Prophecy & What’s Trending Now…

Prophecy & What’s Trending Now…

Everything that can be shaken must be shaken. In this article, I will be shifting from many subjects of what’s trending and prophecy. As everyone knows, Donald Trump is the President-elect not by the people, but by the Electoral College Votes (the System). In a message days before the election, I posted – “Your Vote Doesn’t Count…Unless,” and explained why I would not be voting. We will get more into that later and look at Scriptures of how or why some prophecies can fail.


There are people that shout about how they love their Constitutional Rights, the 2nd Amendment and other things, but would like the take the right to Protest from others. Do you want a dictatorship or a democracy? I used to pray for PEACE and that the Protesters go home and calm down, because religious people told me that’s what we are suppose to do. I also have told many others that over the years. Recently, I had an epiphany. I am praying that the Protest Gets LOUDER, Longer, Disturbing and that the people become Relentless. Why? I have come to realize the crooked system controlled by devils have taken advantage of peace-loving people and even used biblical scriptures to quell them and shut them up. Why? So they can continue to take advantage of “us.” Who is “us”? All people that stand for righteousness, justice, equality and a better future for our families. I pray that the chants and sounds become deafening, that business as usual is Disrupted. I pray that the crowds become so huge that those who have power and seek to continue to oppress, disenfranchise, corrupt, discriminate and hinder progress tremble and FEAR..and not only them, but those who support them. May they not sleep, may run and hide in fear…until their hearts are changed.

Should Christians Protest?? Heaven YES!!! We are in a society that’s mostly asleep and loving it. Most Churches in America are Over-sized Nurseries, filled with new-born Believers in the Christ, although, they have been “Americanized Christians” for 10-20-40, 60 years. Nap time on Sunday mornings where you get your entertainment (a few selected songs/lullabies), “formula” (watered-down religious-politically correct sermon), helps puts them to sleep. If they for any reason appear to being waking up another heated formula is prepared and forced down their throat, to assure they stay asleep. No Protest here!! Just keep things quiet and under control. That is the sad state of much of American Christianity, that most of the Caretaker (5-fold ministry/pastors) have keep them in.

It is very difficult to Awake people without DISTURBING them. We are long overdue for major disturbances in this country. I am sure that many of the status quo Christians of the 1500’s were uncomfortable with the Protesting and demands for change in their day. Had it not been for Martin Luther and those that stood with him against the tyranny and murderers of the Roman Catholic Church, we would not have come out of the Dark Ages and formed the Protestant Movement. Many of our religious freedoms we experience today is because others were willing to PROTEST and pay the ultimate price with their own blood. Don’t forget the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of 1572, up to 30,000 French Protestants were murdered by Roman Catholic assassins in one day. We stand with those who stand for Justice and Change. I salute those who lift up their voice and cry (chant) LOUD in the wilderness of American cities. I salute those who are even paid, from other states, to take a stand for justice and change.

People are waking up, but most of them seem to be outside the traditional Christian religious system. The government and the Big Oil Company executives did not expect my First Nations people to be Protesting this long over their Rights to Clean Water and to prevent further genocide and destruction of sacred Treaty lands. The crowds are growing, people are waking up and coming from all over the world. May we succeed!!

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation of North Dakota will always hold a special place in my heart. I was about 20 years old when I lived there. The ‘American Horse’ and ‘Hunt’ families became my family. It was from there, Father launched my ministry full-time into the First Nations (Indian/Native) communities with miraculous signs and wonders throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. It was there at Standing Rock, where I first rode a horse bareback. It was there where a horse literally tried to throw me into the river for putting a saddle on her.

[Discover the Prophetic connections of Standing Rock and the dispute over water. Was it not the Rock that was Standing and following the Hebrews through the desert that gave them pure fresh water for 40 years? Was not that Standing Rock Christ? 1 Corinthians 10 – Take a stand with Standing Rock)

October 31, 2016, I wrote a message and posted it to this website called Politicians & Bloodlines. In it I stated, “YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT…UNLESS.” I went on to explain how one of the presidential candidates could get the popular vote of the People’s Choice to win, but the System could yet Pick who they want by using the Electoral College. I had no idea how prophetic this would become and fulfilled 8 days later.

People are Protesting because they have come to realize their vote really does not count, UNLESS they vote for the person the Establishment has already chosen. They Are Not sore losers, they won, but it was stolen from them. As Donald Trump correctly warned voters, “The System Is RIGGED.” Evidently, he knew it would be rigged in his favor. Billionaires can buy Electoral Votes if necessary.


In 2015, I announced that we were in a series of unique celestial movements. The one in particular was a series of (7) Uranus Squaring with Pluto. A squaring takes place when 2 planets are at 90 degree angles. The influences from these 2 balls of energy is profound. Based on my research of history and the heavens, I shared the last time Uranus & Pluto had a long series of squaring in almost the exact positioning was between the years 1932-1934. It was a time of Unrest on the planet, PROTEST and TRANSFORMATIVE upheavals..the great Depression, Inventions and the Rise of Adolph Hitler.

In 1933-34 Blacks started Protesting for their Civil Rights, to be recognized as a race and to be a part of the Chicago Fair. (Can you imagine humans having to actually protest to be recognize as humans and not animals, or a sub-specie?) Selah. They were partially successful.

Behold Eye show you a mystery. There is nothing new under the Sun. The same energy that was manifesting over 80 years ago is manifesting again. The heavens can not lie and what was left undone…the cycle of the heavens comes around again to finish it. So here we go again.

First Nations, Blacks, other minority groups are Protesting for their rights, clean water and justice. Americans of all colors (groups) are now Protesting against the Rigged Electoral Process that allows the Establishment to choose a President against the will and vote of the majority in a democracy. And we talk about the corruption in voting and electing leaders in other countries. What hypocrisy!!!

Uranus is the planet of Awakening, it has been squaring with and conjuncting with many planets recently and will be Trine (120 degrees) to Saturn soon. Uranus is the energy that shakes things up, brings in order and produces something new. Pluto is the energy that tears down and get rid of things and can create lots of negativity. There we have the Opposites. This is what we are experiencing, the pull in opposite directions, tug of war. Nothing is normal anymore.

Protest, Social Unrest and Upheaval will increase and get Louder. Just as 80 years ago, we saw economic collapse, the Depression – that energy is hear again. (I don’t intend on participating in that part) The rise of another Adolph Hitler type must come forward to control the simple minds of the masses that trust him. I believe he is already here, unfortunately, the world is more aware of this than the people that sing, “I once was blind by now I see.” There is nothing new under the Sun.

The influences of Saturn has been dominate throughout 2016 and will carry on into 2017. Eye have shared throughout the year about this. Saturn is considered to be the father of time, the enemy of mankind on this planet. Saturn is also a type of Satan. Have you not seen or heard all the ungodly, negative, never before heard things coming out of the mouth of leaders. Have you not caught yourself acting, speaking or thinking extremely ungodly, out of character in this past year?

Jesus and the Prophets were very much aware of the events of their day and their messages were relevant for their times. Today many so called “spiritual people” are under the strong delusion that in order to be spiritual, we must IGNORE NEGATIVE actions or circumstances in our world and NEVER GET UPSET or FRUSTRATED about Injustices or anything. That is a strong delusion, it is highly deceptive and can get you killed; especially, if you are a person of color. Watch and Pray!


Teachings from my School of Prophets: The Creator can not fail and can not lie. A false prophet is one that speaks false things from his or her own heart, or another spirit with the INTENT to manipulate, deceive, control and turn people from the Almighty God – and draw attention to him/herself. A false prophet can also speak truth from God, but have the intent to overly enrich him/herself. Thus, he/she becomes a hireling. Deuteronomy 13, Jeremiah, Ezekiel

1) Yahweh told Moses in Exodus 3 that he was to go back to Egypt and tell the people, I AM that I AM has sent me to deliver you out of the house of bondage and bring you into Canaan, the Promised Land. Yahweh gave Moses and Aaron many signs to prove to Pharaoh and the Hebrews that this was happening. Can God Lie??!! NO!

Did those millions of people that came out of Africa enter into Canaan led by Moses, the greatest Prophet of the Old Testament, upon which Judaism is founded? NO! But God said, it is written in Exodus chapter 3. That was a FAILED PROPHECY by the man who talked with God face to face !!!! Does that mean Moses was a False Prophet? NO! None of the millions of people that came out of Africa except two (Joshua & Caleb) entered into the Promised Land, not even Moses. They all died in the Wilderness. Why did that prophecy given by Moses the Man of God fail? The consciousness of the people, they were so negative, constantly complaining and filled with fear and disbelief. Their negativity even affected Moses, causing him in anger to strike the Rock, thus, preventing him from entering the Promised Land. Mass consciousness can create an Alternate Timeline for a nation or individual, it’s that powerful. An 11 day journey took 40 years = 14,400 days based on the Biblical Calendar. God nor Moses did not lie, the people simply did not comply.

2) Yahweh told the nation’s most revered prophet, Major Prophet Isaiah to go to King Hezekiah and tell him to set his house in order, because FOR SURE you are going to soon die. Apparently King Hezekiah was suffering with a terminal illness. Everyone knew if Isaiah said it, it was sure to happen.

Instead of King Hezekiah setting his household in order by calling in his accountant, lawyers, or writing out his will; he turned his face to the wall. He set his house (life/temple) in order and cried out to God, reminding Him that the dead can’t praise Him, but if given another chance he would. (Have you ever turned your face to the wall or been between a rock and a hard place and saw God come through?) I am sure the word had quickly spread throughout the king’s court that Prophet Isaiah had bad news. I am also sure they could hear the king crying and thought he was weeping in sorrow and fear of soon death.

The word of Yahweh again came to Prophet Isaiah and told him to go back and tell King Hezekiah his prayer had been heard and that he Would Not immediately die, but live 15 more years. Yahweh even gave instruction for a remedy that brought healing.

What was it that caused the first prophecy of death to Fail? King Hezekiah’s mind changed, a new consciousness birth through tears and worship created an Alternate Timeline that lasted 15 more years.

3) Prophet Jonah did not like the Ninevites, people of Ninevah. They were very violent, barbaric, selfish and deserving destruction; according to Jonah. Yahweh told Jonah to go to that great city and prophesy against it. “In 40 days your great city will be overthrown, destroyed.” You know the story, Jonah went another way, and ended up in Whale University. The great fish vomit him out at the place where he was suppose to go. He was bleached white, hair white, eyebrows and lashes -he as a literal white man thanks to the acids in the whales’ belly he was marinated in for 3 days and night.

Just imagine the deeply tanned Ninevite fishermen and people going about their work and a huge whale comes up and vomits out a ‘white man.’ Their story spread faster than Jonah’s message. The heathen people believed the word, they fasted and even put their animals on a fast. Was Ninevah destroyed in 40 days as the Prophet Jonah said? NO! What about 40 years later or 100 years later? No! Did God Lie?? Was Jonah a False Prophet? NO!

120,000 people lived in Ninevah. The sight of Jonah and his message scared the hell out of them, they changed. The power of Mass Consciousness created a different reality, an Alternate Timeline that saved a nation and it was over 200 years later Ninevah was finally destroyed. Jonah hung out waiting and praying for destruction, he was more excited to see their destruction than their salvation. Jonah was not happy, he felt God made a fool of him. Yahweh sent him to a place he didn’t want to go, gave him a message he did not want to preach and did not do what he prophesied in His Name. Failed Prophecy! Book of Jonah – Jeremiah complains about the same thing and accuses God of deceiving him.

Somewhere around late 2010-2011, EYE started to see Hillary Clinton would run for President in 2016 Election and that she would WIN the Election. I interpreted that to be she would be President. Normally in a democratic country the candidate that get the most votes from the people is declared the winner, not so in the ‘world’s greatest democracy, America.’

Eye began to announce publicly from that time until last week. I know what Eye saw and all the signs fell in place, she ran for president even after stating for years she would not. Over an hour before the announcement, I began to write my, “Geez, How Could I have Missed It” article – probably prematurely. All the votes were not in yet. (To my haters) In reality, what Eye saw; her running for president and winning did happen, as Eye said it would since 2011. She won the Popular Vote (She is just not President-elect…and Trump is…now)

A reader of our website name Kirk (Gramps) posted a wonderful rebuke to me and reminder in the comment section on that page: November 9, 2016 at 6:44 am
“You give up so quick? We have no new president just because Trump is elected. Wait a few months. See what happens.”

“An election is not an inauguration. Wait and see who is inaugurated.”


Since the night of November 8, I have felt like I am in the Twilight Zone, a place where reality had shifted. Everything seems off, not just because I had prophesied a major event for over 5 years that only partially manifested…something was not right and yet is not right. The mass consciousness of people in this country has forced us into an Alternate Timeline is the only way I can describe it.

I shared in the above prophetic illustrations of Alternative Timelines. I don’t know much about physics or have the language to express what Eye feel and know. All I know is, we are given individual, family, national and global timelines. They are like roads we may choose to follow. The end results can be the same, but the process of getting there can differ greatly, with lot of unnecessary hardships.


At this point, the Conservative Christians and others of similar mindset have shifted us into another reality – timeline. Uniting in Prayer is powerful and can give us what we want, even when it is not good for us. This Alternate Timeline will bring about much faster many of the things they feared most and wanted to avoid, if we stay on it. I am trying to get off this timeline and watch it play out from afar.


President-elect Donald Trump ran his campaign boldly on bigotry, racism, bullying, extreme lying (according to Fact Checkers), xenophobia, promoting violence, hate, disrespect to females, etc – all in the name (slogan) of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Is this how we make anything great?? Whether he actually believes or practice all those things is not the point. Nearly half of the people voting, actually voted for this. What’s more disturbing is that most were “Christians” that rallied around these ideas and seemed to have embraced them all without any shame.

Since Trumps election by the Electoral College, not by the people; hate crimes and violence against minorities have spiked in the past 3 days. A lot of mentally ill folks have come out of the closet and feel empowered to no longer hide or suppress their feelings and views. Weak insecure people bully, intimidate and enjoy the oppression of others. The song comes to mind, “Who let the dogs out?” Trump! Thank God for the majority of sane people of this nation that actually do respect each other and life. If he is Inaugurated, will he be a Rehoboam, one that further divides the nation, creating a civil war? 1 Kings 12


Over the many years, we have pointed out how Hollywood often reveals major events in the world before they happen. The Satanist (illuminati elite) live by a code. They can do nothing against humans without warning humans beforehand. As in our message (recently edited) on Bloodlines and Politicians and many other messages over the years, we have shared that the ruling bloodlines of this planet can trace their ancestry to the fallen angels, Nephilim of Genesis 6. As weird as it may sound, it is true. That’s why every President with the exception of one have been related. Hillary and Trump are even related.

No one gets to that position to become a candidate for that high office in the Western World, unless they are of nephilim reptilian bloodline. Usually the one with the highest DNA frequency of reptilian genetics wins.

All the gatekeepers of Hollywood are of genetic lesser reptilian bloodlines, that’s why it is a very tightly knitted community and a simple study of their last names will confirm this. Some in that industry have actually changed their name to conceal their true identity. The same goes for the media, arts and music industries – they are the gatekeeper, the artists are contracted to do their bidding in further programming of America and the world.

They show us the future in film and music video. 16 years ago they showed us that the system (elite) had already selected Donald Trump for President in 2016. I remember watching a clip from the Simpson after he entered the race, but focused on what EYE had seen. In this clip below, they reveal (if he is Inaugurated) what will happen to your nation. Trump will basically run it as one of his Casinos or businesses that failed. America will be depending on aid from China and the female president after him will have to raise taxes extremely high to keep the nation afloat.

He sold himself as an “Outsider,” that was a lie also. He is very entrenched in the Establishment, his blue blood background is proof enough. He has spent years preparing to represent them, his owners, as a fake outsider. His mission is to bankrupt the nation according to predictive programming.

“He will bring into being what most Conservative Christians feared. But this will not happen UNTIL AFTER a brief period of Abundance and Suddenly the bottom will fall out. As EYE stated over the past year, what you are seeing in the soap opera drama filled race to the White House was all staged for your entertainment.

In November 6, 2015 Astro-Prophetic publication, Eye stated that There is No More Normal, everything is Opposite.

“There is no more normal. The sense of familiarity is being removed… Life experiences, which were once predictable are now forcing you to move into the state of spontaneity and trust. You have not come this way before and all things are being made new. You have survived to be a witness and expression of the power to overcome..The universal law of opposites are pulling, opposing and sometimes seemingly blocking you from what you know is just ahead.” November 6, 2015

Question all that you think is real and that you think you understand. Mass deception is rampant and there is no man or woman sitting in the White House that can make your life better. You must become the President of your own life.


What will happen to all the people that voted for Trump because he was going to build a Wall? He has the anointing of Cyrus and he will build a Wall, they said. He has decided on day one to maybe build a fence. Actually, he was just making fools out of the people shouting, “Build the Wall!” Nothing is changing in Washington – you have been screwed by the Donald. He’s about to run the nation into the ground – if inaugurated. Watch


We are seeing things we have never seen in this country. People are PROTESTING the President-elect Donald Trump because He Did Not Win the election. In my Prophetic Message SAYINGS OF A SEER – March 21, 2016. Eye said,

“Over the next 6-9 months you will see things never before seen in our generation, as unseen hands seek to steer this nation into violence, chaos and unrest ”


“We do realize that ONLY God is correct 100% of the time and that prophecy can fail, based on the consciousness of the masses.”

“This will be one of the most critical elections of our time. It is possibly you will see something bigger than year 2000. Due to the violence and craziness leading up to it; some form of Martial Law might have to be implemented in a limited way.”

“God is my King and it matters not who wins or steals the election.” Written March 21, 2016

(Are we not seeing these prophetic sayings played out right before our eyes? This is bigger than year 2000, where the Republicans stole the Presidency from Democrat Al Gore and gave it to George Bush through the Electoral College…although Gore won. Are we on a road to repeat the same mistakes?)

Will there be a December surprise?


I have seen the 777 connections but have you seen the opposite:



I hope to have time to write about this event that hasn’t happen in over 68 years. The last time we had an Extra Super Moon, meaning closer to earth than a Super Moon was January 26, 1948. This Full Extra Super Moon is in Taurus while the Sun is in Scorpio – directly OPPOSITE of each other. All I will say here is get ready for the tug of war and the amplification of emotions involving security, money and desires. Nothing is normal, it’s all about opposites.


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  1. Its time to seek the face of God like never before known

    • yes it is.

  2. Right now, there are approximately 60,898,528 votes for Clinton and 60,282,616 for Trump, according to David Wasserman, an editor at the Cook Political Report. He’s been keeping track in a public Google document, according to The Atlantic.

    “We probably have about 7 million votes left to count,” Wasserman told The Atlantic. “A majority of them are on the coasts, in New York, California, and Washington. She should be able to win those votes, probably 2-1.”

    The Electoral College officially votes on December 19th. By then, Wasserman thinks Clinton could be ahead by two percentage points in the popular vote.
    Meanwhile, you have probably heard of the petition. Its aim is to get the electoral vote overturned. As of this writing, it has almost 4 million supporters.
    ICYMI, based on the Electoral College vote, Trump received 290 of the 270 needed to win the presidency, whereas Clinton received 228. The petition (among others) believes the popular vote should trump (no pun intended) the Electoral College one.
    Some people believe the Electoral College should have the final say. Yet others believe a true democracy would be based on the popular vote.
    However, the Electoral College has been around for-ever, so changing the way that a U.S. president is determined would likely be a complex process.

    Yes, Papa may give us what we WANT… King Saul……but then we will miss what is BEST/SUPERIOR that Papa wants for us.

    We are not of this world. We are to seek the will of the Father, not the will of the people. This was the Israelites’ error.

    The Kingdom of GOD comes in righteousness, peace, and joy…..NOT BY VIOLENCE.

    THIS is the HUGE ERROR that the RELIGIOUS made for centuries (and still to this day) when they interpreted the scriptures with their Lower Nature for the benefit of their Lower Nature.
    This is the very error that brought about the CRUSADES and the torture and enslavement of people of all races; genders; and ages.
    The very error that you are advocating will bring about the very injustices that you are protesting against.


    We are to take the kingdom of darkness BY VIOLENCE…..violence in another realm called the 2nd Heavens….not on earth.
    LOVE WINS IN THIS EARTHLY REALM……not the ways of the Lower Nature.

    As sons of GOD, we are to follow in the footsteps of our older brother, Jesus Christ.
    Jesus did not resist or protest against the injustice, persecution, and even torture that the world was bringing on Him…..But instead….He ONLY did what He SAW His Father do and ONLY spoke what He HEARD His Father speak.

    YES! We must RISE UP!!! We must RISE UP out of our Lower Nature and into our Higher Nature of GOD.

    Let us NOT follow in the footsteps of RELIGION TO THE CRUSADES.
    Let us NOT follow in the footsteps of THE ISRAELITES TO THE WILDERNESS AGAIN.


    • Thank you.


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