Mystery of ISIS & Beheadings Prophetic Clues

Mystery of ISIS & Beheadings Prophetic Clues

About a week before the news of ISIS beheading Christians was widely publicized, we had posted some verses from the book of Revelation.

“And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.  They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”  Revelation 20:4

I also shared, it is being reported by some researchers that there are over 30,000 Guillotines were purchased by US government.  There was a rumor floating around that the state of Georgia was passing a law to use the guillotine for executions.   I have been asked several times what Eye thought about ISIS and the beheading of Christians in Iraq and why Eye had not written anything about it.

My answer has been, “things are not as what they seem, ISIS is a creation of the rogue element of our CIA, British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Israeli Mossad Zionist.”  Of course that does not go over very well for people who would rather have their ears tickled by the controlled news media. Someone sent me this article below a few days ago that seems to confirm what Eye have felt. Truth is not always what we like it to be.

Why are they beheading Christians and flashing this over the news?  Keep in mind, the people who are doing these evil acts are trained using US tax payers dollars that go to the rogue CIA of which many of them are Israelis with dual citizenship and the government of Israel.  It is not the “Muslims”, as they would have us think.  To make this extremely clear, we will say it this way.  Leaders of the people who Western Christians have been programmed to revere and made to believe they are “chosen people”,  are the ones beheading Christians and Christians in America gets to finance this atrocity.

The questions yet begs, why?  They are flashing these scenes and reports on the news to stir up more hatred for the Muslims nations, so that deceived Christians will again support the next phase of this seemingly everlasting expanding war.  The Zionists want to engulf the whole region in war, kill off as many of the Arabs/Muslims as possible and take their resources.  The next step toward the Zionist plan for global domination is for “Greater Israel”.  Didn’t you realize that their greed will not be satisfied with just stealing Palestine and renaming it Israel?   Greater Israel will include much of Syria, part of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, much of Iraq and all of Jordan.  The conflict in these countries instigated and led by Zionist CIA & Israeli Mossad is to further destabilize these nations, demonize and assassinate their leaders (as with Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq), set up a puppet government and take their resources. Iraq will probably get broken up into 3 nations.

greater Israel plan


Should we really be surprised that Christians are now being targeted and killed in Iraq?   Did we (Christians) not killed more than a million Muslims in the unjust war  of terror during the Bush Administration alone?   What we have done and supported in foreign lands, are we so deceived and arrogant to believe it will not be done eventually in our land?



This part of the message are for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.   Let’s play, “connect the prophetic dots”.   Oh yes, it will take some spiritual discernment and understanding that there is a real spiritual battle going on.   In the natural, as we see the wars, battles and violence increase; know that this is only a reflection of what is happening in the realm of the Spirit.   The spiritual warfare that’s being waged is about to become more intense.  “Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand.”

The recent increased violence and warfare on the planet has an out of this world  connection and it will sound sci-fi-ish.  We speak this only to those who are mature and can hear and see.  Eye announced in several prophetic articles during May 2012 that demonic entities and so called “fallen angels” (ET’s) were being released from their imprisonment in the Pleiadian star sector and they  would wreck havoc on our planet.

There was an unusual planetary alignment that took place May 20, 2012 during a rare  Annular Solar Eclipse.  Portals were opened and they were released.  The 7 Suns – stars of the Pleiades came into alignment with our Sun, Moon and Earth, so 8 Suns came into alignment.  There was a lot of energy released, I remember that day clearly, I  stood outside Sun-gazing for an extended period during the Annular Solar Eclipse.  I saw the mingling of darkness and light, but Light prevailed,  the Sun appeared as a ring of fire.  This event with the unusual alignment wont happen again for maybe another 26,000 years.

There are portals in the heavens and on the earth, during celestial events the portals open and energies are allowed access into the earth realm.  The event of May 20, 2012 released both positive and negative influences in the earth.  The Bible and other holy books speak of literal places of imprisonment of highly advanced entities that break the universal or galactic laws set up by the Supreme Creator.   Rebellious beings that may be considered spirits or  physical in form are confined to certain sectors of the universe for certain periods of what we know of as time.  There is a clear reference in the Book of Enoch that one of these places of imprisonment are on a planet in the Pleiadian star system.   There are also places on earth and under the earth.  ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

“I saw there seven stars (Pleiades) like great burning mountains, and to me, when I inquired regarding them, The angel said; “This place is the end of heaven and earth; this has become a prison for the stars (angels-aliens) and the host of heaven.  And the stars which roll over (wander stars/angel/ aliens that go from planet to planet) the fire are they which have transgressed the commandments of the Lord in the beginning of their rising, because they did not come forth at their appointed times.”  Enoch 18:13-15

During specific alignments that happens in thousands of earth years apart, the prisoners can be released.  Using the power of the celestial alignments they can travel through portals millions of light-years away, but they must move at unbelievable speed during the short time of an unusual celestial event.  Eye prophesied in 2012 regarding the release of ancient beings that had been imprisoned on a planet in the Pleiadian star system.  Eye saw them being released and coming to earth at great speed to influence and increase violence and warfare.  As the 8 stars aligned they entered our world on frequencies of light.  The details of this can be found in our 3rd part publication, “Non-Sweet Influences of Pleiades”

4 days after the May 20, 2012 event, the heavens gave us another sign of the coming extreme violence  that would be released upon the earth.   Agol, (head of the demon) the evil star conjunct with Jupiter, 5 months later the tail of the demon star conjunct with a celestial body.  Eye gave several signs regarding what this meant, of which came to pass.

Perseus beheaded Medusa, Agol is the blinking eye of Medusa’s head.   See “The Evil Star” –     This star prophesied of the coming beheadings as we pointed out May 2012.   Nothing on earth can happen without the heavens prophesying it ahead of time.  Psalms 19

I am not speaking this  to excuse the behavior of the murders; they are responsible, because these ancient entities can only attach themselves to like energetic frequencies.  Hate, greed and violence can only attract the same.  As Daniel prophesied about this day, they have given themselves over to worship the gods of violence and warfare.  War is high-tech human sacrifice to the ancient gods.


The modern cover name for the Zionist created demon possessed group ISIS means, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS.  As stated earlier, this is to create more hate by the Christians against Muslims.  They know that as long as they can keep tribes fighting and hating, nations fighting and hating and religions fighting and hating each other, they win.  It is the same old strategy, Divide  and Conquer.

ISIS was the moon goddess of ancient Egypt, goddess of magic/manipulation –  We have a book in our bible called Gene-ISIS or the genetics or descendants of ISIS.  That is the book of GeneSIS.   In mythology ISIS, the Moon goddess cult was a religion of death and resurrection, she later became a judge in the underworld.


Just before we answer that, lets look at some more information about ISIS in mythology.  Before becoming a judge of the dead in the underworld, what did she do?   Osiris and Isis had had a son named Horus. Isis kept the child hidden from Set so that he could grow up and avenge his father’s death.   She protected Horus against all dangers, even restoring him to life once after he was bitten by a scorpion. When Horus became a young man, he fought his uncle Set. But Isis took pity on Set and allowed him to escape. Angry at his mother, Horus cut off her head.  ISIS was beheaded.

So the massive beheadings of children and adults taking place by the British SIS/ CIA/Mossad magical creation of ISIS is just a reenactment and reversal of the ancient myths that were actually based in history, but discounted as myths.   ISIS was beheaded, just as Medusa.  From this we see what will happen to the heads or creators of modern day ISIS.  “May they be cut off from the land of the living soon.”

Why ISIS now?  The Zionist Illuminati and all the other devils do nothing by chance or coincidence.  They believe in and practice the supernatural with more conviction than most Spirit-filled Christians.  They realize every name and symbol carries a frequency that holds power and this power can be manipulated by those who know how and by creating FEAR.

ISIS the judge of the underworld had to come forth now as such.  They understand the movements of the heavens and how to capture the energy.  Pluto, the god of the underworld went retrograde in Capricorn in April 2014.    ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

When I say ISIS had to come forth at this time, I mean  evil people that use what is called the Black Zodiac (divine astrology in reverse) understand that in order to achieve their goals they must align themselves with the heavens that govern the earth.  Thus, we have ISIS now.  The energy in space is free to all who wants to use it, it is neither good nor evil, for the most part.   The person or people accessing this energy is what determines if it is good or evil, by the motives of their heart.

What happen to CIA’s  & British MI5  (Secret Intelligence Service=SIS) creation- Al-Qaeda, we don’t hear about them anymore?   Since Spring, when Pluto went retrograde in April, ISIS start making headline news in May. Nothing can happen on earth until the Celestial Prophets prophesy it.  Pluto, the god of the dead and underworld.  Isis, a goddess was a judge of the dead in the underworld.

Human blood is  literally being traded for power by the Zionist synagogue of satan.  As strange as it might seem, on a deeper level the wars are about human sacrifice.  In our January prophecy, PLUTO RISING – we announced that Pluto was the god of the death and underworld and that we would see an increase in war, violence and death on the planet.  We have also mentioned that the evils ones are planning and implementing major massacres/deaths to appease their gods.

Pluto is yet in retrograde, a backward motion.   That phase is soon coming to an end and another shift will begin on the planet.   ISIS has a little more than a month to finish this phase of their blood work.   September 23, the god of death and the underworld will go Direct in CAPRICORN (wrestling and transitioning), while the Sun is in Libra (justice-balance).   You will see a change in the manipulative headline news reporting about ISIS after this time (end of September).

Can you begin to see how well this is orchestrated and that these major events are not by coincidence??  The attack on Gaza, the unending battle in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are the works of the same hands.  The Ebola outbreak and test in America was all well orchestrated, it was a test run for what’s to come.

Eye see the kidnapping of the hundreds of Nigerian girls months ago are leading to a major Explosive development, possibly within the next 9 months in Lagos, Nigeria or sometime in 2015.   Eye see fires and a major lost of life in this “terrorist attack” instigated by the evil ones, if there is no divine intervention.   Eye see a plan to overthrow this oil rich African nation and create civil wars.  This again is the hidden work of Zionist CIA/SIS hands.  All of the world’s major conflicts can be traced back to a small group of people that have given themselves over to the work of darkness.

Eye see shortly after this next SHIFT on September 23,  the planet will have shifted into yet another spiraling cycle of death, aggression, violence and war.  The high feast days of Yahweh meant to be a blessing to all creation are now being used as a celebration of blood to the god of the underworld.

Over the next 3 and 1/2 years, nearly every nation will be touched with massive unrest, violence or  war.  We have almost reached the tipping point in America, the protest  against the police for executing another Black unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO is a prelude of what will happen simultaneously across this nation as people rage at the machine.  The evil orchestrators will inflame and manipulate the situations with more violence and injustice, provoking the people and creating a war  zone within cities.  Snipers and others will commit random acts of violence and retaliation  to further provoke.  The retaliation against police officers and other officials and extreme rage will create periods of martial law.  The evil ones will  seek to provoke race wars with the random killings, they shall appear to be successful; but this will only last for a season.  Eye see the word intervention, something will happen and the evil ones will not achieve their goal.  The prayers and intercession of the righteous avails much.

When you see these things begin to happen in this country, know that there are powerful unseen forces at work assisting the few men pulling the strings.  They are few in comparison to us, we are many.  The power of  prayer, knowledge,  love and light can dismantle and destroy all the schemes of the enemy.  Future events are sometimes shown, so that we can change it or lessen the impact of it.

We read the heavens and report prophetically what we see to  encourage intercession, create awareness and educate others.  We are aware of the promises of the Almighty.  “Where sin (evil, darkness) abounds, the Grace of God will much more  abound.”  The darker the illusionary 3-dimensional world gets, the brighter we get to shine, until our light consumes the darkness.   Be light where ever you are.  Pray for your world and help change it.

As the infrastructure of man’s world fall apart, the Kingdom of God rises. The Melchizedek Priesthood operates in compassion as king and priest, which is in a sense duality.  This necessary duality is the foundation for the coming singularity.  Therefore, it is necessary to function in the illusionary world and higher world, as Jesus did.

[Pluto has many positive aspect as we mentioned in the January – Pluto Rising prophetic word.  We are only reading and interpreting the energy as it relates to this specific subject and how the evil ones are using its influences.]

On a lighter note:  Over the next 3 and 1/2 years as all the things listed above manifest and more, the sweet Influences of the Pleiades will be impacting the planet.  The deep spiritual riches and spiritual technology will make itself available to those who seek him.  Choose which world will become your reality.

Expect major movement in the gold Market and other commodities between September 22-24 – Much of this will be reflective of global political moves and world crisis.

Pluto, the Rich Father will be influencing direct and clear cut decision regarding finance and wealth this Fall.  There is a potential for a release of wealth as the heavens assemble in the Fall.   Align yourself with the heavens and capture what the Father, the Rich Father has for you.

Very prophetic lyrics “WAKE UP!!”, may not be for everyone – some will be able to appreciate:


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