Let’s Talk About Sex…

Let’s Talk About Sex…

Sex has been on my mind a lot lately, so let’s talk about sex. I am sure my thoughts about sex are God inspired, plus I have confirmation, I have received quite a few inquiries about sex recently. So I am not alone in my thoughts about sex and I am sure you are having some of the same thoughts, if you are healthy and at least under sixty.

In this age of sexual freedom, promiscuity is on the rise. Women have finally been liberated to have as many partners as they’d like, now competing with what some men considers a rite of passage, or just being “a man.” We are sold sex everyday on the TV, films, media, billboards, computers…the eye can not escape the subtle and bold messages of SEX. In 1990 the hot girl group SALT-N-PEPA released a song called, “Let’s Talk About Sex.” It went straight to the top of the charts. Finally, a subject that was considered taboo was given permission to talk about and the permission was being given by women. Seriously, should it be taboo? We have nearly 8 billion people on the planet and I bet that at least 99.999% came here through people having old fashion sex.

As I mentioned, over the past several months I have received quite a few inquiries in various forms about SEX from mostly younger people. It appears that our audience on the website is growing among those between 18-35. Many of these people do not have a “church home” or go to a church, but yet have a connection with the Most High. Perhaps the internet, my website have become sort of a Church for some. There are others that do go to a building, but don’t feel comfortable talking about this subject with their Pastor. ATAM has been a blessing to many Pastors over the years in the form of speaking on subjects most Pastors are afraid to speak about, feel uncomfortable with, or just don’t know about. This ranges from the esoteric, divine astrology, metaphysics, to human sexuality. In this message, I will share openly on this subject that’s throughout the Bible and is not evil. This ministry and website exist to teach and empower others. Try not to be offended.

If it aint sexy, it wont sell. Everything in our culture is being sexualized. I remember several years ago, while at the BMW dealership considering purchasing a car, the salesman complemented the car as being “sexy.” I think that was my first time of hearing of a car being sexy. Since them I have heard or read of many objects, machinery, houses, boats and things being “sexy.” I suppose that is just a psychological trigger word to created a strong desire for something that could possibly end in the sale of that product. Sex sells.

Sex is nothing new, it’s as old as animals, which were created before humans and the subject is something we all know about. You would not be reading this article if two people had not gotten together and swapped DNA. Sex is good, very good; God created it. Everything the Creator creates is good. In my opinion, it is one for the highest forms of spiritual expression. Sex is one of the 4 base needs or instincts of humans that stem from the R-complex of the brain. R=reptile, I renamed it the SERPENT BRAIN and wrote about it in my book.

Studies show that men 18-25 have thoughts about sex from 1-388 thoughts per day, contrary to the myth of 8000 thoughts per day. Sex, food and sleeping seems to be the dominate thoughts for men in that age group. Food seems to be at the top of the list for women in that age group, only thinking about sex about 1-140 times per day, according to Ohio State Psychology Today. Despite what some religious people say, you are not only a spiritual being, you are a sexual being also. Thoughts about sex are healthy and normal, they are mostly produced by chemicals in your brain and interaction with others. Of course, there are those with obsessive thinking on sex that would push the number much higher, this might depend on environment also.

If your thoughts become obsessive, you might want to monitor your gates and make sure they are secure. What movies are you watching, what sexual images are coming in through your Eye Gate? What sounds are you entertaining through trashy Rap, disguised as music coming in through your Ear Gate? These hypnotic sounds and images would definitely increase the thought frequencies of sex and the urge to merge. Whatever desire we feed will grow. Reading and meditating on the Word of God or spiritual literature seem to have a brain-washing affect, numbing the impulses, desires and thoughts stemming from the SERPENT BRAIN. Thus, reducing the normal or excessive sexual thoughts greatly. I suppose I should remind myself of this.



Sex before marriage is expected in our western culture, many are actually frowned upon if they haven’t “done it” by age 18, especially males. The pressure is so great for many that they make poor choices that forever change their life. On the other hand, many of the younger people see the opposite or same sex as some type of conquest, keeping a record of how many people they have shagged. It is also common in our culture for people who are married for many years to occasionally step outside the marriage. Some say it keeps their marriage from getting boring, so they find themselves swinging with many partners. Ancient and Biblical teachings on sexual purity have been tossed out of the window and replaced with sexual promiscuity. The fear of deadly diseases or life changing sexual transmitted diseases rarely exist. The challenges of popular culture in the West have made it even more challenging, since “everybody’s doing it.” Sitcoms, films, un-reality shows, and even some cartoons promote lasciviousness or hint at it. Is it illogical to believe or think that we actually don’t have to sleep around…especially younger people? No! Is modern science finally catching up with what the ancient prophets warn us of regarding sex?? How can I survive the peer pressure, temptations and bold offers for sexual encounters?

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” Romans 12:1-2 Message Bible

Earlier this year I was reading a science article that really got my attention as I processed it on several levels. Scientists have discovered that a sizable minority of women have Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. This is interesting because as you may know, Y-chromosome is the chromosome that belong to men. How did they get there? Where did they come from?

These days you have to be wary of who you sleep with as a study has shown that women could potentially carry the DNA of previous partners. STOP!!! Read that again. Isn’t this what we Pentecostal/Charismatics have taught for decades? Of course using Christianese language, nevertheless, the same meaning.

To my siSTARS (sisters), science now believe that every male you have slept with that did not use a condom, you are possibly yet carrying a part of him with you, some of him is attached to your brain cells and you carry bytes of his Y-chromosome data in your blood stream and other organs in your body. It does not matter how well you clean yourself after unprotected sex, it’s there. I want to go beyond what modern science is just realizing and reveal the metaphysical ramifications. His DNA is a part of you and those bytes of data/information have the power to yet control your life on every level; even if it was decades ago, or just a one night stand and even if he is dead. You not only have the genetic connection with him, you also have the energetic (spiritual) connection with him or them. This is in no way to bring guilt or condemnation. At the end of this message, Eye will show you how to untangle yourself from every part of him (them).


The point I want to make clear is, EVERYTHING is in the DNA; all the blessings and curses that could be passed down to 4 generations. His genetic material in you that you will carry forever can also affect your offspring. Who have you been sleeping with?

“The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.” Numbers 14:18, Exodus 20:5

Does this mean that Creator God holds grudges for 4 generations and make innocent kids/people suffer? NO!! To put this in modern day terminology, If a person has diabetes or some other disease, it is possible that was passed down genetically. So what the Bible calls a curse, science calls a disease. Modern science discovered that genetic diseases can be passed down to about 4 generations-just as the ancient Book called the Bible recorded 3500 years ago. It takes that long for the old genetic data of miss-sequencing to be cleared off the template strand of the DNA. However, some genetic abnormalities skip a generation and show up in the next due to some type of interference with the genetic codes. For example, your mother may have diabetes or heart condition, but you may not. Then, you have a child that somehow develops heart disease, it skipped you and that genetic misinformation or miss-sequencing is yet there and wont clear unto the 4th generation. This is the reason when you go to the hospital or clinic, they ask you to fill out a form of your family history of illnesses.

(I was asked once if any of my family suffered from mental illness. I said, “No, they all seem to enjoy it.”)

The Bible is the Ultimate Science Book, we must learn to translate it into modern day scientific language. God is not cursing people as many think. What we call sin (missing the mark – the genetic markers) can activate that laden propensity for disease or that silent sick gene that can cause disease.

Let’s Talk About Sex!! As good as sex is and it is good. Matter of fact, it is so good when done right, it will make an Atheist convert and moan or yell “Oooo GOD!!!!” while vibrating and convulsing ecstatically and religiously during ejaculation/climax. Somebody shout, “AMEN”! The very act of sex is sacred and highly mystical, uniting spirit, soul and body in an etheric union that transcends the impulses and sensations of the flesh body. When two come together with a conscious spiritual intent for co-creating or sexual cosmic bliss, the electromagnetic frequency from this union extends, touching the realm of heaven itself. This out of the body rapture is the highest expression of worship and oneness with the ALL. At that moment the two are engulfed and immersed in the field of spiritual energy that created all that we can see and all that we can not see. Time has stopped and though the bodies are merged, you are not there.

Within this climatic wordless experience that in some cases only last a short few minutes, the Divine Life Force is released. This Force can manifest as liquid seeds of life and or death. Sex as good as it is can also be Deadly. The sperm carrying the powerful Y-chromosome or as I call it the YAHWEH essence in males are like tiny nuclear bombs of data that can be traced back many generations. The power of these nuclear genetic bombs being unleashed in the female body can be a blessing or curse.

The science of this subject basically deal with vaginal intercourse unprotected. It is my belief that anal and oral sex affects women in the same way when there is ejaculation, male DNA is transferred and finds it way into the blood stream. Science will probably be able to prove this years later. (Later in this article, I will also prove it through ancient high technology concealed in ancient mythology.) Men, brethren, who are you sleeping with? How many men are you sleeping with vicariously and energetically each time you have sex with your girlfriend or wife?


His DNA which is the Blueprint of Life, the Jacob’s Ladder can influence not only your life, but the children you bring into this world. Just to keep it real and consistent with the popular culture of our day in America – If a female sleeps with 5-10 males unprotected before she decides to have a child, the influence of those 5-10 or more males sperms that have left bytes of data within her have the power to transpose its information upon the DNA template strand of the unborn child and future born children. Thus, giving birth to children whose character in some manner is like other men you have slept with or possibly taking on diseases in their genetic bloodline.

When this science was first discovered of male Y-chromosome found in females, an obvious answer would be, that it came from a pregnancy with a male son. Every woman who has been pregnant still carries cells from her fetus within her bloodstream. Cells from the pregnancy will reside within the mother’s bloodstream and organs for the rest of her life. You will always be a part of your mother’s life men/brethren, therefore, honor her even in all her imperfections. This is one of the reasons most males have a close relationship with their mothers, you are forever a part of her.

Before reading the scientific study, I used to always wonder why DNA paternity test results in trying to established who the father might be was rarely 100%. There may have been some, but I have never seen it. It is usually around 96%, 98% or higher in most cases I have read or heard about. It is my belief that the remaining 4% is possibly genetic material from other males that was a part of the mother from men she slept with. Even in 1/2 percent is an unbelievable amount of genetic material and data. I am sure we all carry extra genetic material because we are not aware of what may or may not have happened 4 generations prior on our maternal side.

Could the extra Y-chromosomes in women be because the she gave birth to or miscarried a son? Even if the pregnancy was terminated or if there was a miscarriage these said genes would remain with the Mother. There is a name for this so-called condition, it is called microchimerism, which is named after the Greek Chimera, a so-called mythical, monstrous fire-breathing animal that is composed of the parts of three animals, a lion, a snake and a goat. Okay, so that explains it, well at least it does for the women who have given birth to sons. But what about the women without sons that still had male chromosomes in their bloodstream?

This called for a study that was done by immunologists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in 2004. In this study they took samples from 120 women who had never had sons. They found that 21% of these women had male DNA. The women were then categorized into 4 groups according to pregnancy history: Group A had only daughters, Group B had had one or more miscarriage(s), Group C had induced abortions and Group D had never been pregnant before. The prevalence of male michrochimerism was considerably greater in Group C although it was still present in each group. Group A 8%, Group B 22%, Group C 57% and Group D 10%.

Even though you may have had miscarriages, an abortion or several, you yet carry your sons with you. That powerful Y-chromosome (Yod – Yahweh – Chromosome) essence of that child is yet physically and energetically with you forever, though the body is long discarded. I believe this is why some women can yet feel the essence of that aborted or miscarried child and I am sure this is true for female aborted children or miscarriages. Some women without children have even told me they dream of children and don’t know why. Could this be why? Some miscarriages go unnoticed in early stages of pregnancy.

The multiple DNA contributions from the various men the female had unprotected sex with are forever a part of her life. It produces this form of Chimerism that might manifest in her own personality, character, or many other ways in her life. Even more, it is my belief that this form of Chimerism can manifest and often do manifest in the children later born. I have often heard parents speak of their children being like no one else in the family in both a negative and positive way. (This also appear in animals.)


I have always been fascinated by the diversity of people groups and cultures on the planet. Many years ago when the Father had called me to minister in the far north isolated regions of Canada to the First Nations people and Metis living in those villages, I can across some very interesting people. One group was in Fort Severn, Ontario right on the Hudson Bay, across from Quebec. I will never forget, it was winter and I had opted to obey the Spirit, rather than go to Mexico. I must confess I wish I had not obeyed many days while I was there in that frozen land. It was -100 degrees below zero wind chill factor and around -60 degrees below zero. Oh, I was not dressed or prepared for the extreme unusually cold winter that year. The people mostly trapped and hunted for their food (beaver, bear, moose, etc) and the tiny General Store got “fresh produce” about 2 times a month, when a plane flew in. By the time the produce arrived to the far north, the produce was wilted. The Chief and Elders had invited me to come. The news had spread of the miraculous works being done farther south of there and I had been blessed to perform the very first baptism rituals and bring the Full Gospel to many of those areas across the north. The people had prepared a great feast of MEATS; beaver, bear and moose I believe. My interpreter had forgotten to tell them I was vegetarian, it didn’t really matter since there were no vegetables up there anyways. Long story short, I lived off of small cans of tomato soup and scrambled eggs for over a month, sometimes fasting until next delivery.

The first things I noticed about those beautiful full-blood Swampy Cree First Nations (Indians) people, many were darker skinned than me and some had striking blue eyes. The darker skinned was normal for the full-blood people in that region, opposed to the Metis, which were mixed non-Treaty people. Many had one blue eye and one brown eye. The brown and blues were ranged from light to dark colors. Some even had blue eyes with brown specks, others had brown eyes with blue specks. It is called Heterochromia. It is usually inherited or caused by genetic chimerism (Y-chromosome material of other men stuck in the female forever). The English had come to the region and established the Fur Trade, later in the 18th century the French attacked the area. We know with war there is rape and many other atrocities. I can not prove this theory of genetic information that may have been carried down to the 4th generation of the full-blood Crees living on the Hudson Bay, but I found it fascinating and beautiful. (Here is an example of genetic chimerism heterochromia below and what I saw in many of the adults and elderly people.)


Getting back to our subject. The scientists conducting their studies from 2004 conclusion was the possible sources of male michrochimerism included, known pregnancies, miscarriages, vanished male twin, or sexual intercourse. This means, that through intercourse alone there is a potential for women to hold onto male genes and DNA within their organs and blood stream for their entire life! This genetic material deposited by a male can actually have an affect on how her future offspring looks, eye color, hair, characteristic, and even health.


In the Old Testament, under the Mosiac Covenant, if a woman was known to have committed Adultery, she was to be stoned or burned. The Bible is more scientific than we realize and the original ancient Hebrew people had esoteric knowledge and technology beyond what we realize. The Torah was written in codes waiting to be activated by this generation of Mystics. They understood the power that a woman possesses to hold on to the Y-chromosome DNA of males, carrying them forever and transmitting their genetic frequencies through child birth even to the 4th generation.

The female is suppose to only carry the mitochondrial (female) DNA known as mtDNA. The only male DNA (Y-ahweh chromosome) was to have been from her husband and his sons. She was designed to be the carrier, protector of him and his seed forever. So powerful was his influence (Y-ahweh chromosome) that even if he died and she remarried, he was to yet shape and influence the sons and daughter of another man that she might marry, through his Y-chromosome DNA lodged in the bloodstream, brain cells and organs of his survived wife. This is why often, if possible, the widow would marry the brother or other male relative of the deceased. Have you heard of the “kinsman redeemer”? Study the Book of Ruth. It was literally “until death do us part.”

Some ancient cultures would banish the adulteress, other cultures tortured and killed both, some were burned or the female had her nose cut off. The ancients knew and feared something that modern cultures have lost. I am not agreeing that adulterers should be tortured or killed, I am only showing that their was a reason beyond what you learned in Sunday School for punishment of this type of sin. It was not based in hatred of women. Genetically, the female adulteress had become forever contaminated with the seed of another man living in her through the Y-chromosome, possibly affecting the husband’s seed to 4 generations. Furthermore, forcing the husband to sleep with another man genetically and energetically, each time he had sex with his wife. It was based in a science that our modern scientists are just becoming aware of.

A very power story develops in the New Testament, there was a woman caught in the very sexual act of adultery. The man was let go and the woman was brought before the always loving gracious Yahushuah (Jesus). Moses law says, “stone her” they yelled, “what do you say?” Jesus stooped down and began to write on the ground, He said, “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” All her accusers left and the barely clothed woman was standing there alone in shame with her head down. Jesus said, “Woman, where are your accusers? No one has condemned you yet? Neither do I condemn you, Go and sin no more.” John 8 Hallelujah!!!

Are you ready for something deeper, a revelation I just received from the esoteric genetic perspective? As you read the story, Jesus used his finger to write on the ground. The 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is YOD, this is where we get Yahweh and Yahushuah from. Remember science tell us that the Y-chromosome of the male DNA stays with the woman for life. The word YOD literally means the Hand or Finger of God.

When Jesus stooped down to use his finger (The Finger of God – YOD -Y) to write on ground/dust, representing woMAN made from the dust, what was he doing? He was re-writing her genetic script, cancelling the Y-chromosomes that would forever influence her life and the life of her future children. He cancelled the genetic frequency and data she had just received from the man she was caught with. He re-wrote the codes that she may have received from other men besides her husband also. It was a genetic overwrite! He re-wrote her code so that she would not have to carry the extra sexual baggage of other men that could affect 4 generations. Go and Sin (miss the genetic marker) No MORE!!! That’s the power of Grace from my Jesus, not the religious angry personality created by warped vengeful men.

In some cultures and ancient graceless religions they yet practice stoning and burning the adulteress, it is only because they don’t know or understand the Power of Grace and Truth in the Person of Jesus the Christ. Even many Christians don’t understand or overstand the power of reGENEration (genetic re-writing) through GRACE. The Bride of Christ must have only the genetic frequency of her Beloved influencing her life and all that comes forth out of her. The Y-ahweh Chromosome must be engraved in her forehead – just as science now prove male Y-chromosome is in women brain cells. Revelation 14

Let’s Talk about SEX…tiles. In astrology and astronomy there is a rare event that takes place in the heavens called the YOD. It is when 2 planets are SEX-tile (60 degrees apart) and conjunct with a third planet at about 150 degrees forming a Triangle. (Think of love triangle.) The YOD has been called the Finger of God or the Finger of Fate & Destiny for thousands of year. When someone is born during the rare SEXtile, the heavens prophesy they will greatly influence the world, a powerful person. History seems to prove this with people that have a YOD in their natal chart. Jesus stooping down writing on the ground was re-writing the adulteress destiny with the Finger of God (Yod). As in the heavens so below. Her love triangle that almost got her killed was intercepted by Grace and the Finger of God re-wrote her genetic script. God wants to intercept what the enemy meant for evil and break off every genetic and energetic tie and influence from your life.

Young women, it is important that you do not allow the seed of other men to enter your vagina, anus or mouth if at all possible, until you know it is the one you are committed to be with until death do you part. You don’t need to carry around the sexual baggage of other men you will never see again, you can’t even remember their name or know very little about them or their family. If you have made poor choices of opening yourself up to many lovers and already carry their DNA, there is something you can do to undo this, and we’ll get to that later.


This science puts a whole new meaning on sexual intercourse as a whole. Sex is a very sacred and spiritual act and should be completely regarded as such. A lot of people are misusing sex between male and female and have forgotten what it is meant for and how important and consecrated it really is. It is so important for us (humanity) to realize this. There is a lot of power and amazing potential within this act and it has the complete capability of connecting us with our true selves. There is nothing casual about sex between a male and female, ever. The sexual baggage can redirect your life and the lives of many in negative ways. If you have not reached that level of grace and power of the Spirit to overcome, and can not control the urge to merge, make sure he uses a raincoat. Keep this in mind, you might escape the affects of michrochimerism and Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) by using protection, but you may not escape STD = Sexual Transmitted Demons aka Spiritual Transmitted Demons. This STD is the energetic (spiritual) transfer that can take place through sexual acts between people.


Sisters, who are you sleeping with? How many women are you sleeping with each time you have sex with your husband or lover? While it is true that he does not have the capacity to carry the X-chromosome DNA data from the female or females he may have shagged, he yet carries their energetic frequencies (in Christian terminology, some of their spirit) from them if there was DNA exchanged. She is there in the bed with you, the ex-wife, the mistress, the hoes in every zip code; they are all there. The energetic frequencies from multiple sexual relationship and prostitutes join you.

Let’s talk about sex!! It is possible that when he comes to bed, if he doesn’t know better; he is visualizing himself being intimate with one of his other sex partners that pleased him well or a different body size. Therefore, he is not making love to you, he is making love to someone else, her energy is there. I say this from experience and it can frequently happen, if the female is not willing to give him what he needs or if he does not know how to communicate what he needs. I am sure this happens with lots of men, if they have had prior marriages or lovers.

This also happens with men if they are accustomed to watching and ‘getting off’ to pornography. We tend to bring in that model with an unbelievable body, looks and knows exactly what to do into the bedroom, transposing her upon the wife or lover. Those moments at the computer, in a dark booth, or in watching magazines images form energetic ties and sexual baggage on a more subtle subconscious level…forcing your spouse or lover to share the bed with other women. All sexual ties must be broken, that energy from others in real life or pornography can create chaos and defile the marriage bed.

Communicating and foreplay during and before intercourse is very powerful. This is a sacred act agreed on by both parties to engage in with the intent of pleasing each other. Often I have gotten asked what is allowed and what is not allowed in the marriage bed. It my belief based on 1 Corinthian 7 and common sense that whatever pleases each other that don’t cause injuries is sanctified in the marriage bed. Make it exciting, fun, spiritual, change it up, make it spontaneous; have fun in each room of the house, including the closet. God Loves Sex!! However, I would not recommend you go 50 SHADES OF GREY
on your spouse or the “choking thing” that lots of young people seem to be in to. God is not into murder and necrophilia, so don’t even think about it. If you have perverted fetishes, choke a blow up doll, keep the animals outside and remember three is a crowd.

“15-16 Do you know the saying, “Drink from your own rain barrel,
draw water from your own spring-fed well”?
It’s true. Otherwise, you may one day come home
and find your barrel empty and your well polluted.
17-20 Your spring water is for you and you only,
not to be passed around among strangers.
Bless your fresh-flowing fountain!
Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!
Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose—
don’t ever quit taking delight in her body.
Never take her love for granted!
Why would you trade enduring intimacies for cheap thrills with a whore?
for dalliance with a promiscuous stranger?”
Proverbs 5:15-20 Message Bible

“Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice with the wife of your youth. As a loving deer and a graceful doe,
Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; And always be enraptured with her love.”
Proverbs 5:18-19 KJV



Our ministry touches the lives of people from all walks of live. We simply can not pretend there are no gay people for the sake of being religious-politically correct. We are aware of the complexities of genetics and that in some isolated cases females are born or develop male Y-chromosome and in some cases males are born with XX-chromosome or develop it. Thus, bringing to our attention that Y does not make you a man in every case and XX does not make you a female in every case. However, for the sake of ‘generally speaking’ we will address this.

When Y-chromosome meets Y-chromosome there can be no creation, no life can come forth; only pleasure. You may dress in stiletto heels, wear a wig, panties, make your face pretty, implant boobs, get your penis whacked off, but you’re yet a Y (male) over 95% of the time. We are aware there can be special bonds between men that transcend that of a female, history, Bible and genetics prove this. God created the “need” in humans for sex, just as we have a need for food; hopefully not as strong.

We are moving into an Age where their is lots of emphasis on sex. If you don’t like it, you can’t do nothing about it. The heavens declare it. You can only choose not to be a part of it for yourself. The Age of Aquarius also deals with sexual revolution. It is not by chance or just by conspiracy that young men boldly walk around sagging, showing off the shapes of their buttocks. It is not by chance that many black males seems to be accepting the de-masculinity of the dominate Black male. From Paris to Beijing to New York to Los Angeles, fashion is designing clothes to make men look more sexy to other men and feminine. From the low rise, French cut pants in the groin area, designed to reveal bulges and sexual masculinity, to the skinny leg and no back pockets pants design to create femininity in appearance. On subtle levels, all of this adds to the confusion of many young men. Have you noticed the Zodiac symbol of Aquarius? Of course, most Church people dare not…they are too afraid. They lose out on the rich knowledge the heavens offer. Absolutely nothing can transpire on earth UNTIL the heavens first declare it. “As in heaven so on earth,” Jesus said.


Let’s talk about sex… Here is an ancient symbol/depiction of the constellation or Zodiac sign of Aquarius the Water-bearer that goes back thousands of years. This is the Age we are coming into. Did you notice his buttocks are revealed, his garment is sagging? The heavens prophesied that young men would be dressing like this and seducing other males, thousands of years ago.

Can I just make it clearer? The majority of sexual attraction in our time is focus on the BOOTY. Women and men are twerking. Jennifer Lopez beautiful bubble butt is insured for $1 million dollars. We even have popular songs, “I like Big Butts” and “Bubble Butt.” Flat small butt women and men are flying out of the country and across the country to get “butt implants.” For those that don’t want to undergo surgery or extreme squatting exercises for years to get a “sexy butt,” you can purchase butt padded underwear and pants to make your flat butt look rounder and bigger. People are so pressured to have a big bubble butt by society, some had surgeries that ended their life, males and females. It’s the influence of the heavens. You can’t help doing a double-take watching that booty. I have to sometime anoint my eyes before going out and quote Job, “I made a covenant with my eyes…” Seriously! Is that too much transparency or truth for you?

Getting back to our subject. There is no modern scientific evidence yet proving that men doing men can cause a permanent DNA transfer. What happens when males ejaculate in each others anus or mouth? Beside the act of sexual intercourse being by (2) of the same sex, the same thing that happens with a male and female. Gay men have been stereotyped as promiscuous, their testosterone levels have been thought to be higher than many straight men. Thus, forcing them to fill their strong appetite for sex with many partners. I don’t know how much of that is accurate, but I am sure that All gay men don’t sleep around and some can commit to a relationship.

Let’s talk about sex… Brother, who are you sleeping with? How many men are you sleeping with each time you have sex with your partner or spouse? How many men are you forcing him to sleep with? You are carrying the sexual baggage of all the men you have been with. The energy of all those men and the men they were with is there in that climatic moment, unless it gets clear out.

Men, it is my opinion that every person that you have had unprotected sex with to the point of ejaculation, orally or anally, you carry some of their Y-chromosome DNA and they yet have some power over you. It may only be, when you see them, you can’t resist but succumb to having sex with them again, even though you are in a committed relationship. Male gay sex is not just about pleasing, it is also about dominance in a subtle way – even with Straight Sex. The releasing of sperm, the life force over or into another person represents superiority, dominance and the ability to rule over that person. Those are strong words, but in the original sense they are all positive, because what it means is – You Are Now responsible – accountable in every way for the person you just dominated . This is the way it was meant to be. All sex should be a responsible act.

There are “bottoms”, “tops” and “versatile” in gay sex. If you are a “bottom” or “fem” or “versatile,” there is that part of you that enjoys being dominated, submissive, the receiver – you are depending on someone else. You most likely have co-dependency issues and lack confidence. This is not an indictment against you. The Y-ahweh chromosome from the “top” dominate male is in your bloodstream, although at this point our modern evolution of science is not able to identify it because it is Y-chromosome DNA, as is common in males. As modern technology advances, we will not only be able to identify it, but we will be able to clearly identify every person a gay or straight person had sex with unprotected. That’s gonna be scary for some. That’s quite a few years away.

The nations of the world are developing DNA databases, their intent is to store every human’s DNA for later identification for various purposes (ethnic cleansing, ID, criminal behavior, health, etc). “That which has been shall be again and that which is has already been. There is nothing new under the Sun.” Ecclesiastes – Solomon

Lesbian women carry the energetic frequency of her female lovers. These soul ties are strong due to the power of female emotions, but can be broken in the same manner as straight or gay male energetic sexual ties.

(Our purpose is not to control or dictate how anyone should dress-the intent is ONLY to point out the sexual subtleties operating in the fashion industry for both male and female. We also do not condemn or condone who you sleep with or don’t sleep with. You alone are responsible for your choices)


We have shared lots and there is power in prayer and affirmations. Go to your sacred space for this and take it seriously in Faith, otherwise, you will be wasting your time. Some of you will need to set aside some time to get through this. If you have a spouse or committed partner and the relationship is close enough to do this together – do it together. If you have had sexual relationships with many people, you might want to write down the names of those you can remember. We will go through each one, using this same powerful prayer with INTENT to call the DNA of other men out of your body, organs, brain cells and bloodstream. Speak these words slowly, deliberately with Intent, Honesty and Faith. Keep tissue near. (During this exercise if the strong urge comes to relieve yourself, go quickly yet praying and commanding his DNA to pass from your body. If the urge comes to cough or spit, use the tissue and continue to command all of his DNA to come forth)

My heavenly Father/Mother Creator God – I come to You. I know that you will Never reject me. I know that You Love me and there is nothing I can do to ever make you not Love me. You are with me when I am weak and when I feel strong. I receive your Love. I feel your Love.

I ask Forgiveness for any known offenses. People I have offended or sinned against. (Name them and the offenses, apologize at your earliest chance-Be Real) I accept your forgiveness. I forgive all those who have offended or hurt me and release them into eternal bliss and peace. (Think on the names of those and call them out with passion. Name the hurt or offense and let it go)

Father, I thank you that you shed your DNA through the Blood of Jesus (Yahushuah) just for me. I accept this and I receive the Blood of Jesus to cleanse me. I am clean!

I speak the the Y-chromosome of ______________ and every trace of his genetic material that may be lodged in my brain cells, organs, blood stream and embedded memories. I dislodge and untangle his Y-chromosome from every part of me Now. I undo what was done with or without my permission. I call _______________ DNA to come forth and be released from my body, every trace of it. Be released through my urine, my bowels or out of my mouth. Go! NOW!

The frequency of JEsus (Yahushuah) interrupts and intercepts any foreign DNA material that does not belong in my body. The Finger of God, the Yod, re-writes my DNA script today, cancelling all miss-sequencing, missing the marker and unseen negative events set in motion through my prior sexual acts.

_____________ DNA no longer has control over me from this day forth. I take back every bit of power I surrendered to him through a sexual act(s). Pass from my body NOW. I reject you, my body, organs, blood and brain cells reject it in the name of Jesus (Yahushuah).

______________ DNA material can no longer affect any of my children, nor their children’s children. I reverse any negative affects that may have been passed on and declare healing, wholeness, peace, prosperity and joy over my children and grandchildren (name them). ________________ DNA is cleared out of my linage to the 4th generation by the cleansing Blood of Jesus. I have a new genetic script.

I now break all energetic connections to people I have been sexually involved with that I should not have been involved with and pornography images that can affect my relationship. I break all energetic connections from previous marriage(s). By the power of Christ and the Living Word, I am no longer emotional, mentally, physically, spiritually or energetically connected to ______________________. The Sword of the Spirit cuts me free. I am redeemed and my bloodline also is redeemed from any and all curses that could have come through sexual contacts with others.

I now cleanse my genitalia by the Blood of Jesus. I take back my power and surrender my members as sanctified and holy – to be used in a spiritual manner only with the one God has for me. I preserve my body as a holy vessel in Jesus (Yahushua) Name.
I know it is done. I am free. I am free. I am free. Thank You!! Amen



Many years ago I was studying so called Mythology, which is actually ancient forbidden history and came across a very unusual story about the ancient gods. The Myths (ancient forbidden history) came out of Africa, they were plagiarized and popularized by the Greeks and later borrowed from Greeks by the Romans. Names and locations were changed, but most to the history is yet intact. Far fetched, crazy and unbelievable as they sound, much of is real as well as metaphoric. We actually read many of the stories in our Holy Bible, as people repeated history and recorded it to give us a more modern version of the ancient so called myths.

In a time long forgotten the family of gods (elohim) were on the earth in what is today called Africa. They were a large family that had problems similar to humans today. These giant gods ruled the ancient world. I will give you the rather short version of the myth of Horus (Protector god – All Seeing EYE on the back of US dollar bill) and Set (god of the desert, calamity, disaster) – there are several versions that tell basically the same story. He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

Let’s talk about ancient sex of the gods: According to ‘Papyrus Chester Beatty’ (biblical and non biblical ancient writing discovered) – Set was in competition with Horus for Rulership over Egypt. Warning! This ancient text is highly erotic.

“Now afterward, (at) evening time, bed was prepared for them, and they both lay down. But during the night, Set caused his phallus to become stiff and inserted it between Horus’s thighs. Then Horus placed his hands between his thighs and received Set’s semen. Horus went to tell his mother Isis: “Help me, Isis, my mother, come and see what Set has done to me.” And he opened his hand(s) and let her see Set’s semen. She let out a loud shriek, seized the copper (knife), cut off his hand(s) that were equivalent. Then she fetched some fragrant ointment and applied it to Horus’s phallus. She caused it to become stiff and inserted it into a pot, and he caused his semen to flow down into it.”

Ok, getting kind of XXX-rated, you can research and read the rest of the ancient script for yourself. In short, because Set had defiled Horus, thinking he had made him submissive by ejaculating in and on him, Isis help him. She took the huge load of Horus’ semen and put it on lettuce in the garden where Set usually ate. The African vegetable called lettuce looks a bit different from what we are used to, it was actually phallic shaped and when you pulled the leaves apart, there was a milky white substance. Set often ate it and the people used it as a natural Viagra. Isis took Horus load and poured it between the leaves of the lettuce and Set unknowingly ate it for lunch and gave a big belch afterwards…probably.

Whenever there was a dispute between the gods, demigods (nephilim) and some humans, Thoth, the scribe and god of knowledge (technology) was called upon to settle it. Horus and Set came before Thoth. Set announced that Horus could not be the rightful ruler over Egypt (which consisted of much of Africa at that time). His reason was because he had made him submit by doing the “labor of a man.” Set did not realize he had not penetrated Horus and ejaculated in him. Horus disagreed that it happened. Set instructed Thoth to summon the semen (sperm, DNA) of Set that was in Horus body…he thought. Thoth using ancient high technology summoned the semen and it spoke, but it was not located in Horus body. It cried out from a lake where Set had spilled some on other occasion, or Horus had dumped the sticky handful.

Do you remember the Bible verses that speak of Abel blood (DNA) crying out from the ground and testifying against Cain? Take a Selah moment. Genesis 4:10

Horus, the Protector god, the all seeing EYE, told Thoth that Set (type of Satan) was not fit to rule the world because he had conquered him by his semen. He challenged Thoth to call forth his sperm out of Set. I am sure Set was confused because he had not been penetrated by Horus. He was unaware he had digested his load while eating his favorite snack of lettuce for lunch.

Thoth put his hand on Set’s shoulder and said: “Come out, you semen of Horus.” Then it said to him: “Where shall I come from?” Thoth said to it: “Come out from his ear.” Thereupon it said to him: “Is it from his ear that I should issue forth, seeing that I am divine seed?” Then Thoth said to it:”Come out from the top of his head.” And it emerged as a golden solar disk upon Set’s head. Set became exceeding furious and extended his hand(s) to seize the golden solar disk. Thoth took it away from him and placed it as a crown upon his (own) head […] And so Set took a great oath by [the] god as follows: “He shall not be awarded the office.”

Hallelujah! There are so many messages in that. Can you see what Eye see? Satan lost his right as god of this world, it was the Sperma (Word) that Jesus defeated Satan/Set (god of the desert, chaos) with in the desert. “It is written…” It is the sperm (word-seed) that gives us dominion and causes one to submit.


So you think there is no power to the myths and that they are not relevant, eh? You think they are only ancient stories written on papyri found alongside the Bible and portions of the book of Enoch? Every major corporation uses the ancient symbols of the ancient gods you may think of as myths. They understand the power and energy they possess. Of course, they will not make an announcement on the evening news about what they believe or know, yet it is evident in everything they produce.

Let’s talk about sex and cars. I started off this message stating how everything is being sexualized. This my last illustration to make that point. 1997 the Toyota Prius car was released into the market in Japan and worldwide in the year 2000. Because of my inquisitive nature and some discernment, I decided to research the Prius. Plus, the name sounded kind of familiar, but I could not place it. In just a few minutes after I started my research, I realized, it was an “aha” moment, that evolved into “hahaha”, “hehehe”, “hohoho” moments also. I am yet sitting her with a smile across my face when I think about the sexiness on the Toyota Prius and the subtleties of this Sexual Age we live in.

When the Prius started to sell here, in was rumored the dealership often sprayed Pheromones (male hormones) in the cars, because it was a small car, their targeted buyers were female. Unbeknownst to the women taking the car for a test drive or just sitting in them, the odorless pheromones were interacting with the chemicals in their brain and creating arousal and excitement. Prius began to sell like hot cakes. I am sure they yet do this with the Prius Hybrid. Brilliant idea. Men that had a propensity to be aroused by the same sex was having the same experiences. Somehow the car was “sexy” and people wanted it, their hot and bothered emotions confirmed to them that was the car for them.

Why the Prius??? Do you think they just come up with names off the top of their heads? Here’s the cover story: Prius in Latin means First or Superior, original, prime; good. However, to go back a bit further to the Greek, it comes from Priapus. Who was Priapus in African mythology plagiarized by the Greeks? (Google Images of Priapus, and you might have a laugh or smile also)

Priapus in mythology is a lesser god of lust, pleasure and fertility, he was curse with an eternal huge raging erection and could never get satisfied. Since there is nothing new under the Sun, we again have a lot of emphasis placed on the penis and size. The ads are filled with messages telling men why they need Viagra (maybe some do-we are not judging) or some other pill and to be bigger. This has become another subtle form of Phallic Worship, a lot of focus is directed toward the base chakras-energies. (Where does Pole dancing come from)? In the days of old they built wooden or stone images that eventually led to religious orgies and temple prostitution.

What is the medical term for a man that has an erection for over 4 hours? By the way, this is an emergency that Viagra or other similar drugs can cause? It is called Priapism. This is from the so called mythological god Priapus. Test drive a Prius. 🙂

Bottom line: Respect yourself and your body. Respect others. Don’t you know that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit? You have been given the great honor and privilege keep this edifice holy, beautiful and pure. The Almighty God, Creator of All lives within you.


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  1. Wow …your message, what a blessing!

    • thanks Balwin.

  2. Eye did the sexual acts release. I felt an enveloping of the Holy Ghost and vomiting feeling from my mouth with no vomit. In Jesus name by the power of the Blood. I command it although soul ties energetic ties DNA frequencies any type of ties spiritual ties and all the different types and I command them to leave my bloodstream my organs my body my brain cells in my whole being within my body my soul spirit in Jesus name

    • thanks for sharing Sir. We have been getting some awesome testimonies/reports. God is good.


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