I Thought You Were Praying For Revival America…

I Thought You Were Praying For Revival America…

Throughout the Bible we see various clues when a “spiritual revival” was about to take place or was taking place. I hear ministers and Christian people often talk about the need for a Revival in our nation, people turning to God or those fallen away turning back to God. The airways of radio, TV and satellite broadcast are filled with words, and frequencies of those crying out for revival. Some especially in the ‘Bible Belt’ region yet even practice the powerful ancient art of fasting and prayer for revival. Thank God.

Sunday after Sunday the doors of the Churches are open at places of worship. From the few that gather in homes or Store Fronts, others at Elementary Schools, Church buildings, or to the huge Mega Campuses; where thousands gathers multiple times on Sunday to accommodate the crowd. The tears streaming down their faces during worship or prayer, begging God for revival. “Change our nation, help us, send revival again,” they cry. But what does revival look like? Is it the high energy meetings (which I love) of rejoicing, prophesying and miracles? Is it the great singing and best most anointed musicians on the planet and scripted meetings? Is it the greatest speaker, or the one with the deepest revelation and ability to unravel the mysteries of the Kingdom? What does the beginnings of a revival look like?

Does it have to it agree with my theology, cultural background or how I perceive God to be? Will I feel chills? Will it be nice and proper, polished, clean shaved, perfect haircut, suit and tie, ipad, and led by white brethren? Maybe sloppy looking with overweight, men and woman, tattooed, unshaven and look like they shop at the Thrift Store on 50% off days? Or, will it be loud, with loud music led by black or brown people that don’t care about being politically or grammatically correct in their speech?

Reading through the Bible, one of the signs that the Most High is signally that he’s ready to answer that request for revival is obvious from the Old Testament to the New. The people were required to deal with the PAST, the things that had brought them to the point of desperately needing a Revival. REvival=to come to life again. I have had the privilege to go to many churches and unfortunately, “MOST” seem to be cut out of the same sour dough. Just my observation-not judgment. There is no power in the pulpit, neither in the pew, it’s clickish, you can not tell the difference between Pentecostal and Presbyterians – street walker of saint. The messages are designed mostly for the left brain intellect and most time does not bring change. Like robots the parishioners, few or by the thousands return week after the week for more “religious fast food garbage” that spiritual nutritional value vanishes before they leave the parking lot.


This should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. The move to REMOVE the idols (statues) of our fathers in this land that stand for HATRED, BIGOTRY, GENOCIDE, SLAVERY, MURDER, RAPE, and WHITE SUPREMACY is a sign of God wanting to bring Revival. But is it the Church, Church leaders with a platform or voice leading this? NO!!! Why? They are too busy ‘having church.’ Are they openly supporting this? No! They are too worried about maintaining their fabulous lifestyles, popularity and congregations. So, again, God seems to be using people that don’t carry bibles, attend churches regularly or can quote verses from the bible. Yet these people are more aware, awake and decent than many that speak in tongues, prophesy, preach and believe in healing the sick…their righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the modern day Pharisees, which have become Self-righteous and Irrelevant.

The language of the soul is not words, but it is the language of symbols. Symbols in the form of statues, images, flags, etc have been used from the beginning of time to convey information and basically establish paradigms. If the symbol or statue is of someone loving, peaceful, compassionate and spiritually powerful, that’s the energy that it will evoke and communicate on an unconscious level to those who see it. It does not matter whether they consciously believe or not, it is the subtle language of the soul. If the image/statue is of someone hateful, murderer, bigoted, etc; that is the energy it will evoke and will communicate on an unconscious level. For some it will be a language of inferiority, others superiority. Symbols, images, statues are a powerful influence on our psychology and spiritual life. That is why the Creator was so adamant about not making images, or statues of things that could easily become idols communicating negative messages. Statues of confederate figures and images have become idols that many are willing to die for. That’s the power of statues (dead stone), psychologically, these people identify with their evil deeds and many wish to continue them. Of course, on the surface many would say, “it’s about our culture or history.” What “real Christian” in their right mind would be proud of a history or culture of violence, rape, murder, genocide, bigotry or preserving anything that boast of that? What decent forward thinking society would want to identify with that? Unfortunately, many that subscribe to the Ameri-Christianity version.

Do you remember after Saddam Hussein was captured and killed in Iraq? What happened? The people tore down the statues of him throughout Iraq and beat them with shoes and stomped on it- April 2003. Why? They understood the power of symbols and statues and wanted to break every negative soul-tie to Saddam. They went further, they even burned their money (dinars) with the image of Saddam on it. (These were mostly Muslims-hmmm)

In the Book of Judges Chapter 6, there was a man called Gideon. God chose him, this weak, fearful, nobody to bring deliverance/revival. He could not even believe it. But he had to do one thing first. He had to go and tear down the idols of his father, all the statues and altars, that tied the nation to their past. He did it, but was yet unsure if God was with him. When he yet doubted, God told him to go turn on the TV, possibly MSNBC or CNN and listen to what they were saying. So he went to camp of the Amalekites and heard them tell a dream and interpret it. Finally, he could believe what God was doing after hearing it from “outside the church.” Judges 6 & 7 The secular people were more conscious of what God was about to do than those who were suppose to be praying.


Quite some years ago, Eye prophesied that people would be destroying idolatrous statues and images throughout this nation as a sign. Of course, it is yet considered vandalism.

“And you shall overthrow their altars, and break their stone idols, and burn their idol poles with fire; and you shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.” Deuteronomy 12:3 KJV

“And Jehoiada made a covenant between him and between all the people and between the king that they should be the LORD’s people. Then all the people went to the house of Baal and broke it down and broke in pieces his altars and the statues and slew Mattan, the priest of Baal, before the altars.” 2 Chronicles 23:16-17 Jubilee Bible

“And Josiah broke in pieces the images, and cut down the idol poles…furthermore, all the altars and images in the high places he broke down and smashed into pieces. Then he said, “What is this monument that I see?” And the men of the city told him…” 2 Kings 23:14

America, did you expect revival to look more like the same things you have always seen? Did you expect it to be comfortable and you would not have to deal with hate (whether you are black, white, brown yellow, etc), racial issues, bigotry and the sins that are not obvious? Oh, you thought, it was just about giving up drugs, cigarettes, adultery and putting money in the bucket?

Here’s an observation/thought I posted on Facebook last week, I don’t think it was that well liked:

“Most loud evangelicals who are quick to point out “sins” of abortions, homosexuality, adultery, drugs, “fake news,” deep state, Muslim terrorism, etc are eerily silent on the sin of HATE. Wouldn’t that be the worst, if there was a worse, since God is LOVE?? Welcome to the United Hates of America.”

Here is another thought I posted on Face Book last week, actually, it was an excerpt from a news article:

I titled it: The World Sees The Hypocrisy:

“…Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen has kept silent, as have many other major Christian leaders. Many Christians made no public declarations about the rally and several of those who did speak with me about it in private simply delivered the overused platitude “God is in control.” Article here~ The Christian Response Has Been Timid-


It seems as though many of the leading Evangelicals and those hoping to one day join that lofty club have agreed to keep silent, not reprove the evil works of darkness when it comes to Race, Bigotry or their Bigoted President. Is America ready for Revival? Why do people of color continue to support leaders that refuse to represent them?




Last November Eye published a prophetic article of what would happen to this Administration. Spirit spoke that it would be Overturned. We have seen his Cabinet in total chaos, and disarray from day 1 with people being fired, resigning like we have never seen. Yesterday Bannon was let go, resigned. He stated that “the Trump presidency was over.” WHAT?!!

What most people are not aware of is that the racist Steve Bannon wants to see America burn, not with Holy Ghost fire, but with Race & Religious Wars. They want ethnic and religious cleansing and out of it, they want a “white America” based on AMERICANIZED Christian views (not the bible kingdom views). That’s what the “Take America Back” and “Make America Great Again” slogans that Trump ran on were all about. Those are code phrases for the White Supremacists. Did you ever wonder, Take America Back to what, where? As Trump touted the “good ole days,” when discrimination, racism, bigotry and violence against minorities was openly allowed. Back to a time where minorities did not have political or economical power.

War is coming, Bannon has warned. In fact, it’s already here.
It’s war. It’s war. Every day, we put up: America’s at war, America’s at war. We’re at war. White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, 2015

Everything is about to change. Bannon has plans to rally his army, using the influences of the Black Sun. My last provocative thought.

Even Witches, Warlocks and other spiritual people could see the evil growing and were praying against it. How could the Evangelicals, those that suppose to know God and be able to discern be so blind? And most yet refusing to disconnect from evil, yet excusing it and covering it up.

(Did anybody wonder what ever happened to the Russia investigation of Collusion, Fraud, Treason, Golden Showers, etc? This “distraction’ has caused many to almost forget about it. Hmmm. Think People Think)


“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” Edmund Burke

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  1. This could not be better said. As a product of the 60’s and 70’s I understand well the penalty of silence. We were not quiet then, we cannot be quiet now.
    As a prophetic voice we must stand for the liberty and freedom that is ours through Jesus Christ. It is sad but true that too many in the pulpit are advocates of the philosophy “do nothing, be quiet, be still, this too shall pass”. But it is not a time to be silent, it is time for the Lion to roar and for the Church to rise and plunder the gates of hell. There will be revival, but it will come out of the revolution.
    There will be no spiritual change without social change. Read the history of revivals – they are reflectors of social dissonance.
    God is shaking everything that can be shaken.
    Lord raise up the Elijah prophets, those who will confront the prophets of Baal.
    It is time for ethnic justice and the earth will not be silent until all men are free.

    Prophet Lewis, keep standing and know you are not standing alone.

    • Thanks woman of God. I will.


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