Discerning the Times

Discerning the Times

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding (discernment, knowledge) of the times (seasons, prophetic times), to know (perception, discernment) what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.” 1 Chronicles 12:32

The Sun is moving very quickly through the heavens and in 4 days it will be rising in Pisces. We are on the cusp of a Major Shift on the planet that will make things more Intense, as we are forced to deal with life, because it will be in our/your face. You will see things continue to intensify globally as everything is already accelerating. As you see the acceleration of things in the natural (world events, political arena), know that there is also an acceleration of things in the spirit and Kingdom of God.

We are moving into another season and the seasons and times of the day we have come to shall be short. No longer will you see long seasons of events and situations in your personal life (illnesses, disappointments, major disruptions in relationships, and lack), the seasons shall come and go.

This season or shift in consciousness officially begins when the Sun moves into Pisces (February 19) and will last through the end of Taurus, until early June. World events are heating up and shall come to a boiling point. The pressure is on and everything in this season must be shaken.


(You’ll have to think outside the box for this and be able to connect this to Genesis chapter 6:1-6)

What you are seeing is drama being played out between ancient fallen bloodlines, two ruling bloodlines that don’t originate here. The in-fighting of these bloodlines are manifesting in our current political reality. The world leaders are controlled by the offspring of these fallen entities that rule from another dimension. For eons they have fought their proxy wars through humans on this planet, just as Earth superpowers fight proxy wars (ie Russia backs Syria/Iran – US backs Israel/ISIS). They are building up to full-blown WW3.

One of the bloodlines is extremely psychotic and wants to destroy much of humanity to usher in a New World Order, and enslave the remaining part of humanity. The other bloodline is also somewhat psychotic, but not as malevolent toward humanity, but desires a New World Order. The world leaders are controlled by demon overlords currently lock away in the 4th dimension, but working through them. Their connection to them is their bloodlines that can be traced to ancient royals, descendants of the Nephilim. Until God’s Kingdom is completely manifested in our reality, we are stuck with having to deal with the “gods of this world” as Apostle Paul referred to them. These are bloodline controlled leaders who are mild to extreme psychopaths. Most government around the world are made up of basically (2) Political Parties, originating with the (2) bloodlines that have ruled the planet. The fight goes way beyond what you think of as Republican and Democrat, it’s an age old family feud over the planet. Unfortunately, many of those who should be able to discern the times and understand don’t.

Meanwhile, the growing Liar’s Club of the extreme psychopaths bloodline at the President Steve Bannon-Trump White House (Lie Lie Land) is being systematically dismantled, exposed and will be Overturned, Overturned, Overturned. The nauseating unReality Show of daily embarrassments, confusion and egregious lies must come to an end. The month of March should be very interesting. As the pressure increases, I would not be surprised if physical fights break out…Watch for the leaks.

“You have become a laughing stock among the nations, as they shake their head in disbelief.”< Psalms 44:14

Trump’s soon coming meltdown and 360 degree change of mind on some issues will cause even world leaders to demand he be removed and declared mentally unfit. Will it happen? We shall see. The problem is not just Trump, a Pence, or Ryan replacement would not be much better.


You have heard many empty promises made by Trump of what the economy would be like when he is elected. Other miss-assigned prophetic words to Trump of a Kim Clement prophecy have been believed to be about him, not realizing they were fulfilled over the past 8 years. Nevertheless, those un-discerning Believers are expecting an immediate economic boom under the Bannon-Trump Administration. But Eye say unto you, the opposite shall be.

As the Sun appears to move in a backward motion to rise in Pisces, so shall the Market begin to move backwards. A downward spiral of the economy that shall affect the world will soon began to be evident over the next 3 months, as the Sun moves through Pisces-Aries-Taurus.

This shall be the next stage of the beginning of what Financial Experts and Media shall call “a continuous crashing” of the economy that will be worse that 2008.

Eye see Interest Rates and Mortgage Rates rising, rising, rising and by the end of the year 2017 into early 2018…the nation will yet be experiencing Economic Shock.

Eye see things purposely being set in place by this present Administration to create a Shock & Awe Effect.

[For those who trust in the Almighty, the challenges will only create the opportunity for a closer relationship with Him. Furthermore, prosperity and abundance will be found by those who sincerely seek God; despite the teetering world situation.]


January 10, 2017 – I shared a vision Eye had about the season the Sun would be moving into Pisces-Taurus. From the end of February to the month of March was highlighted for the most successful time for these events. However, for this season, that energy will last until May. We have been praying about this.

(7 days before the San Bernadino Massacre, EYE announced it and told who would be blamed for it. Here’s an excerpt written 11/24/15 – the attack took place 12/1/15: “Eye see…falsely blame terrorist attack, orchestrated by non-Muslims…They have tried many False Flag Events involving Mass Murder disguised as Islamic Terrorism, but have been prevented. However, Soon One Will Go Through. The purpose is to create more hate and FEAR…” SATURN’S INFLUENCE


The purpose for sharing that reminder is to warn you of what they are planning again and it will be blamed on Muslims and made to look like radical Islamic terrorists. Eye feel the same energy as then developing. There are actually multiple attacks being plan and one is scheduled for very soon.

Eye heard them planning something big and debating if it should be on the scale of the 911 Event or larger. These are not Islamic terrorists, these are people in your government. (Prayer can change this or greatly soften the impact).

There are other, non-government sponsored attacks being planned by Bannon-Trump followers…stupid people who want to be seen as heroes.


WHEN THE SHIfT HITS THE FAN. The Negative Energy for Disaster, Destruction and Major Loss of lives will reach its 2nd peak during these days above, as the Sun moves 20 degrees into Pisces. The list of dates below are other spikes in energy during this season. The energy usually manifest in Extreme conditions (weather, natural disasters, extreme violence, extreme political moves, etc) These are dates to Watch & Pray about. Events happening on these dates have the potential to be most impactful in their affects on humans, human consciousness and the planet.

Earthquakes, Volcano, Water Events, Air Crash, Terrorist Attack, War, Major Politic moves/upheaval, Major Economic Shaking




MARCH 19-23
APRIL 18-21
MAY 11-13
MAY 19-21

These are not the ONLY dates major world and national negative events could happen. For those who are called to be Watchers, Intercessors and understand the power of it, join us in prayer around these specific dates. We have demonstrated over the years how prophesied events can be changed. Energy can be moved, displaced, reprogrammed; planned events can fail, be uncovered or softened.

This is the Year of the Cock, the cock is crowing, but many choose to put in earplugs and remain asleep. Some of you might remember several years ago I posted a Prophetic Calendar. The Prophetic Calendar covered each month of the year, a year in advance with dates that major events, disasters and destruction would be taking place in this country and globally. Those were subtle shift dates, on each of those dates or series of dates posted, we documented the fulfilled events.

The dates Eye have given you above can be used in a power prophetic way. Energy will be released to assist in Shifting our consciousness. Those who love Truth and Light will experience progressive higher levels of consciousness. Those who enjoy lies and deceptions will shift into deeper levels of deception and delusions. Mark them on your Calendar, understand the times and seasons can affect you in very positive ways. For you and your house, expect:

Miracles, Promotions, Healing, Opportunity, Unexpected Exciting Phone Calls, Release of blessings, Ministry Opportunities, Business Venture, Letter in the Mail, Settlement, Court Ruling in your Favor, etc.



Here is an excerpt from a Prophetic Word/Vision given November 6, 2015 about a Dam Breaking. On the day Eye saw this vision, (2) Dams did break, but I did not feel they were the one Eye felt in the US: Post in Astro Prophecy

EYE See – A Dam Breaking causing great flooding and loss

11/6/15 – 2 DAMS BREAK IN BRAZIL – http://news.yahoo.com/photos/two-dams-burst-at-brazil-iron-mine-1446841140-slideshow/two-dams-burst-at-brazil-iron-mine-photo-1446841117332.html – (These Dams burst on the day Eye saw Dams bursting, but I don’t believe these are the ones Eye saw)

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  1. Praise the Lord soon as I seen the dates put them in my calendar fast and pray to manifest the will of God and to assist to manifest and send forth light of the most high where it’s needed shabbat shalom

    Sir F


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