The journey you are on is multi-dimensional and affects every aspect of human life. The Creator has designed the body human as a highly complex electrical energetic grid filled with thousands of meridians running throughout the body. These meridians are the divine highways that energy flows throughout the body. This is what trained Acupuncturist have worked with in Eastern medicine for thousands of years, to redirect energy flow in the body that creates healing.

The meridians of this complex highway of energy are connected to 7 main power points in the body human, these power points are the centers for what is called in Western medicine the Endocrine system. So we see in the East what is called the Chakras (spinning wheels of energy), are the energetic (spiritual) parallel to the Western term Endocrine System. In the West symptoms are treated to cure illnesses and to enhance life. The Endocrinologist prescribes drugs, realizing most illnesses are related to at least one of the glands of the Endocrine System not functioning properly. In the East it has always been known that the root of all problems (spiritual, emotional or physical) is energetic (spiritual), therefore, the cause is treated by redirecting the energy flow and recalibrating the 7 vortices of energy-the Chakras. The Chakras are the 7 Spirits of God in the body human designed to create Whole Eye ness – Holiness. It is at this point that we know even as we are known.

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We Accept Donations For Our Non Profit Work. Thank you.

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