Dragon In The Matrix – Part 7

Dragon In The Matrix – Part 7

“I will open my mouth… I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 13:35

(For a clearer understanding of what we are sharing, scroll to the end of the article for previous messages in this Dragon series Parts 1- 6)

I think most of you are familiar with the movie, “The Matrix.” It yet remains one of my favorite films (trilogy) of all times, if not my favorite. For those of you who may be new to our work, we often show how Hollywood uses Predictive Programming in movies. The Matrix story-line goes somewhat like this: Humanity was on the verge of becoming free and the matrix that had controlled humans was about to be destroyed. Ancient systems of control don’t give up easily and there is always heavy sacrifice and loss of life; when humans protest successfully against the system. In the film, an awakening was taking place, accurately describing what’s happening on the planet now. I am sure that if asked, who was the most important character in the movie, most would say, NEO. Neo was a Messiah figure that was awakened to save the world and he was also very important.

In the second installment, “Matrix Reloaded,” it is revealed which character was most important. This is not to take anything from Neo’s role, but it is a powerful lesson and ancient principle that rings truth for today. The world system (matrix) is crumbling before our eyes. Look here in our nation. People expected their favorite Liar that they voted for to save them and be different. Thus far, in his short tenure, he’s turned out to be the worst and most corrupt of all recent presidents. Economically, they are creating numbers on the computer screen to give the appearance of prosperity. This is all based on deception, the matrix is unraveling.

Humanity is waking up, there’s a global paradigm shift taking place and soon all humanity will be free. But as in legendary times and in the forgotten scripts of the ancient, something has to precede and assist with the awakening. Every continent and culture testify of this, as we have shown in this Dragon series. From Pre-Adam time to Genesis chapter 3. Even more recent than Genesis 3 are stories and legends.

In the second and third installment of the Matrix Trilogy, a character is introduced by the name SERAPH (seraphim – fiery flying dragon). When Neo first sees him, he sees him in his coded form as fire (seraph=burning). Seraph is an exile program that had once served the Merovingian (Satan – Illuninati – negative program). While speaking French in the movie, the Merovingian calls him “a wingless angel.” Seraph was approached by a female program called the Oracle (Voice of God – Holy Spirit-positive program) to serve as her protector and guardian angel of the highest order.

Seraph reveals the most important character of the Trilogy and his purpose to Neo. It is “to protect that which matters most;” that happened to have been the Oracle. Keep in mind, the Seraphim are the closest to the throne, the Guardians and Protectors of God or that which is godly. We shared this in the beginning of this series.

According to legends and the belief of the ancients, when one meets a Seraphim (dragon), you will be tested. It is a test that will reveal what is in your heart. If you past the test, you meet the Oracle and secrets will be revealed. This was portrayed accurately in the “Matrix.” Watch closely, Seraph apologized to Neo just before he fights him using “Dragon Kung Fu.” (They left no stones uncovered in making this film, that’s why it was/is so powerful. It is a metaphor for each)

When Isaiah encountered the Seraphim, his heart was immediately tested. This powerful man of God that had access to the King and had preached to the nation came to realize, “Woe is me, I am no better than the people I prophesy and preach to.” Isaiah 6 He went on to say, my heart needs to be cleansed and changed, this is what he meant by saying, “I am a man of unclean lips.” Whatever is in the heart will come out of the mouth. He passed the test and experienced the wonderful death to his Ego. The Seraph set his heart on fire with love, compassion and passion for the people he ministered to. This is what it means by putting the hot coals on his mouth. Only then was Prophet Isaiah re-commissioned to, “Go and tell.”

“That He would show unto you the secrets of wisdom, that they are double (two-sided) to that which is…” Job 11:6


seraph matrix

In the film, it is revealed that Seraph once served the Merovingian (carnal mind – satanic dark forces), but changed sides to serve the Light (Oracle). This was an accurate portrayal of a principle that’s real on many levels. This is why the dragon, serpent and reptile is a metaphor for both positive and negative. Here is the danger that many in the New Age community fall into. Many realize the existence of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (angels/aliens/guides) and have communicated with entities from Inner Earth and distant star systems. However, they don’t know how to discern truth from error and many have fallen into deception. Here is the danger that most in the Christian community fall into. Everything that don’t fit in the very small box of 21st century Americanized Christianity is discounted as evil or demonic. Thus, many will “entertain angels” (shape-shifting seraphim, or other angels) unaware; calling something holy, evil.

On a deeper metaphysical level, this is played out in all of us. The Serpent-Dragon Brain, the oldest part of the brain; where all base emotions come from has served the self centered ego all of our life. However, when one has an encounter with Christ, the power of love, that muscle begins to serve a higher purpose. Do you know what that purpose is?! It is to protect the Oracle! The Oracle is the key to finding your way out of the matrix and living as a sovereign divine being. Where is the Oracle? What is the Oracle? It can be none other than the Pineal Gland that’s seated on top of the seraph-brain. Thus, signifying that all negative energy, principalities should be under your feet and transformed. That which was working against you, should be working for you; assisting and propelling you into your destiny. In the Draco article, we saw Cephesus on the throne and Draco falling under his feet. As above, so it is below and also in your physical being.

Why is the Oracle so important? It is the Voice of God within. It is the prophetic insight that reveals your destiny, it shows you the seeds of what will be birth, direction, revelation, inspiration. The Oracle is the Seer, the 3rd Eye (Eye See); without a vision you will perish (go in circles, become depressed and wither). Your visions, dreams and goals must be protected. The inner seraph (Serpent Brain) is being transformed to show you out of the matrix of your mind.

After you have been tested, wrestled with the angel (seraph), you are brought to Penuel (Pineal-3rd EYE). This is where you SEE God in your own face and those things you thought were adversaries become assisting angels. This is demonstrated in Jacob’s transformation experience. Genesis 32:24-32 The Seraphim brings you to the full realization that; I AM the One I seek.

“I went out by night by the Valley Gate to the Dragon’s Well and to the Dung Gate, and I inspected the walls of Jerusalem that were broken down and its gates that had been destroyed by fire.” Nehemiah 2:13

HEAR THE WORD OF THE ORACLE: (In my opinion, this is one of the most Powerful, Profound and Truthful Scenes.



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  1. The Matrix is my favorite also … amen

  2. I used to watch the Matrix over and over back then … amazing how years later you put prophetic insight on it and it circled back to me communicate the relevancy . Amen, God bless you , thanks

    • thanks. truth is alive.


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