seen before. This threat reverberated around the globe, affecting Stock Markets and causing world leaders to admonish Trump to stop making such threats. Here is my point: Either I misread the energetic dates and was off by 2 weeks, OR, Trump psychological condition is accelerating-causing him to fulfill prophecy ahead of schedule, Or, there is something worse to be done or said around the week of August 23. I fear it is the last scenario. PRAYER CAN CHANGE THIS.) TRUMP THREATEN NORTH KOREAN WITH NUCLEAR WAR



(What will eventually happen to the installed Administration of America’s Evangelical hero? I WILL OVERTURN, OVERTURN, OVERTURN

3) Due to LEO being a fire sign, masculine energy, ruled by the Sun a fire sign and Mars element fire entering LEO July 22 – Things will become more hectic over the next months. (Sean Spicer replacement with Anthony Scaramucci @ the White House as the Sun moved from Cancer to Leo was very strategic-as the heist of the century continue to unfold in broad daylight. We are dealing with multiple Mafia Networks controlling our government- Israeli, Russian, and Italian) Masculine energy overload, plus, the Eclipse is happening on top of the main star in LEO, called Regulus. Regulus is the ‘royal star’ that’s assigned to the Lion of Judah. However, the out of balance masculine energy in the earth today, not coupled with Feminine (Holy Spirit) or Venus energy creates problems for arrogant men with money and power. They think they are above the law, untouchable.
a) The Psychopaths that run the world will be pressing hard to take WW3 plans to the next level. Extremely high numbers of war/terror death over the next 3 months. Satanyahu of Israel is planning something big and bloody between September – October 15. (Pray against this)
b) Rulers, Presidents, Leaders can easily become autocrats or DICK-tators during this season. As a sign of this masculine energy overload: There will be a renewed Attack on Women in the Media and elsewhere. This celestial energy is a recipe for misogyny and disrespect for females, when men are out of balance.
c) Increased Attacks on Women/Domestic Violence – Public Humiliation, Rape, Murders, etc. over the next few months.
d) Sun in LEO with Mars will be exposing deep angers, fears, frustrations and tendencies for violence.
(Keep in mind, Eye am only reading the energetic manifestation – this does not have to become your reality -Prayer can subdue this)

** Eye see an Earthquake around 7 on Richter Scale – feels like the West Coast.
** A new cycle of Major Earthquakes will begin even before the Eclipse as a precursor of the more frequent activity coming to North America and the planet. Phase 2 of the Great America Eclipse in 2024 “cuts” up the path of the San Madrid Fault line that has the potential to separate East Texas and every state north and East of it to become a large Peninsula of States, and or Islands of States.
The Phase 2 Eclipse sign is telling America to Repent and heal the Division (hatred, racism, injustice) or the nation will literal be Split by an Earthquake – Divided into multiple sections of states. The outer world of mass consciousness must eventually reflect the thoughts within.

(This first image shows the Path of the Solar Eclipses 2017-coming from the Northwest across the nation. Phase 2- Coming from the Southwest intersecting St Louis, Missouri)


(This image show the after effects of a large Earthquake on New Madrid Fault-the nation would be divided. Notice the 2024 Eclipse Path seems to trace right up the New Madrid Fault line – We are not saying that’s when this will happen)

new madrid

** This August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse is pointing toward major Civil Unrest in this nation. Bloodshed, Violence bordering on all out war within our nation.
** The final ingredients for a Civil War or Race War are being mixed between August 2017 – April 2018. (Pray against this)
** Major Riots – Revolts – Protest
** Eye see a large number of people killed in an Explosive situation (could be cause electrical fire or terrorism-possibly 2 separate incidents)
—-The Probability For A Soon Event Is High (PRAY) – Man Arrested by FBI Agents After Allegedly Planning To Bomb Building In Downtown Oklahoma City
—-I Believe Intercession Prevented More Fatalities – SCHOOL EXPLODES IN MINNESOTA- FATALITIES, MANY INJURED = 8/2/17
** Ferguson, Missouri (St. Louis) has not been pacified and is not even asleep.
** The energetic effects of this Total Solar Eclipse will carry over into Purim 2018 – late February.
** During World War 1 June 8, 1918 – an almost identical Solar Eclipse as of August 21, 2017 came across the USA.
** America must look into the mirror and REDEFINE Herself or be Redefined.


July 23, the New Moon was 0 degrees in Leo, sort of unusual. Eye hear the Spirit saying, “We must start over again – return to our first love for spirituality. Get rid of the hero/ego complex (me-me) and humble yourself to become the zero. For those who will hear the language of the heavens.
** This is a season for New Beginnings
** Don’t be afraid to make Big Bold Moves. There is a lot of Fire (motivation) in the heavens over the next month to change your story.
** LEO is stirring up the passions of the heart- Relationships. You must decide which relationships are good or healthy for you during this season or you will repeat the old cycles. (Avoid people with short fuses during this period; especially men that you know aint right in the head-don’t aggravate them)
** Everything will become more intense coming closer to August 21 – Stay centered in your Christ consciousness. Spend time in prayer, meditation and fasting before the week of this event.
** Extreme Changes
** Embrace full confidence – Step into leadership roles, business, ministry, new careers, politics. The Eclipse is happening over Regulus. You are a Royal Priesthood (King Priest). Step into the Order of Melchizedek – Promotion & Favor is in the air. Receive it!
** Deal with old matters of the heart – once and for all, find closure and move on.
** Cutting off negative cycles (karma)
** This is a time to Redefine yourself. If you are a LEO, you might be considering changing your hairstyle or have just recently done it. (Eye see that confirming smile on your face).

******************** ****************************** ****************

** Those of you that understand “spiritual warfare.” August 21 is one of the most, if not the most Explosive/Anointed days of the year to launch Prophetic Decrees/Declaration – You will be working with the energies of the Black Moon, Mars, Total Solar Eclipse, Leo and Regulus. Fire! Fire! Fire! If I were you, I’d spend that day fasting, write out your request, and call them into being. – A day of Prophetic Declarations.


These are only suggestions for those who may be interested or have experience this before: Just to enhance your spirituality and spiritual gifts, get started practicing Sun-gazing- About an hour before sunset and after sunrise. No more than 5-10 seconds at a time for several minutes daily. By the time of August 21, you will be able to Sun-gaze the Eclipse- absorbing the energies of the heavens and further activating your Pineal Gland. (Eye fully gazed the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 – I became so energized I could hardly sleep for 2 days.) “But unto you that reverence my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings (rays-flares); and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. Malachi 4:2

What an awesome time to be alive to show forth the glory of God!! What an awesome time to be alive and witness the Solar Eclipse of the century in America and be the change that brings light, as darkness moves across the land.

“And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever”. Daniel 12:3


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    • Thank you. Blessings

  2. I live in Oregon and will get to see the eclipse I’m not excited that there will be thousands of travelers coming here. Blessings to you to and your conference.

    • Enjoy it! Thanks.


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