Canadian Conference Update

Canadian Conference Update

Shout out to all my Brosky’s in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  In early March, during our New Years Overcomers Conference in Minneapolis, MN, we ordained Joshua & Delores Stevenson as Senior Pastors in the Regina Church – Awakening Grace & Truth Ministries.  Joshua and Delores told me they wanted me to come up by summer.  I replied, “Do you know what you are getting into?  Persecution will come to you, things will get stirred up.”  They were not moved by the warning and insisted on scheduling a conference.  Thanks for your courage and boldness.

The theme of the conference was, “Age of Fullness.”  Shortly after it was publicly announced of my coming, things started to shake…religious spirits started to manifest…others felt they had to compete by scheduling special meetings on the same dates.  Fear of being challenged to think new thoughts.  Fear of having to give up traditional doctrines that have become idols and safety zones.  Fear of giving up Control is what keeps so many ministers/Pastors bound and spiritually immature.

Truth will set you free, but before it does, it definitely will piss you off.   : )

We had an awesome conference – Eye spoke in (5) meetings, between Friday night and Sunday night. From the very first night Spirit made it clear that these gatherings were ordained of God.  Father confirmed His word with signs, testimonies of miracles, and people receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.   The Living Revealed Word and unrestrained worship created such an excitement and momentum amongst everyone.

I was joined by Linda Pankretz from Oregon, a fellow Kingdom laborer who does lots of ministry in the Jails & Correctional Institutions in Oregon – She helped out around the altar (personal ministry)and ministered in dances.  She also shared her testimony of coming out of atheism, then traditional religion, finally to Truth.  She decided to stay on for several weeks in Canada conducting Bible Studies and traveling to other gatherings we are connected with up there.

I was also joined by one of my unhinged spiritual sons in the gospel, Fabian Barbosa, ex-Logan Heights Gangster from San Diego, CA – Both young and old were blessed by his testimony and sharing of the word.  I initially met him at  Feast of Tabernacles Conference 2012 in San Diego, CA, when he was just newly awaken.  I did not know him, but the word of the Lord came to him through me confirming many things and foretold of God’s plan for him to preach the word to the nations.  He has been on fire  to proclaim the Kingdom of God since 2012.

One of the young brothers that recently started to attend Awakening Grace & Truth had a dream before we came.  He only knew I was coming and remembered me from when he was a teen and pre-teen.  His dream was about (3) people coming and how some changes would take place in his life spiritually.  That dream came to pass, he was very excited.  It is so wonderful when Spirit reveals and confirms.

It was great to reconnect with many that God used me to bring into a Passover (Salvation), Pentecost (Holy Ghost) experience and water baptism many years ago…the fruit is yet remaining.  Some drove from Ontario and Manitoba just for the purpose of reconnecting and receiving more (Tabernacles).  You are greatly appreciated.

Blessings upon all those of the household of faith in Regina and all those who were moved by the Spirit and Word.  We want to commend George & Rhonda Bird for standing strong in proclaiming this gospel of the Kingdom in the remote northern regions, Joshua & Delores Stevenson for deciding to destroy the box and step into this Age of Fullness.  Love you all.  Thank you all for an awesome experience.

I will now end this with (3) words for Regina, Saskatchewan:

Order of Melchizedek








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