Hidden Ocean Found Deep Underground

Hidden Ocean Found Deep Underground


ringwoodite ocean

A new study suggests that a hidden “ocean” is nestled in the Earth’s mantle some 400 miles beneath North America. The hidden reservoir, apparently locked in a blue crystalline mineral called ringwoodite, may hold three times as much water that exists in all the world’s surface oceans.

This discovery may help explain where Earth’s water supply came from, and how subterranean water affects the shifting of rock in the Earth’s outer crust — a phenomenon scientists call plate tectonics.

“Geological processes on the Earth’s surface, such as earthquakes or erupting volcanoes, are an expression of what is going on inside the Earth, out of our sight,” geophysicist Dr. Steven Jacobsen, an associate professor at Northwestern University, said in a written statement. “I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.”


“Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea  or walked in the recesses of the deep?”  Job 38:16   The Most High seems to suggest there are ways to get to where the oceans come from.  Could there be beaches there also?  Are there portals in the Earth  or hidden places on the earth that leads to the hidden oceans?  This is where our surface oceans and seas come from.

When I first started to read about this story, my first thoughts were, “science again confirms what the ancient book called the Bible recorded over 5000 years ago.”  Eye see this also as another sign of Noah that’s being given to humanity that debunks those who think the story of Noah is an allegory.  It was in the days of Noah that the waters trapped and reserved beneath the surface of the Earth were released upon the surface that literally covered mountain peaks.

Here is what Genesis 7:11 says,  ” In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

The greed, arrogance and ignorance of humans causes them to pollute and destroy our oceans with oil spills, nuclear radiation and other chemical that could eventually destroy the planet.   This behavior will not go unaccounted for, however the Creator has an eternal plan to save the planet from the destruction of mankind.  Locked in millions of tons of ice is fresh water and now we see that hundreds of miles underground there are reservoir with 3x the amount of ocean water, that’s just under North America.  Could it be that most of the planets in our Solar System, in our galaxy and in the universe also have massive underground water supplies?  I think so.  Our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe is teaming with life.   To create water on the surface of the trillions of planets, all the Most High has to do is remove the stoppers and there would be water worlds just like ours.

Eye know we are in an awesome period of time, where the hidden deep mysteries are being revealed as Yahushua (Jesus) said it would be.  Deep is calling unto deep and the deep is answering.  Can you hear it?   Now that they are admitting there is an ocean beneath the surface of the earth, will they eventually admit to the “inner Earth civilizations”  (IT’s = Inner Terrestrials) ?  Will they admit that there’s  a Sun in the Earth’s core and an atmosphere for those that dwell within?  That would mean they’d have to admit  that much of the science about our planet given to us for the past few hundred years was fabricated.  Deep is yet calling unto deep.  Psalms 42

Science has recently discovered and confirmed the Genesis 7:11 account, which was not so lucky (7/11) for the rebellious.  Underneath North America is a vast ocean of water.  However, that’s not the only one.  There are 7 portals from which the Most High can summon waters to cover the face of the earth or gently wash the land and seas.  There are 7 continents on the planet which is no accident, this is by divine design.  Humans created from the earth also have 7 main portals or points of energy called  Chakras, these are whirlpools of energy.  The scientific medical term for them are called the Endocrine System.  Everything is interconnected.


The non canonize biblical text in the Book of Jubilees records this in Jubilees 5:

“And the Lord opened seven flood-gates of heaven,
And the mouths of the fountains of the great deep, seven mouths in number.
And the flood-gates began to pour down water from the heaven forty days and forty nights,
And the fountains of the deep also sent up waters, until the whole world was full of water.
And the waters increased upon the earth:
Fifteen cubits did the waters rise above all the high mountains,

And (on the new moon) in the fourth month the fountains of the great deep were closed and the flood-gates of heaven were restrained; and on the new moon of the seventh month all the mouths of the abysses of the earth were opened, and the water began to descend into the deep below.
And on the new moon of the tenth month the tops of the mountains were seen, and on the new moon of the first month the earth became visible.
And the waters disappeared from above the earth in the fifth week in the seventh year  thereof, and on the seventeenth day in the second month the earth was dry.
And on the twenty-seventh thereof he opened the ark, and sent forth from it beasts, and cattle, and birds, and every moving thing.”

Now we have a clearer account of what happened and where all the water went to.  The 7 portals or fountains were opened for 2 months, so much water gushed from beneath the earth’s surface that it covered the mountain peaks, then the portals closed.  3 months later the 7 portals reopened, this time to  drink in all the waters that have been released to cover the 7 continents.

To help you further relate to what happened without getting into deeper meanings of times and seasons, check this out.  The Flood came in the second month (Iyar) which is equivalent to the month of May on our modern calendar, around the middle of May.   The month Iyar is associated with healing.  The Most High was healing the planet from the disease of genetic manipulation done by the fallen watchers.  The 7 portals of heaven and the 7 portals of the  deep opened.  40 days and nights it rained, but the 7 portals of the deep gushed inner earth water until the middle of July, the fourth month (Tammuz) on the Biblical calendar.  3 months later, the New Moon of the 7th month is Tishrei 1, the feast of Trumpets,  Yom Teruah, the day of Return, turning, repentance –  the 7 portals of inner earth re-opened – this would have been somewhere around or near October 1 that year, based on the New Moon and the dates given from Genesis and the Book of Jubilees.  By the New Moon of the 10th month (Tevet) which is equivalent to December  – (Festival of Lights – Chanukah ) the tops of the mountains could be seen.

(Before the Torah and rabbinical festivals were given or instituted, they existed in the mind of the Most High as codes  for  us to understand that major events would be happening on and around those days as long as we are somewhat subject to the realm of time)

May the 7 energetic portals of your consciousness (heaven) and body (earth) be opened to flood your being with the Light and Love you are, bringing  healing and restoration from every dis-ease until you Return to your original Edenic state.

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  1. Our God is an awesome God.He reigns .Thanks for sharing Salaam.

  2. I suppose since 70% of the earth’s surface is water and 70% of our bodies are water there must be 3 times that amount deposited as a down payment in our pineal glands under a crystal foundation of our New Jerusalem. Neato hahaha!


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