Is There A Secret Colony On Mars?

Is There A Secret Colony On Mars?

Over the years we have asked the question, Is there a secret colony on Mars? We have even made statements that there is, based on what we have researched and heard from others.  We know that the current technology available to the public today is  around 30-50 years old.  It is evident by simply watching the early Star Trek films and other Hollywood science fiction films from at least 30 years ago.  Gene Roddenberry and science fiction writers/directors were and are being used to disclose the technology of Black Projects and to prepare your mind what the future, which is now.


Evidence of a Secret Colony on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO Researchers around the world. Recent whistle-blower revelations from President Eisenhower’s great granddaughter and others give renewed credence to the evidence that planet Mars is being prepared as a SURVIVAL COLONY in the face of imminent catastrophic events that may decimate the population of planet Earth. This film presence the best evidence available that there is indeed Life on Mars.

Enjoy this very powerful and informative documentary sent to us by my brother Buddy, the Buddha from Mississippi.

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