Prophetic Insight On What’s Trending

Prophetic Insight On What’s Trending

We have come to a very interesting time in the revised history of our nation and the world as we know it.  I usually refer to this period as twilight, or the time between times.  One may choose to focus only on the Light, but it would be very unwise to not acknowledge the increasing darkness.  One may choose to focus only on the  darkness, but it would be very unwise not to acknowledge the brightening Light.  Awareness is empowering, whereas, Ignore-ance will cause many to be destroyed.

In this article I want to touch on several recent ‘hot topics’ that’s trending, not for the sake of rehashing them, but to bring some prophetic light or insight.  (This article is a bit long, but if you read it to the end-you will be ahead of probably 99% of the people on the planet in knowledge and spiritual insight.)   There are many who are so confused and misleading others further away from the Light.  When Jesus’ (Yahushua’s) disciples asked him for a sign of the end of the ages, here is the first thing He said.  “Take heed (be careful) that no one deceives you.” Matthew 24:3-4    –  A strong spirit of Deception is permeating the world and the Christian community.  Deception is manifesting in religion, patriotism, politics, sexuality, gender and many other things.

This message hereon may not be filled with flowery words that give you goose bumps and take you to that happy spot of complacency and ease.  Here is the word of the Lord Eye heard this morning while in meditation: “Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.”  Then Eye heard Him instruct me to read Amos 6, a chapter I have not read in many years.  Here is part of it below:

“Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion and trust in the mount (government) of Samaria (secular pseudo-spiritual world system)… You that put far away the evil day, and cause the seat of violence to come near; That lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall;  That chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of musick, like David;   That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments: but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph (true Hebrew sons of God).  Therefore now shall they go captive with the first that go captive, and the banquet of them that stretched themselves shall be removed…”  Amos 6:1-7

On the morning of March 24, 2015, around 3:00 am, I was awakened by a loud sound that did not exist in the natural…not yet, rather, it was in the Spirit realm-a future event.  I was driven out the bed onto the floor in extreme intercession and pangs for our nation.  We posted this, calling the nation to prayer, that message can be found here

Prayer has provided a cushion and covering of grace thus far, not allowing things to explode or implode completely. 

Today EYE am announcing that a level of that grace has been retracted and we are moving quickly into a season in the coming days, weeks, and months where this nation will seem to be in chaos; UNLESS, there is Divine intervention.

Eye See and have seen for some time, a plan to throw our government into chaos with violent acts.  They plan to destabilize the present government, create unrest in the cities, just as they have done throughout the Middle East & Africa. 

Eye See that some of this is being influenced by the Zionist state of Israel, Netanyahu’s operatives working within our borders.  Although, this might not be reported here, but it will surface in foreign news eventually.  The tipping point is near.

Eye See a plan to create not only Race Wars, but something similar to Civil War in this nation.  Eye See heavy artillery used in the streets of America as many are massacred.  The bringing down of that flag will symbolize and inspire all out war with America, the government and minorities for many sleeper Christian White supremacist terrorist groups.  Unfortunately, many are prepared to die over a tri-colored rag, called a flag.  Black supremacist sleeper terrorist cells will also awake and want revenge. (Confederate flag initially raised to commemorate the end of the Civil War. Confederate flag removed signifies the soon beginning of a new war.)

Eye see that the government of the USA will attack heavily armed Hate Groups throughout this country. 



The CONFEDERACIST of Confederate Flag was removed from the Statehouse in Charleston, South Carolina July 10, 2015.  This was prompted by the murder of 9 Black people, by a White racist, while worshiping in a Church service.  There are many things we yet don’t understand about the laws of karma, and universal laws.  Events happening in the world and in our personal lives don’t go unnoticed.  What we call “time” might pass, but the energetic emotions and even blood of those experiences yet cry out, as Abel’s blood did from the ground it was spilled on.  Just to show you how everything is prophetic, meaning that there are many layers of past, present and future events connected, look at this.

“Just weeks before the Confederate battle flag was first hoisted, 10 black students from Friendship Junior College were arrested on Jan. 31, 1961, and convicted the following day after they refused to leave an all-white lunch counter in Rock Hill.

Nine (9) of those students, who became known as the Friendship Nine, revolutionized the civil rights movement by refusing bail.

“The obvious advantage of ‘jail, no bail’ was that it reversed the financial burden of protest, costing the demonstrators no cash while obligating the white authorities to pay for jail space and food,” wrote Taylor Branch in the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Parting the Waters.” “The obvious disadvantage was that staying in jail represented a quantum leap in commitment above the old barrier of arrest, lock-up and bail-out.”

The students spent 30 days doing hard labor at the York County Prison Farm, and other demonstrators followed their example at white-only businesses throughout the south.”  Read full story here

Just this past January 28,  2015, a York judge removed the “trespassing conviction” that had been on the Friendship 9 records and plagued them for 54 years.  Nearly 5 months later a white supremacist murdered 9 Blacks, 186 miles  south of where the Friendship 9 were arrested, 54 years prior.  This true story is filled with prophetic clues, but we will only mention a few.

54 years ago a righteous revolutionary moment took place, 9 Blacks demanding to be treated as humans.  54 years later,  someone unconsciously decided to reverse the hands of time by taking the life of 9 Blacks in Church.  The later pulling down of the confederate  flag created a reversal of the symbol of hatred and racism.  However, this reversal of symbolic hate, will actually bring about another reversal in some to hate even more. Every event triggers a vibration of many other events throughout this web of life.


“Herein is wisdom, let him that has understanding count…”  Revelation 13:18

54 – The Hebrew word Dan, as in tribe of Dan has the numeric value of 54  –    דנ (Daleth-Noon)Dan means Judge or judgment coming.  A Hebrew word for burn is  .    ח   ומ(Cheth Vav Mem) which means to scorch, black-color.   5+4=9,  (9) is also a number of finality, judgment; and deliverance.  We see the (9) Blacks wrongfully incarcerated 54 (5+4=9) years ago, the 9 Blacks murdered in June 17, 2015.  (Judgment is a good thing, it is designed to bring correction)

54 years, 2 months, and 29 days after the confederacist flag  was first raised on April 11, 1961.   The total number of days between April 11, 1961 – July 10, 2015 is 19,813 days.  Adding these numbers together, we arrive at 22.  In Biblical numerology or gematria, 22 is the number of Light.  The 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Tau (Tav), it is the Cross.  The Cross or “T” represents Victory and Light, but there can be no victory without Suffering, Death, or Sacrifice.  We have seen this specifically in the Black and some other minority communities.   The hidden prophetic message in these numbers show us that we as a nation will soon be experiencing a period of suffering, death and sacrifices, before we arise victorious again. 

(Other  prophetic clues are hidden in the distance and name of the city where the Friendship 9 where arrested in 1961,  Rock Hill, South Carolina.   Rock Hill is approximately 186 miles from Charleston, where the 9 were murdered.  Light (Tav=22) travels at 186,000 miles per second.  God’s Light will ultimately consume the darkness.)

 If you want to look at the duration of the event that includes both the starting date (April 11, 1961) and the ending date (July 10, 2015), then it would actually be 19,814 days. The numeric value of these numbers added is 23.  The number 23 in Christian Biblical numerology signifies Death, extinction.  Using these numbers, we seem to be coming to basically the same message again and again. There are a lot of things that must die before  grace abounds.

 These 2 events of the flag 54 years apart were played out while the Sun was in Aries, the warrior (April 11), while Perseus the destroyer/breaker sub-constellation was rising.  The lowering and removal of the flag, while the Sun in Cancer, the compassionate (July 10), Ursa Major (the Flock-Congregation of God) sub-constellation was rising.  When it’s all said and done, Love Will Prevail.  The true “called out ones” will arise out of the ashes with glory and power.

[I have heard something very disturbing from the Black community, specifically the stupid religious leaders.  Regarding the massacre in South Carolina; I have heard them say, “The problem is not Skin (color), the problem is Sin.”  One can never fix or eradicate a problem by making excuses for it.  The problem is INDEED SKIN (color).  Those people and others were targeted because of their Black skin.  If a Black racist, and there are some; especially now-a-days, kills a white person in a racially motivated act, the problem IS their White skin.  We should not excuse evil.   “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.”  Jeremiah 6:14  –  If a wound is not cleaned properly, infections will continue to manifest until it poisons the whole body.]


In a recent Prophetic Rant called, “Welcome to the United States of Paranoia”  it seems to have struck a chord with many people, some of our closeted racist readers (bless their hearts) came out, others thought I was being racist, some thought I was defending Gay Marriage, while some thought I was angry.  Nah, just speaking the raw truth. Thank God the word stirred people up.  Of course, most knew my heart and heard what Spirit was saying, as Eye mocked the right wing Christians (mostly) for not focusing on more important things (homelessness, police brutality, racial crimes- and doing Matthew 25).

I have told people for years, I could care less who anyone marries, as long as they don’t bother me.  I have no problem accepting and loving all humans and other benevolent races, however, I do have a problem with the sinister Gay Agenda.  We have shared for more than a decade prophetically how the secret government would turn people into homosexuals through chemicals.  Part of this is for population control, but part of it is for something more sinister.  Besides the silly Christians keeping gayness in the headlines, by their constant protest; there is a reason, several of them, why Gay is becoming so popular.

Have you noticed all the little kids having gender misidentification issues and their stupid so called parents encouraging it?  Pre-school, Kindergarteners and  Elementary school kids are suddenly “feeling” they are not the sex they were born with and parents are preparing or getting them hormone treatments for sex change.  As I watched news clips on the internet, I thought, these parents need to be fired (like before a firing squad).  The 4-9 year old boys that “feel” they are a girl, being prepared for sex changes.  What’s going to happen when that child becomes 16 and “feels” he is a boy again? Where they gonna find a penis to sew back on him? He will probably commit suicide.

Just because my son wakes up one day and “feels” he is Spiderman, does not mean a life changing decision should be based on that one “feeling.”

Transgenderism has become Transanity since Bruce Jenner had his manhood whacked off and became a woman.  It is celebrated by idiots, as if he/she did something great.  4 months prior he killed someone and injured others in a car accident, then suddenly the world celebrates him.  How screwed up are people?!   This is a counterfeit for the rise of the Divine Feminine energies (Mother/Goddess), Divine Wisdom that’s returning to the earth.  In Christian terminology, the coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh.

I suppose we can not totally blame the confused parents and their kids.  GMO’s and other chemicals they are spraying in the air have the power to turn on genetic codes in a boy to make him literally feel he is a girl and a girl, to literally feel she is a boy.  However, this satanic genetic warfare seem to be targeting the male Y chromosome mostly…to distort the seed-bearing image of God.  (A whistleblower chemist exposes this-  Check out our Gay Nation blog).  Download & Read Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion.  You will see the hidden human hands behind this confusion.


The ‘Donald’  is blowing his trump and all the bigots like him are listening hopefully.  He is saying what most of the GOP are too afraid to say…publically.  Donald has money and lots of it, so he doesn’t care what others think.  Plus, he’s become the front runner and got big ambitions for the White House.  Fortunately, he will never make it…not even close.  He will soon fizzle out and hopefully be forgotten, his competitors pray.

Time is coming for the word  Eye initially spoke in 2012 to come to pass-It was released again March 10, 2015.  Look at the shock, unrest and confusion in the Republican Party…Some will change sides, according to my word.

“The time is coming for the word below released initially November 8, 2012 to manifest.   EYE SEE Republicans changing sides and becoming Democrats and Independents – major players…Leaving the Party in disarray, confusion and distress.  Eye expect before this year is out there will be shock and awe in the Republican camp.”  March 10, 2015 –

December 6, 2012 – Eye wrote a prophetic message called POLITICAL SIGNS IN THE NEWS  – Here’s an excerpt:

“EYE SEE a phasing out of what we know of as the Republican party.  It will be broken up into many factions.  As we continue to evolve and move forward as a galactic community, there will be less room for the divisiveness, intolerance and religious anti-Christ spirit that plagues the Republican party.”    12/6/12


Not every evil event happening is staged by the government.  There is a technology they have access to that allows them to see clearly into the future.  Many times they have the ability to stop the events, to prepare for them, or use them to further their agendas.  Jade Helm 15 will serve several purposes when it is implemented beyond the ‘military exercise.’    Here are some of them:

** The Protest, Riots and War like scenarios that will develop in the cities and streets of America as mentioned above.

** The economic collapse and unrest as we transit from familiar banking and currency.

** Eye strongly feel between now and the end of 2016, amazing signs will appear in the heavens that will cause many to have great fear.   And yes, I am also speaking of UFO’s.

Just before Tishri 1 (Early September 2015), we will enter into  another phase of this downward spiral, as tension is building and the tipping point is near.  


Several years ago, we started to write prophetically about CERN – Large Hadron Collider, the atom smasher – time travel machine – stargate.  We shared how the Dan Brown film, “Angels & Demons” was to show you what’s about to happen.  CERN’s main objective is to contact extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional entities.  They plan to open these dimensions and allow 4th dimensional overlords in to control the planet.   This sounds like science fiction, but it is science fact. There are  vortexes opening in various parts of the world.  Some are being opened by CERN, others are opening on their own.


We have shared over the years how in the Gulf of Aden (Eden) near the horn of Africa there is a vortex, a portal  has opened. This is why you see a lot of conflict with Yemen, which is partly a cover story.  Naval ships from the USA and many other nations have been guarding this specific vortex.  (My personal belief is that the evil ones on the planet don’t want this portal opened, because it represent something very powerful and positive that’s coming through)

In April, CERN went back on line, despite the challenges, they have been able to gather “anti-matter” or “dark matter.”   Dark matter is extremely powerful, it only takes less than a gram to cause great destruction.  Dark matter in Christian or spiritual terminology represents negativity, evil and darkness, demonic, satanic energy.

Everything in the universe can be found in the human body; star dust, photon energy, also dark matter  or anti matter is in us.   That is the destructive negative side (part) of us.  You may meditate all day, or speak in tongues 10 hours a day, it is yet there, although dormant.  CERN is seeking to weaponize dark matter, it only takes a small amount.  This dark matter being brought into the 3-d realm of Earth is already wrecking havoc on the planet.  Remember in the days of Noah when the star-gates were opened, the earth was filled with violence and evil continuously.  Genesis 6   With our current knowledge of science, could it have been that the exposure to dark matter was what drove the people seemingly mad?

You are in a totally different type of spiritual warfare now.  If you have felt increase pressure, relationship challenges, extreme temptation, negativity, rage, evil desires you overcame long ago, or completely out of balance…since April 2015, it is not by chance.  That’s when they brought it in.

Because we all have anti-matter in us, the influence from the outside being brought in to our 3-D world is agitating and awakening negativity within everyone.  (Whatever weakness or negativity within is being amplified.  We see this happening with hate and violence.) This can also manifest as illnesses or emotional challengesThank God for the power of the Holy Spirit and the whole armor of God.  No weapon formed against us can prosper, especially when we realize what we are fighting against.  This dark matter or anti-matter is somehow attached to the realm we call demonicIn another article, we will share how this dark energy and CERN will fulfill Revelation 9, Isaiah 13 and other prophetic Scriptures that speaks about the portal, or star gates being opened and the literal monsters and hybrid creatures that will come through them.

Where evil abound, the grace of God will much more abound.  That’s why it is important to pray in the Holy Ghost daily, to keep yourself on a higher vibration, so that the God matter (light within) will overcome and transmute the dark matter.  Love & Light will prevail.

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