New Global Gold Currency On The Rise

New Global Gold Currency On The Rise


I had heard rumors months ago that a new global gold currency could be Karatbars gold.  This is so exciting!!  It feels good to be on the cutting-edge of things happening, not only spiritually, but also in the world of economics.  It was about 9 months ago, I was in bed meditating and waiting on an answer.  I had been reintroduced to Karatbars Gold.  I was wondering  if I should get involved with Karatbars Gold.  Eye heard clearly the Spirit say,  “I advise you to buy gold…”  Revelation 3:18   For the first time I realize this was  also a literal  message for the end of this age.  Do we have a gold backed currency o the rise??

After hearing the Voice within, I immediately opened a Free Gold Savings Account with Karatbars International to start saving affordable usable Gold Bullion, by exchanging my dollars for gold.  However, I did not stop there, I also got a VIP Package/Position, because Eye could see the potential for financial freedom and abundance.    We started sharing this with others.

In our Kingdom Karatbars Team, we now have families opening free gold savings accounts,  teaching their kids to exchange failing paper money for gold, saving gold for college, charities,   etc.  Some have converted IRA’s or other Paper Money Saving’s Account to 24k Currency Grade Gold.  We are exchanging dollars weekly for 24k 999.9% pure gold.  Many of us are now getting Free Gold weekly.

When I read the paragraph below and watched the video clip, I knew that it was further confirmation of moving in step with the Spirit.  Eye feel moved to send out this info again to those in our database.   Closely watch the and listen to the interview below:

“Why wait for governments when the Free Market can fix the currency crisis itself? Dan Girolmo, a Karatbars Gold Director Elite joins Gary Franchi to roll out the worlds first private issue international Gold Currency.”


A few of you reading this have already opened your Free Gold Savings Account, but have not saved 1 gram of gold by exchanging paper money for gold yet.  Others need to get a Package to capture some of the money passing you by and take advantage of the 3% discount on all gold acquisitions.  Yet others of you need to re-engage and stop procrastinating.  This golden opportunity wont be so attractive as the price of gold continues to soar.  Did you see how in (1) day last week gold soared over $40 dollars?

There are some of you that took the advice of others instead of “common sense” and allowed the seed of this information to be stolen or it fell by the wayside.  Re-engage and start to exchange your paper money for 24k gold.      How? Visit our Kingdom Karatbars website:   –  Please do not Register as a Customer or Affiliate without first emailing us Why?  Our team works closely together to assist each other.  We need to know your intentions so we can properly place you to be benefited the most.   (There appears to be a glitch in our Kingdom Karatbars website- the loading is slow-please  be patience until we can repair it)

The gold rush is on, begin to acquire the Money of the future now.  Contact us today.

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