Discovering HU

Discovering HU

Discovering HU was initially experienced and written October 4, 2013.  However, yesterday I had another encounter with HU similar to my initial encounter, as Presence manifested and filled my space.  Eye felt to bring this from the old website page and share it again here.  Experience this powerful inspired poem & message during the New Moon of Gemini, which happens to be the New Moon of Ramadan.

It was several days ago, my little office was filled with Presence, as I meditated on and chanted “HU.”

In my spiritual drunkenness, I rose twirling,        

Intoxicated with His divine love, swaying and whirling-      

To the beat of the eastern Drum, Sitar and the Ney (reed flute)…     

 Absorbing the glory of Yahuweh.

Seemingly taken to another time, another place;        

Ascending in consciousness…each dance step filled with grace.     

My senses overwhelmed with thoughts of HU, Tthe Nameless One forever true.

Searching for truth, one will surely find –

And knowledge will be released from the unlimited Mind.   

One of the oldest names for the Being we call God is “HU.”    

He was called so by the Egyptians, Indians, Hebrews, Native Americans, Tibetans and Celtic too.

HU (who), the living Word breathed out and spoken,  

Creating the universes and transforming the broken. 

 HU, He who was, is and shall be.    

 HU, the One rising up in you and me.

John Lewis


It was just before the internet, or rather before I was aware of it or had it; I began to prepare a message called, “In Search of the Christ.”  It was a bit controversial for our very diverse Home Fellowship/Mystery School that was just developing.

As I sat in the library in Seattle preparing to do some research, my mind went back to an experience several years prior, when I lived in Saskatchewan. I had gone shopping for spices and other things at the Indian store, the owners from India, practiced Hinduism. That day for the first time, I noticed the large pictures and paintings on the wall. The one that really got my attention was a painting of a man dressed in red, riding on a white horse with a sword. I was immediately reminded of Jesus coming on a white horse with a sword protruding out of his mouth, according to Revelation 19.

What was intended to be a short shopping trip to pick up a few things to prepare my meal, turn into at least a few hours of fellowship. My prior religious training had warned me to stay away from people of another faith, except to try to convert them. I told the shop owner that the large picture reminded me of Revelation 19 and that many of the other paintings were straight out of the book of Revelation.

He explained that the Rider of the white horse was Kalki, the avatar (half god, half man). In their holy book, the Vedas (knowledge), Kalki is coming to cleanse the world of filth and evil at the end of the age. I had to humble myself and have a quick paradigm shift in order to receive the words of my Hindu brother/elder, that told me what each painting meant. He also listened intently, as I quoted from the Bible what they meant. Hinduism is about 5000 years old, Christianity is 2000 years old, but the overall messages were the same, only the names of the main characters were different.

As I searched through encyclopedias at the library, looking for common threads to make sense of why there are some many religions, I found some. Of course, had I been looking for things to disagree with, I would have found that also. I came to realize, that One Voice had been speaking throughout the ages, but the message had been distorted, misinterpreted and in some cases purposely changed. Nevertheless, the truth of that Voice could be heard, by those who had ears and wanted to hear.

My message that I received and develop for our Mystery School teaching was based on John the Baptist questions he sent his disciples to ask Jesus. “Are you the Christ, or shall we keeping on looking for another.” We are not looking for another Christ, however, we want to recognize and honor His Presence in all.


In western Christianity, many seem to think that God only spoke Hebrew, thus, if the sacred text or names are not from Hebrew, it can’t be from God. Or, that it must be another God. Did Abraham speak Hebrew? No. He most likely spoke Cushitic Akkadian and the Sumerian language. These were some of the major languages spoken in ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia), Eastern Africa and the surrounding regions. The Hebrew language was much later and written Hebrew was not developed until about 1000 years before Christ.

It was early morning Sunday or Monday that I was moved upon to study ancient names of God. In the Bible we are given many names for God. Abraham had many encounters and met the Elohim Company during the many stages of his life. For example, he met him as El Elyon (God the Highest), El Shaddai (Almighty God), and Jehovah Jireh (LORD my Provider).

As I studied, I found an older name used for the One that transcends any Name that can be given to Him. It was “HU.”  As I chanted the name HU to the beat of the music playing in my background, I was immediately intoxicated with Spirit. I knew I had to go deeper to find out about HU. To my surprise, this is what I discovered –

EGYPT– HU means and is the power of the spoken word. He personifies the authority of utterance. So it is said that HU is the Word of God. HU is the Creator God. It was believed by these ancient Africans that His first breath and sound was “HU.”   The face of the Sphinx was created to depict what the Word of God looked like. HU was called the Protector of man.

SUFI – In Sufism HU or Huwa is the pronoun used with Allah (Arabic word for God), and is used as a name of God. Allah HU means “God, Just He. There is no reality, except God“, or in Arabic –  La Ilaha Ila HUwa meaning “There is no God but He.”   Sufism is the mystical side of Islam (Muslim religion), that accepts All Truth. HU in Arabic means HE.

HOPI & ZUNI Nations – Native American Indian dance rituals to HU, also known as HUhuwa and Tithuis is the Kachina.  Kachina is the life force that fills the universe. There is a sacred dance, called the HU dance. These dances are often performed in underground ceremonial rooms which are only opened for the HU dance.

HEBREWS– Adir HU is a hymn that’s sang by the Jews during Passover. Adir HU = God is Mighty or Mighty is He. The sacred name Yahweh is often written YaHUweh and Yahshua (Jesus) is written YaHUsHUah.  (This is very similar to the Hopi and Zuni name Huhuwa) In the most sacred unpronounceable name of God, there are (2) “H” YHWH.

AMERICAN RELIGION – Eckankar is a USA religion founded in 1965 based on the Light & Sound of God. They address the Creator as HU. Eckankar means Co-worker with God. Eckankar religion emphasizes worship, spending at least 20 minutes singing or chanting the HU. (Wikipedia)

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the word “God” can be derived from the Sanskrit word “HU”.

From The Flaming Door: Mission of the Celtic Fold Soul by Eleanor C. Merry, 1936

CELTIC “And that which came to meet the soul (as light and sound come to meet our outer eyes and ears) was called HU, the spiritual world.” (p. 137)

“The God HU was the all-ruling Divinity of Western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and the glory of the spiritual world.” (p. 153)

“The Mysteries of HU revealed the other pole of human life: the ascent out of the body into the ‘glorified’ state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual world.” (p. 153)

“And HU could bring music to the consciousness of waking man and teach it to him, because he himself could hear in sleep the harmonies of the spheres, and his passage from waking to sleeping to waking was unbroken by any obliteration of consciousness. This was always the summit of initiation experience.” (p. 165)

TIBET – The cosmology which is attached to this is surely very old, and is throughout constructed on a dualist basis. From the breath which streamed out of the Creator there emerged two syllables HU HU, and progressively, the entire universe.  Tibetan Religion

From The Book of Druidry – by Ross Nichols

DRUID RELIGION – “HU or Heu’c’, who is also Hu Gadarn and Hesus or Esus. The Heu’c sound seems to identify with the name or sound for spirit, identified with breath, very general and coming from very far in time and space.” (p. 124)

“HU or He was the seed or essence, the form of deity that like little Gwion is transformed from least to greatest: HU, the unpronounced either with a light i-sound as he or heu’h, is the creative word, the seed of fire, the first sound.” (p. 128)

Ancient Africans, Asians, Europeans and First Nation Americans all called Him who was, is and shall be, “HU.”


The Great Spirit, God, Jesus, HU,  knew that English would be the predominate language for the 21 century when all the mysteries would be revealed. Therefore, he hid the mystery of mankind within the language, just in case we rejected the holy books.

HU-MAN –  HU, the first breath of creation, the creative word, the seed of fire; breathed into man the HU and he became a living soul. He became a HU-MAN; Spirit, Breath Man, God-Man.

We must no longer identify with the old English word “Hew” meaning to chop or cut down. We are not a “cut down” or “fallen” man – specie. We are HUMAN, God-Man; Avatars. We are the Word made flesh. “I have said, ‘You are Gods'”.

Look at this verse, from the Vedas written in Sanskrit (East Indian language), thousands of years ago – before the birth of Jesus the Christ.

“In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman. “- Vedas [Brahman is a name of God, the unchanging One that can not be defined; Reality].

Now lets look at what was recorded 2000 years ago in Apostle John’s  Gospel of the New Testament.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” –  John chapter 1

No one has a monopoly on the Being we call God or Jesus.  HU has always been and will be and can not be labeled by a religion’s name or denomination.

No word can ever contain the infinitude Presence once the consciousness arises, after this volcanic experience… If someone ask what has happened to you, simply tell them or sing to them, “HUuuuuuu.

Many years ago I was introduced to or found a 13th century Mystic, he happens to be my favorite. His writings are very deep, his name is Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, better known as RUMI. Enjoy and experience Rumi poems spoken and set to music. Be taken there, to HU within, whirling in ecstasy.  Listen multiple times for a greater impact.

HU the Zikr (Remembrance of God)

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