Do You Believe In Time Travel?

Do You Believe In Time Travel?

Time-travel,   the action of traveling through time into the past or the future.   All things are possible to those who believe.  Eye believe in time-travel and believe Eye have experienced it in part.  In September year 2010, Eye was taken on a  journey several places that ended up in year 2055.  (One of the possible reasons Eye was taken to year 2055 was to show me that humanity would survive all the apocalyptic events that were expected in 2012-13.)   Due to the intensity of the experience and what was given to me, Eye am almost sure Eye was physically taken.  Many things were shared with me by those who took me.  Some of the things Eye have shared over the years in these writings, as Eye was allowed to.  One of the things given to me was a Calendar of 2011 with specific dates that events (disasters) would be happening in the material world that would reflect shifts in consciousness on the planet and the planet itself.  On each of those dates given throughout the year for each month,  major events took place as Eye was told.

Eye was only gone for a night, early the following morning Eye felt myself materializing into my bed, that’s the only way Eye can describe the sensation.  It was like slow motion awakening and feeling various parts of my body sinking onto the bed, as if being gently placed there.  Eye immediately got up, a bit confused and very emotional.   Eye began to write down much of what Eye hear, saw and experienced.  Spirit brought back to my memory clearly the Calendar that was shown to me for the following year.  The only disappointing part of the experience was, Eye was in a city that did not look familiar at all.  It was very modern and clean, but Eye could not find anyone Eye knew.    Those who brought me there, seeing my disappointment took me back to the Inner Earth, where my journey first started.  

Eye believe that we all time-travel and that we are time travelers.  We are multi-dimensional beings existing in many realms at the same time.  Your physical version of yourself can be taken into the past or future at a moments notice and return within what appears as that same moment.  Perhaps when the conscious version of us  catches up with our higher transcended self or the Christ-self, which is complete (perfected-whole),  we will fully understand how easy time-travel is.  Furthermore, all the fragmented version will possibly be reconciled in one.   Could your “de ja vu” experiences be proof of a form of time-travel?  Could time only be an illusion of this construct?



Here is a fascinating story about time-travel.  Many years ago I was researching Al Bielek and the US secret Montauk Project.  I am persuaded that whatever humans can invent or do, can also be done by what we call the Spirit.




Al Bielek discusses what he remembers from his 6 weeks spent in the year 2137 and 2 years he spent in 2749.  One thing that I should stress is that many of the events he described as having happened, is happening now in our present time. The New World Order takeover and devastating climate change to name a few.
The Montauk Project was a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel. Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment.
Al describes what he remembers after he jumped off the U.S.S. Eldridge on  August 13th 1943 – Date of the Philadelphia Experiment.
  • He found himself with his brother, Duncan Cameron, in a hospital of the future for 6 weeks, recovering from radiation injuries.
  • The medical system of that future used vibrational and light treatments.
  • The TV programs were educational and news programs.



Here is a link to a bit more of my 2010 experience mentioned in the beginning of this article:

May you have frequent journeys in 2015.


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  1. My grandmother,mother and other relatives did this frequently….they would travel to far away places…they called it traveling in the spirit…..I remember my mother particularly,during her last year on earth would tell me of her adventures back to where she grew up….and tell me what she saw there and who she visited…all this while she was physically present in her home and on her bed…..she never told me how she did this though…and I thought this was too spooky to want to know….yet it was like second nature to her…….yes I know that time travel is possible……it beats me how.


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