Prince William Refuses The Throne

Prince William Refuses The Throne

Exciting news on the Royal  Prophetic Watch Front.  Prince William is turning down the opportunity to become King. This may not seem like major news right now or just a bunch of royal drama.  What you are seeing take place is only what they want you to see. There is a more sinister scheme behind the scenes that Eye have been privileged to have prophetic insight into for several years.   I feel this will lead to the revealing of the coming world ruler that will fulfill the role of the “Anti-Christ” or what the bible calls “the beast.”

For those of you fairly new to our prophetic articles, in early 2012 the Spirit told me to publically release prophetic declarations and decrees to remove the Pope Benedict XVI and the Queen of England from their throne.  We posted articles and gave prophetic signs, which did come to pass.   Here’s an excerpt from the 2nd public prophecy in May 2012:

“THE POPE MUST GO!!! This is what we have been hearing for the past few years. After the Sign Over Fatima prophetic article about assassinations and attempts, news was leaked that there was a plot to kill the Pope. We do not know for sure how he will go, but we would be surprise to see him yet around summer 2013.”

Pope Benedict XVI publically resigned February 28, 2013.  According to the word of the Lord, In April 2012- Eye saw and  spoke that there would be major changes at the Vatican in 6-8 months.  That would have brought us to October-December 2012.  The decision for the Pope to go was finalized during that time, he was reported having surgery in November 2012 and later reports came out they had already started building his new home in December 2012, 2 months before his public resignation.

The removal of the Pope and the Queen is prophetically tied to how end-time events will be played out.  Here are some excerpts:

“The powers of heavens are literally shaking and being broken up. Satan’s kingdom is dividing. WATCH FOR SUDDEN & SURPRISING CHANGES AND NEWS COMING OUT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM – ENGLAND…. — THE QUEEN MUST GO!!! — More later.”   Posted February 13, 2013

“Between January and February 2012, we began to release decrees to dethrone the Queen of England. We want to announce to you; the Queen Must Go!

We have crossed over into a new era and everything of the old paradigm must be immediately dealt with and removed. The removal of the Pope & the Queen does not mean that our world will outwardly immediately appear to change. Change is happening and the illusionary world of the old system does not really exist anymore. The leaders of this evil construct are being taken down. However, there are those that would further the illusion of its existence by appearing to do business as usual. They may continue on with their smoke and mirrors performance, but it is only a performance with no substance. People are waking up!!

In order to give more details about the Queen’s soon removal from her throne, and eventual destruction of her empire; we will have to share some far out information. We’ll have to look at dragon mythology, which is legend, based in forgotten history.”   Posted  February 14, 2013    [If you think fiction and sci-fiction is strange-Study the complete article Eye wrote and Part 2 where this excerpt is taken from ]

In January 2014, Queen Elizabeth II publically handed over the reigns of her power in what was called a “gentle succession. “  The Queen Is Gone.


(Yesterday Rev. Jim Gurganus of North Carolina sent us a link to a royal news clip. )

“Queen Elizabeth had chosen her grandson Prince William to be the one to receive the crown  and become the next King.   Prince William has requested that his father, Prince Charles receive the honors. ”  News article here:  PRINCE WILLIAM GIVES UP THE THRONE.  Why is that so important?  If you have read the prophetic links above, it should become obvious where this is headed.     We have stated  for  a few years that we felt something would happen that would bring Prince William or  Harry, the younger son to power.  (While it seems logical and lawful for Prince Charles to rule-he might have the title for a moment, but his younger son will be given the power.)  “Don’t Expect What Is Normal Or Logical Anymore.”  

It was only a few months ago (September), Eye was prophesying about the Royal Scandal involving Prince Charles that would make news in a month…In less than 1 month the scandal made international news –  Royal Scandal Prophecy Watch

Prince William refusing the crown, Prince Charles scandal and any other royal drama that hits the news in the next 4 months are only cover stories.  They must give the public a reason for their decisions they have already made.  Eye feel they are clearing the way for young, 30 year old Prince Harry to take the throne.  

Here comes prophecy out on a limb:  Eye feel he is the beast of Revelation 13 that the Dragon or Drag Queen Elizabeth II will give her power to.  Young, sweet, charming, innocent Prince Harry is a monster that will be let loose for a while in the soon coming future.   They are clearing the way for him and his Humanitarian works that will quickly evolve and morph into pure evil.

Watch as the royals play this game.  Watch what happens to Prince Charles.

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