Murdered Holistic Doctors Discovered Cancer-Causing Enzyme Being Added to All Vaccines –

Murdered Holistic Doctors Discovered Cancer-Causing Enzyme Being Added to All Vaccines –

Since last year I had been following the strange deaths of Holistic doctors.  Most conscious people were aware that this was not coincidence and felt that these holistic doctors were being killed.  It seems like the truth is finally coming out why possibly the American Medical Association or Big Pharmaceutical Companies would want them dead.   The scores of deaths and near deaths over the past several months span from the USA to Europe.  As of late, several of these Naturopathic doctors lived in the state of Florida and were researching  the same information and had come to certain conclusions that caused them to be murdered.

It is no secret anymore that Big Pharma is (and has been) at war with alternative medicine. Its modus operandi is to generate profit by selling drugs that perpetuate a cycle of addiction and dependency, rather than liberation and empowerment.

There have been more than 2 dozen Naturopathic doctors mysterious deaths since last summer.  12 died within a  90 days period.  The cover story reported for their deaths range from suicides to heart attacks.  These doctors were believed to have been suicided and assassinated because they discovered something and was about to share it with the world.  One of the things they discovered was that a Cancer causing enzyme was being put into vaccinations given to our children.

The attacks on Alternative Medicine and the Practitioners of it have not been limited to the USA.  In September 2015, 29 Holistic doctors were deliberately severely poisoned at a convention.   Fortunately, there were no deaths, although some were critically ill.  Read the link below.

Eye have encouraged families to really pray about not vaccinating their children for over a decade and take time to do the research.  Evidently there is some type of notation in my sons medical file about me rejecting vaccinations.  Each time I have taken my sons into the clinic for a Well Child check up or something else, the nurse start to ask about various vaccinations and come to a stop as she is reading.  I firmly and  politely tell them with a smile, “No, they have everything they need.”  They close the file or computer screen and mention nothing else about vaccinations.

Share this blog and information in the links below with all you know, especially, if they have children or plan to have children.  If you are a parent and have followed the rules of vaccinations as you were told already…Prayer and healthy eating can reverse anything lurking or lying dormant in the human body.  Is it really necessary to follow through with the 49-69 doses of vaccines suggested by age 18?  (Pray/Meditate about it first).

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