Methods of Depopulation

Methods of Depopulation

It seems like more people are beginning to realize that there really is an Agenda 21, a plan that is being implemented to depopulate the planet.  If I remember correctly, the number they would like to reduce the population to is around 500,000,000 (5 hundred million) people.  We are already around 7,000,000,000 (7 billion) people on the planet.  That’s a big undertaking to kill that many people over the next several years.

The evil ones behind this plan are very clear and the main targets of their Agenda 21 are the poor, minorities; those they consider the undesirables of Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.  Here are a some of the ways this global program is being implemented; War, Disease, GMO Foods, Chemtrails, Pharmaceutical Drugs and VACCINES.

More than a decade ago, we felt to discourage people from taking the yearly Flu Shots, and Vaccines.  It became evident that AIDS, Ebola and many of the others diseases plaguing Africa and other parts of the world were man-made.  When the African nations decided they would have no part of the GMO eugenics program to commit genocide against their own people, the evil ones came up with another plan.  As you will see in the video clips below, and the news article; they are using Vaccines as a biological weapon of mass destruction on the African population.

I am reminded of the story of Pharaoh being threatened by the Hebrews in Africa (Egypt).  The males were killed to control the population.  Some Hebrew traditions record, “at that time the women began to give birth to twins, triplets and quadruplets.”  Man can not stop God’s plan.  Looking around today, we see a birth explosion in the Black and Hispanic communities in our country.  These groups are the most targeted for destruction by the evil ones, but Father’s Agenda will prevail.

Can the earth become over populated as the Eugenicist proclaim to believe?  Are we running out of space, food and water on the planet?  Are they really concerned about preserving humanity or just the elite and certain people groups?  Isn’t their argument based in Greed, Power and the need to dominate others? 

Lets take a trip down imaginary lane to see what could never be.  What would the desirable 500,000,000 population look like on this planet.  The Caucasian race would be the majority, secondly Asian, with  Brown people and Black people sprinkled in; in that order. 

Agenda 21 needs people, but not too many and especially not many people who can’t be easily bought with materialism that might rise up.  So the Caucasians and others would only be glorified Slaves, with prosperity,  privileges, perks and a false sense of power serving the psychotic whims of the elite.  Spirituality (religion) would not be a problem, because the highly evolved slaves would be convinced that they are the only gods.  

Ok, lets come back from Neverland.  That will never happen.  Planet Earth is a living organism and can grow or decrease in  size, in a relatively short time to meet the populations’ need.  There is more than enough for everyone here.   The earth is Yahweh’s and the fullness thereof.   No weapon formed against God’s people will prosper.  Yahweh’s kingdom will Rock n Roll as a stone cut out of the mountain without hands and crush the kingdoms of this world and His kingdom will become fully manifested. 

Jack Parzatka in Canada sent me this comment, question and a video below: “Our food has been weaponized. Our air, water, and medicine have been weaponized against us.  So who do you suppose is orchestrating this profoundly complicated global policy?” 

In this article we are only dealing with the human and human hybrids that’s behind this policy.  These are the leaders of large corporations and control technology and much of the world’s wealth.  However, there are off-world entities guiding them that we wont mention in this article.  We have shown you the outcome, WE WIN.  However, it is necessary to know your adversary and his schemes in the form of food, water, air and medicine that’s being used against us.  Be wise as serpents.






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