Libra – Lupus the Victim – Part 3

Libra – Lupus the Victim – Part 3

 draconidBefore venturing further into the heavens to decode deeper mysteries of Libra and Lupus, meditate on this.  We made it through the holiest day of the year, Atonement (Yom Kippur) and we realize that our names are written in the Book of Life. The Divine Court has ruled in our favor, we are Not Guilty and the Accuser of the brethren is cast down.  
   The heavens bear witness of this fact, that the Accuser is cast down and is being cast down. The Scales of Libra have been eternally tipped in your favor to bring balance, due to the blood-work of the Messiah. When I mentioned “blood-work,” I am speaking much deeper than what is traditionally referred to.

The Sun is yet in Libra until October 22. All of the Zodiac signs have (3) decans or faces (phases), these are sub-constellations, as we shared in Libra – Crux Part 2, before reading this message it might be a good idea to study  Libra – Part 1  also.  [This is a 4 part series.]   The decans/subconstellations rise every 10 days and also mark the hours of the night, this is God’s Celestial Clock that keeps perfect time. This is literally how time was developed with 12 hours of a day and 12 hours (horas) of a night.

The word horoscope is derived from the Greek word “hora” speaking of the decans of God’s clock that rises on the ho-Rizon to declare God’s mysteries and future events. Horoscope from the Greek literally means, look at or watch the hour, observer of times.  The Spirit is encouraging us to, LOOK AT THE HOUR!!!



October 3 – 12   LUPUS  will be rising in Libra. This is the second decan of Libra. Lupus means the Wolf. As you take a closer look, you can see this Wolf (Lupus) has been killed by the Centaur-the 2nd decan of Virgo. He is taking this beast to be placed on the Altar. ARA the Altar can be seen in the bottom right corner, it is a sub-constellation of stars in Sagittarius on the star map.

“The heavens do declare (prophesy) the glory of God…” Psalms 19

Genesis 1:14 says, God created the Sun, Moon and stars (constellations) for signs (tokens, truth, miracle, Proof) and for seasons (appointed times, set times, feast days).

The word sign is the Hebrew word “owth” used in Genesis. God said, I will give you PROOF, markers, tokens, and truth through the constellations of heaven.  This is why we read the heavens and share this revelation.

The constellations are God’s Prophets that can never lie. They tell and retell the story of Messiah and everything in the universe again and again in different ways.   Libra, through Lupus is showing us the work of the Messiah and also the energy that’s working in all Initiates on the Path of Light and Enlightenment.  Are You On the Path Yet??!!

We mentioned during our study of Virgo the Virgin and her (3) decans, that the characters or objects in the constellations can often play more than one role in this Cosmic Drama, played out in the space above our heads. Each constellation is layered with prophetic clues and messages beyond what the current human mind can fathom.

In Virgo – Centaurus, the half-man half-horse represented the suffering, dying and resurrected Messiah. He is also shown with his spear piercing the Wolf – Lupus. Herein is a wonderful 3-fold mystery, the Sacrifice, the One whose offering the Sacrifice and the Victim; are One in the same.

In Centaurus Suffering, (1) there is a star which means, “the Despised sin-offering,” Jesus fulfilled that. He was despised and reject and he who knew no sin became the “sin offering.” (2) We also have Centaurus offering the Sacrifice on ARA the Altar. Again this is a picture of Messiah offering Himself as the Atoning sacrifice for humanity. (3) However, in the next Zodiac sign, Libra – the decan called Lupus, Messiah is seen as the Victim. He allowed himself to be the atoning victim and executed his own death penalty.

No man takes my life, I lay it down and have to power to raise it up again.”


(1) The Creator has laid out this powerful prophetic message in the heavens, but it is not limited to Messiah. Each one on the Path must become the living sacrifice and “sin-offering,” making atonement for those around us. Your spirituality will always be in contrast with those that have not yet seen the Light or those that settle for the entry level spiritual experience. You will be rejected and despised by those even of your own household, church, temple, mosque or synagogue. They can only hear the parables, the meanings of the parables, the mysteries of the Kingdom requires more dedication and maturity than they are willing to allow.

Your Spirit-filled, hunger-for-more Presence and demonstration of His power convicts them; they have judged themselves unworthy, being filled with religious guilt and jealousy. The challenge for you is to atone = cover their sins,  ignorance, actions and negative words against you with love and forgiveness. Some of you are in homes and you feel you are surrounded by enemies you are related to. They wait to twist every little word that comes out of your mouth, to ridicule you and diminish you in every way possible.

“Blessed (fortunate) are those that are persecuted for righteousness sake.” (They are helping you, by hastening your complete  death to the lower self/ego and they don’t even know it).

(2) The spear of the Centaur is painful but necessary for your death, the Ego death. What part of you hasn’t completely died yet? Allow this to be a revelation and not a condemnation. Every bit of you must die, so it can be transmuted on the Altar of Ara (constellation) into a “sweet smelling fragrance.”

In the story of Abraham offering Isaac upon the altar, Isaac had to be tied to the altar with ropes. Genesis 22:9 Fear and lack of understanding of this powerful principle of sacrifice has caused many to get up off the altar just before the spear of the Centaur pierced the ego.  Allow the Spirit to tie those negative things, behaviors, attitudes and actions to the altar; so they may be transmuted and resurrected to be used on a much higher level.

(3) Lupus allowed himself to be hunted by the Centaur and even killed. He was the Victim, but chose not to feel victimized. It is at this state, you, the Initiate have a totally different perspective – paradigm shift. You don’t go looking to start a fight, but you don’t run from them. Criticism is welcomed with a smile; lies, accusations and negativity does not affect you as it did before – it does not hurt as bad.

The Initiate is not looking for fame, fortune or friends; although, he/she will welcome them if they come. Your altar experience has killed everything that needs to be killed.  Yahushua’s (Jesus’) altar was the Garden of Gethsemane, that’s where He died.  The beating, torture and crucifixion afterwards only demonstrated what had already happened. When He said, “Father, not my will, but thine will be done,” that was the final death to the ego.

In this realization, No One or NOTHING can kill you; you know who you are. Cancer, Lupus, Heart disease, AIDS, Ebola, nor any other incurable terminal disease or plague created by men can kill you. No weapon formed against you can prosper. It is here, the Initiate has learned the Power in laying down his life and has realized the Power to raise it up again. You can choose to discard your present form and exchange it for another one, or keep this one and raise it up to a higher frequency. The Victim becomes the Victor only when he no longer sees himself as the victim.


“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

The heavens are filled with intrigue and mysteries. You have heard the phrase, “wolf in sheep clothing,” but Lupus the Wolf gives us a unique concept. In the ancient Zodiac of Dendera, Egypt – Lupus is pictured as a little child with its finger on its lips, and He is called Sura, a lamb. The Zodiac (star map) of Dendera, Egypt conceals a mystery.  Place your finger over your lips and say, “Ssshhhh.”

Behold, Eye show you just a very small part of this powerful mystery.  As I pulled out my map of the heavens, I realized that LUPUS the Wolf is 180 degree apart from ARIES the Ram (Lamb). They are 6 months apart and directly opposite of each other on the map of the heavens. There’s a Sheep/lamb in Aries that’s later represented as a Wolf-Lupus in Libra.  In Aries the Lamb is wounded in the Zodiac, in Libra, Lupus is dead. They are interchangeable and telling the same story.

It is the “lamb/sheep in wolves clothing.”  It is the story of the Initiate on the Path, but yet does not fully know who he/she is.

Outward appearances are often deceiving and many lambs  often choose to appear as wolves now-a-days, thus,  diminishing the power of the Sacrificial Lamb in their lives. The influences of the world can easily overpower an immature sheep (Initiate) that does not truly believe in the Christ power within himself. There are many sheep that fail to realize who they are, they have not heard the Voice of the Shepherd within or without. Therefore, their message does not match their outside or visible lifestyle of conformity to this world system.

Some are hearing strange voices that sound similar to the Shepherd’s.  In their pride and ignorance, they have followed the distorted doctrines laced with spiritual clichés and empty words that excites the intellect.  Exchanging and covering the fleece of wool for course wolf hair, they are sheep dressed up in wolves clothing. The spear of Centaurus will eventually find them and they will be transformed.




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