Immortality Is Scientifically Possible

Immortality Is Scientifically  Possible

Many years ago when I lived in Canada, I was nick-named, “the Never-Die Preacher.” Some people actually made fun of my messages because they were not the traditional, “get saved, live holy, die and go to heaven” messages. Rather, it was LIVE and heaven will come to you and there is no need to physically die. “Stop Dying!!” I shouted and yet passionately shout to audiences today. Often other ministers and people would assume that I was afraid of death and asked me, “Why are you afraid to die, furthermore, you are so young?” they’d say. I was in my early 20’s in human years and had received a revelation on immortality during my late teens.

It was on an early Sunday evening after a big Sunday meal and fellowship, I went up to my room to meditate and recovery from overeating. (I shall never forget my last meal of meats-spaghetti with huge spicy-hot meatballs, steak and deserts) As I laid on my bottom bunk bed, a vision came before me while awake. It was as if I was watching a screen. (It was not due to the super spicy meatballs) I heard things I had never heard, thoughts things I had never thought, saw things I had never seen, and was taken out in the Spirit of the Lord. When the vision was finished, I had had a paradigm shift. I did not have all the language to utter what I had witnessed or heard, but I knew without a doubt the physical body did not have to die. I knew that one could become so filled with Spirit – Life, that the physical body would stop aging, stop getting sick and simply could not die. Another thing that came from that experience was, I’d never eat meat (animal flesh), including fish or chicken again.

We knew no vegetarians, had never heard of any and nutritional eating surely wasn’t taught in Church. I had never eaten a salad before and would take the tomatoes off my Double Whopper w/Cheese Burger. The closes I got to vegetables was rice, corn, potatoes and occasionally some peas. We were not friends, vegetables and I.

Since that encounter, I have been on somewhat of a soapbox trying to get people to stop dying and personally learning how to overcome the death programming. We are programming our DNA by the food we eat and the thoughts we think. Of course, the environment can also play a role in that programming. We must start believing, there is no need to physically die.

What is age? Is it not an illusion? As cells divide, the telomeres that works as a seal gets shorter, thus, causing the cells to divide and die faster. The script from the DNA in that cell then can not be copied anymore. If the information in the DNA was scripted to produce longevity or other wonderful things can not be copied, that information gets lost and the opposite can manifest. The cells may become radical… this will manifest as aging, sickness and eventually death.

Scientists are now boldly saying, “There is nothing that would stop people from living thousands of years.” I have often said that many scientist believe more in immortality than Believers in the Christ that promised immortality. Are you excited about LIFE yet?!!! Are you excited about the thought of living 200, 500, 1000 years or literally never physically dying??!! Allow your mind to break free and know that you can accomplish it. Think New Thoughts!!! This new science that is being discovered and disclosed is only a reflection of the change that is happening within us. Don’t fall asleep, the party is just about to begin.


‘There’s nothing that would stop people from living thousands of years.’

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  1. Eye agree with you prophet that we shall not die but live forevermore in the name (Divine Nature & Divine Power) of YeHusHuWa….

    as Eye receive that promising revelation and word in my life and in my bloodlines and household I shall not die but live forever and ever.

    The Lord Jesus says “no one takes my life but I have the power to lay it down and raise it back up. ”

    After he gave up the ghost at about thirty three physical years when he rose from the dead 3 days later his body was no longer flesh and blood but flesh and Bone and he’s still living in that body 2000 years later more than 2 days Hallelujah who doesn’t want to be believe in immortality? When the Lord himself is physical proof that the physical body doesn’t have to die.
    Sir F
    12/14/16 Sol-Lun

    • True, the power of life and death is in our tongue…we can choose.

    • God does nothing before he reveals it first to His servants the prophets. Just as in the natural science has accomplish this, in and through the power of the Spirit we will do the same. Thanks.

  2. many years ago i was told “your killing yourself, stop believing in sickness and death.” My wife was driving and I was setting in the passenger seat going to a cleaning job. The download was so powerful and revelatory that I did my best to convey it in words, but was unable to even grasp it myself. Within hours of speaking this out in the car she became seriously ill and I was rushing her to quickcare. Thanks for bringing this word and lets quit accepting the curse of sickness and death. It is up to us.

    • Titus, thanks for sharing. The power of life and death is truly in our tongue.

  3. Appreciate these thoughts. Science is finding the way to do it in the natural but our Lord is also showing his Sons the steps and process to having our DNA healed through courts process ( heavenly courts ) , through communion ; the bread represents His body which was given for us and contains the perfect record of what our DNA should be. Also encouraged to learn to ascend and spend time in the presence of both Jesus and Father. Lots more revelation too.


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