How I Escaped Hurricane Harvey…Twice

How I Escaped Hurricane Harvey…Twice

Thankfully I am back home now after being stranded since Sunday. First of all, we are yet praying for all the victims of Hurricane Harvey, those who lost loved ones, and property. God is our refuge and strength. Nothing can happen unless the Yahweh reveals it first to his servants the prophets.

“Certainly the sovereign LORD (Yahweh) does nothing without first revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
Amos 3:7

This means that nothing is allowed to happen on the planet before Yahweh first reveals His secret plans or unknown events to His servants the prophets. Why does Yahweh first reveal? There are many reasons why, here are 5 of them.

1) The prophets have to announce on earth so there can be a witness in heaven and on earth.
2) To create intercession, repentance.
3) To possibly stop, delay or soften the impact of the event.
4) To show that there is a God that knows all things and can reveal.
5) So that God may be glorified.

August 1, 2017 Publication – THE LION’S GATE IS OPENING (near the bottom of the article the Spirit described Harvey’s Characteristics and where he would hit 24 days in advance – and also other coming storms) *** Eye see back to back Storms and Hurricanes during this coming season – (Gulf states impacted) – very active period.” HURRICANE HARVEY CATEGORY 4 STORMS SLAMS TEXAS – AUGUST 25, 2017

July 24, 2017 Publication – AMERICA’S GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE – Eye described a large EXPLOSION that had the potential to kill a large number of people. Today’s news is reporting of a series of Explosions at a Chemical Plant near Houston, in Crosby, Texas, due to lack of electricity. They are expecting a larger Explosion and have evacuated a 3 miles radius of people. 15 Deputies guarding the Chemical Plant have been affected by the smoke/fumes and are under Medical Observation. Here is what Eye stated: “** Eye see a large number of people killed in an Explosive situation (could be cause electrical fire or terrorism-possibly 2 separate incidents)”

They are expecting a large explosion, prayer can reduce the amount of causalities or those being affected by the airborne chemicals in the future. CHEMICAL PLANT NEAR HOUSTON EXPLOSIONS

The people in that regions (Texas – Louisiana) are dealing with alligators, swimming snakes and hordes of fire-ants, there was one photo of a shark swimming through the streets on Sunday. Besides the fact of returning to loss of property and mold, due to the water. Praying for that region and others that will be affected during this high activity season.


Thursday August 24th I received a call from the Embassy of Judah Life Institute Church – Prophetess Shimike & Prophet Charles Brumfield alerting me of a Hurricane that was expected to make landfall Friday in Houston, Texas. This was the day I would be arriving in Houston to connect with the next flight to Lafayette, Louisiana for “Unveiling the Heavens Prophetic Conference.” I agreed to move forward with the plans. The Prophets pointed out that this hurricane was the fulfillment of a prophetic word I had posted early August. I joked that I had no idea I would be involved in the prophecy.

Early Friday morning I flew out of Phoenix to Houston. During my lay over, waiting for my connecting flight to Louisiana; I overheard many phone conversations. I realized that many of the people in the airport at the gate were trying to escape the hurricane. I could see the stress and fear on the faces of people and hear the concern in their voices, as they talked to their loved one. Finally, a stress filled male voice announcement came across the PA system, “Hurricane Harvey will be making landfall sooner than anticipated, storm systems are developing above us and we will do our best to get everyone out that we can.” Having never been in a situation like this, I wasn’t as impacted by the announcement as others were. My thoughts were, I have a mandate to speak, so I will be in Louisiana. However, those in the airport seems to have been taking this more serious, and for very good reason. Everyone was being rushed to get to the Gates and onto the planes as soon as possible. I was blessed to be a part of the group of planes allowed to leave before the airport shut down and there were cancellations. I was texting others about the eerie calmness and gray seeming static clouds before boarding the airplane. Then the winds started and the rains as airplanes were lined up as far as one could see on the tarmac. After about 45 minutes waiting our turn and the pilot’s occasional reassurances that we would be airborne soon, we took off. The turbulence wasn’t too bad, plus it was short flight to Lafayette.

We had an awesome first night of miracles, as Spirit moved through words of knowledge to bring healing and prophetic insight, confirmation, etc. I taught on the “Mystery of Your Birth Date, & Reclaiming Your Destiny,” we ended the meeting with a prophetic exercise of Reclaiming our Destiny from birth with Salt and de-tangling from any negative influences of the Zodiac and other things.

The weather forecast had announced heavy rains for the area throughout the weekend-due to prayers we saw very little rain until after the Sunday service. Each meeting we went from glory to glory as we descended deeper and deeper in the word. It was Sunday, the first text came from United Airlines stating that my Sunday evening flight was Cancelled. The Church rescheduled for Monday as was suggested. Later another text came, stating that all Monday flights had been cancelled and it could be several days or toward the end of the week before I’d be able to fly out. Hmmm Ok, I Home School my boys, that means No School. Plus, they are with a caregiver that has her own life and family, etc. etc. The Church, and friends on FaceBook were praying I get home.

I began to look at the numbers surrounding me and pray. The 12th floor. room 1207 @ the Hilton and other numbers, etc. Finally, I realized one of my assignments during my extended stay was to intercede and release Prophetic Declarations over the region from an Apostolic/Governmental (12) position into the religious and political atmosphere. Tornadoes were being seem all around and flash floods. All the news people were seeing was coming out of Houston, however, water was up to rooftops just 30 minutes from me, as even members of the church had to be rescued.

Tuesday morning as I woke up, Eye heard Spirit say, “Pack your things get ready to move.” I immediately got up, packed and waited, thinking the move would just be to another hotel, since all flights were yet cancelled. Prophets Shimike & Charles invited me for lunch. I first declined to go because I was fasting. After about 30 minutes I was meditating, staring at the fruit basket and listening to my stomach growling, then I prayed, “Father, if you really want me to eat have then call again before they go to lunch.” hahaha (Some of you know about those kinds of prayers). In a short time they called again and boy was my stomach excited. I even stuffed myself with Louisiana Pecan Pie after a big meal at the Blue Dog Cafe. During the fellowship, Prophet Charles mentioned that there was one flight that had a connection to Phoenix via San Francisco, California, early Wednesday morning out of New Orleans, Louisiana…but Hurricane Harvey was scheduled to hit Louisiana early Wednesday morning. That would mean, they’d spend about 5 hours round trip driving me there and returning home, possibly through treacherous weather and there was a chance that the flight would be cancelled and I would be in stuck in New Orleans.

Crossing the roughly 24 miles long bridge Pontchartrain Causeway was interesting – high water as far as the eye could see, in some places making the water appear as if it was on the bridge in the distance. We made it and they made it back home safely and I caught my flight out and “Again” barely escaped Harvey. The turbulence for the first 30 minutes or so was nerve wrecking, but I am grateful to be back home. Shout out to Prophets Shimike & Charles Brumfield and the Embassy of Judah congregation. The ministry of hospitality and care was excellent during this crisis. Thank you all.


Every event that takes place has prophetic implications, especially the major events. God is always speaking using various sign languages. Sign language or symbols is the language of the soul. Just about 2 weeks ago I started created video messages for our Youtube Channel I started with a 2-part message “Identifying Your Storm.” The second part I taught on the Euroclydon Hurricane that comes to prevent you from your destiny.

HARVEY mean Battle Worthy or Ready for the Battle.
In our July 24 and August 1 prophetic Publications listed above, Eye mentioned where we are prophetically and the looming Civil War & Race War that would be created- Spirit said between August 2017 – April 2018 the recipe for this would be mixed. We have seen how things (race relations, unity, communication, etc) have deteriorated in our country since Trump announced his run for the presidency. The racists, bigots, white supremacists and haters from the White House to the Church House to some of Yall’s House reading this have come out of the closet. Some of you reading are yet in denial. Eye stated in our July 24, 2017 publication America’s Great Solar Eclipse – that we are being given 40 days to REPENT – From Elul 1 after the Eclipse to September 30, 2017.

Let’s go back to the Word of the Lord March 24, 2015 Eye spoke:

It was about 3:00 am the 3rd Watch I was awakened out of my sleep by a loud noise and forced out of my bed onto my face to weep and intercede until 5:00 am for what Eye saw coming upon this nation. I shared some of what Eye saw and felt in an article called, “SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN…PEOPLE PRAY.” This was 2 months before Trump announced he would run for President, here is what Spirit said.

“Eye hear the Spirit say, the evil ones are about to come out of the closet and boldly announce their evil agenda. You will be shocked at what will come out of leaders and politicians mouths in the coming weeks and months. No more hiding, they realize their time is short and their plans for global mayhem and chaos will make headlines. Unfortunately, most are so disconnected and they wont be taken seriously.” March 24, 2015
(We have seen this fulfill in Trump and others since June 2015)

Hurricane IRMA – Irma is developing in the Atlantic and by the latest report is going be be very dangerous. The Spirit told us in July this would be an active hurricane season. IRMA means complete, the whole; universal. IRMA was a German War Goddess.

There are so many scenarios we could prophetically read into the naming of these storms (Harvey -Irma), specifically at this time. We have both the masculine and feminine names/energies representing and prophesying Warfare, Civil Unrest, Destruction and Violence hitting our nations in the near future. (This could be avoided if true repentance started with those who claim to know God)

Another hidden message Irma is bringing is the spread of violence and war globally. The next phase of WW3 being implemented by those who honor the gods of violence and war.

Corpus Christi (Body of Christ), Texas was also hit by Harvey – It seems as though much of the 81% of White Evangelicals that voted for Trump are yet standing with him in his war on the Poor, the Undocumented (strangers in the land the bible speaks about), the Uninsured for Medical Help, against Civil Rights and in agreement with his blatant Racism. Hate, Sowing seeds of Discord and Pathological Lying, to name a few. It’s absolutely amazing listening to them defend him and Spin truth, undeniable facts into “alternative facts” right before your eyes. Then will say, “He didn’t mean that.” While he and Jr. gets on TV and say, he means what he says.

The PROFIT$ of American-style Christianity are eerily silent on all the issues Yahshua (Jesus) openly spoke out against and rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducee for in his day. As I stated last year, we are seeing the separation of the “precious from the vile.” The Whore Church is being revealed and coming out of hiding, the likes of Rick Joyner, Paula White, Jim Bakker, and basically all the big name evangelicals has made it clear by their SILENCE they stand on the side of potential $$$$$ & Power promised by Trump. The world is watching as they openly flaunt the hypocrisy and greed. Their followers for the most part are willingly following along – as sheep to the slaughter. (These poor religious ding-bats overlook Trump’s track record of using people to achieve his goals and Firing them later or putting them on blast…and his compulsive lying. You will soon see him lash out at those in the unchrist-like community posing as Christians.)

“She (American Religious-Political System Church) has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal. For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries. Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues…” Revelation 18


For the true Bride of Christ, the message is clear. In love, we must wage spiritual warfare as never before against evil. We are aware that we are dealing with spiritual forces, principalities. However, there is a physical element to this. You can not excuse consistent bad behavior of people and blame the devil. These religious leaders know exactly what they are doing and what they are motivated by. Should they be allowed to continue to deceive the simple minded and fleece them at the same time? Should they be allowed to continue to re-invent 1st Century Christianity to fit their insatiable greed and over-blown egos? How long must they pervert justice and orchestrate evil without fear of spiritual repercussions?

I thought I read that the spirit of Elijah must come to restore balance. Where are the Elijah’s that can speak a word and remove the heads (figuratively-I think) of the Profit$ of this present JezeBil/Trump administration, which has bewitched most Evangelicals? Someone told me the other day that praying against people is “witchcraft.” I told them they need to read their Bible, especially, the Book of Psalms; which is also a Prayer Book. Deceived people think that true Believers are not to pray that the plans of evil people will not succeed. Oh, just bless them or say nothing, while thy plan your demise or the demise of the poor, orphans, widows, minorities and defenseless…

I have not heard of any of the Profit$ of Babylon having visions about Hurricane Harvey and why it has come, nor the coming Irma. If Obama was president, they’d be saying, it’s because he let the Gays marry, or people can choose to have abortions or because he’s a Muslim. Oh, here is what the liars will say, “God is sending his wrath because some people wont go along with racism, bigotry and support Trump White Nationalist agenda of Hate” – but their words will be more like ‘it’s because people are opposing Trump.’ Many of your Profit$ & Religious leaders conscience are seared and they wont repent (change their mind) – THEY MUST GO! THEY MUST BE REMOVED!

It is Elul 9 on the Hebrew Calendar and the High Feast days are rapidly approach. If you have never celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles – Sukkot – join us in beautiful San Diego, California this year. MYSTIC JOURNEY -Make your arrangements Now- Limited seating. This is going to be one of the most Prophetic Tabernacles Conferences I have hosted. Prophets and prophetic people are planning on coming from various parts- The Word of the Lord will be flowing.

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  1. This was confirmation–I wrote a comment on a post by Johnny Enlow about the meaning of Harvey (he deleted my comment)–he is known in charismatic circles & supports Trump & believes he is chosen by God, says Joel Osteen is gonna be used mightily & over 250,000 immigrants will help to rebuild Houston –blah blah.
    Here was my comment (to Johnny Enlow)….πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
    “Sorry brother…There is so much *mixture* in this word.
    This was not a silver trumpet clear word…it was a soulish word, grieves me.😞
    This isn’t about judgement –it’s about the Seeds that have been sown by America…seeds of war, where thousands of innocent people in places like Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen -all have been made homeless by U.S. bombs dropped in their respective countries-evacuees & refugees fleeing the ravages of war, their homes & businesses destroyed.
    Sadly, Houston (& soon with other cities) -is reaping the seeds of war…the harvest has come where thousands of innocent people in America are losing their homes & their lives are completely turned upside down. They now are made refugees & are experiencing a tiny taste of what it feels like to depend on the good graces of others (sadly many foreign refugees have not received the same kindnesses).

    What is being judged?
    Mystery Babylon IS being judged (the carnal apostate church system of man)—the entire system is coming down.
    The Kingdom of Christ is arising.
    New Jerusalem is birthing the corporate manchild company…these are those that have left the carnal church system of man & are being birthed from ABOVE, only saying those things they hear the Father saying…& doing only those things they see the Father doing.
    This kairos moment in history has nothing to do with Joel or Joel’s Army or Immigrants….instead it has everything to do with 2 women….the Whore & the Virgin. Mystery Babylon (the Whore of apostate Christianity) is being judged…those that continue to prop her up & align themselves with her will be touched by the purging cleansing Fire of Father.
    Those who have heard the call to come out of her my people & not touch the unclean thing will experience the protection of the Lord, protecting His Bride.

    Much much more could be written–this will do.
    Peace & Grace to allπŸ‘‘”

    • Amen!!

  2. Thanking God for your safety. This was a great read, full of truth.

    • Thanks. blessings


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