Fall Prophetic Update 2016

Fall Prophetic Update 2016

“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, before he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

You must understand this verse above does not mean everything that happens in the world, the Lord Yahweh has done it. It means, nothing is allowed to happen on the planet or anywhere in the universe without Yahweh first sharing it with His servants, the prophets. The Creator loves to talk to those who have the ability to listen. He loves sharing secrets with those whom He has an intimate relationship with. Isn’t that exciting??!! The prophets see it, hear it, sense it or experience it and say it in agreement with Spirit. Then it comes to be. Of course, some things can be changed through prayer.

People often ask me why would the Holy Spirit or God give me foreknowledge about things in space, weather, government, or celebrities etc., and not just about what’s happening in the “Church” – religious world. My answer is, it depends on your Relationship with Him. If your relationship limits the Holy Spirit to only revealing things that can be foreseen in someone’s personal life or a religious group…that’s all He will reveal. If your relationship allows God to be God in all realms, the EYE will be able to see in All realms. What a wonderful opportunity we have to be given INside knowledge about events and Not to Worry or Fret about negative world situations. Let God Arise in You.


November 6, 2015 of last year Eye saw a vision of Kanye West, the controversial singer/performer having a psychotic break, he was one that stood out among others Eye saw, but did not recognize the others. I shared the vision with a few people speaking his name, but posted the events on the website without his name. Eye also shared a Reality Show stars death within 1 year of the dated prophecy. Pray for these people, they need God. Many unknowingly signed a contract with Satan and have no clue how to get out. Read excerpts below from this message link~~: THERE IS NO MORE NORMAL

“You will see emotional and psychotic breakdowns of those once respected and honored as super-stars/celebrities. Out of this, those who humble themselves will have a spiritual encounter and open the eyes of many, as money and fame will no longer be their priority. Others will fall in shame and will quickly be forgotten. Hollywood and the Music Industry must face the Music and will be forced to go through major changes, as Saturn moves through Sagittarius squaring with Neptune in Pisces.”

[November 22, 2016 Sun in Sagittarius & Neptune is in Pisces] – KANYE WEST PSYCHIATRIC BREAKDOWN

“Eye see tragedy coming to a major Reality Show family within the next year.” (Posted November 6, 2015)

Bayou Billionaires Reality Star Killed in Apparent Murder-Suicide: Police – November 8, 2016


“This triple affect of 3 New Moons in roughly 60 days ending in Scorpio the sign of death, also shows the potential of many people crossing over through Violence, Natural Disaster and Accidents in the next 33 days…Eye See Displacement of people through Natural Disasters.” BLACK MOON RISING


HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVACUATED – HURRICANE MATTHEW – FLORIDA (EAST COAST) – 10/8/16 (Power of prayer softened the impact of what EYE saw)



There is a level of the Prophetic where the Prophet can manipulate and control the Elements at will, we see this in Moses, Elijah, the Two-Witnesses of Revelation and others. I have been blessed to experience this many times on the foreign missions fields; openly in front of hundreds or thousands of people, summoning the forces of Nature, the elements, to confirm my word and thereby show I Am sent. Sometimes within minutes or hours a new prophetic weather pattern would manifest.

On my first trip to Siberia, Russia – I was at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, Washington with my Russian interpreter and Patti. Pavel was on the phone with brethren in Siberia getting a weather update-it was very cold, and lots of snowfall. I actually enjoy cold weather. As I stood there I felt faith arise to Change the weather and forecast. Eye told Pavel and Patti by the time we reach Western Siberia the snow will be melting and there would be unseasonable warm weather. Pavel the Russian raised his eyebrows and his expression was of disbelief. Over 24 hours later, we arrived and the snow was melting so fast the ground was exposed and people were walking around in sweaters, instead of long fur coats. The unusual weather remained that way more than a week while I traveled east of the Ural mountains.

On the day we were to drive to Ekaterinburg to fly out to Moscow, Eye declared before the congregation, “Get Ready For the Deep Freeze, when I leave the weather will change.” Due to the almost instant sudden extreme conditions, we had to speed to avoid getting stuck in the Blizzard and extreme cold. That was a scary ride. Do you realize the power you possess?

From time to time over the years Eye have demonstrated this through the website, giving exact date, approximate time and approximate dates. September 30, 2016 – EYE demonstrated this again to confirm the prophetic word Eye wrote in BLACK MOON RISING article. See the excerpt below and fulfillment.

“(I am going to step out in faith and release a Sign – An Earthquake, above 4 on the Richter Scale between October 13-17 to manifest).”


There are many other powerful positive messages in those Astro-Prophetic articles that these excerpts are from. Glean from them.

Has there really been closure to the politics in our country or will we see Christmas Protest & Riots? Pray now and things might changed or at least you wont be affected by what is planned.

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