New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 18, 2017

New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 18, 2017


“God appointed the stars and he calls them all by their names.” Psalms 147:4

Yes, we can discern the times and seasons. Yes, we can read and interpret the language and messages of the heavens and speak accurately into what they are saying. This ancient prophetic science is being restored back to the Body of Christ. Experience and enjoy this video. Divine Astrology for today.

Order of Melchizedek

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  1. This was so needed to help me understand a situation that occurred in my family recently with one of my grands . When I was asked to pray ,the Holy Spirit said” pray this be a “ wake up call for her”! I was taken aback , but since then things have been “ uncovered “ . Thank my prophet for your timely messages!! 🌹


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