Orlando Gay Massacre Unravelling??

Orlando Gay Massacre Unravelling??

Things are not always what they appear to be. Since the government performed the 911 Demolition of the Twin Towers, Building #7 which was not near the Towers, and the Pentagon; conscious people have been forced to question every major events. Does this mean that we are unpatriotic? Does this mean that we hate our nation? Does it mean that we are making excuses for others blamed for mass murder? Unfortunately, many Americans feel that we are, especially, when Muslims are allegedly involved.

Someone once told me, “the Truth is like the Sun, it can not be hid forever.” In this day of increased knowledge and technology, lies and deceptions seems to be unraveling much faster. People are evolving and choosing to not accept everything their government controlled media tells them. In this article, we are only asking questions. Many years ago when Father renewed my calling and re-commissioned me into ministry, one thing He told me was this, “Give my people permission to Think.” I really had to ponder on that for a while, later I realized, we are mostly told what to think. Government, Media, Preachers, Society, Culture; they all tell us who to love, hate, be afraid of, accept, how to dress, eat and what to Think. Whomever or whatever has control of your Thoughts, has control of you.

Keep in mind we are only asking provocative questions mostly: We are told that an armed man that happens to be of the Muslim religion went into a Gay Night Club and killed 49 gay people and injured 53. We are told that he did this because he hate gays, he was homophobic and he’d pledged allegiance to the dreaded ISIS…and other “terrorist organizations.” We were also told that he was of Afghan descent, parents from Afghanistan.

Right away something did not sit too well and I thought of an astro-prophetic word Eye gave 7 days before the San Bernadino, California massacre. I also thought about the little I know of the Afghan culture. Here’s a word Eye gave November 24, 2015

“Eye see the heavens prophesying increased religious tension as Saturn (Satan) antagonizes Neptune (religious faith, ideologies). We are already seeing this with the increase violence against Muslims, as they are falsely blamed for the terrorists attacks orchestrated by non-Muslims seeking to accelerate WW3 and implement the New World Order. This persecution against Muslims and other religions will intensify through the Fall of 2016, creating hate, extreme violence and senseless acts of mass murders. The evil ones will continue to use this energy to advance their plans for WW3 and creating a false need for a New World Order. They have tried many False Flag Events involving Mass Murder disguised as Islamic Terrorism, but have been prevented. However, soon one will go through. The purpose is to create more hate and FEAR, hoping to force the American people to agree with more wars (human sacrifices-disguised as religious wars) Saturn will not move from “squaring off” with Neptune in Pisces until after September 10, 2017.” Posted November 24, 2015 – SATURN’S INFLUENCE


Here are a few of the thoughts and inner dialogue I had while trying to process the information of the Orlando gay massacre, as I listened to radio news.

He’s Afghan and homophobic, anti-gay??!!! Unbelievable! I have always loved to learn about other people’s culture, especially since most of my ministry has been to people of many other cultures and religions. It seems to be so much easier sharing your faith with people when you know where they are coming from. My life has been thoroughly enriched, my world view tremendously expanded and I can accept people for who they are from any culture, race or religion. While living in Canada I was first exposed to the Muslim, Hindu & Sikh communities, later also in the USA and had wonderful fellowship. Often on weekends when I was not speaking somewhere, I could be found eating good spicy foods and watching Bollywood films with friends. My Afghan Muslim brothers share with me many things about their culture that was not limited to just Muslims in their country and surrounding countries, as we exchanged cultural experiences. Here is one thing that would make most westerner cringe. In reality, this was also practiced openly by the Greeks, Romans, etc and yet exist underground in western cultures today.

In Afghanistan it is called, “Bacha Bazi.” Bacha Bazi literally means “boy play,” in other words, culturally approved pedophilia. It is common for men, especially wealthy men to sexually be with young boys until the young man is sometimes mid-20’s in Afghanistan. There are cultural reasons why this is so prevalent among the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. (News articles of NATO & American forces engaging in the cultural practice have surfaced over the years). This in no way implies that every Afghan male participates in this ancient cultural experience, nor that the majority of foreign military did/does.

My inner dialogue was questioning, how could an Afghan male become so homophobic and gay hating when that’s part of their culture? Howbeit, it is called by a different name and the men don’t see themselves as what we call “gay” in the West. Many of the men are married and a large number of the boys marry and have families later in life, if they can afford to. Of course, most Westerner would not know about this open secret cultural way of life in Afghanistan and surrounding regions. I am sure most Afghans living in the West would not openly share this part of their culture, due to how it is viewed here. Think!! Think about the reason the media says Mateen killed 49 people -does it make sense?

Could there be a plan to stir up more hate and demonize specific people in this country? Why are we not more discerning and just gobble up everything the TV or TV preachers tell us? Have you heard that NO ONE DIED IN THE GAY NIGHT CLUB UNTIL 5:13 am when the SWAT Team entered according to the Summary Report? (5+1+3=9 This will be important)

On June 20th, speaking as a guest on Fox News’s talk show Outnumbered, Judge Napolitano says:

“These are in two parts, there’s an actual transcript, and then there’s a summary of the rest. Here’s what’s news in the Summary, nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered, prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building.”

Most Christians watch FOX and trust Judge Napolitano words. He purposely drops a Bombshell that could unravel what we have been told.

Did you see how the female reporter steered the conversation away, instead of questioning why no one died until the SWAT Team arrived? The smell of a cover-up.

Could this be why other witnesses testified there was more than one gun heard, more than one person seen shooting and people outside barring the doors, preventing the victims from escaping?

This could be the smoking gun which unravels this entire mystery. Why has the FBI issued gag orders to local police, fire, and emergency medical personnel? Why has the 911 audio and emergency scanner archives between the hours of 12:00 AM and 0300 AM EST been erased or physically requisitioned by the FBI?


“Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials walk through the parking lot of the Pulse gay night club, the site of a mass shooting days earlier, in Orlando, Florida, U.S., June 15, 2016.” REUTERS/Adrees Latif

The Judge points out that Omar Mateen stated that there would be a lot more attacks in the next few days and there weren’t any. But could there have been? Wasn’t there a planned for bi-coastal mayhem on gays in this country…not by Muslims, but by the CIA – FBI? The Gay Pride Parade in some cities could have been a massacre.

“Two Santa Monica police officers have been issued gagging orders following claims that a suspect planning more gay attacks in California pleaded with cops to protect him from his alleged “CIA handlers”.

According to police insiders, James Wesley Howell, the Indiana man who was caught with explosives and weapons during gay pride in Santa Monica last week, claimed he had been set up by the CIA.”

Read this article ~~~ Man Planning Gay Attacks Asks Cops To Protect Him From ‘CIA Handlers’

Was this one of the plans gone wrong? You must question everything the media and the government tells you.


Every event that happens is somehow reflected in numerology. When there is a mass killing and questionable, the numbers seem to always go back to the religion, the gods of this world practice. Don’t freak out if your phone number, address or zip code has these numbers. We are only showing you that there is a pattern and since there is a pattern, they must come from the same source. Remember a few paragraphs above, I showed you the number 9 and how it would be significant. The Summary states that nobody died until 05:13.

05:13 am = 5+1+3=9 – June 12, 2016. June is the 6th month, the 12th day. 6/12. 6+1+2+9 2016 =9. Same numbers forward and backward. 612, 216. Both come to 9, these are the favored number of Satanists and Dark Occultists. Putting the (9’s) together is 999 or upside down 666. In negative Occult Numerology, 612, 216 and 666 are all equivalents, since they all numerically equate to 9. Thus, we have the event on 9-11 and many others.

What are we dealing with here? We are dealing with world leaders and other principalities at the state and city levels who practice an ancient Psychopathic Religion based in human sacrifice. The human sacrifice to their god Satan is in the form of Wars, Mass Murder, Disease, and Famine. This religious cult literally runs the world.

These incidents are not random, they are based in Ritual Magic, Symbols, Precise Timing and with the alignment of the heavens. Saturn will not move from squaring off with Neptune until September 10, 2017. As Eye warned in November 24, 2015, we will start to see more of these kinds of attack in the USA.

We have been conditioned by media and religion to blame terrorism on black or brown people practicing Islam, mostly since 9/11/01. This ancient Psychopathic Religion Is NOT Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. It is an ancient Luciferian – Satanic religion, based on human sacrifice – bloodshed. It has infiltrated All religions, with the purpose of turning them against each other and into something demonic. This is a well thought out planned stated in the “Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion.” It is their plan for literal global domination and to literally give the planet over to Satan wholly. But I seem to remember a verse that says, “The earth is Yahweh’s and the fullness thereof and all therein.”


We are not saying that there are no evil people in and of themselves and that they cannot perform terrorist attacks. However, most of the Mass Murder terrorism you are seeing today worldwide and will see is orchestrated by the demonic greedy elite. They fund these acts through various organizations like, CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSSAD; all of which have their beginnings steep in dark occult practices, rituals, symbols and oaths.

Does the FBI & CIA use methods to actually radicalize weak minded, disgruntled Muslims in America that may be upset by USA & NATO bombing and killing their relatives abroad? YES, all the time. Is the FBI, CIA known to purchase weapons, bombs and choose a target for the weak minded simpleton they have radicalized? Yes, they specialize in that.

“Federal officials and law enforcement agents are treating American Muslims like “terrorists-in-waiting,” according to a new report released Monday by Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute.

The FBI, under pressure to appear effective and worthy of its $8.4-billion budget, has “targeted American Muslims in abusive counterterrorism ‘sting operations’ based on religious and ethnic identity”; sent informants to mosques to “troll for leads”; and in some cases encouraged or even paid individuals to undertake terrorist acts, the report (pdf) reveals.

By preying on vulnerable individuals, utilizing questionable legal tactics, and subjecting citizens to harsh and disproportionate confinement conditions, the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI show disregard for civil rights and “may be creating terrorists out of law-abiding citizens,”

Read this short article~~~ FBI Entrapment Created ‘Illusion’ of Terrorist Plots: Report


Didn’t Omar Mateen have several encounters with the FBI, but somehow bought a gun and ammo?


Here is something I posted on Face book after the massacre: “Just looking at other clues in the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. Is it coincidence that 50 people were killed on the Biblical Feast of Pentecost – celebrated this year June 11-13 – 2016? 53 people were injured – There are 53 days from Passover to Shavuot (Pentecost). Just thinking out loud and looking for the hidden prophetic messages. Everything has prophetic implications when you read sign language.”

(Jesus crucifixion, 3 days later resurrection – stayed about 40 days before ascension – Pentecost in the upper room 10 days later = 53)

The alleged killer is name Omar. Omar/Omer is connected to Shavuot (Pentecost). The Omer is a 10th of the grain. The Omer is the Biblical count down to Pentecost (Shavuot), it starts the second night of Passover. The Omer is the first of many grains. Is there a hidden prophetic clue here? Are we being told that Omar Mateen, who had encounters with the FBI is the first of many that they have radicalized, armed and given targets to attack in America? Are we to see the Orlando Gay Massacre as a Countdown to many more planned events? Mateen means good manners; servant.

The last of my inner dialogue questioning was this. If he was truly radicalize by ISIS or just on his own and had begun to hate Americans, why would he choose a place that had predominantly brown and black people that looked similar to him? I’d think he would have chosen a Gay Night Club that’s predominantly white, to express his anger against America and allegiance to ISIS, wouldn’t you?


Do you remember how the authorities were able to ID the 9/11 hi-jackers? They told us that the planes they flew into the Twin Towers literally melted the steel from the heat of the fire/explosion and crumbled. However, magically the ID’s of the hi-jackers survived and was found at the site among all the tons of debris. Unfortunately, many Americans actually yet believe that. Since it worked before, they have used the same scenario in different locations of “terrorism.”

Join us in prayer that more people would become aware and not accept every lie the government and media tells and that these devil worshipers plots would be uncovered. Pray that Christians eyes become open to see who the real enemy is.

Order of Melchizedek

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