Earth & Space Storms – Prophecy

Earth & Space Storms  – Prophecy

About 3 weeks ago the Spirit was speaking to me about various types of storms and I was prompted to create my first videos for the YouTube Channel, called Identifying Your Storm. We will look at the different storms raging now. However, I want to start this message by sharing some recent and an older prophetic word, which are relevant to things happening now and shall be.

*** “Eye see back to back Storms and Hurricanes during this coming season – (Gulf states impacted) – very active period.” Posted August 1, 2017 near bottom of the article.

(Names of back to back Hurricanes of 2017 affecting our nation/region so far: Harvey, Irma, Katia, Jose, Maria, Lee)

*** “A new cycle of Major Earthquakes will begin even before the Eclipse as a precursor of the more frequent activity coming to North America and the planet.” Posted July 24, 2017 – Solar Eclipse

*** “Eye see the news, word in bold letter “SPACEQUAKES,” and hear the scientists commenting on Spacequakes – this will be occurring soon. Watch!” Posted October 21, 2016

While reading the news between home school classes for my boys earlier today; I learned that a Major Storm had erupted on the Sun and that (2) X Class Solar Flares had ejected from the Sun that will be a direct hit to Earth. X-Class are the highest class of the Corona Mass Ejections (CME’s) of the Sun. The classes or ranges of the CME’s are, A, B, C, M and X. Today there was an X.3 and an X-10, later downgraded to an X-9.3; the largest we have experienced; since the ‘Carrington Event’ of 1859 during Solar Cycle 10. We are now near the middle of Solar Cycle 24 Minimum, based on since we have had the understanding and technology to count the Solar Cycles. Each Solar Cycle last about 11 years, beginning with a Solar Maximum and ending with a Solar Minimum.


While Category 5 hurricane IRMA (means, the whole, complete – German Goddess of War) is wrecking devastation on the Caribbean Islands and aiming to make landfall in Florida September 11 – (9-11)…Category 1 hurricane Jose (means, he shall add another. Another what, hurricane?) is headed toward the East Coast days after Irma strike…Category 1 hurricane Katia (Pure, Virgin-short for “Katrina” – while the Sun in Virgo the Virgin) from the Pacific Ocean has now crossed land (Mexico) to enter the Gulf aiming to hit the Gulf States again (Texas, Louisiana – then Mississippi, Alabama and West Coast of Florida near the time or after Irma hits from the East…ON TOP OF THAT, THERE IS A MASSIVE SPACE-SOLAR STORM THAT WILL BEGIN HITTING OUR PLANET SEPTEMBER 8-9, 2017.

The CME – Solar Flares were so huge that they are causing SPACEQUAKES – “the powers of the heavens” are literally being shaken; according to the word of the LORD spoken through me. I was watching Space News and an intriguing female Plasma Physicist explained the Interplanetary Magnetic Field lines and how the X9.3 CME was so powerful that it affected Venus and Mercury field lines, which happens to be in position, similar to alignment with Earth.

“This is what the LORD Almighty says: “In a little while I will once more shake the heavens (spacequakes) and the earth, the sea (underwater quakes) and the dry land (desert quakes).” Haggai 2:6 – Hebrews 12:6

“Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, ‘I am about to shake the heavens (spacequakes) and the earth.” Haggai 2:21

What is a Spacequake? In astrophysics, a spacequake is a temblor in the Earth’s magnetic field. Though occurring in space, the effects of a spacequake can reach the surface of the Earth in the form of electromagnetic reverberations. The total energy in a spacequake can rival that of a magnitude 5 or 6 earthquake.

Here’s an excerpt of what I posted on FaceBook this morning.


“Today a Major Solar Flare ejected headed toward Earth-an X-9. Wow! We are in a 40 day period for National Repentance, as I prophetically announced in July that would begin after the Solar Eclipse of 8/21. We have 24 days to go to determine how high the SHIfT hits the fan. Much of the “church” is yet clueless of what time it is. Solar Eclipse August 21, Hurricane Harvey August-25, (Hurricane IRMA hits the East Coast 9-11). The focus now is on FLORIDA- Eye am seeing New York area, will become a big focal point) -No fear just awareness.

Clue: Notice these numbers/dates – August 21 & August 25 – Look @ Luke 21:25

Luke 21:25 – “Then there will be strange events in the skies—warnings, evil omens and portents in the sun (solar flares-rare eclipses), moon and stars; and down here on earth the nations will be in turmoil (Perplexities, Greek word ‘aporeo’ refers to, “one who goes through the whole list of possible ways, and finds no way out.”) perplexed by the roaring seas (hurricanes) and strange tides (tsunamis).”

Another Watcher/Intercessor, Sistah Dominica private messaged me on FB yesterday about sensing a soon coming Earthquake. I concurred and quoted what Spirit had stated about moving into a series of 7.0 and above Earthquakes. Today, while in the Presence and trying to Divine where the strongest point of the invisible Solar Storm filled with proton radiation would hit on the planet-Spirit begin to move within me. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote to the sister.

“You were right on- I have been in Spirit all evening trying to Divine where the EQ will hit. “This is going to be the beginning of a series,” Spirit said, “that I spoke about in July.” Eye feel Within 72 hours on the planet major shaking will begin-or, possible Volcano eruption.

DEADLY 8.1 EARTHQUAKE STRIKES OFF THE COAST OF MEXICO – SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 – (According to the word of the Lord spoken 8/6/17 – Pray for Mexico)


The Lord said we are moving into a time when ALL element will manifest during the same time. Flood (Water) Wind (storms-hurricane) Fire (volcano – firestorms) Earth (earthquakes). Eye feel Spirit drawing my attention to North Atlantic somehow soon being affected. Just something to pray about. See you later. Pray.”

(All 4 elements manifested October 9, 2017)


While in the Presence this afternoon, I was reminded of an Apostle in the Baltimore area calling me about a week or so ago. He had just come out of a vision/dream – he said, “Everything was shaking, I could barely stand up. I had to hold on to things etc…” He was very emotional as he shared his experiences and discuss coming events.

As I often say, Prophecy or Visions are given not to just show us what shall be, but also to give us opportunity to Change it. Prayer is powerful!! What do you mean, change it? If God said it, it has to be, some would think. Not all the time. Ninevah was not destroyed when Jonah prophesied it would be. Moses did not bring the Hebrews into the Promised Land, as God said he would. If a disastrous event will happen, the impact can be lessen by prayer or delayed. Apostle Paul on a ship with 276 other men, the Category 3 Hurricane (Euroclydon) destroyed their ship, but because of Paul’s intercession, NOT ONE PERSON DIED. They lost everything, but the most valuable thing, their LIFE. Acts 27:37


The planet will be saturated with Proton Radiation for at least nearly a day, possibly longer. Here are the pros and cons.

** If you have electro-magnetic sensitivity or radiation sensitivity – You might not want to be on a long flight between September 9-10, especially Trans-Atlantic or Trans-Pacific. You will get a denser dose of radiation.

(Positive side of EMR sensitivity: Until about 7 years ago, I had a problem using cell phones more than several minutes at a time due to my electro-magnetic sensitivity. I’d get headaches, dizziness, etc. The positive side of that for me was- when I was tapped into Spirit, I could accurately read/predict Space Weather, date when Solar Flares would happen and sometime knew the date of coming Earthquakes within a few hours range and posted these prophecies on this website.

If you have an EM sensitivity, turn it into a gift and learn to read auras. Last night around 7:30 pm – I was filled with emotions, energy and barely slept. My body was picking up on the Electro-Magnetism building in the Sun getting ready to be ejected. Strange but true.)

** This X 9.3 Solar Storm will be like getting a Cat Scan with 7.4 billion people on Earth – the invisible proton radiation travels through walls, clothing, everything. The only way you can avoid it is by wearing special nuclear radiation clothing. Some are concerned with accelerating the growth of tumors or creating cancerous tumors; since the invisible Storm will last quite a while. The Plasma Physicist on Space News does not think we need to be concerned about that. Nor will this Solar Radiation Storm last long enough to cause building to catch fire. (Imagine buildings just bursting into flames and most people not being aware that a strong X class CME direct Earth hit radiation could do that. I had no idea it could do that. Then, I was reminded of a bible verse.)

(Positive side: “For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch. (Wow! There is it humans and buildings can catch on fire-see the Sun connection?) But for you who fear my name, the Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings (solar flares).” Malachi 4:1-2

Wait a minute, let me shout. I got to take a praise break right here. (Ok, I’m back now.) Did you get that??!! Read it again. 2400 years ago, Malachi prophesied that Solar Events (Corona Mass Ejections -CME’s and X-Class Solar Flares would create intense radioactive heat (frequencies) on the Earth that would have a fatal effects on people with nasty (hateful, proud, selfish, greedy, evil, bitter, etc) auric fields (electro-magnetic field around the body), thus, causing them to spontaneously combust – blow up, explode, burst into flames.

**”Eye prophesy the day will come, if an enemy try to harm you, they will catch on fire. It will be as if you called down fire from heaven on them. They will be set ablaze…a pile of ashes left literally.”

Look closer: That same Solar Event that releases CME’s and X Class Solar Flares of Proton Radiation will become healing for those who reverence the Name Yahshua (Jesus). The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing rays, solar flares. Some of you will remember many years ago when I first started to prophesy about Space Weather, I’d announce Solar Flare events and encourage “spiritual” people to absorb the healing radiation with intent and Sun-Gaze, as the radiation hit our atmosphere.

Take a massive dose of this proton radiation, speak to these mystery particles filling our atmosphere and being. Give them an assignment to become and do Only what you say. Tell them they can not activate cancer cells. Assign them to burn cancers and shrink tumors in your body. Activate the particles to become what you will. SPEAK IT!! The Kingdom of God is activated by voice technology, unless you are speechless-Thought will work for you.)

** There is a possibility some will lose power, ATM machines temporary malfunction and can’t get money in some areas of the world. Electronics affected. Your GPS might send you on a wild goose chase or guide you to a different city or state than you desired. Satellite TV, etc will be affected in some areas.

(Positive Side: I pray that the Bank electronics -computers malfunction and when they reboot, the ministry account and my personal account are pleasingly ‘eye popping.’ Some of you religious folk with no goals, no big dreams, just went off line. There are Only digits on the computer screen – not real physical money. My God can change the digits or materialize $$$$, I have seen it happen.


According to some of the latest news, Hurricane Harvey (ready for battle, battle worthy) has sunk Trump’s plan to build his big beautiful WALL. Even his transparent-see through WALL, has been put off. Trump thought the WALL could be see through, in case a Mexican is throwing a 60 lb bag of drugs over the WALL and it hits somebody on the head. So we need transparency, according to Trump. The government is saying that has to be put on the back burning now. I know some of my foreign followers think I am making this up. I do apologize for the mentality of the person occupying the West Wing-Oval Office. Pray, we need help.


Thinking out loud: So God used a hurricane and there’s another one (Katia -purity) coming to the same area, to further disrupt the evildoers plans to build a WALL? Many people will be sad. I remember in Genesis another evil arrogant ruler and his supporter were building a Tower, nothing could stop them. Yahweh Himself had to fly down, strike the Tower with lightning bolts and confuse the people language in order to stop the building plan. You wont hear that message in your Evangelical Churches, home groups, Christian Radio or TV. Why? One word, HYPOCRITES!!! Hmmmm

John further musing and pissing off some of his readers with provocative questions —- Why at this time in our nation the West Coast is on FIRE, South Flooded and Hurricanes, East Coast about to get hit with Floods, Hurricane…and what will happen in the northeast New York area? Hmmm Will a name brand landmark sustain major damages in the near future as a sign? (What will happen to Trump’s properties in the path of the hurricanes?)

There has been no Gay Bills passed, No Abortion Bills, No Healthcare for all, No Minimum Wage Increase…so what could have pissed off the gods to send FIRES, FLOODS, WINDS & upcoming Earthquake…according to Evangelicals theology? Remember, during President Obama’s Administration, every natural disaster, mass killing, terror attack…God told the preachers on TV and those that don’t have enough money to be on TV that God said, “It because of Obama letting gays get married, letting people have abortions if they choose to, forcing us Christian to actually act like Christians, by wanting us to care for others (health care).

Sudden the TV Preachers are silent…I heard one say- “there are floods in other countries also.” Weren’t there no Floods, natural Disasters before also?

We as a nation have 24 days to really Repent, get in step with the Holy Spirit; all the disasters manifesting are expressions of the chaotic destructive consciousness of most people in this country at this time. Spend the next 24 days of this countdown confessing and addressing the sins of this nations, those leading and MISLEADING this nation. The Gross Sins of the ‘so called’ Church and those Misleading it, corrupt by money, power and politics. Your own sins, shortcoming; confess and address.

YOUR ARE INVITED TO OUR “MYSTIC JOURNEY” FEAST OF TABERNACLES CONFERENCE-2017 – You will hear the Unadulterated truth of the mysteries of God, see and experience the supernatural – the Prophets will be speaking each service to the body and individually. THIS IS NOT A “CHRISTIAN’ EVENT. iT IS A SPIRITUAL EVENT. MUSLIM, JEWS, HINDUS, CHRISTIANS, ETC. ALL WELCOME!!

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  1. Prophet,
    Such extraordinary insight and wisdom. The heavens are indeed declaring and the whole creation is groaning. Your voice is so necessary in these days of “contemporary prophets”.

    Let this be a wake up call to those who call on His name as 2nd Chronicles 7:14 directs as well as admonishes us.
    It is time to repent and to declare the intent of God.

    I believe the “Feast of Tabernacles” celebration in San Diego will be an unprecedented event. Look to see you there!!

    • Say What??? Lady Apostle Dr. Andrea, if you are coming, I know it will be unprecedented. Looking Forward!

  2. KXAN News in Austin, TX present breaking news about 10 minutes ago that Mexico City just had an earthquake. My husband said it was a 7.8.

    • Thnx. Yes Praying, upgraded to 8.1.

  3. Woke up this morning to the news on an earth quake measuring 8.1 on the ricter scale in Mexico City. The first thing that came to mind was your blog on yesterday where you said you were sensing an earthquake in the next72 hours. MyGod prophet. Continue to sound the alarm

    • Yes! Praying for Mexico. Unfortunately, could not discern exactly where this time.


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